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At a campaign stop in Michigan Joe Biden made the mistake of letting himself be questioned by a group of auto workers in an uncontrolled environment.

When one of the men accused him of “actively working to diminish our Second Amendment rights,” Grandpa Simpson shot back . . .

Listen closely to the exchange…the audio quality isn’t great. After telling the man he’s “full of shit,” Biden also called him “a horse’s ass.” Somehow the snippy septuagenarian avoided calling him a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

The former veep then went full John Kerry Fudd, bragging about his shotguns as proof that he’s a for-realz gun owner and a staunch supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. Cranky Joe then challenged his questioner on the limits of Second Amendment rights and said he’d “take the AR-14s away.”

As if gun owners need reminding, “assault weapons” bans and ever-stricter gun control laws are bedrock agenda items for every Democrat candidate for office. The only thing surprising by any of this is that Uncle Joe thinks that, after prospectively appointing Robert Francis O’Rourke as his administration’s gun control czar, he can get away with claiming that he isn’t out to grab anyone’s guns.

Keep the popcorn popped and look for more of these challenges between now and November…assuming, that is, that Biden’s handlers continue to allow him to interact unsupervised with actual voters.


ED: This article has been updated to clarify that Biden was meeting with auto workers, not construction workers. 

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    • Where I come from you get punched for calling people a “horse’s ass” or a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” It’s funny how the left wing hypocrites are okay with their preferred candidate calling people that. The dog-faced insult was even directed toward a young girl.

      • All I’ve gotta say is that anybody who sticks a finger in my face like that is going to be short one finger.

        • Amen bro! Bernie May have stunk up my sis’s bathroom in Iowa but I would love to one up her by reminding a senile politician of his manners…

          Love how the 2 tards are showing more ignorance about “illegal machine guns”. Ffs there’s not enough time in the day to educate maroons!!

      • Joe the Buffoon took care of Conpop didn’t he, don’t want him to go all Cornpop on you.

        If Joe and Trump ever tussled as the Buffon suggested, Trump would mop the floor with Joe’s Leftard behind.

      • Nowhere in video, does he use the term “Horses Ass”. Geez people, Don’t believe everything you are told. The OP is just stirring the pot and adding some flavor

        • I didn’t hear horse’s ass either! Also,I don’t blame Biden telling the guy “He’s full of shit”, because that worker didn’t know what he was talking about,… and basically he WAS full of shit! Too many people believe these stupid lying remarks Trump makes!

        • I watched it live, (video CAN be edited) Biden DID call the guy a “Horses Ass” and the guy WAS absolutely correct in saying Biden wants to ban the AR/AK platforms.. I’ve heard him say it more than once AND he’s promised to put BOZO (“hell yes I’ll take your AR15s and AK47s”) O’Rourk in charge of his “buy-back/confiscation” program… Harris said if she was in charge she’d give congress a hundred days to enact legislation then she would do an Obama (pen and phone thing) and do it herself… Judging by your post you probably also forgot that they BOTH want to shut down fracking (until they didn’t) they both want UNCONSTITUTIONAL national mask mandate, nationwide shut down AND they want to repeal the Trump tax cuts which will cost my household about $5800.00 a year… yea, go Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe and Kamaltoe!! Can’t wait… Loser Troll

      • It’s surprising how expansive and highly nuanced the German language is with regard to the vocabulary of violence. Who woulda thunk it?

        • ‘Backpfeiffengesicht’. “a face in need of a fist”

          Gonna have to remember that one.

          *snicker*… 😉

      • …and being an auto worker, OSHA rules apply.

        Stompable, while wearing steel-toe boots.

        Oh, can’t forget the metatarsal protection, as well.

        Safety first! 🙂

    • The rabble rouser in the brown hard hat, was found severely beaten in the break room right after “Badass Biden” walked out with a cup of joe Rule#1 Don’t under estimate your ennamas.

    • Meh, don’t punch him. Give him a microphone and let him talk. He’ll be politically damaged much more effectively that way.

  1. Good God, somebody please commit him! He’s always been a liar, now he either doesnt realize he’s lying or he’s proud of it.

        • “There is video where he forgets mid sentence.”

          There are a *bunch* of them, and even Leftists are getting seriously worried he’s gonna fuck up, and they won’t be able to bail him out.

          This is *great* news for us over the summer, because if they do the only rational thing and dump him, it will be a party meltdown…

        • “…There are a *bunch* of them…”

          Of course there are a bunch of them, but Jeff is low information.

