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If you’re a metrosexual about town in search of a murse that offers both comfort and concealability, look no further. Koffski, a German luxury goods maker, has exactly what you’ve been looking for. And they know their clientele, painting a vivid portrait of the international man of mystery that carries a Koffski: The Koffski user is elegant and resolute, exuding an air of confidence. Women will just love him. He tends to reduce things to their essentials. He prefers to be independent. He always knows where to look when his mobile rings. Whether he is on business or spending an evening at a nightclub, the Koffski user always has his ideal companion close at hand. Very close. A Kevlar wifebeater might be a smart accessory to go along with with your Koffski. Make the jump for more views of this Euro-wonder.

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  1. In my town, indoctrinated by gun-grabbers and state-controlled media, he’d have a tactical boot on his head before he made it to the Starbucks. Which, in his case, might not be a bad thing. I wonder if Alessi would craft one for my Bodyguard…oh, never mind.

  2. dumb. so dumb. if your pants are so tight you can’t fit anything in your pocket, and u have more stuff than what will fit in you pockets than you should stop calling it a murse. it is a straight out purse and you have lost man status indefinitely.

    also someone may try and shoot you for wearing this one.

  3. That just looks like a shoulder holster with a little extra leather on it.

    “Don’t worry, guys. I’m just toting around my gun-shaped Blackberry in this thing.”

  4. I could see the litigation now …

    “Officer, did you actually see a weapon, or any part of a weapon?”
    “Well, no, Counselor; but the purse appeared similar to a holster.”
    “So are shoulder holsters like this something that you see often in the course of your duties?”
    “No, couselor. But they do exist.”
    “So there is a possibility that it could have been a holster?”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Is there a possibility that a person could have a gun in the pocket of his jeans?”
    “I suppose so. Yes.”
    “Do you draw your gun on anybody wearing jeans?”
    “No. But jeans don’t look like a holster.”
    “Would you say that you find more guns in shoulder holsters than you do in the pocket of men’s trousers?”
    “Objection! Speculative!”
    “This is a civil case, Your Honor; not a criminal case. I’m merely trying to establish if this officer’s actions were based on a reasonable threat.”
    “I’ll allow it. Answer the question, Officer.”
    “But you don’t draw your gun on every person wearing pants, do you?”

    Lawyer’s dream come true. Of course, someone would have to be soil himself first …

  5. What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, if I wore that thing, my buddies would probably kick the crap out of me just for the hell of it.

  6. The design is clearly an attempt to make this feminine product, more manly.

    Big mistake having a pouty faced, Sear sucker wearing, Huge Jackman reject model this gun tote. Lets hope the guy doesn’t start his period while wearing those slacks.

  7. Looks like a shoulder holster, with 4x the price tag of a top of the line real holster. I’d risk a guess and say that any “man” willing to put one of these suckers on, is the same person who’s afraid to even touch a real weapon.

    The simple fact that we have to have a silly nickname for stupid crap like this, is sorely disappointing.

  8. Look on the positive side – legions of metrosexuals start wearing these (under their fashionably rumpled linen jackets), get pulled over by a cop, cop says “let me see your ID/driver’s license”, metro-guy reaches for his Koffski companion, cop reacts to the cool, hip “shoulder holster” look, cop yells “gun” and empties his high-cap 9mm/.40 into the metroguy. We have Darwinian selection of another metrosexual. So – what’s the down side? Higher ammo budgets for the PD?

  9. At least the last photo demonstrates the best way to assume the position, when po-po counducts their terry-stop.

    Bad news, they will likely have pistols drawn until they realize it isn’t a holster.

    Good news, they will piss their pants when they realize your a dude just carrying a purse.

  10. Lots of people here seem to think guns are only allowed to be carried by stereotypical “manly men.” Seriously guys, grow up.

  11. I’m gonna have to break from the consensus and say I like this idea, and hope it spreads.

    If these things become common, people will start assuming the bulge under my coat is a murse instead of a shoulder rig.


  12. If someone calls the cops because they see someone carrying a gun in a “Shoulder thing that goes up”, then the responding police will naturally assume that what they are seeing is a shoulder holster. If a person makes a furtive movement towards their Man purse, they might end up having a bad day.

  13. Neat functional and exists through multiple companies. If I have my wallet in my suit jacket will I be shot for reaching for it? I think that appears like less of a concealed weapon when worn openly. Is a murse girly? Maybe but it is also pretty douche bag like to wear your cell phone in a holster on your belt. My phone has a 4″ screen. That is not pocket sized. One would have to make some choice to carry it comfortably and safely. I like this one the best. Although it probably wouldn’t hold the average smart phone. For $450 unlikely that it will catch on.

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