Mintz: New York’s Church Carry Ban Exposes Kids at Summer Camp to Antisemitic Attacks

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The CEO of Kars4Kids, a Jewish charity with a catchy advertising jingle, is challenging New York state’s concealed carry law in court — claiming that it leaves children vulnerable to antisemitic attacks.

Eliohu Mintz, who heads Kars4Kids, is also the CEO of Oorah, a Jewish outreach nonprofit funded by Kars4Kids that runs a summer camp in upstate New York. In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Mintz and a camp administrator, Eric Schwartz, say the law exposes the camp to antisemitic attack because it bans private citizens from carrying guns in places where religious activities are conducted.

“The violent attacks on Jewish people targeting places of worship and places where children are — the most vulnerable of the population — are random and provide the victims with no notice or advance warning,” Mintz said in a declaration attached to the lawsuit. “I cannot be left unprepared and unarmed in the event that an evildoer decides to attack one or both of the [camp’s] campuses nor can the other licensed staff members.”

The suit is one of several challenging the Concealed Carry Improvement Act, which was passed last year after the Supreme Court struck down an earlier firearms ban. The act limits where New Yorkers can carry firearms, including a ban on carrying in “sensitive locations” such as schools, medical facilities, or houses of worship, among others. Another lawsuit has been brought by two pastors seeking to carry weapons in church, and in May, lawmakers amended the act to allow pastors and designated security personnel to carry weapons in houses of worship.

The lawyer who filed the lawsuit for Mintz and Schwartz, Amy Bellatoni, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an email that the amendment would not apply to her clients.

“The plaintiffs are staffers who have carried for personal protection and want to continue carrying,” she said. “They are not designated security personnel and, therefore, not part of the exemption.”

Ron Kampeas in Jewish Summer Camp Heads Challenge New York Gun Laws, Citing Antisemitic Threats

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  1. OMG, that jingle. If you’ve ever heard it, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Talk about an earworm!

  2. Bans don’t apply to criminals or agents of the state.
    We’re all Jews now.

    A common theme for Summer 2023 with Indiana Jones (fictional) and Oppenheimer (factual) is that the good guys didn’t win WWII. Fascist ideologies were just rolled into what was then considered “free society.” Fascism won. From Paperclip to Patriot Act to COVID lockdowns and ESG it’s all cooperate/government cooperation working to strip rights from the individual.

    Spin it woke, or tolerant or however you want but the end result is the same: more money in fewer hands, more government control and less freedom for you and me.

    • Yeah no kidding! The war on terror was waged against America’s citizens by .gov.

    • A bunch of corporate billionaires purchased and subverted the left. Gates, soros, zuckerberg, bloomberg, etc.

      There is no more left. They’re all fascists now. Most are just too stupid to realize it. That lack of smarts makes them good little jack boots.

    • In 30 or 40 years everyone will be told in school that the Covid lock downs were just ‘conspiracy theory’ and never actually happened.

        • Lol 10 we already have them denying they had lockdowns while simultaneously challenging the ban on involuntary Covid isolation camps in court here in NY.

  3. New York’s Church Carry Ban Exposes Kids at Summer Camp to Antisemitic Attacks

    That is a feature, not a bug!

    Remember what I stated on this website several months ago: it has become apparent to me that many members of the Ruling Class enjoy humiliating the masses to the maximum extent possible. That humiliation takes on many forms, not the least of which is disarming the masses and making them vulnerable to vicious beatings, sexual assaults, and murder.

    • Demoralizing your subjects by forcing them to say things they know to be untrue and accepting vice as virtue……… sounds familiar somehow.

      • SAFEupstateFML,

        You provided yet another example.

        Requiring that I use the pronoun “she” for a man who claims to be a woman–and use the pronoun “he” for a woman who claims to be a man–under threat of punishment is simple humiliation.

        The very same dynamic is at play as the abusive husband who escalates and orders (under threat of beating if she fails to comply) his wife to perform $ex acts with strangers to further degrade and humiliate her.

        • Makes the various don’t abuse your spouse/coworkers trainings we get hilariously disjointed from reality.

        • “abusive husband who escalates and orders (under threat of beating if she fails to comply) his wife to perform $ex acts with strangers to further degrade and humiliate her“

          You mean like Trump advisor and January 6 co-conspirator Roger Stone?

          “’Seeking similar couples or exceptional muscular well-hung single men.’ Inside Roger Stone’s swinging marriage where he posted ads online and frequented notorious sex clubs with his ‘insatiable’ wife

          By Jerry Oppenheimer For
          19:29 28 Jan 2019, updated 23:51 28 Jan 2019“

          Or Christian nationalist and Trump pal Jerry Falwell Junior?

          “Giancarlo Granda says his sexual relationship with the Falwells began when he was 20. He says he had sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr, head of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump, looked on.

          By ARAM ROSTON Filed Aug. 24, 2020, 4 p.m. GMT”

        • That’s nice minor but adults are talking so go find somewhere to go play everything I don’t like is literally Hitler quietly.