          As for the meltdown at the DNC convention, it is looking a little more plausible that Biden is merely carrying the torch (and taking all the incoming like a human meat shield) until Obama springs his plan.

          Obama was the one behind the Dem’s gathering around Biden for Super-Tuesday, because it would be much more difficult to remove Bernie from being nominated.

        • Video-the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.

          Can imply more than one.

          Troll a little harder Red.

        • Red,

          Like I said troll harder. That comment is weaker than Joe’s memory. If I had meant to comment that there was a single video I would have said “a video” I did not.
          From this point forward I will not engage in your responses due to the fact I know you are a troll and I only see you posting in order to nitpick on my comments.

    • Bursting into obscenities challenging voter’s and calling inanimate objects like videos liars.
      Red flag time for Creapy Joe?

    • Lies of a type. Leftists use the same words Americans do, but they re-define to suit their purpose. They just don’t tell the listener. In this case, “I support the second amendment” means I think I have the political juice to take some privately owned firearms, but yet all of them. I’m pretty sure the majority of them actually believe their own rhetoric, so Biden’s frustration is probably genuine.

  2. The other Union guy pushes the worker aside. Dude shoulda kept his argument going IMO. Force Sleepy Joe to respond about machine guns and the stupid NFA and his AR ban.

    • Exactly.
      When Biden asked, “Are you able to own a machine gun?”, the right answer is, “Yes.” The reason for the “yes” answer is because, unless you’re a prohibited person, you can own a machine gun. (Where you can afford to or not is a different question.)

        • You can buy an automatic weapon, but you have to pay the Federal Government a fee and be licensed before transfer. Takes 4 to 6 months. .Lots of rules to own an automatic weapon.

        • Can YOU buy a new truck??????

          Listen to Dave Ramsey if you are.

          Machine guns were great investment, now, with the giant igloo looming, as a result of the DemonCraps teaching everyone that law means nothing, they may not hold their value as everyone gonna go all John McLain on that a$$

      • Here in this “second amendment sanctuary county,” no, you cannot get a Class III permit for a machine gun, because the sheriff won’t sign the application for anyone.

        • Please Google before you type. There is no CLEO sign off anymore for NFA approvals there is merely a notice of acquisition of the NFA item. Go back to your basement FUDD.

        • “There is no CLEO sign off anymore for NFA approvals there is merely a notice of acquisition of the NFA item.”

          And a big thanks to the Obama administration for removing the CLEO a approval requirements for automatic weaponsAnd a big thanks to the Obama administration for removing the CLEO approval requirement for automatic weapons silencers and other NFA items!, silencers and other NFA items!

          “Reverting back to the original good news, one of the positive facets of ATF 41F being introduced to our lives is the omission of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) certification signature requirement for individual applicants. This alteration removes the ability of law enforcement personnel to impede firearm enthusiasts from owning certain items, such as silencers and machine guns.”

          Once again, we see clear evidence of Barack Hussein Obama expanding gun rights for American citizens.

          His administration approved arm braces and bump stocks, and expanded firearms privileges to hundreds of thousands of acres of federal controlled lands, thanks Obama!

          Once again, could somebody remind me exactly how Donald Trump has expanded American citizens’ gun rights?’ gun rights?

    • Legal under federal law, however in 8 states they are illegal unless you are law enforcement, military or some specific exclusion. Those states are California, Washington, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, New York, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

      I live in Washington State and I’m subject to RCW 9.41.190. But I could live 10 miles east in Idaho, cough up a heap of money and own one. Fully automatic is a fun toy but impractical.

    • I have owned and traded a few. I would hardly say I am rich, my car is 10 years old, I work overtime when they call, night shift, holidays other BS days they need people.

      I shopped around for a good deal and got mine under market.

  3. Somebody needs to file a red flag order out on Sleepy Joe. He’s obviously a danger to himself and others, just as Sen. Schumer. He needs to forfeit his shotguns – no more “fire two blasts” for you!

  4. Dan Zimmerman, what are your thoughts on what this election will do for gun owners.
    I own a gun and have my license but I’m definitely a Bernie voter.
    Voted for Trump last election and our farm family really suffered under the tariffs.
    I really don’t think Trump was thinking about the sequela this would have on his own people.

    • If you’re a Bernie voter, you need to be committed for abject stupidity. Go watch the Project Veritas videos of what your fellow travelers in Bernie’s campaign plan to do to you.

      • Hey Serge,

        TTAG is supposed to be a place for healthy discussion. If there’s a Bernie supporter here genuinely asking for advice, your retort is no way to help win him over. Being a jerk will only serve to alienate him. So stop being a jerk.

