St. Louis shooting crime scene
Police work near the scene of a shooting Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
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From the NRA-ILA . . .

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, ranks the 50 states on how well they have comported their laws to the organization’s civilian disarmament agenda. In doing so, the group describes New Hampshire, with its few gun control laws, as a “national failure.”

That descriptor might come as a surprise to residents of the bucolic northern New England state. According to CDC homicide mortality data, in 2020 and 2021 pro-Second Amendment New Hampshire had the lowest homicide rate in the nation

In the Granite State in 2020, there were 0.9 homicides per 100,000 residents. In contrast, Everytown gun control “national leader” New York experienced 4.7 homicides per 100,000 residents – a rate 5 times higher than New Hampshire’s. Everytown’s highest ranking gun control state, California, had a homicide rate of 6.1, almost 7 times higher than New Hampshire’s. Everytown darling Illinois had a homicide rate of 11.2.

Homicide mortality by state (via Centers for Disease Control)

The point is, political actors like Everytown will manipulate metrics to advance their agenda.

In recent years, Democratic enclaves have been conducting an experiment with soft-on-crime policies. Predictably, the national homicide rate has increased alongside these highly-visible efforts.

Understanding that most of the voting public doesn’t condone the intentional promotion of lawlessness, some prominent Democrats have attempted to shift the narrative by making misleading claims about homicides in Republican-controlled red states. According to the left-wing talking point, murder rates are worse in these red states. Part of the implication is that the lack of gun control in these states is part of the problem.

It should be noted that New Hampshire has a Republican governor that enacted Constitutional Carry in 2017 and both houses of the New Hampshire General Court are controlled by Republicans.

As the American Enterprise Institute’s Marc A. Thiessen pointed out in an October 20, 2022 piece for the Washington Post, the red state murder claim is “bogus.” Thiessen explained . . .

In most of these red states, the high murder rates are driven by the lethal violence in their blue cities.

Missouri is one of the states with a high homicide rate that those on the left have cited to support their thesis. Thiessen pointed out . . .

Take Missouri. Yes, it voted for Trump. But it is also home to two of the most dangerous U.S. cities — St. Louis and Kansas City — both of which are run by Democrats… According to the FBI, the state had about 520 murders in major metropolitan areas that year, 20 in cities outside metropolitan areas, and 28 in nonmetropolitan counties. So, the vast majority of Missouri’s homicides took place in its Democrat-run cities.

To elaborate on the matter of St. Louis, the Gateway to the West’s homicide rate per 100 thousand residents exploded from 64.5 in 2019 to 87.2 in 2020. The homicide rate was far and away the city’s highest in the preceding 50 years.

A member of the St. Louis Police Department crime scene investigation unit. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

This startling increase in homicides came under the tenure of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Elected to the office in 2016, Gardner has worked to “reform” the city’s criminal justice system – often placing her at odds with city law enforcement.

Gardner has received significant support from anti-gun billionaire George Soros. As Politico reported back in 2016, Soros is engaged in a wide-ranging effort to remake the U.S. criminal justice system by electing activist prosecutors throughout the country.

Research from the Manhattan Institute also undermines the left-wing red state murder “factoid.”

In May 2022, the think tank published a report examining the 2020 homicide spike using county-level data. The researchers found that . . .

Counties with a higher share of GOP voters not only have lower homicide rates but also a lower growth in homicide rates between 2019 and 2020.

Further, the authors noted . . .

We also find that there is no statistically significant relationship between the growth in the homicide rate and either the number of Covid-19 deaths or the number of guns sold per capita.

homicide rate per year chart
US Homicide Rate Per Year (courtesy Manhattan Institute)

Researchers at the Heritage Foundation also debunked this Democrat talking point in a November, 2022 report titled “The Blue City Murder Problem.”

Examining the 30 cities with the highest homicide rates in the nation, the researchers found, “27 have Democratic mayors” and “within those 30 cities there are at least 14 Soros-backed or Soros-inspired rogue prosecutors.”

To show the impact that blue cities have on the homicide rate in red states, the authors recalculated several states’ homicide rates when high-crime Democrat-dominated cities and counties were removed from the equation.

In the case of Missouri, the report pointed out that . . .

