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[UPDATE: 9:45 PM TTAG Central Time] The injured security guard has been released from the hospital. He’s A-OK.

Reports are coming in that there has been a shooting outside an Islamic cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas. According to local news sources, two individuals drove up to the event and opened fire on one of the security guards standing guard outside. That guard was indeed hit, and was taken to a hospital where he is being treated for non life threatening injuries. The two individuals were subsequently shot and killed by other armed police officers before they could injure anyone else. The police are currently searching their vehicle for explosives, and the attendees of the event are currently locked inside singing the Star Spangled Banner . . .

According to WFAA8:

Two men were shot and killed in a parking lot outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Sunday afternoon, SWAT officials told News 8. The two suspects drove up and opened fire on the center, which was hosting a Muhammad Art exhibit, and hit a Garland ISD officer. That officer suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to a spokesman for Garland Police. Police were searching the area for a vehicle that had explosives in it. SWAT members were already at the scene for the art event. Rowlett/Sachse Scanner reported on Facebook that a suspect was inside a nearby Walmart, off Garland Avenue and Naaman Forest Boulevard, with a hand grenade. A 1,000-foot radius around the Walmart was shut down and the Academy Store was evacuated, according to that page.

According to sources, the two suspects were armed with AK-47 rifles. No injuries are reported in addition to the two suspects (dead) and the security guard (gunna be just fine). Some are speculating that the real target for the evening was Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker who has been an outspoken critic of radical Islam and on Al Qaeda’s hit list for years.

[Photo credit: Breitbart]

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    • Apparently American cops are better at this sort of thing than their French counterparts. Once they id the dead guys we’ll know more.

      • Better in terms of they were on scene already and, probably, expecting some sort of trouble based on the French attack.

        • I beieve the first two victims at Charlie Hebdo’s office were two cops stationed outside.

        • B.S. The cops in TX would have been there, and actually ready, if the Paris attacks had never happened. The French were idiots for ignoring the clear and obvious threat, these fruitcakes have been trying to kill that Dane for, what, 5 years now? Pretending all is well is burying your head in the sand.

          The main reason for such an event is to say “come and get it” to those seeking their 72 Virginians. Once you have announced that, be ready to send all comers to Valhalla, or Hell, whichever comes first. That is how we get rid of them.

      • >Apparently American cops are better at this sort of thing than their French counterparts. Once they id the dead guys we’ll know more.

        Hah, have you seen the pictures of the fat cosplaying meatheads?

        Not to mention these guys probably didn’t have full auto AK’s and RPG’s.

        • Looks like they did just fine.

          Have you ever posted in any other topic, or just shit involving the police?

        • It’s not my fault American police are a bunch of out-of-control thugs who murder people for personal amusement.

        • Perhaps copwatch, or cop block would be more your speed then. I can’t figure out if you’re even a gun owner, or just someone sitting in their basement in their underwear, eating cheetos.

        • @Red Looks like it’s the cops in Dallas who are abusing the Cheetos bags. πŸ™‚

        • ST is just mad that his favorite team Daesh lost to America’s Team today. It’s not so fun when you don’t have the home field advantage is it?

        • @AllAmerican Because only moooooslems criticize the US government and its agents. πŸ™‚

        • Cue Sex T with his typical “American cops are thugs” routine. Even when they do well, they still fail in his eyes. At this point it seems pretty close to a mental disorder.

        • LOL @ routine. As if police brutality isn’t a well-documented issue of the day.

          Note that the event organizers hired these cops for protection with their own money. Therefore the proper context here is: private security does their job, then the cops go back to their usual role of dispensing violence for the government.

        • @Marco Pics on the linked story, brah. I think I figured out why American SWAT cops love single point slings: the AR rests neatly on their engorged gut. πŸ™‚

        • I thought you might mean them. I’m not going to say they have washboard abs, but they look like they have so much “operational gear” that it’s hard to distinguish where the gear ends and the gut begins. They appear to have decently muscular arms, with not much adipose tissue there, so it wouldn’t indicate fatties from what I can tell.

