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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today asked Congress to fully investigate allegations of “substantial waste, mismanagement and unlawful employment practices at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)” before approving the agency’s FY 2024 budget request of $1.9 billion.

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has alerted Congress and President Joe Biden about allegations from two whistleblowers in the ATF human resources office that the agency “unlawfully provided law enforcement pay and benefits to agents and investigators who filled non-law-enforcement positions, such as in human resources.” According to the OSC letter, sent by Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner, “These positions had been intentionally misclassified to be within the law enforcement job series.”

“ATF has been a troubled agency for decades,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and its recent flip-flop on arm braces is just the tip of the iceberg. Has anyone been held accountable for this apparent mismanagement? Was anyone ever fired or otherwise penalized for the deadly Fast and Furious scandal? How about Operation Wide Receiver?

“We’re not confident the ATF can fix its problems internally,” he continued,” so that job must be up to Congress, specifically the House Oversight Committee. And while Congress is handling this, there should be no budget approval for the agency, especially one providing a 7.4 percent increase over the ATF budget during Fiscal Year 2023.”

ATF Director Steve Dettelbach
Steven Dettelbach, director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)

Kerner’s letter to the president noted that the Office of Personnel Management had identified 91 misclassified positions, and ATF had found 17 more for a total of 108 positions. Gottlieb called that an alarming error. He was not impressed with reports the agency had reassigned 36 people involved in the problem, and 14 more had retired, or even that ATF’s authority to classify federal law enforcement positions had been suspended.

“This is a poor example of our tax dollars at work,” Gottlieb said. “It reinforces the perception of an agency out of control. Is it any wonder that America’s gun owners have mistrust for the agency? The only way to get ATF’s attention is to deny its funding while a thorough investigation is conducted.”

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  1. Investigate my big old but. Close the office, disband the bureau and dismiss everyone working there. Repal any and all regulations they were tasked with enforcing. Treasury can still collect the taxes on tobacco and alcohol. Their forensic work can already be done by the FBI.
    Any law enforcement of federal laws covered by BATFE can and should be handled by the Marshals service.

    • it’s a redundant agency that has screwed-up often…we really don’t need these guys when others could do their job…probably better….

  2. Please read the comments here carefully.
    I have been swayed to believe that when one poster with no credibility disappears, another with seemingly more sound alleged bona fides springs up.
    I envision a group of college students, probably studying law, have gotten together on a lark, and are impersonating a “sage” of a POTG. Highly entertaining to them, but still just as phony as any Minor Poster.
    It’s bad enough to come to words with another like-minded individual, but much more annoying to be trolled by some Leftists with excessive time on their hands.
    I appreciate TTAG very much. I don’t appreciate our time being wasted by some childish prankster.

      • Damn the grouse full prairie chicken ahead.
        And that’s when the captains eyes popped wide open.
        He stood up straight, grabbed ahold of the wheel, and said ” I’m gonna move you babyyyyy”
        And he did, right on into and ice berg and she went right on down.
        Taking with her the jews the land lubers, the party’ers, drinkin booze and trading wives,the diamonds, the first mate and 497 and a half feet of rope.

        • OK Possum,
          That TEARS IT!!!

          Get the whole ship’s company to surrender their knives. Put’em on the table in the wardroom. I’m gonna find out who cut off and stole that last two and a half feet of hawser!
          And I don’t want to hear another word about the Mess Boyd eating my strawberries…find me that key!

    • 05,

      Personally, even idiots and liars like dacian the demented and MajorLiar have every right to voice their stupid views. I would not have them banned if I could. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”, and their own stupidity will discredit their objectively insane nonsense. I read their crap just to get an idea what “the other side is “thinking” (or at least attempting to assert as their position), and to mock them, mercilessly. If they annoy you? Just scroll on by, and don’t read their nonsense.

      See? Problem solved . . . and you didn’t even need to have TTAG ban anybody.