The elected officials in the City of Saint Louis, Missouri, are all Democrats. The 28 members of the Board of Alderman are all Democrats, as are Circuit Attorney (the equivalent of a local district attorney) Kim Gardner and Mayor Tishaura Jones.

Saint Louis County is equally lopsided with elected Democrats, including five of the seven members of the County Council and District Attorney Wesley Bell.

The report went on to explain . . .

St. Louis City and St. Louis County heavily influence the state’s homicide rate, having 46.235 and 14.387 homicides per 100,000 residents, respectively. Removing St. Louis City lowers the state’s homicide rate from 9.363 to 7.482 per 100,000 residents, a 20.09 percent reduction. Removing St. Louis County lowers the homicide rate to 8.395 per 100,000 residents,) a 10.34 percent reduction, while dropping both counties reduces the state’s homicide rate by 35.17 percent to 6.070 homicides per 100,000 residents… removing both counties drops Missouri’s homicide ranking from fifth to 20th in the nation.

Drilling down even further, the research shows that violent crime is concentrated, both geographically and within social networks, even within cities. So, smearing red jurisdictions to try to blame the crime wave on a lack of gun control is beyond misleading. But of course, that’s the point.


This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. I am proud of the fact that my state ranks a solid “F” by Every Town For Gun Safety standards. I have never been so proud to fail at something. I also like to peruse that site (in the “keeping my enemies closer” category) just to see what that demon Bloomberg is up to. Which is never anything good.

      • Actually it’s the people who have a lack of melanin in their skin. Who have a self-hatred for themselves. Who supported orders for the police to stand down and do nothing. And allow mobs of mostly white people waving rainbow Flags to riot. Who burned American cities to the ground and murdered Property Owners where they stood.

        The people who voted for this kind of leadership in their cities are now reaping what they have sown.

      • Pittsburgh just nominated a soros-backed DA….and selected a gay police chief….it just keeps happening….

  2. bloomberg, bezos, gates, soros. But the conservatives are supposed to be hoarding all the wealth from the downtrodden masses. Every where these fascist devils and their minions touch, looking at you dacian and miner49er, turns to a hell hole.

    Humanity really is doomed to repeat all its mistakes over and over, isn’t it?

  3. “Not surprisingly, of those 30 cities, 27 have Democratic mayors, the exceptions being Lexington and Jacksonville, which have Republican mayors, and Las Vegas, whose mayor is an Independent.”

    As of July 1, make that 28. Jacksonville just elected its first woman mayor, a Donk.

    Now our city will take it rightful place as a regular Blue-city murder capital instead of an outlier.

  4. “The 2020 Spike in Violent Crime Isn’t a Red State Problem, It’s a Blue City Problem”

    Told ya so.


    • this is common matter what kind of spin they try to put on it…..

  5. Gun Control zealots attempt to tie the criminal misuse of firearms to the Second Amendment when the vast majority of violent criminals do not know the first thing about the Second Amendment nor do they care to know. A violent criminal’s consititution is the I do not give a sht constitution.

    And by the same token Gun Control zealots do not give a sht about The US Constitution. Protecting and Defending Civil Rights has never been a part of Gun Control and never will be.

  6. Of those 30 cities with high homicide rates, 30 cities have large African -American populations that commit a grossly disproportionate number of homicides. Needless to say, these African -American communities vote overwhelmingly Democrat and for Soros funded District Attorneys.

    • Just proves who votes for free stuff and to get their so called equality. If they only had a brain,
      that wasn’t fried from drug. use and a real father figure.

  7. Guns are not about New Hamshire. Every Gun Town does not have to have those statistic things that they always have. Without guns, you would not need high-capacity magazines filled with gun advertisements and there would not be so many bullets piling up on the sidewalk, blocking traffic and a choking hazard for dogs and little children. You have guns because guns shoot things and that is why you don’t want the things guns shoot or the shooting guns thing. It’s not about the guns, it’s about guns.

    • C’mon, Jon!!

      You know the thing is about the thing that we were talking about. Next, its going to be chocolate ammo ice cream that blows your lungs out!! I mean, we are going to take away those natural gas rifles and replace them with low wattage LED vehicles. They are smaller and we can preserve the environment by fitting more of them in a single parking space. That means more room in the cities so people can walk to work. More people walking to work will mean less poop on the sidewalk because it will be on their shoes. And less crime because the gangs will not want to get poop on those $300 sneakers they liberated from the capitalists. My son knows all about that: he is a hunter.