        • Those 2 punks got taken out by a guy with a revolver. Plus, its moot whether they were semi-auto or fully.

        • Exactly this. The police on scene at Charlie Hebdo were not armed, and the first to arrive were not armed either. Never happen here. Aren’t side arms part of the uniform?

        • Of course the cops were armed.

          But if you think having a 9mm strapped to your waist will help against an attacker that has.

          Armour, superior firepower and the element of surprise

          you are up for a hard landing.

          I would say the difference in the two attacks was the skill of the attacker, since the Texas shooters didn’t even “manage” to kill the security guard.

        • I’m not so sure…against both unarmed and poorly trained but armed French cops I’m sure anyone armed with the jihad mentality looks like a dang superstar. The difference?


        • A 9mm beats empty hands and harsh language. These “unskilled” attackers would have done a lot more damage if not for those puny 9mms.

        • +1

          I’m actually surprised this exhibition even occurred. I know some places are afraid to even touch the subject, Go Texas.

        • A report I *just* heard says that the wounded *security* guard killed them both, before SWAT got their chance.

      • sad we have to defend ourselvesn From those the “Peacefull Muslims” we are bringing a better view of a Murderer, Rapist, pedophile, who wrote a Booklet design to rule others through hate and death.

        nothing to fear (sarc) they are totally peaceful.

        • I’m thinking that is a pretty good description. How do we convince the current devotees of it?

      • Well, at least those clowns can collect their 72 virgins now. Unfortunately they didn’t read the fine print specifying that the virgins are actually livestock. I’m sure they’ll make it work.

        • there was a transcription error – it’s not 72 virgins, it’s one 72-year old virgin. And only 1 – they all have to share!

        • I thought it was 72 raisins, or 72 virgin grapes that weren’t raisins yet.
          Looks like Dailybeatings beat me too it.

        • Nope…you are all wrong. It is 72 Virginians who are all really pissed off carrying pitchforks and baseball bats.

        • Actually, their 72 virgins are dried up old Catholic School nuns with steel rulers in their hands and a BAAAAAAD attitude!

      • NYPD has a dedicated anti-terrorist unit. I don’t think these clowns would have much success there, just like today.

    • Pretty close to where I lived and went to school at UT Dallas.

      Don’t Mess With Texas.

      • Don’t Mess With Texas is an anti-littering campaign slogan πŸ™‚ but, yeah…don’t eff with Texas!

      • Wouldn’t you love to know how many seconds elapsed between their first shot and both of them dead? I mean, the guard was barely wounded, their jihad had to last around 5 seconds. BAM! Thump. Over.

    • Impressive. ONE traffic cop with Glock (9mm or 40mm) Vs 2 jihadis with body armor and assault style weapons, AK with drum mag. Score: cop – 2 ekia, terrorist – 1 ankle of unarmed security guard. Bravo!!!

  1. Glad to hear the officer is in stable condition and that the goblins received swift justice.

    First Amendment FTW

  2. Thank God this happened in Texas where cops hit what they shoot at. If it happened in LA, the cops would have been shot, they would have returned fire and killed, oh, I don’t know, a half dozen or so innocent bystanders, missed the bad guys, then everyone would have sued each other. Prayers for the cop who was injured, but it sounds as if he is going to be okay. Damn Muslim extremists, thank goodness they were dispatched efficiently.

    • Don’t know about LA but I know it’s happened at least once in New York. Back in 2012 NYPD shoot three bystanders. Gotta love a Glock with a 10+ pound trigger pull and cops that don’t get nearly enough firearms training.

      • NYPD ties LAPD/LASD for most incompetent shooters in all of policing, all three departments regularly ventilate innocent bystanders on an almost monthly basis. I’ll give the award for most organized corruption to the NYPD but LAPD/LASD have pretty nice sized pockets of corruption as well. Not all cops are bad, there are some very good ones in all three organizations, but the organizations themselves are barely any better than the gangs that they supposedly battle. In LA, having a confrontation with the LAPD/LASD is about on par with a confrontation with the Crips, Bloods or Mexican Mafia. You have about as much chance of survival dealing with any of them. I drive VERY cautiously when in LA anywhere.

