DeSantis Vows to Repeal Both Trump’s Bump Stock Ban and Biden’s Pistol Brace Ban

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We’re gonna revoke the bureaucracy rules that they’re doing under both Trump and Biden. Trump did bump stocks and Biden is doing pistol braces. Those are both unconstitutional. And not even to Second Amendment. Maybe for that. But just the bureaucracy can’t legislate. And they’re legislating with no congressional authorization. So we’re going to repeal both of those. Because that’s going to [put] a lot of people in jeopardy. 

— Ron DeSantis in a campaign speech

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    • Given the speed of how the courts work and the reality that SCOTUS doesn’t want to get dragged into the election debate that they did in 2020… best bet is that none of the cases will hit their level before 2025.

      • I am seeing reason for hope, regarding the Supreme Court. Democrats were running at the mouth about packing the Supreme Court a couple years ago. Here it is, autumn of 2023, and they haven’t managed to ramrod that crap through. There is little reason to believe that they’ll maintain control of the White House, or the Senate next year. Biden has only made one ridiculous appointment to the Supreme Court. I suspect that the Supreme Court will remain conservative for some time to come. I don’t do “Praise the Lord” very often, but here I am. Praise the Lord. There is hope.

        • Well, a lot of people (not just 2A people) look at court packing as the last straw… so if that line is crossed by either side, it’ll devolve pretty quickly.

        • Well DeSantis can do that because if elected he can reverse the Executive Order POTUS DJT signed following the Vegas Massacre. Had POTUS DJT let Congress take the matter and a knee jerk gun control hungry congress acted and vetoed any POTUS DJT objections then DeSantis would not be blowing his horn and waving his magic wand so to speak. The EO at the time was the lesser of the evils. Given the same circumstances following Vegas my money says DeSantis would have done what POTUS DJT did. In other words…TRUMP 2024.

        • widaminnit there Debbie.. Trump does an illgal EO to ban a d3vice that has never been PROVEN to have been used as is claimed in Las Vegas, DeSantis vows to unto that travesty of executive powergrebbing, and you want Trumpback in?
          Get Trump to promise to reverse his EO, admitting he was WRONG both in fact and law, and I might thik about backing him again.

          the nex candidate who credibly pledges to END the use of EO’s and agency “rulemaking” in place of Congress making law, and he will have my vote. Or even of a SHE with a brain inside her crenium were to take such a stand, SHE would get my vote.

          So far I’ve heard some very loud crickets on the matter of “lawmaking” from the Executive Branch. Ican thik of dozens ofexampls. If ANY candidate takesa credibl stand to undo that madness wherever it is found, and make Congress do their job, he will have my vote.

    • Hopefully. We shouldn’t have either elected or appointed members of the administrative branch legislating by fiat.

  1. Ron De-Insane-ous is pandering pure bullshit. He knows he would not do either once he lies his way into power.

        • some say he is unable, but I seruously question that position.

          Still until he begins to make credible noise about returning LAWMAKING to Congress and Congress alone, and taking up his pen and phone and deleting countless Executive branch instances of lawmaking (they lie and call them “rules” but they all have the force and consequences of law) I cannot support him for resident. He’d better wake up soon to this reality.

    • Sure he will.

      Further – the sun rises and water is wet. Commies of all types absolutely hate him.

      Especially the ones that intend to replace our military and LE with illegal immigrants that believe the coming “reset” will gift them free land and money, Sandinista-style.

      YOUR land and money.

    • In spite of your insane babbling and hydrophobic foaming, DeSantis has a good record in Florida, both on firearm rights and a lot of other things that have libscum pitching non-stop hissyfits and conniptions. Not to mention lies meant to defame his record and himself personally. Very very WEAK, Alfred E Dacian.

    • @dacian

      “Ron De-Insane-ous is pandering pure bullshit. He knows he would not do either once he lies his way into power.”

      Not stumping for Desantis, but just wanted to point out that what you usually post is pure BS and lies just like all the Democrat politicians and left-wing.

      • Not stumping for DeSantis either, but the man does stuff. It is refreshing!

        Dump illegals on his street, he’ll send them to your house. Try to destroy the rule of law San Francisco style, you will need a new job.

        He is the only one the Left/DeepDoodooState is really worried about, IMO.

        They think Trump is done for, and the rest don’t scare them at all.

        How many well-fed “refugees” have come across the border, hoping to get in on the coming Reconquista, while I type this?

        A couple hundred?

      • dackie boy isnot worth the few bits of energy it costs to even respond to him. Sees to be a paid shill, or worse, a gummit plant, left here to try and ferret out some actinable gummit response.

        Best ignored.

