Metro Nashville Police Department officers walk outside of Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Nashville, Tenn. Monday, March 27, 2023. (AP Photo/John Amis)
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It is inexcusable that the manifesto has not already been released. But unfortunately, it is also unsurprising. The reality is that the gender ideology lobby is an extremely powerful political force in today’s Democratic Party, and for the American ruling class more generally. Transgender activists, with the possible exception of Black Lives Matter activists, best represent the tip of the spear of today’s intersectional Democrats.

Same-sex marriage was constitutionalized by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015, and the Left’s sexual revolutionaries have long since identified their new pet cause in which to invest considerable political and social capital. In short, if transgender activists demand something, then today’s Democrats — and no small number of right-liberal Republicans terrified of being called “transphobic” — will present it to them on a silver platter.

To demand the release of Audrey Hale’s undoubtedly deranged manifesto is not to “politicize” a tragic act of mass murder. Indeed, Biden, national Democrats, and their apologists in the corporate press have already done precisely that. Rather, it is merely to demand the same treatment as similar tragedies in the past, after which the mass murderers’ evil motives invariably become the center of public attention.

But Christophobia, much like anti-Semitism, remains one of the final remaining forms of politically acceptable animus in the United States. Accordingly, nearly two months after the mass shooting and well after Nashville police and the FBI deemed it prudent to comply with a braying transgender activist mob, whether Hale’s manifesto is released is a legal matter awaiting its fate before an ever-fickle judge.

The manifesto must be released. For that matter, moreover, we should also demand a toxicology report: If Hale’s actions were in any way affected by injections of testosterone, that is important for the public to know.

— Josh Hammer in Release the Nashville Manifesto

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  1. I think we can read between the lines about what it most likely says by now though. Christians and conservatives bad. Trans people good and supposedly under attack

  2. Releasing it tells the next lunatic that they can get just as famous and THEIR manifesto broadcast if they shoot up a school.

    I do not like that message.

    At all.

    • Research shows that many school/mall shooters do it for the perceived fame. Hiding information that might prove useful in understanding and preventing such attacks, won’t prevent sick individuals from performing their heinous acts.

      • It’s an excuse to hide the nonconforming narrative. It isn’t the details that gives future shooters the idea, it’s the constant attention surrounding mass shootings that the media and dem pols are always screaming about. Notice they never miss an opportunity to tell us when an “assault weapon/rifle” is involved. If they’re so concerned about details giving fuel to future shootings, then why don’t they start leaving that detail out? It’s almost like they’re liars.

      • Fame appears to account for about half the mass shootings.

        If you want to understand mass public shootings and why they happen, you need to study an area of psychology called “suicidal contagion”

        Most mass public shooters die during the attack, either with their own gun once they are wounded or cornered or by gunfire coming from lawful defenders in or out of a uniform. Once we see mass public shootings as a form of suicide, and then study the existing data on suicidal contagion that otherwise has nothing to do with mass public shootings, much becomes obvious.

        If you study the suicidal contagion literature, you find that the second suicide that got triggered by the first was more likely if the demographics or other personal situations of the two people who committed suicide were similar, or seen as similar in some way.

        Last year in California we had an elderly Asian male who committed a mass public shooting. Within a very short period of time we saw another, also in California, also involving an elderly Asian male.

        Does this mean that elderly Asian males are suddenly more dangerous? No. It means we had one crank off *and he set the second one off*. There was only one connection between the two as they were hundreds of miles apart: the media reporting on the first incident.

        The recent Nashville shooter was transgender. Within a month or two there was an attempted case involving a transgender suspect. This time we got lucky and they caught the second one before anybody died, which is awesome. Does this mean that transgender people are more violent in some fashion?

        No. It’s more confirmation that suicidal contagion is going on.

        When I first dug into this, I assumed that these killers were “seeking fame”, and therefore by failing to publish the names, YouTube channels, twisted manifestos or whatever of these clowns would limit future attacks because this type of violence would no longer be seen as a path to fame. I still think this would affect roughly half of the killings, but not the other half. Once you study the literature on suicidal contagion you see that media reporting of something is simple as “some guy jumped in front of the local train yesterday” *will cause more people to jump in front of the local train* even though names, grievances, stuff like that is absent from the reporting.

        And I’m not picking a random example here:

        At least one city in Europe had a rash of jump in front of a train suicides and they banned the reporting of these incidents which radically reduced their rate.

