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I hate the surprise metal detector! “Oh, hey y’all, whoops, I left something in the car! I’ll be right back.”


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  1. It’s like those useless seat belt checks. Unless you’re a total tard put yer dang belt on! Unless you have a ceramic GLOCK©

    • True story:

      A couple of years ago, my wife and I traveled a couple of hours to an Oktoberfest venue. She had purchased tix in advance because the previous year we had been vacationing in the area and happened upon it by chance driving by. That first time, we paid at the door and walked right in due to low attendance caused by the COVID scamdemic, though that small town didn’t enforce masks and continued with the venue instead of cancelling like everyone else in SoCal did. The second time the next year (with the advance tix), the attendance was closer to its historical norm and security was re-established at the entrance, as I later learned.

      What bothered me was the very strict rules. No guns? Fine…it’s a beer centered Oktoberfest, so not unexpected. But no knives, no flashlights, no EDC stuff of any kind. And the worst part? When we got to the front of the line and it was our turn, the guard wanded me with my arms held out in the air a-la-TSA style, yet they ignored my wife. I directly asked the guard (purposefully loud enough for those behind us down the line to hear) why only me? I mean, they didn’t even bother checking her purse.

      “Men cause the problems here and start the fights. Not women.”

      Hmm. I guess they’ve never seen a catfight before??

      • “Men cause the problems here and start the fights. Not women.”

        The voice of experience, it is a fact and this is what some call ‘toxic masculinity’.

        • Toxic masculinity is a propaganda phrase made up to try to denigrate men.

          Young men and the beer drinking is what causes the fights. And young women are pushing them to the fights.

          You need to get out of your ivory tower and experience real life there, professor.

        • And I just got moderated. So in keeping with my policy I will not comment here again today.

      • Or the recent riot in Vegas — all women. My first visit to Lake Tahoe and the casinos on the NV side and my very first visit to a casino. After I checked in and put my bags in my room I went down to the casino to see what it was all about. I had no sooner walked into the casino when I heard in a loud female voice, “That’s my jackpot.” “No, it isn’t!? The next thing I know, two women are rolling on the floor in front of me skirts, up, blouses ripped screeching and yelling. Security rushes over and tries to separate them. I am just dumbfounded. I didn’t see this kind of action even when I was in the Marine Corps. Found out there was a machine between the two of them and one of the players had been putting an occasional coin in when the other player dropped a coin in the middle machine and hit a jackpot. Wow! I could certainly see why folks went to casinos with that kind of action going on.

  2. If I’m going somewhere there may be a security checkpoint, I usually walk slowly alongside the line until I’m close enough to check for wands. If asked, I say I’m looking for a friend but won’t take cuts in line. If security is wanding people, then I return to my vehicle and do a thorough pat down on myself for backup piece, spare ammo, pocket knives, etc. This assumes I decide to attend the event. Sometimes I decide it’s not worth the risk, especially if the area is sketchy, the event ends later at night, my car is far from any security, etc.

    • OldProf49,

      I do similar. I walked away from my favorite county fair (for which I had pre-paid admission) because they began a wanding policy.

      Another time, I went back to the car ti make some ‘ adjustments’ because I did not have the heart to tell my daughter she was not going to the concert, after all.

      • Several years ago Florida Carry began suing various groups for violating the Florida Preemption Law for restricting possessing weapons. As a result, the Florida State Fair in Tampa had to allow weapons possession for those who also possessed a state issued Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. Curiously, they still wanded at the gates. I showed my FL CWP to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy overseeing the security operations, asked if I still must be wanded and if so, what would it mean. Yes, I did and it meant that the wander would call over the Deputy who would then tell me to proceed to the fair.

        On July 1, Florida began permitless carry of concealed weapons, but some form of ID such as a driver’s license must be carried. I can predict that the Deputies at the gates will be very busy at the next State Fair in February.

  3. I had an incident like that once. My son took me out to dinner for my birthday and had bought tickets for a Led Zepplin cover band concert. My son plays guitar. We’ve seen this band before. They are very good. I know, I saw Led Zepplin in concert. As we approached a buff college student wanted to wand me. I told him I was armed. He said I couldn’t bring firearms into the venue. I said that I had been in armed there many times before. He said no one gets in past me with a gun. I said. you know what that black T-shirt shirt with security on it means? it means you get shot first. His jaw dropped. (He was devoid of any weapons.) The two young women collecting tickets looked at him out of the corner of their eyes. I think they felt less safe right then. My son had a handgun also. We went home.

      • I asked the unarmed security guard at a local grocery store what his action would be if ten guys rushed in and started grabbing the liquor bottles which are right by the front door. One looked startled. I told him your response is, “Can I get you a cart, sir?” On another occasion I asked a different guard and he held up his hands. I gave him the same reply.

  4. Large crowds and heavy handed security are not my scene. People die in stampedes at these venues. No thank you.

    • I remember a Buffet concert my wife and I went to, great seats on first row balcony but this clearly drugged up little turd and his girlfriend were right next to my wife and they would not sit still and shut up. After about ten minutes of this crap, this huge guy from two rows back leans forward puts his hand on druggies shoulder and squeezes hard and advised him that if he does not sit down and shut up for the rest of the concert he would throw him head first off the balcony. Druggie followed instructions and we heard not a peep out of him till after the concert was over and we were gone.