      Let EVERYONE speak, the idiots will reveal themselves. Like the old phrase says, when someone says something monumentally stupid, “Oh, look! Another idiot self-identifies!”

        • Oh, so you believe in the 2A, but not in the 1A?

          A fair-weather constitutionalist, are you? Frankly, that’s pathetic. And NO, it is not “simple-minded” (the correct spelling) – I was in debate for years, and the way you learn to debate (and have to debate in competition) is to debate BOTH sides of every issue. I can make their arguments better than they can (but I won’t give them any pointers). Your fascist side is showing.

  3. @oldmaninAL:
    I’m sorry that my post followed yours. It was NOT directed at YOU, Cousin!
    And I appreciate your wise remarks. Allow me to shout an AMEN! to them.

  4. Well I better stop saying too much because if I say History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide Big Brother might get mad and come knocking on my door. So I’ll follow the path paved by some on this forum and limit my commits to issues that keep me feeling safe while making me look smart and gung-ho about The Second Amendment.

    Even though The History of Gun Control has been fact checked over and over as long as I don’t say History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide I won’t have to fear people looking to get people who go a bit too far out on a limb with something called Free Speech.

  5. Sounds like another sternly worded letter is in order. I’m glad our congressional heroes are looking after us. ATF best mind it manners or they are sure to get dragged into a committee hearing where all the truth will come out and it will be over, you’ve been warned.

  6. So far having fewer Republicans in the House of Representatives has proven to be a good thing. They’re hearings about government corruption and government weaponization, have laid the groundwork for drastic cuts in the ATF, FBI, and other agencies. This battle over the debt ceiling is now the next step.

    Previously these 20 or 30 Republicans held out for over 30 days before finally electing a republican speaker for the house of representatives.

    What will happen if the debt ceiling isn’t raised will the United States “default”??? That’s the claim that constantly being made. I remember when “Y2K” was supposed to be “the end” of planet Earth.
    Let’s go ahead and see what happens when this country defaults.

    • I tend to agree. Lets let some of these ding dongs go without a pay he k for awhile and see how things shuffle out

      • Yeah let’s open “this door”. And see what kind of “monster” exists on the other side. Fear of the unknown is the greatest monster of all.

  7. Has anyone at ATF ever been held accountable for anything. The agency should renamed Skate because they always skate on everything and are never held accountable for anything ever.

  8. There is absolutely no reason for the BATF to still be around.
    Alcohol is legal and well regulated – no reason it needs an agency to patrol it.
    Tobacco is legal and well regulated – same as above.

    Firearms are a RIGHT not a suggestion and they are legal – All firearms do the same thing. They have a chamber that holds a round. A trigger mechanism that releases a hammer or striker to hit the rounds primer igniting powder and sending a projectile down a smooth or rifled tube. No matter what any of them look like. Length, caliber, etc. They all do the same thing. There is absolutely no reason for the BATF to come up with bogus rules about any firearm. When the second amendment was written it was understood that the citizens should be able to have any weapon the military had as the citizens may be called upon to defend the nation.

    • Move Alcohol and Tobacco to the FDA.
      Eliminate firearms as it is a constitutionally protected right.
      Explosives, move to a new agency that replaces the FBI

      • I’m not sure if/how can maintain a continuity of operations (of appropriate lawful items) while transition to a post FBI fedgov.

        Transfer their labs (mostly voodoo theater BS) to the Marshalls service. Fir every FBI employee with prohibition from any future Fedgov employment other than as an 11B US Army (serve out to retirement).

        Dept of “Justice” is dirtier than the FBI though.

    • their fire, arson and explosives people are the only good thing about that agency…their regulatory people should be sent back to Treasury and the rest re-assigned to other agencies

  9. Shut it down. Do away with every rule they ever concocted. Investigate every employee and prosecute as necessary.

  10. My employer’s annual revenue is approximately $10b. HR guards employee job grades so stringently (and often inflexibly) that sometimes we lose great people because we cannot find a way to pay them at market. We are working on fixing that problem. It seems the ATF has found they can simply lie about job codes to increase compensation. Hmmm…in some circles that would be called fraud.