        • Pandering to somebody’s delusions is not healthy. The best way to deprogram a Nazi is to give them a guided tour of Auschwitz. The best way to deprogram a communist is show him video of his fellow communists bragging about how they plan to seize all private property and put all land owners in gulags.

        • Or….you could show him the advantages of capitalism and encourage him to see the light, instead of verbally beating him over the head with insults.

        • That’s why you fail to convince leftists. They function on feelz not thought. The best way to deal with them is to punch them right in the feelz.

        • Haz,
          I’m willing to bet “Jacob” is a troll. I’ve seen plenty of other posts like this around here. It never comes from a regular poster with a reasonable reputation.

        • @Dude,

          You might be right. I don’t recognize that username, either.


          Interesting how you presume to know the outcomes of my discussions with Leftists, even though you’re never there for the conversations. You sure do blab your mouth a lot.

        • Sorry Haz, but socialism—regardless of what it’s called—is inherently evil. Most Americans can’t define the differences between fascism, socialism, and communism because, even if college educated, they were not taught these things. Voting for Trump but then voting for Bernie “because we got hurt by the tariff” is beyond stupid. That’s tantamount to voting for Mussolini because he made the trains run on time.

      • Way to win hearts and minds there.

        Not saying you’re wrong, just saying you’re not going to win friends and influence people with that style of delivery.

        • Where do Commies try to win friends and influence people?

          Ask a Bernie bro if he’s ever heard of Dale Carnegie. Do they think the USSR followed his methods?

          Punch the feelz is right.

        • “Where do Commies try to win friends and influence people?”

          All the damn time, it’s how they get elected.

          Obamacare – “You’ll save $2,500 a year, and keep your plan and doctor!”

    • “I own a gun and have my license but I’m definitely a Bernie voter.”

      I’m going to stop you right there… YOU are part of the problem.

      You cant say you want to support the right to bear arms and then vote for someone current engaged in a race to the bottom on who can be more extreme on banning them, and for the specific candidate you mentioned, backs policies that have been used by authoritarian leaders the world over to commit some of the most heinous crimes against humanity that the world has ever seen.

      So I would start with some serious introspection on why an avowed communist is the candidate you most identify with right now.

      • What you fail to understand is that there are more important things than guns, even to those than own guns. There is a subset of gun owners- the kind of folks who post here, for the most part- who will never vote anything but GOP. This is not even close to the entirety of ‘gun owners.’ As a whole gun owners put their view on guns as part of a platform to vote on. Some probably want their guns left alone- but they ALSO recognize that the US healthcare system is an unholy mess, climate change is real, or they’re pro-choice, or they see the President being a complete moron when it comes to infectious disease (I’m sure next week he’ll be talking about ‘no one could have known’ that this was not ‘jUsT thE fLu”).

        Single-issue gun voters are rare. Multi-issue gun voters shift based on a variety of factors. And the fact that the GOP did absolutely nothing legislatively pro-2nd when they held all three branches of government makes those voters wonder if it’s even an issue worth voting on.

        • ” . . . the US healthcare system is an unholy mess . . .” Because of the delivery disruption brought about by Obamacare’s dysfunctional central planning scheme. Prior to Obama’s not-so-stealthy socialism most Americans had access to excellent heart care insurance.

        • Hannibal,

          And the fact that the GOP did absolutely nothing legislatively pro-2nd when they held all three branches of government …

          In reality Republicans did NOT hold the United States Senate. While they had just over 50 Senate seats, they did NOT have the 60 Senate seats necessary to vote for legislation to go to a floor vote for actual passage.

          (Yes, you heard correctly that the United States Senate must, in reality, vote TWICE on a bill before it can become law — where the FIRST vote requires 60 Senators who approve before the Senate can vote for actual passage.)

          Thus, in practice, Republicans never held the United States Senate since they never held the necessary (in practice) 60 seats.

        • The US healthcare system is still the best in the world. Please point out the last time you heard about anyone flying to the UK to get a life saving operation. Just because a bunch of welfare queens can’t afford plastic surgery or the consequences of their slovenly lifestyles doesn’t mean that the system has a problem. The only issue is the stupidity of getting government involved in healthcare at any level.

          There is no such thing as anthropogenic climate change. Anybody who says otherwise is either trying to get you killed or sell you something.

          There is no such thing as “pro-choice” the choice was made before the baby was conceived. What these clowns are is pro-murder.

        • Look at you, trying to be reasonable on the Internet. You know all these Red Flags Waiting to Happen are gonna get triggered by that.