    • There are a lot of hunters in the GPD. It just goes to show training in the woods saves lives on the streets.

      • I’m not the first one to preach this, but a few well aimed shots can significantly shorten, and in some cases prevent a firefight all together.

  3. An event like that with police officers posted outside could be grounds for an entrapment defense for the shooters if they had lived.

    • Ahhh, no, I don’t think so. Entrapment occurs when the cops induce or persuade someone to commit an offense when he otherwise would not have done so, essentially. Just being there does not persuade someone to start shooting at them.

      • “Just being there does not persuade someone to start shooting at them.”

        Unless it’s Ferguson, Missouri.

        • I think it certainly served as that, which is why I’ve already contributed to the sponsor. But you need to get your terminology together, “entrapment” involves enticing a certain target, this was simply “here we are, come and get it!”, no one was entrapped, especially a couple of allah nutbars from a thousand miles away. They were looking for their Virginians, and they got them. By now, they realize their mistake, even just a few Virginians would make their eternity constant torture, which they have to endure with nothing to eat but pork entrails and tobacco.

  4. Since the first article was scrubbed does my comment still count toward the 1,000,000 mark?

    I guess it doesn’t really matter unless it was number 1 million…

  5. Glad to hear the officer will be fine. God bless the first and second amendments

  6. Since this facility is controled by the Garland school district, I’m guessing this happened in a gun free zone?

    • Yes, according to the discussion at, this is a school-owned building with metal detectors so it’s a gun free zone.

      • I thought Sec 30.06 signs were supposed to magically render all weapons useless once they crossed the “weapons-free” plane and to deflect all projectiles fired at it, to prevent them from entering it.

        I wonder if Shannon sleeps in a “Je Su Charlie” T-shirt. Dirk??

      • Well at least that meant they couldn’t get in there and find a secluded spot to do it, they had to try and bust in the front door.

      • Fox News reported this a.m. that the friendly who was shot is a school guard who was unarmed and that he was hit in the ankle (non-life threatening).

        I couldn’t figure out what a school security guard would be doing at this event in uniform. If the property was a school that would explain it.

  7. Were the AK’s full auto? Wonder if they are remnants from Holders Fast and Furious?

    • Have you seen anyone try to hit their target with a full-auto AK? Even Larry Vickers had a hard time. I don’t think it would have given them an advantage.

      • The attackers had the jump on the officer and did not kill him, so how accurate was the fire to begin with. I hope the Texas officers stay safe, and this is the end of attacks.

    • If they were shooting at me, it would not make a difference if the AKs were full auto or not.

  8. Living among Muslims over a year, I can relay America doesn’t have a clue about a Muslim mind set. One is yolked to a faith by birth not by choice. An therein lies the problem. There is no culture of democracy within the Muslim faith.

    Imagine everyone retiring to bed and the next morning having an overwhelming desire to kill everyone in the state next to you. You read the words and instantly dismissed the thought. However within the construct of Islam it’s perfectly reasonable. Our culture cannot comprehend killing someone for drawing a picture.

    • >Imagine everyone retiring to bed and the next morning having an overwhelming desire to kill everyone in the state next to you

      What is the American federal government?

        • Eh, give it time. At the rate this is going, it won’t take too long before TTAG gets tired of Special Tranny and bans him (her…it).

        • Well TFB has a permanent nazi issue with what seems to be a literal endless amount of accounts to be posted from. Sadly the internet has an equal amount of trolls to equally disperse.

        • Someone needs to sex the tranny…er, tyranny…um the thing that looks more like an alien than a dinosaur to find out if we should refer to it as a he or a she. In the name of sensitivity.

        • LOL @ Sheepdog6 for being culturally ignorant.