  8. NH’s one hotspot is Manchester. A proud blue city filled with diverse Masshole transplants and who’s mayor is seeking the governor’s office.

    All the blue ‘tards up here want the rest of the state to be as violent as Manchester.

    They’re working hard to Massify NH and unless something insurmountable occurs they’ll win. VT is gone, ME is collapsing under the leftist weight of its boomer retirees and hipster potheads. NH will be next.

    I just hope there’s a healthy underground railroad to get me into the red when the split occurs.

    • Trashua is always trying to keep up with Manchesterstan… I grew up in Trashua back in the 60s-70s, and it’s now nothing like it used to be…

    • Massholes have ALWAYS been the problem; usually Lawrence/Lowell trash trafficking narcotics into the 603.

    • West or south and see you there but till then do make frequent road trips to visit as even Manchester is nicer than the cities near me.

    • Correct, and that particular population demographic proudly votes Democrat…

      • There is a slowly growing split within that demographic but we will see how far and largely they split from the Democrats control.

  9. “Settled Science: The 2020 Spike in Violent Crime Isn’t a Red State Problem, It’s a Blue City Problem”

    It is settled science that Red states have a higher crime rate than blue states; irrelevant that blue cities in Red states are ground zero for high crime rates. The cities are situated in Red states. Thus, the science remains correct.

    And that’s how that works.

    The anti-gunners produced the claim first; 2A supporters are saddled with being picayune, playing catch-up; defense. Data, logic and statistics cannot defeat emotionalism.

    • OK, Sam, could you explain why Red states have higher homicide rates — without discussing the Blue cities contained within?

      Are we to assume that all counties/cities/regions of Red states have a uniform murder rate?

      In comparing states, should we ignore that states are different sizes, with different numbers of residents, and different populations?

      Do most Blue states have lower homicide rates than most Red states? Do all Blue states have homicide rates lower than all Red states?

      • “Sam, could you explain why Red states have higher homicide rates — without discussing the Blue cities contained within?”

        You misunderstand. Explaining a phenomenon is not the same as endorsing.

      • Man, Sam isn’t an enemy. He’s been here a *long* time, and likes to play ‘devil’s advocate’ occasionally.

        It sure can keep the conversation lively when the unsuspecting wander in… 🙂

        • Oh, I totally get Sam. I’m not attacking and didn’t intend to infer that he endorses. Just keepin’ the conversation lively.

          My questions are legit, btw. What say you, Sam?

    • Sam,

      “. . . the science remains correct.”

      Sure, for certain values of “correct”. Don’t know about you, Sam, but that was NOT how I was taught to analyze/interpret date. The first thing any decent researcher/analyst would look for an notice are patterns in the data, anomalies, that should, to a competent researcher and analyst, jump out at you immediately.

      Is it objectively true that SOME red states have higher crime rates than SOME blue states? Yes, yes it is. The data is being presented to advance the thesis that the more lax gun laws in those states are the cause (or at least a major cause) – and THAT’S where the analysis falls flat. “Correlation does not equal causation.”

      Even a simple analysis of the date (like, say, breaking it down to Zip Codes), shows that virtually ALL of that crime in those states comes from . . . blue cities. A quick check of census/demographic data shows you that those “blue oases” constitute a disproportionate percentage of the state’s overall population, because the state, OUTSIDE those cities, is largely rural/suburban.

      So, yes, the statement that OBJECTIVELY, many red states have higher overall crime rates than many blue states, is true. That doesn’t mean it is a rational interpretation of the underlying data. Multi-variant analysis is a b***, dude.

      • To the Lamp that is out of his head.

        Your a real laugh you bold face lying moron. You ignore the fact that red states ship in thousands of second hand guns into blue cities rendering their gun laws totally ineffective. THIS HAS BEEN VERIFIED BY THE FBI AND TWO CHICAGO STUDIES PROVING THAT THERE IS INDEED AN IRON PIPELINE.

        And your wild bold face lies about red states being mostly rural is a fking laugh. Texas which is a red state has large populations both in the country and in the cities some of which by the way you idiot are red cities. Now try and lie your way out of this one.