        In America, the question is, would a law blocking the reporting of mass public shootings be constitutional under the First Amendment? We are definitely talking about a limitation of the First Amendment right to freedom of the press and free speech, but that could be allowed if it passed what the courts call a “strict scrutiny analysis”. For a constitutional limitation to squeak by under strict scrutiny there has to be a compelling government interest involved that is absolutely vital and there can be no lesser constitutional restriction available that might otherwise solve the problem.

        Limitations on reporting of mass public shootings might pass a strict scrutiny analysis by the US Supreme Court, and there’s no question it would go all that way if some state governor decided to try this.

        If it’s not clear yet, yes I’m blaming the 24-hour cable news cycle for most of the violence. Making things worse, lunatics have been taught that the path to fame engineering of their grievances lies with gunfire in a school or shopping mall or similar. I find that absolutely disgusting. I think it all started to go off the rails when the Unabomber’s manifesto got so popular, or before that the tauntings of the zodiac killer were made public and hugely famous.

        Meanwhile, the only available solution to mass public shootings that we have at present is to shoot the shooters before they can shoot too many other people.

        • The 24-7-365 news cycle perpetuates the violence, and they want the violence, as it supports their gun-grabbing agenda.

          And they are PROUD of that connection. They know it drives it, and they feed off of it for their political agenda.

          I suspect the reason the manifesto is being suppressed is because it supports our assertion this transgender craze is literally a ‘craze’ and a whole lot of very angry youths are out there and releasing it proves our point in spades.

          Sooner or later, that whole mess is gonna explode and it will prove *highly* damaging to the Leftist brand they have been cultivating so very carefully.

          Hang on, because it’s gonna get messy. Britain has shut their transgender ‘clinics’ down, and lawsuits are piling up.

          When that hits here, some lawyers are gonna clean house… 🙂

        • “the manifesto is being suppressed is because it supports our assertion this transgender craze is literally a ‘craze’ and a whole lot of very angry youths are out there“

          The reality is much more mundane. Just like all humans, a certain percentage of trans are mentally ill.

        • “…a certain percentage of trans are mentally ill.”

          Liar49er, care to tell us what percentage of trans are mentally ill? And how that compares to the rate of mental illness in the general population?

        • “what percentage of trans are mentally ill?”

          I’ll go out on a limb and say only the ones who demand to be called something they aren’t.

        • “yes I’m blaming the 24-hour cable news cycle for most of the violence.”

          That’s exactly what it is. The constant reporting/discussing isn’t just about clicks and views. It’s about political activism. The stories align with their goal of banning guns, so they’re extremely eager to discuss it every day. From what I’ve seen from the media lately, they’re fine with more carnage if it leads to their political dreams coming true. They’re evil. They destroy people in their pursuit of political power for the Democrats.

      • how do they get away with thumbing their noses at the public’s right to know?….it’s a sick world….and it’s getting sicker…how did these freaks ever acquire such power?

  3. Add to the Nashville mystery the contents of the letter the Louisiville perp left for his parents. Thus far the contents of the letter point to the Louisville perp demonstrating how easy it was for a mental case to purchase a so called assault weapon.
    Reports claiming the Louisiville perp was upset over losing his job were proven false. Question is…Was the Louisville perp giving Gun Control a push following Nashville? The marching mobs of Gun Control zealots suddenly shut up for a reason and that reason may be behind one of their own embarrassingly acting on the behalf of Gun Control.

    • “Reports claiming the Louisiville perp was upset over losing his job were proven false. ”

      I wonder if the media knew that early on, and decided to push the narrative of the disgruntled worker in order to hide the real motive. Where did the disgruntled worker narrative begin? We know they knew later on, and they decided not to make a big deal about it. Propagandists…

  4. THIS is what they are trying to erase:

    “So God created human beings in his own image.
    In the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.”

    Genesis 1:27 (NLT)

    • So where is this reality described in Genesis?

      Why did God create these individuals who are neither all male nor female, is this a mistake on his part or did he intentionally create this situation

      People who are intersex have genitals, chromosomes or reproductive organs that don’t fit into a male/female sex binary. Their genitals might not match their reproductive organs, or they may have traits of both. Being intersex may be evident at birth, childhood, later in adulthood or never. Being intersex isn’t a disorder, disease or condition.
      What does it mean to be intersex?

