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Have a good weekend, y’all! Stay off this guy’s lawn, eh?


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  1. Tactical Rascal for the Modern Plus Sized Operator.

    Give the buff dudes trying to loot and pillage a squirt from the Browning and they done.

      • Seriously, I have seen people shute their vehicles when they malfunctioned.
        Multiple .22LR bullet holes and an ass whipping from a father which was applied to perpetrating distraught car owner, taught my sisters 48 ford not to shell out on her.(Maybe she shouldn’t have racist the 70’s era muscle cars?)
        Wow, I wish I had That car now. Cherry, given to her from our uncles garage, black on black running white wall tires.
        Ohhhhh sunabeetch, I’m rambling like a alzheimers senile dementia challenged child molesting (hey, I can get away with that, see above) person that was slotted to subvertly bring a country into the transition of facism.
        Bad News kindergarteners, the world is over populated.
        The order of the hive, or take into account the ants. Those philosophies no longer apply when the humans are 15 years away from AI and robotics.
        Carl Marx.
        When machines WILL replace human labor there will be no need for the “$laves” anymore.
        Whew, I ain’t gonna be around to see it but my dirt will, I sure will be glad when earth ain’t go no more humans on it.

    • “If it doesn’t rain my weekend will be spent mowing…”

      Do you have an unmarried sister? You were raised right… 🙂

        • Usually, my sister beat up a cowboy and called him a goat roper for flirting with her.
          Darn it.
          I’d always hoped I could get her and Joe Biden with me in the shower.
          My President, Our President.
          Proud to be an American.

  2. Charles Adams, an 81-year-old man was wounded after being shot by police following a lengthy standoff Thursday night.

    Indiana State Police say the 81-year-old homeowner barricaded himself inside and refused to come out Thursday night.

    Court records show an ongoing dispute between neighbors over the property lines escalated to a police shooting in Richmond.

    • “Police wrote, “It is likely that Charles’ advanced age and deteriorating mental state contribute to his newfound issues concerning the property lines.””

      Mental illness. Huh.

      • Maybe the old guy is just had it with (likely new) neighbors taking liberties or illegally appropriating his, the old man’s, property.

        • Where is the poor old guy’s family? I bet I know.

          “Gramps is a problem; glad he doesn’t live here near us.”

    • Truck driver in Oregon crash that killed 7 arrested on DUI charges > (dated Yesterday which was 19 May 2023)

      Lets call mass-killing by a drunk driver “Just Do As I want Celebration”

      That one made the news. But in the mean while on 19 May 2023 across the United States there was a mass-killing of 137 people (collectively) by drunk drivers not counting these seven in Oregon and these others did not make the news.

      • MADDMAXX May 20, 2023 At 07:01
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        That one got “special” attention because he is a member of a class of people reviled by the elitists almost as much as gun owners… Not condoning drinking and driving and (as a one-time long haul trucker) I certainly take issue with an idiot who would get behind the wheel of an 80,000 pound rig and get out on the road, but rules and over regulating have forced thousands of qualified responsible operators to give up a thankless job only to be replaced by a generation of unskilled drivers who go from a 3 week school and 2 weeks with a “trainer” to being at the controls of a very complicated extremely dangerous piece of equipment for which the general population has NO respect… I averaged 165,000 miles a year for 20 years (1.3 million miles) and contributed a boatload of funds to various states for exceeding their “trucks only” speed limits, but I never had a chargeable accident and never even considered driving my rig after consuming adult beverages…

        Not exactly sure why THIS one made “moderation jail” but whatever…

        • I’ve had assholes flip me off for slowing down to let big rigs over. Fuck them! I understand how hard truckers work.

        • Meant to add I understand how fucked up a lot of drivers are absolute idiots around big rigs.

        • muckraker, trust me that trucker was grateful for any courtesy you showed him/her…

        • He or she hit their hazards as a thumbs up!
          I’ve driven California freeways for years and have long since stopped playing the game. I let people do what they are going to do and I try to be as courteous as possible even to those that don’t deserve it.

  3. According to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a home in Starks in reference to a shooting early Sunday morning.