        • ‘VERIFIED BY THE FBI AND CHICAGO.’ Two of the most corrupt and criminal groups in America.

          What you’re really trying to say here is that minorities cannot be trusted with a firearm or freedom. You trying to re-instate slavery?

        • “And your wild bold face lies about red states being mostly rural is a fking laugh.”

          Wrong again, asshole.

          There are 15 states where rural residents make up more than half the population. Republicans are governors of 11 of them. The GOP this year has a chance to pick up the other four — Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia. The reason is simple: Democratic messages are potent in big cities, but simply aren’t selling in rural America. (article from 2016)

        • To the Man with no brains

          And you run and hide under the bed when I discuss the second hand gun problem being flooded into large cities both red and blue from hillbilly states with lax gun laws.

        • to The man with no brains

          And your link had nothing to do with your original statement claiming there were more people in a blue city than in the rest of the state rural or otherwise.

          And you contradicted yourself when you admitted 15 states had MORE people living in rural areas than the big cities.

        • source ??
          links to that ??
          you have nothing.
          BTW stupid, gun running is a crime when it’s done to bypass laws, murder is a crime, assault is a crime and none of that has ever stopped a criminal from doing anything.

          the research shows that violent crime is concentrated, both geographically and within social networks, even within cities. So, smearing red jurisdictions to try to blame the crime wave on a lack of gun control is beyond misleading.

          But of course, that’s the point.

        • dacian the demented dips***,

          Remember the old advertising slogan (back when we actually TAUGHT ‘reading’) of “Reading is Fundamental”? Nah, ’cause your stupid @$$ obviously never learned to read.

          In the first instance, your bullshit about an “iron pipleline” has been debunked on here so many times, I’m surprised you have the GALL to even try to float that epic nonsense.

          In the second instance, quote me the EXACT LANGUAGE where I said the blue cities outnumber the rural areas in red states. My EXACT STATEMENT was “A quick check of census/demographic data shows you that those “blue oases” constitute a DISPROPORTIONATE PERCENTAGE [did you catch that part, dipshit???? No, obviously you didn’t.] of the state’s overall population, because the state, OUTSIDE those cities, is largely rural/suburban.”

          As for your contention that the “outside the blue cities” parts of red states AREN’T largely rural/suburban?? I realize you are too incredibly stupid to manage this feat on your own, but go find a demographic map that shows counties reflecting the “population per square mile” and look at these red states you are maligning. Then have someone with an IQ above room temperature in Wisconsin in the winter explain it to you.

          YES, you friggin’ moron, in MOST red states, the areas outside the major cities (which is where the vast majority of the crime occurs) are largely “low population” (i.e., for the mentally-infirm, such as yourself, “rural and suburban”).

          You are just laughably uneducated and stupid. Tell us about all your degrees, dacian, since you doubted my FOUR degrees, you lying sack of dog excrement.

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote———-In the first instance, your bullshit about an “iron pipleline” has been debunked on here so many time——–quote

          Just who do you think that any sane person would believe, a ranting nut case like you or the FBI statements and the two Chicago Studies conducted by experts in their field. See a shrink you are a real nut case.

          And your below rant to Sam below was laughable. Not only are Blue States lower in gun homicides but ditto for Europe and Asia as well and all have tough gun laws which vet all gun purchases and have lengthy background checks and severely restrict weapons of mass destruction and most outlaw concealed carry which results in more senseless shootout fatalities than the Far Right nut case paranoia that screams otherwise.

      • “Is it objectively true that SOME red states have higher crime rates than SOME blue states? Yes, yes it is. ”

        And there it is: fact. Which serves the purpose of the anti-gun mob. Further analysis is unnecessary to their purpose.

        As to “correlation is not causation”, that cuts both ways. The variables are too numerous to prove that more guns is the sole, or primary, cause of lower crime statistics; same for fewer guns as the cause of lower crime statistics.

        Trying to justify crime statistics based on “gun laws” reduces the conversation to a “needs” proposition. If our claim is that “nature’s God” is the source of our RTKBA, utility (lower crime) is irrelevant. We have the natural, human and civil right to weapons, even if there was no “gun crime”, or any crime at all. The gun grabbers insist that absolute proof of “need” is, and should be, the justification for owning firearms at all.

        • OOH, nice, Sam!