      People who are intersex have reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit into an exclusively male or female (binary) sex classification. Intersex traits might be apparent when a person’s born, but they might not appear until later (during puberty or even adulthood). You may never notice their intersex traits externally and you might only find out about them after a surgery or imaging test.“,later%20in%20adulthood%20or%20never.

        • we’ve always had effeminate males and masculine females…most have managed to cope quite nicely without butchering their bodies or screwing-up their minds….

      • ’49 and his ilk REALLY need to decide if their degenerates are due to Nature or Nurture. At the moment, apparently, the script is that they are evolutionary mistakes.

        Grooming is such a polite word for the recruiting/indoctrination by the freaks. Now that the media has successfully pushed the tra nny/qu eer fad into wide acceptability by the left it must be great for the degenerate lobby and their “dating” life. San Fransisco Castro comes to every major city.

      • “neither all male nor female”

        I love how the left tries to justify their beloved trans craze by bringing up intersex. This is no different than them trying to justify unlimited abortion by bringing up a rare pregnancy the could endanger the health of the mother. As usual, this is proof they have zero argument to justify their behavior.

        P.S. Intersex people still have the XY chromosome. So yes, you can determine if they’re male or female. Every state that had some sort of abortion ban also had protections in place for the health of the mother for those rare instances.

    • Nope, God created man in his imagination.
      The translation got twisted because man trys to exalt himself as a god.
      And why do humans wear jewelry?
      I never could figure that out.
      Oh wait, “and Lucifer was bedecked in jewels”
      Well I guess that’s close enough to being a god but you still cant turn a stick into a snake no matter how much bling you wear.

  5. This author thinks that antisemitism is “politically acceptable” in the United States? Is he completely out of his mind?
    Jews have controlled our society for decades. They have made sure that antisemitic remarks are viciously punished, while anti-white remarks are rewarded.
    Just look at what happened to Kanye West, who dared to say “White Lives Matter” and criticized Jews.

    • The constant name calling from the left is nothing more than an excuse to attack rivals instead of engaging in debate with them. If you criticize anyone of Jewish heritage for anything they did, then you’re an “anti-Semite” despite the fact you were criticizing that person’s actions. They do the same thing with “racism.” If you criticized Obama’s policies, you were a racist. They know they can’t win the argument, so they shut it down by calling you the worst things possible, like antisemitic, racist, etc. Now you can’t criticize the actions of transvestites without being “transphobic.”

    • ” …Christophobia, much like anti-Semitism, remains one of the final remaining forms of politically acceptable animus …”

      He’s speaking of hostility directed against Christians and Jews, which is tolerated more readily than hostility against certain “protected classes” such as transgenders and minorities.

      I reject your premise that “Jews have controlled our society for decades.” I’d point to that attitude as anti-Semitism that you tolerate; I doubt that you’ll be “viciously punished” for promoting it.

        • I hope that’s not your reason for denying it.

          RationalWiki has a good definition:

          “For whatever reason, the term hasn’t really caught on as much as more verbose alternatives such as “anti-Christian bias”. While prejudice against and persecution of Christians is real (especially in certain Christian-minority parts of the world like Muslim-majority northern Africa and the Middle East, as well as India, and East Asia) …”

          And that’s where the treatise leaves the tracks, suffice to say.

        • I understand the word and the meaning. I often talk about it. You never see it because it isn’t an attack line coming from the Left, unlike anti-Semite, racist, Nazi, Islamophobia, ho_mophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. I agree with R.R. Antisemitism isn’t that mainstream. Christophobia is accepted in the mainstream of society which is why they don’t use that word. The author was wrong to conflate the two.

        • Christophobia.
          The first time I heard anyone use this word was the conservative Jewish talk radio host Michael Savage. And that was way back in the 1990s. It was his way to describe anyone usually a leftist, who had an irrational and illogical hatred for Christianity and Christian people.

    • “Jews have controlled our society for decades“

      Please remind me again, which of the 46 American presidents was Jewish?

      Are all the commercial enterprises in America closed on Saturday, the Jewish holy day, or on Sunday, the Christian holy day?

      • “Please remind me again, which of the 46 American presidents was Jewish?”

        Were the mothers of any US President Jewish?

        Under Jewish law, the children of a mother who is Jewish, is automatically Jewish…

      • You progs have certainly put forward a slate of nonChristian “Catholics” as President and other demtard “leaders”. Not long ago that the dems based the US for being antiCatholic.

