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There’s always room to make things worse and you can count on a government agency to find it. The 4473 just keeps getting more convoluted.

I suppose if they make it complicated enough it’ll be rare for anyone to actually fill it out correctly, and then I’m sure they’ll get a pass just like Hunter Biden did even though he committed perjury rather than a mistake.

At least I’m still able to answer the Form 4473’s male/female/non-binary question without assistance.


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  1. I filled out the new one and both the FFL and the customer need to read everything carefully; the form is an accident waiting to happen. Mistakes are not forgiven by the damned ATF

  2. the darn thing shouldn’t even have a gender question.

    the requirement shouldn’t even exist to begin with and if ya just gotta have a check though just have a government issued ID (e.g. drivers license) with name and date of birth and a social security card, and run based on that.

  3. i just started hanging at the legion post when i was ten. no paperwork needed.
    i miss those guys.
    my turn soon.

    • “my turn soon.”

      Hopefully, later than sooner.

      Anyways – At dad’s funeral, I’m planning on telling my sisters “We’re next!” 🙂

  4. BREAKING: ATF Tries To Shut Down Store That Is Suing Them. GOA And Gun Shop Sues The ATF Again.

    • There should not be a form 4473. Eggsacly.
      How many ways can .giv infringe “Shall Not Be Infringed ” and it is .giv not gov because everything except taking a sht or piss or sleeping Americans have to have .givs permission to do it.

    • SS – but but but how else can the bats illegally compile firearms transaction data??
      Remember that they recently admitted they have nearly a BILLION such records ‘on file’.

  5. This meme isn’t even close. The “worse” form needs to be very light blonde with heavier eye makeup, very red lips, obvious implants, and a somewhat bored scowl on her face. Emerging from a Lexus would be a plus.

    • Or someone with lipstick and a wig walking to the nearest public library for story hour…

      I wonder if there’s a degreed biologist out there somewhere wearing a t-shirt that says, “No, you’re actually a dude. And yes, I’m a biologist.”

      • Or when she says ” Hey Travis. ”
        At that point, it won’t even matter that your name’s NOT Travis…. it just became Deep Shit, and the girly holding your hand ?.. she just changed her name to HydraRam.
        Good luck, ” Travis “

  6. Seen this meme before. I don’t remember the text, but it had nothing to do with a 4473. More to do with checking out another woman when with your wife/girlfriend.

  7. More senseless hoops for law abiding citizens to jump through like silly circus animals.
    My last 4473 was December 2022 and there will be no more 4473 hoops for awhile, the corral is full and I have all the pieces to assemble one more Aero 308.

  8. Filling out form 4473 to purchase a gun should be no more difficult than obtaining a ballot to vote in every election.

    • I am in favor of universal background checks, psych evals – all the “commonsense” stuff. But for voters. not gunbuyers.

  9. I recently filled out the new 4473 and was intrigued by questions 21b and 21c concerning ammunition. I can understand asking if I was buying the firearm for resale, but what restrictions does the federal government have on ammo?
    Also, the question on whether I live within the city limits might be useful for what I don’t know. I live all of 2 blocks outside the legal city limits in a town that I doubt anyone could tell you where the city limit ends where I live. I’ve seen city police and sheriff’s deputies patrolling out block (on rare occasions!)

  10. “I suppose if they make it complicated enough it’ll be rare for anyone to actually fill it out correctly…”

    Aren’t they now holding the FFL accountable if there’s an error on a form and the FFL accepts it? Doesn’t this sort of suggest that it’s all *cough* sort of *cough* a design to start yanking licenses?

    • The only information on the form used for the actual background check is the name, date of birth, and social security number. Everything else on the form is either ‘for stats’ (e.g. gender, race) – or – to have something to prosecute if you lie about it or answer it incorrectly and to use it to pull an FFL for minor things. The 4473 has always been for the purpose of ‘gun control prosecution’, its never been about ‘transferring’ a firearm or record keeping – its always been about ‘prosecuting’ and the ATF is now taking that literally because of the way the law reads because it doesn’t exclude minor clerical errors or ‘honest mistakes’ ‘non-wilful/intentional’ errors. Its the only area of ‘government regulation licensing’ that’s designed specifically to ‘prosecute’ in some manner.

      Think about it, say for example the question about drug use – if you use marijuana and answer it truthfully you get denied a firearm purchase, thus ‘prosecuted administratively’ by denying the right and if you lie about it you can be ‘prosecuted criminally’. If you put something in the wrong space that’s not suppose to be there, an honest mistake, you get your FFL pulled thus ‘prosecuted either administratively or in some cases wrongfully criminally’ Its the same for the other ‘non-stats’ questions.

      • correction for: “non-wilful/intentional’ errors.”

        should have been…

        ‘non-wilful/unintentional’ errors.

  11. The female who looks like she’s ready to perform a testicular removal process without the benefit of anesthesia should be the one tagged as ATF.

  12. At this point why is anyone still filling out 4473s and not doing legal/lawful private sale? If your in a retard state that doesnt allow private sale, well that explains it. Blame yourself and quit complaining.

    • Well uncle bob if you want to toss all internet and gun store sales and do business with what is for the most part private overpriced slim pickens sold by who knows who then that tiny door is open…for you.

      • I’m sure there are numerous owners who were able to get some nice gats on the private market; I’m one of them.

        If you need instant gratification or need a weapon right now, then the market is there for you. If you’re more discriminating and can take your time, private sales are the way to go. A big part of the fun is the search.

        • “If you need instant gratification or need a weapon right now“

          Yep, those are the responsible folks that I want to see have instant access to lethal weapons.

        • says Miner49er who seeks the instant gratification need to post yet more trolling nonsense.

        • “Yep, those are the responsible folks that I want to see have instant access to lethal weapons.”

          “Responsible.” Why would you have a problem with responsible citizens purchasing guns?

          If a law-abiding citizen wants a firearm just because he wants one (instant gratification), why shouldn’t he be able to obtain one?

          How about a woman whose boyfriend or husband is stalking and/or threatening her (needs one)? We certainly wouldn’t want her to get hold of a firearm, now, would we? That piece of paper called a “restraining order” is thick enough to protect her, right?

          Why do you hate women, Liar69er?

    • The last couple of guns I won via charity raffles (not saying the orgs) HAD to be transferred thru FFLs – part of the legal process so no issue with that, other than the extra time and effort to travel to the shop.
      You do realize that if you have purchased any gun from a licensed dealer in the past 50 years or so you are already on their ‘list’ anyway. What difference will one or two more make? OTOH, them knowing that (for the most part anyway) you do things above board makes them (maybe?) less likely to hassle you in the future.

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  14. Haven’t had the “Pleasure” (Heavy Sarcasm) of filling the new one out yet. I’ve got a gun on Lay-A-Way, that’ll I’ll finish next month, so I guess I’ll find out soon just how ridiculous they’ve gotten.

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