    • DeSantis is exactly why RINOs are pushing Nikki Hayley… You don’t believe DeSantis will do what he says? They said the same thing about Trump… I say prepare yourself for an education when DeSantis IS elected president…

    • doubtingdarcydodo…Funny they said that about DeSantis signing concealed carry for geniune Floridians.

    • “He knows he would not do either once he lies his way into power.”

      That’s my default assumption regarding all politicians.

    • lol
      Pelosi broke Bidens’ fall as he tripped on stage. That’s when he came up with the cure for cancer. Later to be ignored was that it only happened because he was sniffing Harris’s hair. The only reason Tlaib is involved is because of jealousy.

  2. SCOTUS is the appropriate place for this.

    This does NOT translate to Desantis being progun or pro2A.

    It doesn’t translate to being anti-Trump either.

    It’s just campaign trail promises for votes from the base. Wether he keeps those promises or not. What I find interesting is this idea that such things can be thrown about via presidential decree. Biden claiming to ban AR’s should be put down based the same fundamental right. American presidents are sworn to uphold the Constitution. Not disregard it. Regardless of who currently holds office.

    • DeSantis genuinely dislikes bureaucrats creating legislation. Even elected ones, as a couple of prosecutors could tell you.

      So WTF are you talking about?

      Further – moving immigrants to the places that opened the gates for them in the first place actually moved the needle some on resisting the invasion. Remember? It was just last week that the nihilistic traitors were making rope-a-dope handwavy noises about “we need a wall”.

      I imagine a mayor from a megapolis tripping down to Mexico – “Goddammit, Senor Commie-in-Chief, these people are not all pure commies. Could you improve the mix?”

      Senor C-in-C: “Hey we are getting low on stock. Might I suggest some Cuban advisors? They worked wonders in Venezuela.”

      Last – VP Harris ain’t giggling because she is an airhead – she is giggling because she is winning, bigly…

    • “SCOTUS is the appropriate place for this.”

      I disagree, If that were the case, Bruen should’ve ended all of the recent spate of utterly un-Constitutional madness that has been flourishing in states and large urban areas since the decision was handed down over a year ago. Rather than allleviate the issue, it added additional fuel to the fires of the antigun side.

      Endless lawsuits being filed by pro-2A groups cost little and are a great fundraising tool, but I can’t think of a “2A win” anywhere (Bruen included) that has had much positive relief impact on the citizens within the jurisdiction of the win except in places tbat were already, for the most part, pro Constitution.

      I doubt future wins in any court, even SCOTUS, will restore our God-given rights. It is only by wins at the ballot box that laws will be changed through the Constitutional process of legislaotion. We, the advocates of the Constitution, must get out of our “shooting buddy comfort zones” and spread the wisdom of our Founders to those who never learned it in their ever-woke, intentionally-misrepresented public education’s American History since the 1970s.

      Polls have always claimed that Americans overwhelmingly support the Second Amendment, and the ever-surging sales of firearms, ammo, and accessoried since the “BLM Summer of Love” seem to support this notion. On the other hand, there are postings almost daily on TTAG of “wins” in the courts, yet there never seems to be any actual change in public behavior as a result. When was the last time you went to the range and saw someone shooting a braced handgun, or “bump stock”?

      So long as governmental agencies and elected/appointed representatives are allowed, even encouraged, to thumb their noses at decisions handed down by the courts, even, and especially the highest in the country, we will continue to be put on the offensive and playing with a stacked deck.

      • ““SCOTUS is the appropriate place for this.”

        I disagree, If that were the case, Bruen should’ve ended all of the recent spate of utterly un-Constitutional madness ”

        My question right now is, can the Supreme Court discipline the inferior courts that are thumbing their noses at the SC? The infamous 9th circuit should have some judges censured, and/or dismissed right about now. The 9th seems to have one junior judge with his head on straight, a sprinkling of other junior and senior judges who are almost sane and rational, with most senior judges with their heads inserted into their anuses. Something needs to be done about that, and it seems to me that the Supreme Court should be addressing it.

      • As has been said by others before, Bruen was a wrecking ball. The only reason for all that other stuff is because of the left going crazy incapable of dealing with the situation. Bruen has been a force to be wreckened with across this country.

        The problem isn’t Bruen, It’s the response to it. The Democrat party spent so much time being allowed to walk all over the American people for so long that they became very comfortable. The same thing happened with Covid. The problem wasn’t the bug itself but the response to it. We see the left going berserk over Trump for the same reason. It’s all the same thing time and time again. The subject might change but the modus operandi never does. It’s happening again with regard to Israel. Just as it did with Jan6.