        Most US Catholics (as the majority the US Jews) are hereditary only.

  6. It’ll never see the light of day – maybe a redacted and sanitized version will. The last thing that the left wants publicized is that this is the result of pumping a FEMALE full of testosterone to convert it into a ” male “, and it might have some undesirable side effects. How many more of these Hormone Robots are waiting in the wings, next to go off on a periodic rage?

    • “The last thing that the left wants publicized is that this is the result of pumping a FEMALE full of testosterone to convert it into a ” male “…”

      Gives real meaning to “toxic masculinity”

      • Interesting info will be from studying the combination of T with all the other drugs the educrates pump into children in order to make them passive and compliant.

  7. As we all know, their motivation is that anything that embarrasses the leftist politicians must be suppressed, and anything they see as potentially damaging to conservatives must be broadcast as widely as possible. Since the left owns the media and the swamp they usually get what they want. The Nashville Transilvania shooter thought enough of its slimy motives to write them down, suing for access lets us review them in public forums so that we expose the motivations of the nuttier fringe of the left.

  8. Hey dumb dumb…

    Beyond that, Covenant Presbyterian Church, which runs the school, wants to intervene in both cases to safeguard its interests related to Hale’s writings, which could include journals and a suicide note, it said in court filings.

    Supporting the church’s effort are many parents of Covenant School students – including those of the slain children – who want none of Hale’s writings released in part due to their fear of “copycat attacks,” court documents show. Their concern mirrors a “growing movement” to keep such records under wraps, CNN Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst John Miller said.

    • Right, because CNN is such a trust worthy source and has never embellished a story or put words into peoples mouths for clicks.

    • Church & Parents Blocking:

      Your assessment would hold no water if a known “white Trumper” had shot up a Planned Parenthood center…

      • Would the media wait to speculate on a motive in a case like that? We know the answer. Remember when they immediately speculated that racism or xenophobia was a motive in the recent SUV mass killing? But the media, and their obedient followers like 49er, will argue that Darrell Brooks took a wrong turn and accidentally mowed down a bunch of white people in a parade after he claimed to despise white people on social media. Weird how that works.

    • So is the 2008 sex abuse scandal at the Covenant Church & school covered in the Manifesto?
      Asking for a friend.

      • Nice idiotic Red Herring. Bash all religions much as a habit or just Christian?

        In 2008 the shooter was 3years old?

  9. Hate speech, when delivered by the left, is protected speech. Speaking truth and common sense, when delivered by conservatives, is labeled as conspiracy, hate, and criminal.

    That violent hate-left is a minority, but they have used violence, cunning, and corruption to seize power. Most folk just want to raise their children, pay their mortgage, enjoy their families, eat corn-on-the-cob, and walk the dog. Hate is too debilitating…and boring…and an impediment to health.

    That manifesto will never see daylight because the hate must be protected.

  10. If this was something that was even marginally damaging to their opponents some left leaning individual would have leaked it to their lapdog press already.

  11. I wonder if the tranzors want it released? Maybe they believe there’s a conspiracy between the religious school and the oppressive government to keep xer powerful message hidden?

    • President Joe Biden and national Democrats stopped mourning the murdered Christian children and began pleading not to blame the “transgender community” at large, some transgender activists even took to social media to not-so-subtly threaten Nashville police against releasing the manifesto: “Don’t release it, or else.”

      From the long article.

      • “Don’t release it, or else.”

        Yep, that pretty much says it all… 🙁

  12. “As we all know, their motivation is that anything that embarrasses the leftist politicians must be suppressed…”

    As per redirecting narratives- doesn’t anyone remember the Las Vegas/Paddock event???

    What did the public ever learn about that, years later? No ties to his “Religion of Peace” wife/family?

    Still waiting. Nothing to see here, or there, if it doesn’t fit the “white man bad” narrative. Good thing the taxes we pay in aren’t shunned as well…

  13. Sounds more like the church and fbi don’t wanna release the details of molestation to me since both are fighting it’s release

    • That’s a piece of where my mind went, or that they are getting well compensated in one way or another for their cooperation. That may be including er incidents being over looked.