        • @Hannibal
          Yes, there is a lot of gun owners who like leftist policies more than their gun rights. And that’s why we are sliding down towards losing our 2A freedoms.

    • USDA Announces Support for Farmers Impacted by Unjustified Retaliation and Trade Disruption
      Release & Contact Info
      Press Release
      Release No. 0078.19
      Contact: USDA Press
      Email: [email protected]

      (Washington, D.C., May 23, 2019) – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will take several actions to assist farmers in response to trade damage from unjustified retaliation and trade disruption. President Trump directed Secretary Perdue to craft a relief strategy to support American agricultural producers while the Administration continues to work on free, fair, and reciprocal trade deals to open more markets in the long run to help American farmers compete globally. Specifically, the President has authorized USDA to provide up to $16 billion in programs, which is in line with the estimated impacts of unjustified retaliatory tariffs on U.S. agricultural goods and other trade disruptions. These programs will assist agricultural producers while President Trump works to address long-standing market access barriers.

      He also did things to help during the tariffs. and trade talks. Eventually you will be much better off with the new trade deals. Short term pain for long term gain.

      You cant be serious thinking you would be better off under a Bernie presidency.

      • Sure he would! Within a decade he would have no further worries as a farmer, since he would no longer have a farm, still-president for life Bernie would own it. His life would be one of leasure, just laying about looking for some yummy grubs to eat.

        • No serious Freedom and Liberty minded American would vote for Bernie, unless they’re invested in Communism. FIFY.

    • I really don’t think Trump was thinking about the sequela this would have on his own people.

      Why would you use a term like “sequela” ? (Sequela definition is – an aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury.) This is a word my wife has used as a cancer oncology RN for over 30 years, but unless you are referring to Trump as a cancer or some other chronic disease this is not the proper use of this word…

      • A sequela (UK: /sɪˈkwiːlə/, US: /sɪˈkwɛlə/; usually used in the plural, sequelae /-iː/) is a pathological condition resulting from a disease, injury, therapy, or other trauma. … “In general, non-medical usage, the terms sequela and sequelae mean consequence and consequences.”

    • You’re worried about your family farm and therefore you may vote for Bernie? Bernie promises Medicare for All, Green New Deal, College Tuition for All, Housing for All – these are all on his “issues” page at his website. Do you have wind-powered tractors on your farm? Is your farm owned by a collective or are you a filthy capitalist?

      • My Great-grandpa owned a farm… then the Berniebros came into power in Ukraine. My great grandpa was then promptly dragged out into the street, shot, and dumped in a mass grave.

        • What a lucky, lucky b*stard! Most Ukrainians would’ve been HAPPY to be dragged out into the street and shot! It sure beats having to stand around waiting to starve to death, or eating their dead to live.

          The Bernie Bros must’ve thought the sun rose and set out of your grandfather’s ass, to show him such favouritism! /sarc.

          Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ aside, such realities are so far out of the grasp of Bernie Bros and the fawning sycophants who support him, and them, as to be mere fable. They just don’t understand that they are mere grist for the socialist mill, and that once they are no longer useful, they will be cast aside and consumed along with everyone else.

          Meanwhile, Bernie and his Bros will all have three mansions, of course. Some pigs are definitely more equal than others.

      • Hasn’t a Bernie Bro told you yet?
        You see, Bernie apparently doesn’t believe any of that gun stuff on his site, on his handouts, that he says at appearances or in interviews.
        You just gotta trust him. If he’s lying about the subject with such consistency and regularity to fool a bunch of prospective voters how could you not trust him?

      • If you’re ONLY voting on literally one issue, yes, it would make no sense to vote for any of the D candidates. But most voters are not voting only on one issue.

        • Here’s the bottom line. Please try to follow along.

          The Democratic platform includes open borders, mass uncontrolled immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants, free medical care for all, free higher education for all, an economically unsupportable minimum wage, a gutting of national defense to pay for SJW programs, the recognition of every sexual deviancy imaginable as being ‘normal’ if not ‘superior,’ AND an eventual complete abrogation of the 2nd Amendment PLUS any underlying inherent right pre-existing the Bill of Rights to own a firearm of any kind whatsoever. Oh, and abortion-on-demand-for-any-reason-at-any-time-up-to-and-including-after-live-birth. Can’t forget that, can we?

          If you are a Democrat, and vote for a Democrat, this is what you are authorizing on your behalf. This is what you stand for.

          This is who you ARE.