          Also LOL @ “sheepdog” for having a dumb name beloved by the jackboot thug class.

        • I’m pretty sure it is post-op, but it hasn’t confirmed that yet. Could be all those hormone injections are fouling it up even more than normal.

        • I can feel the hate flow through y’all.

          What are your thoughts on Kristin Beck? πŸ™‚

    • Hard to comprehend anyone killing someone for drawing a picture. Especially one of Mohammed. From what I have read he is hardly one to be idolized much less thought of as almost a God. But then, they kill people for disrespecting the Koran or leaving their faith also so I suppose it all fits within their general fascist ideology.

      • It’s another reason the liberal/progressives/statists like the Muslims so much, their ideology of the ends justifies the means, especially justifying mass murder, is one and the same. They are kindred spirits.

        • Whoa….liberal feel good demos secretly embrace intolerant killing of innocence to further a cause? No slippery slope there, more like a non parachute jump into the abyss.

        • “liberal feel good demos secretly embrace intolerant killing of innocence to further a cause?”

          *Numerous* examples of the left wishing violent death on POTG…

          ” No slippery slope there, more like a non parachute jump into the abyss.”

          If the shoe fits, etc.

          “It’s not nice, but it’s reality.”

          Buffy Sainte-Marie – ‘Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee’

        • Didn’t American neocons start two wars and murder hundreds of thousands of people by using the exact same argument? Looks like you forgot to include “conservatives” in your list.

          But… but… it’s only bad when other people do that. πŸ™‚

          • OMG. I didn’t know you Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us critters were still spouting that spew.
            I guess I haven’t been keeping up.

        • Yes, we all know the neocon war profiteers would want everyone in the world to forget about the manufactured justifications and bald-faced lies they used to start the wars.

          I can almost smell the winds of democracy blowing in the region. Oh wait, that’s just the stench of the corpses left behind by the US government.

          • Hmmm. I wonder.
            Down in the Republic of Panama, they have a legislator that calls himself a “Sexual Buffalo”.
            Are you related!

        • Normally I’d disavow any links to politicians, but politicians in Panama aren’t bloodthirsty psychopaths who commit mass murder for personal profit and amusement.

          If he chews then we are brothers for sure. πŸ™‚

        • Yep, MK10108, it’s called abortion. Fifty million of the unborn murdered in the last fifty years.

          Communists, ie Liberal/progressives and the statists, ie Republicans have shown a tendency for mass murder, over two hundred million by the communists in particular, combined with the murder of the unborn, 300 million? More?

        • No ST, that’s why I put liberal/progressive/& statists=(neo-con/republican. )

          So assume in the future when I say statist, I include most Republicans with thier wars of aggression for the purpose of “nation building”.

        • @ThomasR Why don’t you just include conservatives/Republicans in your list? Because the vast majority of conservatives supported those pointless wars in the Middle East, more so than liberals or progressives.

        • No argument there ST, only a very few real conservatives/ republicans like Ron Paul voted against these pointless wars, everyone else just goes lock step with the herd over the cliff of endless war.

      • In islam Muhammad epitomizes the perfect man.
        Fortunately in the free world, we are free to espousd differing opinions and to lampoon and wax satirical.
        For now, anyways.

      • Just shows there is all kinds of crazy out there. Scary stuff. “Can’t we all just get along?” Apparently not…

    • Our culture cannot comprehend killing someone for drawing a picture.

      Our culture does not need us to comprehend killing someone for drawing a picture.

      All we need is the resolve to make it abundantly clear to anyone who feels the urge to kill someone over drawing a picture that following through on the urge is a death sentence.

      Unfortunately, the willingness of western civilization to wield lethal force in defense of it’s ideals is waning. This is a tragedy, western civ encompasses some of the best ideas our species has come up with so far. They are worth defending.

    • One is yolked to a faith by birth not by choice.

      How is this any different from being born into a Christian family and raised by Christian beliefs?