  14. As Christians, we live in a secular world. Our Constitution(the U.S.) was written so that people of different faiths(and denominations) could live and trade in harmony. Many groups and the churches themselves strangled “others” with their rules, and our forefathers did not agree. I can live with 2 people(or 10) in my area who want the tie their lives together with a civil “marriage” or even one that some church somewhere will bless the union.
    Marriage is a sacrament that the church blesses. As far as I am concerned, the “legal joining” is just shacking up. This isn’t marriage, so what is all the hoopla about? Everyone should have a chance to have a best friend or enemy, if that is how it turns out. If they want to tie themselves together legally, so what?
    I think there is more to this story than has been released. Was this shooter molested when she was younger at the school by a church employee or member? Traumas like that have made people of one sex so scared that they cleave to members of their own sex. What happens when a new victim goes to another for comfort? She will learn HATE from the other victim.

    • “I think there is more to this story than has been released. …”

      OK, maybe, but we sure won’t find that out, will we? Like combating personal substance abuse- one first must admit the problem. There’d be no issue if the reverse here was the reality: a straight white male killing trans students…

      And to further come to reality, it should be stated that while there are many Christian-based religions and churches, the majority of those, including Presbyterians (of which I once was) do not teach, nor follow the Bible or Christian doctrine. Good deeds/intentions, and “buying” one’s ticket to Heaven?? That is a completely worldly, human-inspired point of view and in no way reflects Christ Jesus’s doctrine of salvation through faith in Him alone as our savior. Big difference- the biggest.

    • “Was this shooter molested when she was younger at the school by a church employee or member?“

      A church employee or member? No way!

      “Police in West Texas have arrested five employees at a Christian school on charges that they failed to report an alleged sexual assault on a student during a baseball practice and tried to hide evidence.

      Police on February 16 arrested three administrators and two coaches at Midland Christian School on charges of failing to report abuse with intent to conceal, according to a press release the Midland Police Department provided to Newsweek.”

      Nope, this is all just part of the tranz agenda to convert your children.

      “A 47-year-old principal at a Christian private school in Tennessee was arrested for the second time in less than a year over allegations that he engaged in illegal sexual activity with multiple minors. Jason Kennedy was taken into custody last week and charged with four counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child, one count of aggravated sexual battery, and one count of solicitation of a minor to observe sexual conduct, records reviewed by Law&Crime show.

      Kennedy was the principal and a teacher at Liberty Christian School when he was initially arrested in August and charged with two counts of sexual assault by an authority figure and one count of solicitation of a minor.“

      Yep, just more of the evil alphabet agenda corrupting America’s youth, thank God there’s a higher power we can appeal to for protection!

      “Five officials at a private Christian academy in Texas are facing felony charges over accusations they failed to notify authorities after a ninth-grader reported being sexually assaulted by an older student during a hazing incident on “freshman initiation day.”

      The three administrators and two athletic coaches at Midland Christian School are identified in an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The Daily Beast as Superintendent Jared Owen Lee, secondary school Principal Dana Elizabeth Ellis, athletic director Gregory Neal McClendon, assistant secondary school principal Matthew David Counts, and baseball coach Barry Lee Russell.“

      Texas, Tennessee… Them there Christian schools down south seem to have a few issues…

      One wonders if incidents like these above are the cause of attacks on Christian schools.

      • We must remember that just because some is a homosexual(attracted to members of their own sex), they are not necessarily pedophiles, or that they can not control themselves around children.
        Most children look at these people with disdain, do not want any part of it. I remember teachers that really got the gaydar going and they were usually run out of school by the students. Sadly, the sisters that taught us and the priests that taught the alter boys and choir were not run out of the church.

      • If that is so, punish the guilty and keep the shooter alive long enough to testify in court against them. If the shooter was raped to the point she was driven insane, she should have gone after the ones who did it, not innocent children.
        I just might be the holdout on the jury if it had been done like that.

      • We must remember that just because some is a h0m0sexu@l (attracted to members of their own sex), they are not necessarily pedophiles, or that they can not control themselves around children.
        Most children look at these people with disdain, do not want any part of it. I remember teachers that really got the gaydar going and they were usually run out of school by the students. Sadly, the sisters that taught us and the priests that taught the alter boys and choir were not run out of the church.

      • “One wonders if incidents like these above are the cause of attacks on Christian schools.”

        Liar49er, perhaps the one who wonders — you — could do a little research into that supposition and report back to us on your findings. Of course, that would mean you might encounter information that contradicts your preconceptions, and the cognitive dissonance might be most unpleasant.

