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CalGunSales presented the above chart under the headline The Impossibility of Gun Control, In One Image. Uh, no. Gun control is never impossible. Inadvisable? Of course. Inexcusable? Certainly. Unconstitutional? Obviously. But always possible. As long as this country is home to elitist statists – redundant, yes, but it bears repeating – there’s a chance that perfidious politicians will infringe upon Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Ipso facto California. As for Reason writer J.D. Tuccille’s contention that the CA gun sales chart indicates the indefatigability of firearms freedom . . .

no. At least not for gun control advocates.

Ever since the pre-Obama gun sales surge, though to the post-Obama Sandy Hook gun sales surge, the antis have been claiming that the trend simply reflects “gun nuts'” desire to stockpile as many firearms as possible. This despite the fact that concealed carry permit applications have been ascending like a skyark and industry stats showing that women newbies account for 35% of all new sales.

So the above chart is only mildly incendiary (if such a thing is possible) for gun control advocates. But it should be inflammatory for pro-gun folks. One million sales for a population of 38.8 million [legal] Californians? Could be better! Would be better if the Golden State gun laws weren’t a stain on American liberty.

Meanwhile, the Texas Senate has followed other states’ lead and passed a bill creating a tax-free weekend for guns and ammo sales. The numbers from that event will surely have an incendiary effect on Californian and national gun control advocates. Well not the desired effect – the antis’ will pile on the bile – but an effect nonetheless. Can’t wait.

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  1. I starting buying guns and ammo in earnest in ’07. Prior to that time, I had less than a dozen guns and less than 5,000 rounds. I stocked up based upon a number of things, including the Obama campaign.

    Well, this nation may very well be dumb enough to elect Hillary. It’s time to stock up again.

  2. I showed the graph to my Wife and she said the peak in 2008 was due to me. Do I get complimentary stock and dividends, Ruger?

  3. Can’t wait to see the April and may ATF data on background checks from Maryland. Anecdotally, lots of guns sold.

    • It’s past time for the people of Maryland to get permits and buy up rifles.

      Especially for when those officers are found not guilty. All because the State’s DA office had to grandstand.

  4. Start stockpiling now for the great panic of ’16-17′. Hopefully it’s not near as devastating ammo wise as 12′-13′.

  5. All these firearms are purchased by law abiding citizens in CA, where we have both federal AND Ca background checks, handgun AND long gun registration, AND essentially NO CCW permits issued in many ultra-liberal counties.

    Makes you wonder how many ILLEGAL weapons are purchased or brought into California.
    And why exactly is Sheriff Prieto of Yolo County, currently in en banc review on a CCW denial, so afraid of law-abiding citizens that he darkly refers to the unknown numbers of them just waiting to get CCW permits if the court rules against him, and Sheriff Gore in San Diego, for refusing to issue for self defense as good cause.

    Thats right- he is afraid of the law abiding permit holders- not afraid of the criminals with guns…

  6. Already a talk of another panic?? It is infuriating that these panics are self made by gun owners… yet I still stock up myself. So yes, I am guilty as well. Oops!!

  7. Referencing Reason and “elitist statists”? Robert, you’re coming over to the libertarian dark side. Welcome.

  8. Can’t help but wonder how many handgun sales in CA are driven by pistols going off roster, folks snapping them up just before that occurs. That and two manufacturers are now out of the non-LEO civilian market in CA, folks are wondering if that will be come more widespread with even less handgun models being sold.

    • Those very few obsessive compulsives that watch the roster actively would still have trouble figuring out which things are dropping off of it. We don’t get to know in an easy way that some SKU is or is not going to be renewed so we know the possible drop date but not for sure if anything will actually drop. Who’d have thought that 2 major manufacturers would just say screw it and take their toys and go home. I’ve was behind the counter when the roster started and it did have the effect you describe initially but after a while that tapered off and the real legacy from my view was to create a de facto black market supplied by LEO’s doing private party transfers (at least until a bunch of them got popped for it) and jacked up the used price for any off-roster pistol. With our one-gun-a-month law it’s even harder for folks to do that sort of pre-emptive panic purchasing. I know several customers that would come in every 31st day like clockwork to get their monthly pistol but they weren’t really going for what was dropping so much as going for what was available that they wouldn’t mind owning.

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