        • @Hannibal
          That single issue of gun control is a great litmus test of the candidate’s mind set towards freedom, human rights and the old ‘power of the people contra power of the government’ argument. I for one would never vote for someone who wants to render me and the whole American populace defenseless.

          These are just the things they openly admit now. Imagine what they will do if they succeed in disarming the population!

    • It’s simple Jacob, you hold positions which are diametrically opposed to each other. So you need to decide.

      Jacob, what’s more important to you? “Free” healthcare, or the right to keep and bear arms?

      I could try to convince you through logic and reason what side I’d like you to choose but it’s a fruitless endeavor, no one changes their opinion that way.

      But you must realize the left will never embrace the second amendment. It’s not going too, no matter how few of you pro gun lefties yell about it. The left is not in any universe going to change its tune on that.

      So you simply must decided which is more important to you.

      • I agree. But the 2nd amendment isn’t just about guns, as you reply feels. It about freedom. My guns and limited supply of ammo represent my ability to take a stand for things that matter most to me. Protection of my loved ones (family, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, and those not able to stand for themselves), protection of a country that I love (that includes the Declaration of Independence and everything this country stands for and the opportunity is allows), and the ability to believe as I wish.
        Not only does the lest want to take all those from me, they take away the essence of what we all believe. The assault on the 2A is more than just firearms. I know I’m preaching to the choir.
        Last weekend I drove to Tijuana with a church group to volunteer at an orphanage. I was so uncomfortable while there as any type of self defense, aside from my body, is not legal. I’ve carried a knife everyday since I was 13 and I could not count the amount of times I reached for my knife in one day.
        So if you want to know what a Bernie/Biden “utopia” would feel like, go to Mexico, in your own car, without any recourse if anything happens, knowing that the only persons that are armed are the cartels/criminals and the police. The line between the two is blurred.

        • It is looking like Joe will have the Democratic nomination will be fun to watch Trump go toe to toe at the debates and peal Joe like a banana on national Tv. Get the popcorn ready and let the games begin.

    • Dan Zimmerman. You really need to read up on Venesuela’s history, and how it was once a very rich country, it’s citizens were free, and owned guns. Look at it now since it went socialist. TheGov runs over it’s own citizens with Army trucks and shoots them. You can vote your way into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out of socialism…only thing is you won’t be allowed to own one.

      Next read about: The American Revolution

    • If “bernie” gets in, you won’t have a farm but will have to share it…collectivization, you see…standard communist fare.

        • That’s what leftists mean when they day ‘share’. You will get shot or locked up if you are lucky and the rabble will share your property and drive it to the ground.

    • IMHO, each voter should be considering their individual circumstances as well as what they think is best for the country overall. When you get hit hard on the first part by policies directly instituted by the current president, I don’t blame you for looking for other options. My recommendation to you is to vote for the candidate where you feel you can still support your family and put food on the table. With regard to 2A rights, I suggest you look hard into what candidates you vote for at the state level for senators and representatives are advocating. Vote accordingly, but PLEASE VOTE! Just look at what happened in Virginia as an example when gun control/gun elimination advocates took over the conversation and got the voter turnout in their favor. And a message for those of you who spew vitriol and hate when someone “dares” mention they lean toward the Democratic party: You cause more damage to the image of gun owners than you can ever imagine. I know plenty of gun owners and hunters who lean Democratic and they are having a hell of a time trying to figure out candidates to vote for that don’t compromise their values. That and we need MORE Democrats running for office that actually respect our 2A rights and will listen to and/or advocate for common sense legislation to combat the root causes of violence and suicides. Support these folks and make them welcome!

      • Always (ALWAYS!) vote what is best for the country first!
        In a United States as envisioned, framed and fought for by our founding Fathers, the opportunity to improve your personal situation will always be there. THIS is what you should be voting to protect.
        In a United States as envisioned by Bernie and the likes your options become ‘take it or leave it’ or fight to the death to overthrow the people who took all of your opportunities away in the first place. Literally hundreds of millions of people have fallen into this trap.
        That is EXACTLY why the 2a is so critical as to be ‘single issue’ vote worthy.

      • Sorry to rain on your parade, but armed populace is in straight discord with today’s Democratic party’s policies. The leftists know it well and will do anything in their power to take the power of arms away from us. That’s why the candidates try to trump each other who is the biggest gun grabber.
        Any gun owner who votes Dem is working against his own interests. Anybody who votes for someone like Bernie didn’t learn anything from 20th century’s history.
        Socialism is immoral and evil!

