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Ghostly Gun by Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger
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As we previously reported, a violence-enabling victim disarmer has made the absurd claim that 80% of the vendors at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in San Diego County this weekend are selling spooky “ghost guns.”

Gun control activists push to ban sale of ‘ghost guns’

“Eighty percent of the people demonstrating or selling items are selling ghost guns,” said Rose Ann Sharp, founder of Never Again California.

Since Ms. Sharp cites no source for that “80%” statistic, I have no idea where she gets that, aside from the possibility that she’s confused “80% receivers/frames” with vendors. But let’s see just how hilariously ridiculous is the idea that those sellers are pushing quantities of “ghost guns” at this weekend’s show.

If anyone is selling non-serialized firearms, that’s already unlawful (leaving aside the intricacies of the occasional pre-GCA ’68 firearm manufactured without a serial number).

First, not all “ghost guns” are home-builds. The term includes firearms which had serial numbers, but the numbers have been obliterated. Obliterating serial numbers is a felony under 18 U.S. Code § 922(k), as is possession of same.

Second, if a federally licensed manufacturer is selling unserialized firearms, that’s a felony under 27 CFR § 478.92(a)(1)(i). If a person is in the business of selling firearms but isn’t licensed, he’s committing another felony under 18 U.S. Code § 922(a)(1)(a), like these three guys in Texas.

Third, if the person selling a home-built unserialized firearm is not in the business, but merely making a one-time sale, then that is still a misdemeanor good for a year in jail and a $1,000 dollar fine under California Penal Code 29180, as California requires home-builds to be serialized and registered.

Al of these points were brought to the attention of Ms. Sharp and Never Again California. Neither had any comment. Still, one might hope that Sharp would figure this out and stop harassing the show. But per a Crossroads of the West Gun Show representative, that’s unlikely.

She just doesn’t give up or get that she is wrong!

Rose Ann Sharp is claiming 80% of those vendors are committing federal and state crimes; Crossroads should consider a defamation lawsuit. That might finally get her attention.

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  1. Haven’t been to the gunshow the woman is describing. Have no idea of the ratio between FFL sellers, and private sellers. Thinking the woman is trying to say that the large majority of gun sellers are private owners, selling to Californication residents; that only 20% of the sellers were licensed dealers. Not sure that would be meaningful anyway.

    • Actually what she said is that 80% of the sales at the show were of 80% kits, and she equates those kits with actual firearms, and complains that “anyone” can buy one without a background check. In short, what she is after is a requirement that the sales of such kits be preceded by a BGC. What she ignores that, under California law, you can’t even start the build until you have applied to and obtained from the Cal. DOJ a unique serial number (issued by the Department after a BGC). Further, even after getting that serial number, you cannot start your build (or at least the receiver portion) until that serial number is engraved on the receiver to the same specification as required under the federal statutes for manufacturers. Third, you cannot build such a weapon with the intent to resell it; and even if you built it to shoot it, and then decide later to sell, more than five sales in a year will run afoul of the ATF. Last but not least, all resales have to be processed through an FFL.

      In other words, except for requiring a BCG at the time of purchase of the kit, there is extensive regulation and a requirement of a BCG before one may lawfully build a “ghost gun.”

    • In my part of the world you don’t need a permit to acquire to buy parts, books, videos, camping equipment, or collect something you already own from a gunsmith who is attending the show.

      I’m guessing none of the above need a background check either.

      What is causing the shows to diminish or disappear is the now common knowledge the dealers are trading the best stuff (things too good for us mere retail consumers) between each other on the night they are setting up for the weekend show.

  2. she and her supposed ghost guns can stay in Ca.never been in that state and don’t want to go to many things there I don’t approve of

  3. Love me some ghost guns, they are so Spooky ! Built my first one when I was 17 ,a J&S Hawken and thru out the years just keeps doing it and they just get spookier and spookier.

  4. I have visited California, ridden the trolley cars, sipped wine, went to Alcatraz, had a beer in a fantastic blues/rock bar, ate at Fisherman’s Wharf, visited the Redwood forest and watched the first Lethal Weapon movie at a drive in. I will never go there or probably Oregon and Washington state ever again unless I’m flying through Seattle. Likewise I will never be going to the East Coast states or cities that are stupid.
    I live in Alaska now. We have very few laws that prohibit firearms use, purchase of fireworks or flamethrowers. Most everyone I know has NFA items and our local range allows us to shoot machine guns at Tannerite. Most of us hunt and fish for a portion of our food.
    There is no toilet paper to be found anywhere here but I have plenty because that’s how we are up here… extra gas, kerosene, diesel, Coleman cook stoves & lanterns, kerosene lanterns, Aladdin no electricity required room heaters… lots of MRE’s.
    I feel sorry for anyone who was an alive during the Obama gun and ammo sales event who has not been prepared since then.

  5. This is what happens when someone in “authority” starts referring to an unfinished hunk of casting with no parts attached as a “firearm”.

  6. You make a good point that there may have been confusion about the meaning of 80%, as it related to incomplete frames.

    I will present another possibility. It is possible that 80% of the sellers were not selling serialized firearms, or were selling things other than serialized firearms (say, bumper stickers).

    The point does not change, without a better breakdown, the 80% claim just does not have enough information to be useful. Or more likely, contains just enough to be truthful while serving to enrage those who are targeted by these proclomatoins.

    • “Or more likely, contains just enough to be truthful while serving to enrage those who are targeted by these proclomatoins.”


    • Or more likely the aught to stay out of my business of what I can or can not make When I made my Nuetrino fusion blombs it’s none of there business until I demand the submission of their persimmon reserves.

  7. Ms. Sharp sound like Moms Demand Action leadership material. I’m surprised she’s not the head of their California chapter.
    Makes me wonder if Ms. Sharp has a handgun stashed away, to off her children and herself when Mr. Sharp gets fed up with her crazy stupid BS and starts the divorce proceedings. This seems the norm when demanding mommies are faced with that eventuality.
    Red Flag all MDA members. If it saves just ONE child, it’s WORTH IT!

    • Being thrilled is an emotion. Those prescription drug junkies capacity for emotions have been compromised

      • I think you’re wrong, Possum.
        Emotion is all these people have, since they are obviously bereft of facts.

  8. She should said that 80% of Del Mar gun show retailers sell something to get around the California assault weapon ban such as unfinished receivers, non pistol grip stocks or newfangled bullet buttons, and be much more credible.

  9. 99.7% of claims made by demanding moms or their cohorts is complete and utter bullshit.

    Want made up statistics? I’ve got them too.

  10. Spooky Ghost gunms, heh heh, I like that,. . I throwed my census survey in the trash, didn’t even open it. The clincher was the “by law” , I’m a good American but don’t by law me on a volunteer. In about a couple weeks there be some body show up asking questions, Sorry there’s no census for the number of possums getting a welfare check.,,,,, Ghost gunms

    • Maye not for you four legged mammals, but us bipeds have to because the Constitution requires it.

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