          OK, a couple of further thoughts. First, of course it doesn’t serve their narrative to actually examine their own data – it would debunk their desired conclusion. MY point was, just because something is a “fact” does not mean it has relevance to the point under discussion.

          In this case, it doesn’t. The high crime rates in certain “red” states are all provably occurring in the densely-populated cities in those states. Most of those cities are governed by Dimocrats, but “correlation does not equal causation”. On the other hand . . . find me the exceptions. Find me a MAJOR CITY, with a relatively high crime rate, NOT governed by a Dimocrat.

          Now, if you want to argue that it is more of a population density issue, I’m all over discussing that. Then we need to figure out why Dimocrats seem to have this weird need to huddle in rat warrens with others of their ilk. Can I draw a straight-line causation between Dimocrat rule of cities and the high crime rate in those cities? No, I can’t. And the density/population pressure argument is intriguing (but then explain the concentration of Dimocrats). The statistics certainly seem to overwhelmingly say that . . . crime occurs mostly in big cities governed by Dimocrats.

          Find me a big city, with a high crime rate, governed by Republicans/libertarians. Now, what percentage of the OVERALL picture does that represent? I’m open to the discussion, but . . . show me some facts that support that contention.

          As for the last issue, I never assumed you ENDORSED the conclusion, but stating a “fact” as support for a hypothesis (at least in actual data analysis) requires drawing a link between the fact and the hypothesis. IF you are (not you, I know what you’re doing, and I applaud you for it) trying to draw a link between “lax gun laws” and crime rates, and you are using statistics to support your argument, the statistical correlation between crime rates in “blue cities” vs. “red counties” is literally orders of magnitude higher than the correlation between crime rates in “red states” vs. “blue states”.

          I knew that wasn’t your point, but don’t buy into their half-assed argument (even ironically). Call it out for what it is.

        • do you go into your neighbors house and tell them how they should manage their affairs?…then it’s the height of arrogance for one state to take that attitude against another….especially when they prove hopelessly inept at putting their own house in order…

  10. No, it’s a fck it we’re all going broke, the future sucks, the president sucks, the economy sucks, the country sucks, we have no faith in our elected officials, the president sucks,,oh I said that already, oh I said that already did I Jill?gee I must be getting senile.
    I went to the big city today, no one shopping looked very happy, looked North Korea apoplectic. Everyone pushing half empty carts with full cart prices, vacant stares no smiles no laughter, the drudgery of making ends meet living in America.
    Things certainly have changed.
    Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible.
    ” And a child molester will lead us.” I think that’s how it goes.
    JRB in 2024.

  11. Another Right Wing deflection. In reality blue states with tough gun laws have lower crime rates that Red States with lax gun laws. Red states ship in thousands of second hand guns into high crime big cities making the situation far worse and neutralizing blue city gun laws.

    • dacian the demented dips***, you are simply too stupid to reply to. I took your “arguement” apart, above, in my reply to Sam. Go read it, if your (limited, pathetic) reading skills extend that far.

      Go away, uneducated, lying troll.

    • So what you are saying is Blue controlled areas lack the mental capacity not to commit murders with firearms while the Red areas with firearms demonstrate self control?

      Is this your thought dacian?

      • dacian is a racist. His entire argument is that blue cities, mostly minority’s, cannot be trusted to have a gun and not murder with it. Sad little racist fascist wannabe.

      • basically true when concentrated in high numbers…we see the pattern over and over again…especially when the law-abiding aren’t permitted to arm themselves…

    • @dacian

      “Another Right Wing deflection. In reality blue states with tough gun laws have lower crime rates that Red States with lax gun laws. Red states ship in thousands of second hand guns into high crime big cities making the situation far worse and neutralizing blue city gun laws.”

      Your statements as you made them are 100% false

      • “… neutralizing blue city gun laws.”

        At least he’s finally admitting that laws don’t stop criminals. A tiny bit of progress is better than none at all.

        • no name,

          Yeah, and it would be even more progress if the babbling idiot actually drew that same conclusion in his own “mind”, but . . . good luck with that.

    • Nah… You’re a fuh king shitbag…. States with low levels of melanin have lower homicide rates; regardless of whether they’re blue states or red states.

      more melanin equals more violent crime

      • Actually it’s the people who have a lack of melanin in their skin. They are the people waving rainbow Flags. While they are smashing out the windows of private property owners. And attacking innocent people.