    • No shit. I’m sick to death hearing from fake Republicans touting this moron as everything Trump isn’t in terms of civility, let alone his actual positions on policy.

      How is this happening? They’re so scared of Trump winning that this clown is their salvation, unreal.

    • The democratic party, somehow, is going to lose another election to Donald Trump by running the exact same playbook as last time and expecting a different result.

  5. Anyone paying attention and not totally in the bag for the Dems can see that Sleepy Joe is way past his expiration date. Also, his response to the question is deserving of a nice sharp throat punch. You know, just to get his mind right.

  6. Sleepy Joe has definitely got sign’s of dementia & the union fella will get a rebuke from his local for undoubtedly making joe go off the deep end, as most unions favor the Dems or the Bern…. After spending 40 yrs in a very strong union, I can attest to that.

    • I remember the days of the union sending out a voting checklist. Just making sure people knew to vote for the union backed democrats, and funding of projects that would net unions $, on the ballot.

  7. Cranky Joe then challenged his questioner on the limits of Second Amendment rights and said he’d “take the AR-14s away.”

    Okay, I surrender Creepy Uncle Joe Obiden-Bama (his words) and Beto Obozo can have ALL of my AR-14s, hell they can have all of my AK-14s as well……

    • That is an AK-37 get it right…

      I just don’t want to lose my MP4 and Glock 16.

      At least my 1811 is safe!

      • AK-37, damn maybe he should take mine, I can’t even get the type of gun right..
        Can I at least keep my Mini-13 and my 1910 46…. I know the 13 gauge is safe cause Creepy Uncle Joe has one that he fires blindly through closed doors at possible bad guys….

        • AK-“37”? Are you sure? The guy at the gun show thing called it an AK-14, said it was “special” said that even Beto couldn’t confiscate it…. It says AK-14 on my receipt…

  8. The bottom line here is that Biden’s handlers screwed up by even allowing him to be questioned by actual voters. When he’s in face-to-face social interactions he regularly screws up because his obvious early-onset dementia affects his ability to stay focused on what he’s saying. When he speaks he’s not entirely in control of what he’s saying. Supposedly, there’s a covert pharmacy near congress that exists purely to distribute Alzheimer’s meds to national politicians.

      • It’s not about age; it’s about the characteristic way the symptoms appear. Biden at age 80 is showing early stages of dementia. Other people can show the early stages at 50 or 60.

        • Funny how you tried to cya on that one….. you specifically said “early onset” which would imply someone with symptoms at an early age….

          (SOME PEOPLE…..I SWEAR)

    • Under socialism or communism your farm situation is going to get alot worse because of collectivism. Check out the famine in the Ukraine and some of Stalins plans. Then realize all of the following socialist/communist copy pasted the plan either not expecting the same results or exactly hoping for the same results. Bernie is a plague.

      • The collective farms were not efficient. The private plots that were about 1.5% of available arable land actually supplied about half the food in the USSR.

        Even then because of poor storage and distribution, a large percentage of harvest spoiled before reaching the consumers.

        • It’s weird how people tend to work much harder end more efficiently on their own property for themselves, than on nobody’s and everybody’s property for the collective.

    • Yeah… It’s amazing how all the “stupid” people happen to have all the money you want to “re-distribute”.

    • It constantly amazes me how often I hear someone (way back to Jessie Faggot) denigrate the concept of “Make America Great Again”. If you, personally, object to making America great again, how about telling us what you DO wish to see accomplished? The concept does not even mention any candidate or political party, are you saying that Hillary, Joe, Beto, Bernie, TinyMike, and so on do NOT want to make America great again? Would you like to explain what their goal is, then? And why you support it?

      Of all the things, on both sides, to complain about or object to, the goal of making America great does not seem to me to be one of them. Please explain.

      • The very sentence is an indictment that America is not Great. If it is now, when was it? What decade was “great”? Just one? A year? What made it great that doesn’t make it great now?

        The whole thing is stupid.

        • It’s actually a concept that was lost when the government, through regulations and taxation, ran the manufacturing sector and those jobs out of the U.S.. MAGA is simply saying bring back the formula that put Americans to work and made the U.S. the economic envy of the world by bringing back manufacturing… Only problem is the government spending issue and the constant growth of the bureaucracy keeps getting in the way..

        • Easy….
          Make America great again, you know, before a bunch of low IQ “people” ran the country….
          Before “people” who have no business in positions they are in just because of their skin color…
          You know, before this country was undermined to allow open borders…
          Before the government incentivized single parent households….
          Before the government redistributed wealth and stood up for lazy ghetto rats more than PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WORK….