      Imagine everyone retiring to bed and the next morning having an overwhelming desire to kill everyone in the state next to you. You read the words and instantly dismissed the thought. However within the construct of Islam it’s perfectly reasonable.

      Were these Americans you were living among or were you in a foreign nation? Did all the people you interact with tell you this is how they thought every day? Basically, I’m calling bullshit on this one.

    • Well, not everyone in our culture. But there are those that think that an unborn child is not human, has no rights and can be murdered not just to save the mothers life. but for convenience saje.

      So we have the mass murder of over fifty million children since the legalization of abortion.

      • And there are others who, for no conceivable reason, think it is their business.

  9. This is why it pays to have armed good guys who can respond to armed bad guys. Unlike Paris the law enforcement officers were on scene and armed and, again unlike Paris, the officers didn’t just wait but reacted quickly.

    I hope the wounded officer has a speedy recovery and that someone buys the reacting officers a beer.

    • Paris should have been exactly the same. Location where cartoons and their makers have been threatened, 2 guys jump out of a car with AKs, just shoot them.

  10. As much as I don’t condone events designed to mock another’s religion, I can’t deny the effectiveness these events seem to have in drawing out radical Jihadists, assuming of course that’s what they were.

    • Islam isn’t a religion, its a socioeconomic tool of conquest. Basically the world’s largest most successful cult.

    • Attracting violent lunatics is not a good plan unless you also plan to be able to dispose of them, once and for all. I hope the event continues for a couple of weeks. Next time we may bag a hundred.

  11. They locked them inside after it happened? I’d be bothered by that if it were me, I’d rather bugger off.

    • I think it would have been my first instinct as well to gtfo but they probably figured since nothing happened inside the building first that it was probably the most secure location at the time. Let everyone go and people all start running towards a parking lot full of cars where a secondary incident could be waiting to happen. Good work by the police

      • “Letting everyone go” sounds alot like “allowing everyone to have a gun.” Neither should even be an issue in a truly free society.

    • and the attendees of the event are currently locked inside singing the Star Spangled Banner . . .

      Locked in, deprived of the liberty to leave and they were singing a song about a free nation. IMHO, that’s messed up.

      • The whole lockdown thing is bizarre… “These fish might jump out of the barrel, quick, put a lid on there…”

    • The falacy of your thought is the police redeeming themselves, when a couple of hard pipe hitting hog hunters would perform just as well.

      • Well to my knowledge there weren’t any hog hunters available to stand in front of a building that was a likely target of a terrorist attack, so the kudos go to the cops, not the hog hunters. They did their job and they did it well.

  12. Texas is not a state where terrorists want to try a shoot out. Not only are the police better armed then in any european county, (they actually are allowed to carry firearms) but the public is better armed as well. Bad idea guys, go back to europe no one here wants your crap.

  13. Probably not terrorist related, an isolated incident. The officer was shot during workplace violence. We really need to disarm citizens to stop this kind of thing from happening. Garland, Tx? Who the hell would hit Garland, Tx? Amateurs.

  14. God bless Texas. Good ol’ boys know how to aim. Ya’ll hajjis ain’t in Paris anymore. Keep up the good work. How bout them cowboys!

    • It looks like the Curtis Culwell Center is operated by the Garland Independent School District. So they may count this as a school shooting.

    • And if they were younger than, oh, 30 or so, they will be counted as “children”. Oh, and it’s another “school shooting”, btw….

  15. Insane that people would kill over a picture, but they indeed tried to do that. I think that the Islamists’ brains are scrambled from smacking their heads against the ground five times a day. Just glad the cops were ready and waiting for them. Now, any bets on how long until Loretta Lynch starts a Federal investigation into the actions of those cops? After all, Barry O said that no one should be allowed to slander the prophet of Islam. And we know the DOJ are his attack dogs. Barry O might not be an Islamist, but he sure does play one on TV.