        • Chris that may be true during the sporadic mostly peaceful events
          but on the day to day the majority of violent crimes are committed by the darker skined, mostly gang affiliated, residents of those cities.
          I have no citations or links to prove that just my observations over the years

        • to Tired of the bs
          I agree with you. Which is why I have been saying for years on TTAG that white people who wave rainbow Flags and smash windows, should be immediately shot dead by the police and by the property owners.

          This will provide an incentive to motivate any other potential Criminal, to not engage in such destructive behavior.

          Our society needs to understand that if white people who are waving rainbow Flags and committing crimes, can and will be shot dead immediately. Then so can anyone else.

        • Chris
          I think any criminal regardless of race, color, creed, lbxyz status or WTF ever, that is committing a violent crime should be shot
          A criminal is a criminal.
          If all animals want to be equal I’m willing to treat them equally.

        • to Tired of the bs
          Let me say something that is going to upset a lot of people. And I’m okay with that. This country needs to get over the four white college students who were shot dead. By National Guard soldiers at Kent State University. There was a lot of Destruction of private and school property going on back then by the protesters/rioters. That is something historians don’t want to talk about.

          As far as I know the students who were killed and wounded on that day were innocent. But we as a society, should not allow people who riot to walk away still alive.

          Rioters in Portland Oregon poured concrete to block all of the exits in the federal courthouse there. And then they tried to light the building on fire and burn everyone alive inside. But when Federal authorities tried to intervene people called them “Trump’s secret police”. And local law enforcement was ordered to stand down by the city’s s0ci@list mayor.

          And it’s mostly white people who have destroyed Portland Oregon. There’s no blacks around in any significant numbers for white people to blame them for all the vandalism there.

        • to Tired of the bs

          I don’t remember if it was before Kent State or after Kent state. But more black college students were wounded and killed at two predominantly black colleges one in Mississippi and one in South carolina. Compared to the numbers that were killed and wounded at Kent State. I Believe by national Guardsmen.

          And if this is the first time you’re hearing about this I’m not surprised.

    • dacian’s on the corner with that crystal meth
      He ain’t slowing down
      Slowing down
      Go dacian, go dacian
      kkkkkkk crystal meth
      Dacian gonna get them Gremlins
      He ain’t slowing down, slowing down

  12. America doesn’t have a gun problem, we have a demographics problem.

    Sucks we can’t have an honest conversation about this because “muh racism!”

    • “Sucks we can’t have an honest conversation about this because “muh racism!” ”

      You cannot have an honest conversation because you are a deplorable, and anything you say is illegitimate. We value truth, our truth, over fact; illegitimate speech is not protected by the First Amendment. Illegitimate speech is violence; any disagreement is illegitimate, and thus hate speech.

      Wow. Late in the day, and it feels like I am on a roll with all this.

      • Sam,

        No, you got it wrong – he is not a “deplorable”, WE are a “basket of deplorables”. Get it right!

        • “No, you got it wrong – he is not a “deplorable”, WE are a “basket of deplorables”. Get it right!”

          Isn’t everyone in the basket a deplorable?

        • I ain’t stayin locked up in no basket
          thats where they want us locked up
          I’m busting out
          Freedom For Deplorables

  13. @Man with no name
    “I’m not attacking and didn’t intend to infer that he endorses. Just keepin’ the conversation lively. My questions are legit, btw. What say you, Sam?”

    In reference to the article, the questions are germane. In reference to my exposition, the questions are less so. In that environment, all that matters is getting the propaganda into the MSM, and the accepting minds of the feeble minded; the source of the crime is irrelevant, because it is happening in Red states, as the author posited. Word games, and mind games.

  14. Haven’t spent much time in any big city for a couple decades now. Other than having to take my wife down to USA hospital in Mobile occasionally, or running over to Pensacola on business now and then, I try to avoid the shitholes.
    Both are close enough I catch the local news from either. Not only do the majority of violent crimes in this region occur in those cities, the majority of crimes happen in certain parts of those cities. Checking on Mobile, those certain areas are represented by Democrat council members. The outlying suburbs where there is a crime problem are also controlled by Democrats. Narrow it down a little further and the majority of violent crimes are committed by a particular demographic of a certain age range. Never understood why those youngsters think hauling out a gun instead of stepping up man to man is a good idea.