    • Reasoned discussion? From leftists? That would be the first one. I have heard a lot of screeching, insults and bs. )See the video above for an example.) Never reasons.

      When it comes to the 2A, the only thing I’m willing to discuss is a restoration to its original meaning.

  9. The real tragedy is that this video will most likely not make national news. This is not the first time Biden has flew off the handle when confronted with the truth. Liars are that way . If elected , this would be the way he would act against a foreign power such as Russia or China if they did something that he didn’t like

  10. Doesn’t even remember saying he was going to take the guns…
    Who’s really pulling this puppets strings?

  11. OTOH, if he’s a Bernie voter he’s declaring his support for an honest no-bones-about it Stalinist which means he’s either an idiot, uninformed, or a traitor to his county.
    But from the sound of it, he’s a paid Moby and as genuine as a Democrat’s patriotism.

    Expect more of them; the only way the wreckers can win is if they depress Republican turnout.

  12. This miscreant has been lying and stealing to and from the American public for over 40 years. He is the
    biggest phony that has ever “served??” this country. He will say anything at any time for a vote or a
    few bucks in his wallet and I for one am finally glad that the public is seeing him for what he truly is.

  13. The thing that really stuck out , to me anyway, was when the auto worker said: “You work for me” and Biden shot back “No, I don’t work for you”. F’ing idiot! Hey Joe, this is an extended job interview – we citizens are deciding between several candidates who we want to hire and you damn sure DO work for us. That’s the problem right there: Biden thinks he’s some sort of royalty and we answer to him.

    Biden is a prime example of someone who has done nothing but suck on the taxpayer’s tit since he was 29. He and his family have become multi millionaires banking off of his various political connections. He’s never actually done anything that adds value to the country in all those years but to listen to the SOB, you’d think the Country wouldn’t have survived without him. What’s genuinely scary is that politicians like Biden are demonstrably stupid on the issues they seek to legislate. Biden is an absolute ignoramus when it comes to guns but he appears to think he’s an expert.

    I’m so fed up with this professional political class who are in politics for the power and the perks and to feed their vastly oversized egos. The purpose of our government is supposed to be the preservation of the People’s liberty. It seems like for the last 30-40 years we’ve been on this rapidly accelerating process where the government (politicians, unelected bureaucrats, judges) has been taking more and more power away from the People. We really are more highly taxed, more highly regulated, and less free than we were when we were subjects of George III.

    • The thing that really stuck out , to me anyway, was when the auto worker said: “You work for me” and Biden shot back “No, I don’t work for you”.

      Exactly my take-away from the article as well. The rest of it is secondary to this point. Biden is clearly following the Clinton/Obama blueprint in his beliefs that elected officials do not answer to the electorate.

    • Let’s just be real about it, there are very few politicians that don’t think they should be treated like royalty and the current occupant of the White House isn’t one of them. Which is why I get irritated when people say such and such is My President or isn’t My President. He’s the chief executive of one branch of government, nothing more, nothing less. Unless you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, he doesn’t own you and you don’t own him. You can be a patriot without insisting on being treated like a subject. But apparently that’s what some people want.

  14. Poor old Joe is losing it by the day (although he never really was one of the brightest lights on the Christmas Tree of Life!).

    Here’s classic Joe explaining home defense with a 12 ga shotgun rather than an AR-15: – it really is a classic – and I DARE YOU not to laugh as you watch it!! LOL

    My guess is that if we vote for Joe, his handlers will be running the country, and if we vote for Bernie, he’ll be so busy destroying our economy that he won’t have time to fuss about guns. Best bet: Vote for Trump (love him or hate him, he’s so much better than for gun ownership than this crop of Democrats!)

    • If you’re concern is the 2nd Amendment then Bernie Sanders has a much better voting record then Biden. Sadly the party money men kill any 2nd Amendment or idealogical free thinking.

    • Pair him up with “Joe the Plumber” who got into Obama’s face a few years back. Give them a road tour to follow Bernie and Biden around the country to keep asking the hard questions.

  15. Jim Crow Gun Control Joe speaks with forked tongue. It takes a real pos to think he can dictate what weapon law abiding citizens can possess to defend their rights. Rest assured the lying ratbassturd hypocrite Jim Crow Joe has more than his shotguns protecting his worthless democRat behind.
    Question is…Where will Joe and his ilk be should you and yours be cornered by a criminal? The answer is where those like Joe and his ilk always are…NOWHERE.