        I doubt that you’re up to the task.

  15. It is imperative to publicize the manifestos of all such mass shooters. Advocates of gun control as well as Democrats have exploited every opportunity to portray these mass murderers as “White Supremacists” to demonize White
    people are as well as gun owners to advance their political agendas. They will shamelessly indulge in this fraud even when the murderer is a Hispanic with an avowed hatred of White people.

    • I disagree. Doing a crime this heinous just to get people to read your manifesto says it all. Anyone who does something like this needs a trial, if found guilty, through them in jail or put them down. If found insane, they should be put away in a mental hospital until a group of doctors will put their careers on the line by claiming they are healed.
      These writings should never see the light of a reading table, and for sure should never begiven the relevance the writer wanted.

  16. The SCHOOL is suing to prevent it’s release. Their dirty laundry of sex abuse of students may be the reason. Look who has power, especially with police. It sure isn’t some tiny trans lobby.

  17. I live 40 minutes away from Nashville Tennessee. They’re in the process of electing a new mayor. That mayor will most likely be a Leftist. Nashville has had four or five leftists as mayor since I have lived in this area. And they have gotten more and more to the Left after each election.
    The next Nashville mayor will probably be as hard to the Left as the g@y married but childless Lori Lightfoot.

    The mayor’s office has always been Pro h0m0sexu@l agenda. And they are extremely concerned when it comes to releasing anything, that might make a h0m0sexu@l look bad in the eyes of the public. But the truth needs to come out. Let the chips fall and land where they may.

  18. If it had been a so called “right winger” who did the shooting, the “manifesto” would have been released in a New York minute.

  19. I would like to know what schools were additionally targeted. Because the killer decided to not attack those schools.
    Because according to the Nashville police chief in his own words. He said “the security at those other schools cause the shooter to reject them as a Target.”
    So apparently there are schools that have enough visible security that deterred this murderer.

    So I would like to know which of those schools are doing this outstanding job of defending their kids???

    • The manifesto … “indicates there was going to be shootings at multiple locations and the school was one of them. There was actually a map of the school,” [Nashville PD Chief John] Drake said.

      There are “several different writings of other locations … There was a drawing of potentially how she would enter and the assaults that would take place.”

      … another location was a possible target in the Nashville area, but the suspect decided not to attack that location because a “threat assessment” conducted by Hale showed there was “too much security” there in the area. —

      • Thanks for posting this. There is real world and current evidence that visible security, that projects a real threat to a potential killer. Does in fact cause them to go looking elsewhere for victims.

        The public has a right to what worked to force her away from these better protected schools.

  20. How did such a tiny percentage of the population (traanzz) get such a big voice? I need to stir up a bunch of model airplane fans to demand equal rights! Equity for sheet rock installers! Tropical fish fans unite! I just ordered a sticker on AMZ that states ” I identify as non-Bidenary”

  21. Dr. Michael Laidlaw an Endocrinologist from California explains the devastating effects that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical modifications can have on children’s developing bodies.

    • “So is the 2008 sex abuse scandal at the Covenant Church & school covered in the Manifesto?
      Asking for a friend.“

        • Liar49er, I repeat my question:
          “Was anyone found guilty in a court of law?”

          Your source only refers to allegations in a civil suit:

          The interesting twist to this particular civil case is the allegation that wealthy and influential Covenant Presbyterian Church leaders “unlawfully intimidated” Austin Davis and his family. … This slander, according to the allegation, was designed to discredit Austin Davis and to allow church officials to conceal from public view the “heinous and repetitive” sexual molestations of a minor by one of the church’s officers (see Complaints 18-24).

          My source states:

          In 2016, the Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s dismissals of Davis v. Covenant Presbyterian Church of Nashville and Davis v. Lewelling.

          The answer to my question is “No.”

          It’s obvious why you haven’t been answering any of my comments following your posts, Liar49er.

  22. How Many Mass Shootings Have Been Carried Out by Transgender People? >


    The term ‘mass shooter’ also encompasses ‘school shooters’, the difference being that ‘school shooters’ commit their horrible acts of mental illness evil in schools.

    Its probably a lot more transgender mass shooters than that known by the shooters own self declaration or social activity.