  15. Truck driver in Oregon crash that killed 7 arrested on DUI charges > (dated Yesterday which was 19 May 2023)

    That one made the news. But in the mean while on 19 May 2023 across the United States there was a mass-killing of 137 people (collectively) by drunk drivers not counting these seven in Oregon and these others did not make the news. Anyway … the Oregon mass-killing by a drunk driver should serve as justification to ban trucks, right?

  16. From the article:

    In [New Hampshire] in 2020, there were 0.9 homicides per 100,000 residents.

    This simple and indisputable fact–along with the simple and indisputable fact that New Hampshire has “extremely lax” gun laws–should be the final nail in the proverbial coffin that violent crime is a problem of the human condition, NOT firearm availability nor laws.

    Of course, just like any discussion of facts, reasoning, logic, and standards of right-versus-wrong will ALWAYS fail to convince a rapist to stop raping, the same will ALWAYS fail to convince the forces of civilian disarmament to abandon their jihad against our inalienable right to effective self-defense–and by extension of our right to effective self-defense our right to keep and bear arms.

  17. Bloomberg’s astroturf group inflates our “gun violence” rate by including suicides committed using guns. Unsurprisingly, where guns are more readily available, a higher proportion of people who decide to kill themselves use guns.

    NH’s overall suicide rate is on the lower side, but not at the bottom as our homicide rate is. Comparing to VT, which has gone for some gun restrictions in recent years, we’ve got about 3/4 of the suicide rate they have. Higher suicide rate likely correlates with weak guns laws due to rural vs. urban differences (rural populations tend to be both more supportive of gun rights and more isolated with less access to support for depression).

    • “Higher suicide rate likely correlates with weak guns laws …”

      What about causation?

      • As stated, correlation is likely due to other factors. One probably could establish a causative relationship between access to guns and gun suicides (and thus the majority of “gun violence”), but the gun ban lobby seem to be the only ones who care more about what tool was used than how many people were killed.

  18. They got what they voted for. They said they wanted it, they voted for it, now they got it. Now let them live with it. The people with a lack of melanin in their skin and who are waving rainbow Flags, have encouraged this kind of behavior in their City General population. They should be forced to stay in the cities using fixed bayonets if necessary.

    • I should add that many of them have a rainbow flag in one hand and a red hammer and sickle it flag in the other.

  19. @Lamp
    “MY point was, just because something is a “fact” does not mean it has relevance to the point under discussion.”

    “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figures.”

    “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    When talking to a Dimwitocrat, you are talking to an emotional three-year old. Three-year olds don’t even know facts exist.

  20. this debate is pointless…everyone knows where the problems are…are who’s causing it…the evening news does not lie….

  21. There is something informative in your comment, but I’m failing at sussing it out. Would you be agreeable to providing a more expansive communique?

  22. I’m ecstatic to see my state, Georgia, ranks 47th. Oddly enough, we also can carry a weapon in our vehicles onto school property…….gun free zone signs be damned. Our legislature took care of that, like a decade ago. And we don’t suffer school shootings! Now tell that to a liberal and watch their head explode. All the gun violence in GA is in Atlanta. Atlanta has a democrat black mayor (and has had all black democrat mayors since the late 70’s) and is the highest area of crime in the state. Even the EPA was fining Atlanta for it’s mayors failures to repair sewers and several left after corruption charges. Atlanta has turned into a cesspool that most GA residents avoid whenever possible. Macon is slowly becoming the same. Take a look at Forsyth county GA, currently the richest county in the state. Crime rates are exceedingly low, and police are exceedingly fast at catching those who try. We generally see the police cam footage within a couple hours to a couple days after an incident. Most of the attempted crime up here is people who don’t live in the county. But if you search this county, all you’ll find is liberal articles claiming its full of racists. All of that stems from a visit made by Oprah back in the 80’s. Today, it is becoming overcrowded from all those moving into it. And all of those idiots who fled their former homes due to crime and decay turn around and vote for the same bullshit again! You can’t fix stupid.

    • My state ranks #41 by “Every Town’s” website, and would not mind if we were lower on the list. On the other hand, we can carry without needing a permit, and we do not have Red Flag Laws, so I am happy about that.

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