  16. Allah acura! When is a cartoon not funny? When you get your head blown off for it…1000000?

  17. First thing I thought of was the tactical coffee company video flap earlier today and all the eyeball gouging. Yet for all the baleful hatred towards gun owners, regardless of their political or religious convictions, I’d like to think that we generally do a good job of agreeing to disagree. Leftists as a general rule do not do so nearly as well. But even then, they’re way ahead of the Muslims; quite a few of whom don’t seem to have advanced much beyond the Middle Ages when it comes to diplomacy.


    • They haven’t advanced much beyond the Middle Ages in anything other than their weaponry.

      • and quite a bit of the weapons technology they possess was imported from some other countries.

      • Well, I would definitely say they are at the “Crusade” level of diplomacy, thats middle aged right?

  18. The religion of Peace? The peace that comes when everyone that disagrees with you is dead.

    Good job peace officers.

    Another reason to have some good weapons, good training and a bunch of extra mags.

    • Not sure of this, but I was once told that the word “peace” in the Old Testament means when everyone has plenty, is healthy, and living in friendship — but the word “peace” in Arabic means when all your enemies are dead.

      I know the first is accurate. If the second is also, that’s enough info to choose between holy books — I’ll take plenty, health, and friendship over killing any day.

    • LOL @ “peace officers”.

      I love how copsuckers only use that term when they want good PR, but when the same SWAT team shoots a bunch of dogs and murders unarmed homeowners, they’re suddenly “law enforcement officers”. Nothing peaceful about a SWAT team engaging in no-knock raids, bro.

        • I don’t really think that ST is a troll. Very opinionated and tends to comment on one track; yes. Also, I think ST often has all the tact of a ballpeen hammer but I find ST’s comment to be sincere.


      • No ST. I just don’t have universal blind hatred for all cops all the time like you. I can tell the difference between when a cop actually keeps the peace, when he actually is a “peace officer” like now, versus when they violate the rights of a law abiding citizen in a fishing expedition of a no knock warrant.

        But the problem is ST is that you ARE filled with universal blind hatred ALL the time. It makes it difficult to see the truth of some of what you speak about.

        I would suggest that this blind hatred, as represented with your constant stream of contempt, superior mind, and general derogatory view of most people on this site is really about your own hatred towards yourself. Your presentation is classic for someone that is compensating for a poor self-image by making those around you as being less intelligent, less virtuous, just….lesser.

        Something to think about.

        • Then explain why is the term “peace officer” essentially extinct except when police mouthpieces want to drum up PR after their goons perpetrated yet another outrage. The terms “law enforcement officer” and “peace officer” are mutually exclusive, because the enforcement of today’s corrupt law is nothing more than an exercise in violence. Therefore choice of words in a given context presents an interesting insight into the mindset of the government goon or a goon cheerleader.

          Also implying I criticize cops because I need some sort of ego boost. To any sane person, the actions of today’s cops demand and require the harshest criticism and contempt.

        • True, when a cop does something that is reprehensible, they need to be called on it, but when they do it right, that also needs to be acknowledged.

          Simply denigrating cops, even when they do it right, is not only unjust and unfair, it does not give them any reason to want to do it right. If they will be attacked no matter what they do, what reason will they have to want to in the end, be honorable, and follow the constitution if those “civilians” look at them with contempt, no matter what they do, even when it is as a “peace officer” and not a Jack Booted Thug?

        • >it does not give them any reason to want to do it right

          Last time I checked, fidelity to “serve and protect” isn’t contingent on public support or adulation.

          Moreover anyone who has been paying attention to the demise of the 4th amendment and the symbolic 3rd amendment in the last four decades knows that the police themselves are fully complicit. There’s a reason police/community relations are in the pits, and it’s not the fault of the communities.

  19. What’s the deal? No mention on the local Chicago news since 9pm…very odd. Is this already being spun???

  20. And to think Morgan Freeman and Michael Moore want to disarm the police. What a difference being armed makes.

  21. I’m afraid that this is just the first of many. God bless those who defend our freedoms and the officer injured in this incident. Stay armed and stay frosty.