  16. Dude, you corrected it to be auto workers, not construction workers. I can assure you those in this picture are construction trades. Some are Ironworkers. Some other trades. They may have been working on or in an auto plant he visited. He may have also see auto workers, but this isn’t them !

  17. It’s a repeat of 2016. No one worth a bag of aged in the hoofprint horse piss to cast a vote for. If it is not an amoral, lying con man it’s a senile anti-American crackpot. Once again it is as if the two party system has devolved into something that cannot avoid handing us voters the two worst possible candidates to pick from.

    As per the usual, my constitutional carry state will publish a list of registered write-ins for the general election. I’ll pick a moderate Republican, just so my ballot does not carry a foul stench of fetid, horse piss.

    And hell yes Biden is well along into senile dementia. All that’s lacking is the official diagnosis.

  18. This is a teachable moment for all of the union workers out there who own firearms. Your union dues may go to support a certain party or candidate, but that doesn’t determine who you vote for. It’s just you and your conscience in that voting booth.

  19. Ask the former UAW workers in Delaware what they think of the support Joe gave them 10 years ago. Most are dismally employed if working at all. They knocked down the plants and that was it.

    At least we got to see the true elitist Joe in all his glory up in Michigan.

  20. First Biden/POTUS debate will be must watch TV. President Trump knows how to push emotional buttons.

  21. If a demented old man who don’t know where he is ….cusses out everyone he meets is the best they got..its going to be a land slide election with the help of a demented old woman Pelooneysi who wasted a year and billions on a fake impeachment if we have a populous with @ least 1 brain cell….i know that is a tall order!

  22. He’s an ignorant assclown that doesn’t know shit about guns or freedom. Furthermore, he’s always been a condescending asshole. He’s in a steel-toe environment acting like an asshat among hardhats. Grumpy ol’ fool.

  23. If Biden gets in, he may not be able to take our AK-14s or our AR-57s (sic) but he will certainly trash our 401(k)s.

    • People think they have taken quite an extraordinarily bold step forward when they have rid themselves of belief in hereditary monarchy and swear by the democratic republic. In reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another, and indeed in the democratic republic no less than in the monarchy. ~ Friedrich Engels

  24. Come on now people. A hunnert an fifty million people have been murdered since 2007 by assault rifles dontcha know? We’ve lost half the nation so of course Dopey Joe is upset.

    Having said that if he seriously thinks he’s winning union votes by insulting them, telling members they’re full of shiat or threatening to slap their faces, he’s not just going to lose, he’s going to take down all of the other democrats with him.

    Let’s all do our part to make that happen. Remember: make sure election day has a monstrously huge turn out to vote for someone who isn’t going to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun “policy” of taking everything.

  25. Any politician who speaks to a citizen like that should be… Well, let’s just say they shouldn’t be in office.

  26. Joe Biden is one of the most repulsive thugs in American political history. Let’s go back to his first election to the US Senate – waaaay back in 1972.

    Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and their child, were killed in December 1972 when their car was involved in an accident with a big rig truck. Police cleared the driver, Curtis Dunn, and the accident report(s) said that Dunn swerved and even overturned his truck trying to avoid the collision, to no avail. Reports from that time also said that Dunn was the first person to render aid at the scene. Neilia Biden had a stop sign, the truck driver did not. In the reports from the scene at the time, it looked to me as tho she ran the stop sign into the path of the truck.

    Biden subsequently said that the “driver drank his lunch” and other such lies when telling the story about how his wife and child were killed. The driver, Curtis Dunn, has been slandered for decades by Biden. Mr. Dunn passed away, still being slandered by Biden and his kneepad-wearing acolytes in the press.

    No matter to Biden. He knew that the press are willing to pack around monstrous lies for the Democrats. Just look at Ted Kennedy’s antics.

    When one looks at the entire Biden clan, you see a bunch of serious sociopaths, very much like the Kennedy clan. They’ll use and throw away anyone they need to in order to obtain their goals.

    • Biden’s winning in Michigan…but remember it;s the democratic primary….interesting how after that little confrontation people could be heard chanting …”Trump”…”.trump”!

  27. My hard hat is off to that auto worker. Let’s hope he doesn’t get unwarranted “attention” from the Feds….as a result.

  28. Nothing to laugh about, of course, but loud, profane and angry outbursts like Joe’s can (and probably are in his case) be the result of years of hard drinking (in his case) having led to cognitive decline.
    OT: And Hunter’s years of drug use–have you heard the guy speak? Reminds me of the old anti-drug TV commercial where the kid asks the viewer at the end, ‘why do you think they call it dope?’


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