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Beware the killer bunnies on this Friday the 13th.


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  1. Night of the Lepus…a truly terrible horror movie starring large rabbits.

    Gonna have to to see if any of the steamin’ services have it available for $0.00.

      • Several of the Services offer it for rent or purchase…don’t want to see it badly enough to pay for it. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind and keep checking.

        Maybe watching the original Tremors would scratch my “bad movie” itch…it’s waaay better than Lepus.

        • Tremors, all of them, were gloriously bad. My son and wife claim I have the worst taste in movies.

          They may be right.

        • Take a shot every time you see a scientific error.

          You should be wasted in about 20 minutes.

        • I had forgotten that movie. Watched the last 10’ish minutes…bad!
          Made the Tingler and the Crawling Eye look like Oscar nominees.

        • @Old guy: Vincent Price was awesome as always anyway in The Tingler so you can’t really compare it to The Crawling Eye with Forrest Tucker.

        • “Made the Tingler and the Crawling Eye look like Oscar nominees.”

          ‘The Tingler’ was a movie where electrodes were implanted into some theater seats so that the projectionist could push a button and shock the patrons, as a marketing gimmick.

          Just a few theaters actually did that, however :

          “After the success of The House on Haunted Hill, Castle devised a new gimmick called “Percepto” for the Tingler. Participating theaters would wire seats so that random moviegoers would get a tangible electric shock during climactic moments in the film.”

    • Lupus is on Plex which is free. BTW by far the best free channel is TUBI. Owned by FOX. If you don’t have a smart TV it’s a whole lot harder…

  2. Hey, don’t laugh! President Jimmy Carter was once accosted by a killer bunny. He could have been gravely injured if it had been able to get in the boat with him.

  3. Check this police ‘wellness check’ video out, it is frickin’ *bizarre*, shots are fired :

    Talk about your heart in your throat in zero-point 2 milliseconds…

      • Hate to disagree, but a nice hunk of steak will transform some dogs into a good buddy. Especially a naturally friendly breed like Black Labs. Pitbull, probably not.

        • Yep. When I was young, I used to go to my girlfriend’s house late at night and talk to her through the window. This was pre-cell phone era. If I called the house, it would wake up her parents. They had two large dogs. I always brought them treats so they’d be quiet.

      • possum,

        Pains me to disagree with our resident wise marsupial, but my GSD female is the biggest wuss, and friendliest dog, on Planet Earth (and she has a mouth like a crocodile and weighs 100# (and she is NOT fat)). If you tried to attack me, you’d end up sad, sorry, tired, and sore, but other than that?

        She took to heart Kevine Kline’s line from “Blazing Saddles” – “I always figure you should approach life like everybody’s your friend, or nobody is.”. She opted for “everybody”.

    • I could forgive them for merely making a really bad movie but murdering one of my favorite books from one of my favorite authors is unforgivable from where I am standing.

      Other than The Princess Bride I can’t think of any novieizations of decent books that even came close to doing the original written work justice. Bur there is a spectrum to all of the movies made from books with The Princess Bride on one end and that Starsip Poopers Flick on the far bad end. Vorhooven is a complete hack.

  4. Bill Would Eradicate Biden’s NEW Office of Gun Violence Prevention!! (yeah, we can already kinda almost predict what this is gonna do but…. however if that mentally ill EveryTown child molester freak involved were to fall victim to some kind of bad accident….).

  5. “Its a Wonderful Life” to be able to live in the free United States where every time a 30 round magazine is bought a rabbit gets a kevlar vest.

  6. Equality under law:

    1. This is being advertised on MTA vehicles >×615.jpg

    That advertisement is a protected expression of First Amendment Speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those advertising.

    2. The news media is reporting, for example, the non-legitimate warfare of the hamas terrorism, for example this >

    That reporting is a protected expression of First Amendment Speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those reporting.

    3. Actual pro-hamas supporters and actual known people on the terrorist watch list are protesting in our cities with chants of ‘death to America’ and making threats to kill people.

    The authorities say its a protected expression of First Amendment Speech and its not hate speech, their right was exercised free of restriction and not one criminal charge was bought against those protesting and making threats.

    4. This woman, a known member of a ‘class of people’ specifically targeted for death by the same advertiser in # 1, and by the same group who did what the media reported in # 2, and by the same types in # 3 – but this woman exercised her First and Second Amendment rights to counter and be prepared for the blatant and very real deadly threat present in her city and in the United States and selected to be prepared to exercise her inherent unalienable right to self defense >×235.jpg (

    For exercising her rights she was burdened with (unconstitutional) restrictions and was arrested and charged with a crime.

    • Assault Weapons Before the Second Amendment (the part 1 mentioned in the above part 2 video).

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