      I avoid places that want to wand me. I think the point of unarmed security is to give the bad guys someone to shoot other than paying customers.

        • Yep, Jimmy Buffett is a great songwriter, I’m glad you’re a fan:

          “Buffett, taking a dig at Trump, changed the wording of “Come Monday” to “Come Tuesday, things will change. Come Tuesday, we’re making a change. It’s been two insane years and it’s time to really switch gears.” The performance was 3 miles (5 kilometers) from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and frequent winter hangout.“

        • had no idea he was that clever.
          i hate most anything commercial radio would play. but some concerts (buffet is a good example) attract divorcees like the dead attracts pantyless hippie chicks.

  5. My wife is disabled so we never have to stand in line to get security checked. There is a back door to many venues where the disabled are able to enter without hassle.

    • “The sole reason for ankle holsters to exist.”

      Even more helpful when you have a steel rod in your shin…

  6. Was it your uncle or your daddy or both that hurt you so bad as a child that turned you this twisted.

  7. For the most part I just avoid places that wand and prohibit me having a gun. However sometime to please the wife or daughter I go. I’m just armed with a G10 dagger at that point though. As good as my gun? Hell no but better than nothing.

  8. No guns policy? Take your business somewhere else. Never come back ever again. So sorry, you are permanently banned.

  9. I have a card I carry stating I have several metal replacement parts. I can walk naked through an airport metal detector and set it off. Same with the courthouse or federal offices.
    About the only good thing I ever received from the VA. Wave the wand all you want, it will make noise and light up exactly where the card says it will. Been armed in several locations I wasn’t supposed to be that way. Of course my wife in the wheel chair usually gets us past most security checks. And who really wants to strip search a fat old man?

  10. wow! that’s really dark in a very mentally ill manner. Get some help, just walk into any hospital and tell them you need a mental health professional and tell them that. That’s daician and Miner49er mentally ill darkness area, except they want to do it to millions by subjecting us to tyranny.

  11. Even though I don’t carry due to living in the most anti-gun state in America, I still turn away from places that unexpectedly have metal detectors and decide to take my business elsewhere, because I figure that if they’re checking for weapons, it must either be in a high-crime location, or they’re expecting the crowd in attendance to be sketchy and expect fights or other violence to break out. I turned away from a strip club once for this reason.

    I used to carry pepper spray in my pocket because it’s literally the only legal form of self-defense in New Jersey. Then I was in Ottawa (Canada) on the day of the Canada Day celebrations, and our tour group stopped to see the changing of the guard at the Parliament Building. Security was extremely tight, multiple Canadian police wanding people through the iron gate. There were signs listing a long list of items that could not be taken through the gate, including aerosols of any kind. I walked away from the gate, supposedly to take a picture of the Parliament Building, and while taking a photograph, I discreetly dropped my pepper spray into a public garbage can.

    The Canadian police still gave me a hard time about the compact flashlight I was carrying, but ultimately let me through with it!

  12. One of the few advantages to being on a strict budget that doesn’t allow much extracurricular activities, is we hardly go to anything involving crowds, unless its nearby and free (very rare).

    So I’ve not encountered this.

  13. I don’t normally comply with the idiot ‘Gun Free Zone’ concept. When it comes to my personal safety and my family’s, I will make my own rules. The only exception is when I am going into a secure facility that has armed guards and/or metal detectors/locked doors. A popular amusement park that we have attended over the years recently implemented increased security in the form of metal detectors and on-duty uniformed police officers. Before that, I routinely carried (discreetly) in the park area just in case. Fortunately, nothing ever happened where I needed to use it to defend my family. I now depend upon those uniformed officers for our safety. Hopefully something like Ulvalde will never happen again.

    • There is an old saying about putting hope in one hand and excrement in the other and seeing which one fills up fastest. I just don’t frequent any venue that wands or uses metal detectors. I may or may not have a weapon on me but I don’t like the infringement. They don’t need my business.

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  16. I forswore commercial air travel eight years ago, when my wife was gate-molested by two TSA dy**s while I watched helplessly from inside the plexiglass of the enhanced radiation chamber.

    Beginning in 2020, I also avoided most public events, event venues and buildings because of the plague tyranny. I excepted only those that I knew to be associated with the resistance. IOW, where I knew I would be neither harassed nor wanded.

    Now that COVID is over–NOT–I will follow that personal regimen indefinitely.

  17. Wife in the wheelchair…
    Hmm. Years ago, waited an hour to go up in the needle in Seattle. Got up to the front of the line and they were checking purses and fanny packs. Etc. Discretely put the wifes’ chief special in a sock in the bottom of her purse and covered it up with the clutter in her purse.
    My fanny pack was moved around to above my crotch, and I kept the front of my body tight up against the back of the wheelchair.

    Looked in her purse, didn’t spot anything. Totally missed the fanny pack because of the coat draped over the back of the wheelchair, and they passed us on through.

    Funny thing was, I was POSITIVE we had eyes on us the almost the entire time we were up in the ‘Needle.’ I caught several people paying WAY more attention to us that was warranted.

    Just looked around all ‘touristy’, didn’t act stupid, and eventually they seem to kind of loose interest.

    • “Just looked around all ‘touristy’, didn’t act stupid…”? Sounds to me like you acted stupid by looking around all touristy. The important thing is that your subterfuge succeeded. Congrats!

      That said, you might plan more careful “strategery” next time.

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