Stag SPCTRM Series AR-15
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We got our first look at Stag Arms’ new Project SPCTRM rifles at SHOT. The three new “50 Shades” rifles have upgraded components, triggers and muzzle brakes. Stag’s put a lot of thought into the aesthetics and the rifles look fantastic. They’re finally here and guns are hitting stores now. We have one on the way for a full review so don’t touch that dial.

Here’s Stag’s press release . . .

The much anticipated, Special Edition Stag Arms Project SPCTRM Rifles are now available on store shelves across the nation. Project SPCTRM (Special Tactical Rifle Makeup) came to life when the team decided it was time for something other than the standard black and FDE rifles to be available.

Not only will consumers find a perfectly mismatched selection of shades and materials across these rifles, but they can also expect to be blown away by the sheer number of upgraded components across the build.

Project SPCTRM is currently available in 50 shades of FDE, ODG, and GRY colorways (with the possibility of more on the horizon). Consumers will find the upgrades standard to all newly released Stag Arms products, including a fully configurable, ambidextrous safety selector, BREACH by Aero Precision charging handle, as well as left-eject and state-compliant configurations.

Stag Project SPCTRM rifle

In addition, these Project SPCTRM Special Editions are outfitted with ATC’s AR Gold Trigger (FDE and ODG) or Rise Armament’s APT RA-535 (GRY), B5 Systems Bravo Stocks and Type 22 P-Grips, Rearden Manufacturing Muzzle Devices, matching Lancer Magazines, and more!

Stag SPCTRM Series AR-15

There are only 500 of each of these Special Edition configurations available, so don’t delay in adding them to your arsenal! Consumers can search for Stag Arms retail stores near them at

Stag SPCTRM 50 shades
RISE Armament RA-535 trigger on the STAG 50 Shades of Gray rifle

MSRP: $1,799.99


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  1. Maybe it’s the photos, (lighting/flash), but they look way too shiny for my taste.

  2. im thinking that for 1800
    it should have a billet cnc upper and lwere receiver set
    but thats just me

  3. I’m not “PROUD” I’ll take one of each.
    I’m pretty hamdy with a spray can…not east LA handy but…

  4. For an $1800 MSRP it should be Black and have a CHF Barrel. For the most part these are Do It For Me Rifles with IMO unnecessary bling. They are suitable for scopes and red dots; iron sights and backup iron sights not so much with the lengthy thrown on type handguards that rarely align properly with the barrel bore. Still a good rifle just not a builder’s rifle.

  5. Hey, Stag, can you make me one the same color as unicorn poop? No? How about neon gray?

    I seems to me that this is a product introduced after ZERO market research.

    • If you buy one and send it to me I’ll try to accommodate your request… in the interest of science.

  6. the colors look like they screwed up the anodizing and then had to do something with the parts, and someone said “Hey, I know. Lets call it ‘Special Edition Project SPCTRM AR Platform Rifles’ and pretend we intended them to look this way”

  7. I think they look pretty sharp. Might be one of those i’d hate to get dirty though. I hate those.

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