    During an investigation, deputies found a 14-year-old girl with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. Detectives arrived on scene and discovered several juveniles were playing hide and seek in the area and were hiding on the neighbor’s property.

    The property owner, David V. Doyle, 58 of Starks was arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and charged with aggravated battery, 4 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and illegal discharge of a firearm.

    • Oh. Do one about cars. Trouble with you guys is if one person breaks the law you want to burn the whole village.

      My rights are not determined by the actions of another. That way is fascism.

  4. The man shot and killed by Mequon police Wednesday afternoon has been identified as 86-year-old Pietro Lalicata.

    The incident began around 3:30 p.m. near Riverland and Bonniwell roads. A neighbor called police and said Lalicata fired a shot at him while mowing the lawn.

    When officers arrived, Lalicata was barricaded inside his home. Officers then requested the Ozaukee County Special Response Team.

    According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), Lalicata eventually exited the home and began firing rounds toward officers who then exchanged gunfire and struck Lalicata.

  5. This might take too long to turn around to bring the gun to bear. I suggest mounting it on a Deere with AWS- easier 180s.

  6. Somewhere between:

    You might be a redneck if…


    The company vehicle for the lawn care guy at

  7. I arrived too late to the party to buy the semi auto 1919s while they were still making them. Always planned to get one then one day they’re just gone. So many things in the gun world like this. Guess I need to be a more impulsive buyer.

  8. Passed up a nice Gatling gun several years ago. Hard to handle a team of horses, control the mower and hand crank the gun. Got to engineer some sort of ground drive for the Gatling.
    Wonder if I could modify the Pintal mount to fit the 9N Ford tractor?

      • Need a separate trailer to tow the solar panel array. Or cut to the chase and mount a Honda generator.

    • “Wonder if I could modify the Pintal mount to fit the 9N Ford tractor?”

      A tractor’s PTO driving a Gatling gun’s mechanism would be cool as fuck… 🙂

      • A tractor’s PTO driving a Gatling gun’s mechanism would be cool as fuck

        The couplers and drive shafts would be a fuckin nightmare for a hood mount…

      • Geoff. With fuel prices and the climate cultists insisting on doing away with fossil fuels etc. Still looking at the idea of horse drawn machinery. Perhaps modifying the ground wheel driven gearbox from a sickle bar mower.
        Don’t know if the person who had the Gatlin still has it or if it’s still for sale. And can’t currently justify the expense of either the gun or the cost of the 45-70 ammo.

  9. Respectable backups if the belt-fed goes down. However, I feel based on the seat that he should have a handgun in a chest rig when operating.

  10. Gatlin gun: interesting firearm. Is it actually a single shot firearm. Each barrel fires only one round at a time. Anyone know what restrictions are on a Gatlin, if any. ?

    • There is a modern 9mm Gatling gun in production now. At times there have been others in .22 and who knows how many other calibers. Hand cranking does make a difference in legality. Mag limits seem to be the biggest restriction. I live in CA which has a 10 round limit on ‘Feeding Devices’. What’s the fun in a Gatling gun with a 10 round mag?

      • Just a few years back, I think the ATF changed the designation on Gatling guns, I’m not sure if existing ones are grandfathered or not, but it sounds like a case ripe for another ‘Bruen’ challenge.

        Here’s a simple .22lr version using 2 Ruger 10/22s :

        The kit is a grand, you provide the 2 required 10/22s…

  11. The picture is living proof why we need more gun control because people like this are the type of people who should be banned from owning any gun.

    • Why? Is he a criminal for putting a gun on his mower?

      How about we ban criminals from owning guns? We could make it a law. Everyone would obey it — right, asshole?

    • “living proof”

      Funny you should mention that. I just made the same connection between dacian and 1A.

    • Living proof that folks exercising their civil rights upsets dacian. As if we didn’t already know.

    • Ponder THIS dacehole… “Responsible men do not need laws to tell them what to do. Evil men will find a way around the law.” – Plato

    • We often use these meme threads as open threads.

      Why don’t you write up an article and submit it to TTAG? Or just post your rantings in this thread.


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