  22. Praying for the cop, his family, and for the straight shootin’ cops who took out these terrorists. Their religion aside, their intent was certainly to terrorize. Instead, they have reassured us that, at least in Texas, the cops have their act together.

  23. I know it’s late in the game but the report I am reading states it was a security guard rather than a cop who was shot. Cops were on scene and returned fire.

    • Show a little respect. GISD officers are certified peace officers in the State of Texas and require the same training as all Texas officers.

      • Um, what? If you have evidence to the contrary then please post it but the reports I read clearly stated “Security Guard Shot”. It has nothing whatsoever to do with respect.

    • First he was reported to be a cop injured in the shootout, then he was a unarmed security guard from the school, and now, finally he’s identified as a school resource officer but no word on whether he was armed at the time of the action last night.

  24. Someone should make Mohammad piΓ±atas. That would freak the you know what out of them.

  25. i was watching this live when it happened

    incidentally 4chan has been keeping close tabs lol

      • Knowing 4chan they probably already have their addresses and are ddossing their parents.

      • If it was Reddit, they’d have a college student that has been missing pegged as the perp.
        But with 4chan on the case, at least somebody’s website won’t be accessible for a few hours! Behold, the power of Anonymous!

  26. God bless Texas.

    I’m now thinking that making these a once a month event would be a good idea! Call it Blasphemy day; with pictures of all the prophets of all the religions. Make it not just singling out Muslims, so it’s equal opportunity.

    Then, this will normalize the kind of event here, and serve as a natural attrition of jihadists- if they get themselves killed every month, there won’t be enough to plan anything really big. And if they DON’T do anything, it becomes part of the cultural landscape.

    Forces them to face their untenable philosophy.

    • Texas would be ok, if they didn’t have 30.06 signs with “felony power” all over the place.

      • Its like some of y’all think we want those signs… Goto austin, you will understand why they were allowed.

        • There are many among us convinced that without those signs, we would have (let’s see if I can remember, now,…) oh, yeah! Wild west shootouts, and blood running in the streets.

  27. This story is total BS. I know this because Obama, John Jerry, and Howard Dean told me that islam is the religion of peace..

    • If Islam is the religion of peace, there are a lot of Muslims that haven’t got the good news yet.

      Maybe we can get Hillary to go to wherever Boko Haram does its biznis and tell them how peaceful they’re supposed to be. If she succeeds, great! If not, well, that’s sad, but at least she tried (and hey, bonus! no Clinton in the 2016 election!). On the other hand, they might donate $20 million to her foundation…then she’d offer them Cabinet positions and give them free housing in the D.C. suburbs. Eh…never mind. Probably better to just let her self-destruct.

    • If Muslims are supposed to be so violent, then these millions of Muslims living peacefully in the US must be lazy as hell.

    • Islam is a religion of peace.

      Muslims just use the word “peace” to mean something different than what you think it means. Insert the classic “You keep using that word” clip from The Princess Bride.

      In modern Islam, the world is roughly divided into two parts: Dar al-Islam, or the area of peace/submission/Islam, and Dar al-Harb, “the house of war,” where jihad is permitted. In Arabic, “peace” also means “submission.”

      America falls into the area of Dar al-Harb.

  28. I suspect this is more complicated than the just the cartoon exhibit. Geert Wilders was the guest speaker, he’s been on Al-Qadea’s hit list for some time.

  29. Perps dead, and real Americans singing The Star Spangled Banner in defiance… Great outcome.

    • The irony of people at a 1st amendment event worshiping the nation-state which is trying so very hard to destroy the 1st amendment.

      • Full of irony it is. Too bad the libs don’t get irony. I guess it will be our inside joke among people with ability to reason.

    • Personally, I would have preferred them to sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
      Maybe next time.

      • Ah yes, the fascist song written to frame Lincoln’s war as a struggle between “good” and “evil”.

        Nothing like celebrating the death of six hundred thousand Americans so the federal government can revel in its power.