    Its generally thought that most mass shootings have been conducted by cisgender males (or cisgender females, and there have been some of these) but its actually a matter of interpretation and language used as to if the shooter was cisgender or transgender and no one ever asks. You will notice that of the ‘trans’ mass-shooters identified as trans they were only identified that way because they had in some way self-declared either out right or by their social activity or writings and it was a known thing because of that self-declaration.

    Basically, for example, if the shooter looks like a man and is a biological male and has not self-declared they are trans the media and police and others never ask if they are really transgender and its assumed the shooter is cisgender male and the media and left-wing and liberals go wild with the ‘male mass-shooter’ narrative especially if the shooter is white.

    However, a lot of transgender people are not ‘out’ and don’t self declare and will continue to portray the gender/sex role that’s its assumed they should have by their family or friends or social circle or workplace or in public. So there is a good possibility that a lot of mass-shooters (which includes school shooters) that have been traditionally assumed to be cisgender were really transgender and its just not known because they have not self-declared in some manner.

    1950 to date (including the Nashville shooting since that’s coming up here in comments)

    1. 73% of mass shooters had a known history of childhood trauma

    2. 85% of mass shooters showed signs of a crisis in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting

    3. 92% of mass shooters were suicidal prior to the shooting or committed suicide during the shooting.

    4. 93% of mass shooters communicated their plans ahead of time to someone else.

    5. 86% of mass shooters showed a high degree of planning before the shooting

    6. 94% of mass shooters showed an interest in previous mass shootings and studied them or knew about them and wanted to emulate them in some manner, due to media coverage and anti-gun groups and pro-gun-control activists highlighting them.

    All have shown signs of mental illness.

    In the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management. (Lankford, A., & Cowan, R. G. (2020)) ( )

    … Cowan writes of their research they “…closely analyzed public mass shooters who attacked in the United States from 1966 to 2019 and found that correlates of mental illness were approximately equally common among perpetrators, whether they had been coded as mentally ill or not.”

    Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass shooters, summed it up for the issue for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community basically has no treatment.

    In parallel studies, and hinted at in others, a large majority of mass shooters examined had indicators of gender identity issues indicating they were suppressing a transgender identity.)

    (note: In 2022 a new study estimated there were 1.6 million people in the U.S. that identify as transgender > > The study estimates that about 0.5% of all U.S. adults, some 1.3 million people, and about 1.4%, or 300,000, of youth between 13- and 17-years-old identify as transgender, having a different gender identity than the sex they were assigned at birth.

    So of those who have actually self-declared – in those terms the transgender movement is really small even if all 1.6 million of those were actively participating in the transgender movement that is trying to effect a ‘social change’ and influence the political landscape.

    But accounting for ‘language interpretation’ because some of the questions in the surveys ask questions with certain wording that some transgender find objectionable thus resulting in slightly skewed responses which can cause over or under counting in the data, even then if we were to triple the number found in the study to account for it that’s only 4.8 million, lets round that up to 5 million, which is still a very small number compared to the population size at less than 1.6 % of the population.)

  23. Y’all are crazy with this conspiracy stuff. Much more likely that the manifesto encouraged others to do similar attacks. In which case, it ought to be sealed. The killer doesn’t deserve to get “published”. But, No! Somehow the illuminati must be behind all this!
    And, since when does the public have an actual right to see the manifesto? I suppose you also think you have a right to see crime scene photos?

    You play into your right-wing stereotype when you engage in this foolishness.

    • And you judge others by what you believe is a “right-wing stereotype?” You must also believe in stereotypes of blacks, foreigners, conservatives, churchgoers?

    • “You play into your right-wing stereotype when you engage in this foolishness“

      Now hush up, you’re going to spoil all this fine entertainment!

      It’s all about the Jewish space lasers mounted on the Italian election satellites being controlled in low earth orbit by Hugo Chavez.

      Jade Helm is REAL!!!

      • Liar49er, I’ve commented on several of your posts and made several inquiries. You haven’t responded. Why not?

  24. How do mass shootings always end? A dead shooter. It’s really “suicide by cop.” A troubled person can’t get the proper care (More heavily armed countries DON’T have mass shootings, they DO have better access to healthcare!) so they do what they learned from other troubled souls.

    • (More heavily armed countries DON’T have mass shootings, they DO have better access to healthcare!)

      Citation, or you’re another liar. My money is on “liar.”

  25. Im glad a huge chunk of the populace hasnt forgotten. Im sure the left wing news is already saying the manifesto isnt important and right wingers only want to see to inflame tensions.


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