        • MINOR Miner49er, More of the same BULL SHI# you are so famous for? You have the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, I have seen in a long time.
          You make an unfounded allegation that Trump colluded with Roger Stone to set the J6 demonstration that turned into a riot instigated at least in part by government agents. Where is your proof other than CNN, MSNBC, NPR and a host of other Leftist propagandists?
          Excuse me, but what is the matter with being a Christian and a Patriot!? If it were not for the Constitution, you would not be able to mouth these lies you spune like a sperm whale.

  4. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, unless we say otherwise.

  5. After reading the article, I would agree; the STATE has stepped over their boundaries. Boundaries protected by the Constitution; not just the 2nd Amendment either. States all across the nation are INFRINGING on the Right To Bear Arms, in various ways. It is way PAST TIME for the SUPREMES to Finalize and CLOSE all the Holes, that State Attorney Generals and Lawyers are using to turn law abiding citizens into FELONS and TARGETS.

  6. Gun Control zealots habitually haul around their agenda on the coattails of defenseless murdered children, with Gun Control their obvious goal is to supply criminals with an endless supply of soft targets. Blocking the means for adults to defend children is, “sick.”


    • Remarkable you can go from nutcase to cognizant and back so quickly. Shame you are a thin skinned anti racist.

  7. That law isn’t just an infringement of the 2nd Amendment; it’s also an infringement of the 1st Amendment freedom of religion.
    The government has no right to tell churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations that the civil rights of their members are suspended as soon as they step onto church property, especially if the right the government is denying church members is allowed outside of church property. It’s like the government telling church members they can’t drink wine at communion even if they’re over 21, just because the government says so.

  8. Still trying to figure out how the state thinks it has the power to tell religious groups what they may decide to do on and in their own property. I grew up in a Catholic church where my father, an NYPD detective, was the head usher. All the ushers were cops and were required to carry at all times. Ours was probably the most heavily armed church in the world, baring the Vatican. They also were responsible for escorting the Sunday collections to the bank and jokingly referred to themselves as “Christ’s bag men”. There was never a problem and the parishioners were aware of the guns in church and there was never a complaint.

  9. Of course, for New York it makes prefect sense, let all kids, including Jewish ones be exposed to any form of racism, Antisemitic or just the plain old ugly KKK kind. Doesn’t matter to them that any form of gun control is racist. Skin color or national origin has nothing to do with if you are good person or not, but racism is a acquired taste, learned from environment. Gun control is racist, it’s that simple.

    • At this point I don’t think racism is involved as much as seizing as much control as they can get over the ones not in charge. Makes for a great tool in dividing your intended slaves to keep them from working together though. See also class, age, culture, gender, orientation, and whatever else can be made into an emotional hot button to disable critical thought.

  10. I dn’t know the exact wording of this unconstitutional “law” but there may be one solution…. it exempts church c=security personnel… simply declare that all adults carrying a firearm are part of “the Security Team”.
    When I first showed up visiting at one church, I was carrying as always. Cncealed. After a few weeks, an older gentleman whiom I’d seen a few times was sitting diwn in the fellowship hall.As I passed by I greeted him.After I passed he asked (is that a High Powewr you are carrying?” Yes it is. Cool. I learned a bit later he is head of the security team. I guess from then on have been a formal part of that group. Fine with me. I consider myself part of the “security team” wherever I am. Gas station, restaurant, coffee shop, Safeway, the local park……

  11. Kathy Hochul has exposed herself as being a fascist, racist and an UTTERLY vile anti-Semite POS.

    • Getting a bit repetitious, not wrong just more words than needed for the same meaning.

  12. Separation of church and state and its private property not giverment do fck em.
    Carry your shuters and keep your mouths shut.

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  15. “Amy Bellatoni.” Do we have a Jewish-Italian lady lawyer handling business? I sure hope so. I’m turned on just thinking about the idea. Sounds like a genetically honed super-lawyer coming to make NY bend the knee. As they say in da hood, “dats whaz up!”

  16. THe last paragraph says it all.

    These complaintants are AMATEURS not trained Security staff and I suspect that the kids would be in as much danger from these AMATEURS as they would from any possible ATTACKER.

    You have to ask WHY they have to have CONCEALED CARRY in the first place. If you cannot see it it’s not a bloody DETERRENT

    Looks like a case of ‘ Hopeful Heros’ to me

    • “I suspect that the kids would be in as much danger from these AMATEURS as they would from any possible ATTACKER.”

      Well, your suspicions are wrong, for starters. For the rest, let’s just go with “you’re stupid.”

      The End

    • Albert L J Hall, Regret to inform you, but more “Amateurs” stop bad guys with a gun than the police do who are the “professionals.” Seems that it is you who want to put kids and others in danger from the criminals. For your edification, CONCEALED CARRY is most certainly a deterrent. All you have to do is look at states with Constitutional Carry with their MUCH LOWER crime rates.
      But facts like that don’t matter to an anti-gun zealot.

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