  11. Nonsense. The BATFE are on the up and up, one of Americas most trusted and honorable government bureaucracies.
    Without the BATFE people would be selling moonshine and untaxed tobacco products.
    The BATFE is more then just gunms.

  12. Bluntly, “reform” is no longer possible at BATFE. That ship sailed before Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    It needs to be abolished, defunded, eliminated, and every single “regulation” excised from the Federal Register.

    IMHO, clearly “nibbling around the edges” of gun control, and relying on the courts, isn’t working. If the Republicans don’t screw up, again, 2024 should see a larger Republican majority in the House, a new Republican majority in the Senate, and a Republican in the White House. Abolish this metastasized monster of the administrative state out of control . . . and then move on to EVERY OTHER “alphabet agency” in Washington.

  13. You could say the same thing about the Defense Department for any given year, even during WW2, but you won’t.

    Don’t try and pretend this is some kind of principled stand.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, this is a gun-interest site — we discuss topics that involve that interest. If you’d like to discuss the military budget, there are plenty of discussion boards that specialize in that. Perhaps your condescending attitude would go over better on one of them.

      • I like to boast about My President though.
        ….Did I ever tell you about the time I showered with my granddaughter?
        We had to, we were covered in chocolate chip ice cream and her mom was coming home after soliciting votes and passing out Lets Go Biden nascar memorabilia.
        I’m going to be so happy when I can turn my gunms over to the proper authorities.
        Uncle Ho,,,, I mean, Grandpa Joe will be so proud of me 🥰

        • @possum – Easy there, Big Guy! While admitting to borderline “pedo” behavior is apparently okay these days (as long as you’re a Dem), your supporters worry you might accidentally reveal something that even a fixed election can’t… fix.

    • Well, providing for the common defense, etc are Constitutional requirements of the Federal Government. Infringement of the right of the people to keep and bear arms is prohibited.

    • Is that Barry Soetoro yappin?

      Yes, must ban all DOD woke BS. Most of what they affirmative action types running DOD have undertaken over the least 2yrs. It’s bad.

  14. @Lamp:
    I quit even reading dacien’s posts a very long time ago. It was like listening to Joy Behar, as it was ghastly repetitive. And always the longest post, by far.
    As far as my suspicions, I just got that creepy feeling a few times. Maybe signifying nothing but my paranoia.
    I hope that you did not think that Implied silencing ANYBODY. You are correct in your advice. Read posts and make up your own mind. Chucking reason, manners and fairness would be the death knell of a very good thing. Isn’t what Leftists are always doing while pretending to help?
    BTW, the term “sage” alluded to some “one” who seems to come back with good answers every time. I felt like it might be a committee. Usually a very complimentary title.

    • “And always the longest post, by far.”

      I’m insulted. Have you read any of my interminable ramblings?

      “BTW, the term “sage” alluded to some “one” who seems to come back with good answers every time.”

      So you have read my posts. Thank you. I’ll pass along your compliments to our committee — we’re meeting this afternoon at my house. I hope I have enough chairs.

      • “I hope I have enough chairs.”

        And snacks?

        The last time, we ran out of snacks… 🙁

  15. ATF (and possibly the FBI)….got a federal building blown-up…and make no mistake, they were the target of that act….

  16. @No Name:
    We had a five-hour session ourselves. Finally decided to vote you in (due to the protesters on my lawn) for a TEMPORARY SECOND PLACE TROPHY. Two hours, fifteen minutes to read and correct last week’s minutes. Then coffee and shacks. Hard to eat wearing these sheets, I’ll tell you! We meet at night in the local DNC office. ‘Cause we all have keys, and…left over doughnuts!

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