      • the bum-rushing of the decisions coming out of SCOTUS will only stop when SCOTUS begins to issue subpoenae citing the perpetrators of the obviously illegal “laws” handed out by executive orders and corrupt state houses into the court and issug SERIOUS sanctions.
        Once a few high profile knuckleheads like the Gabbling Nuisance and NM’s insane governess, not to mention NYS governor and DA’s doubling down in the illegal restritions these clowns are piling onto THE PEOPLE, the game will continue. With the Nuisance in a well-work orange Onesie and staring out between grey steel bars, maybe some other governators will take notice and change.. if not because of their moral integrity, but on account of their strong aversion to extended stays in their State’s Crowbar Hotel.

  3. Great. Next he can do the
    Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986
    The Firearms Act of 1968
    and the National Firearms Act of 1934.

  4. Trump had 4 years to nominate a BATFE director to clean up that corner of the swamp. Who did he pick? Chuck Canterbury, an antigun police union president who supported “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine bans. He had also testified at Sonia Sotomayor’s SCOTUS nomination that she’d be a strong 2A defender. His nomination couldn’t get past a Republican-controlled Senate, and Trump never tried again with a better pick. We’re not his priority, but we benefitted from his listening to advisors and picking originalist Justices instead of ones who could easily be confirmed. We’ll see if Barrett and Kavanagh will ultimately stand for principle, like Thomas, or be squishy like Roberts.

    • Trump got a lot of bad advise from people he thought he could trust, hope he learned his lesson… I AM available if he wants a real advisor…

      • i think you should contact him as I’m hoping after the smoke clears, and even if it doesn’t, he’ll be running in 24′. You sure as heck can’t be any worse than the “Advisors” who are ruining this country now with the babbling, stair tripping, moron as a front man.

  5. Not only will SCOTUS likely invalidate both the bump-stock and pistol brace rules, they have also just added a new case to their docket that will consider the Chevron deference, which is the evil monster that has allowed agencies like the BATFE to “re-interpret” laws according to their “expertise” on the subject matter all these years. Justice Clarence Thomas has LONG been asking for a case to be sent to the court that would allow them to correct that disastrous ruling from 1984.

    The elimination or significant reduction in scope of the Chevron deference would go a long way toward fixing many of these kinds of issues, and preventing them in the future.

  6. Everybody with half a legal brain KNOWS these bullshlt laws are unconstitutional. POTUS intervention and correction should not even remotely be needed.

  7. Perhaps he ought to consider repealing the state of Florida’s bumpstock ban first. Can we use his statement in court?

  8. about DeSantis repeal the “Bump stock Ban” in his own state…it passed after Parkland shooting.

    Florida Statute 790.222 prohibits the possession, sale, importation, transfer, and distribution of bump-fire stocks. A bump-fire stock is defined as:
    A conversion kit, tool, accessory, or device used to alter the rate of fire of a firearm
    A device used to mimic automatic weapon fire
    A device used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate
    A person who violates this section commits a third degree felony.

    • Yeah, came here to say this too. Right now even if the federal bump stock goes away, Florida will still have their anti-rubberband or really likely anything that might make a faster trigger fire (which they will call a bump stock even if it isn’t). Plus the red flag law. DeSantis needs to get those to go away, but the Republicrat Florida leadership loves these laws and won’t repeal them. It was Florida GOP leadership and Rick Scott that gave them to us.

      Republican state leadership won’t want to work with DeSantis in that even if he asks.

      • Well said and agree. hell, one could even argue that a 2.5lb trigger is a bump srock under this law compared to a srock 5lb. Plus, florida gun rights been giving him shit for not passing open carry. He dodged those questions. He and the

    • Crazy how the bump stock ban passed right after the Parkland school shooting.
      That punk kid is known to have committed at least three felony level crimes, for NONE of which he was ever even charged. Further, the rifle he did use he bought over the counter loclly after passing a BGC..which he WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED had he even been charged for any of those felony crimes. And lastly, he bought a dead stock right out of the box AR pattern rifle and what appears to be a cse of standard cpacity magazines… to be clear, they were TEN round mags. They fit better in the fancy new gun case. So WHAT is the connexion with bump stocks, other than the paranoia link?

  9. Maybe i missed this in the posts. What happens if you already have a brace, on your AR-15, 300blk, purchased in my LCS in 2020? Can you legally carry as a “truck” gun or does this now become a safe queen?

  10. Congress needs to break up the BATFE.
    Alcohol and Tobacco => FDA
    Firearms, gone.
    explosives => agency that replaces the FBI

  11. Vivek will shrink government by 75% and return us to the real 2a. Begin harassing your congress people for the Arms promised you in our Constitution and your state for training.

  12. The truth will not be silenced except when you log onto T Tag and its censorship of the truth.

    Ron De-Insane-ous just lost big time in court for killing thousands of Floridians through censorship of the covid data during the pandemic (which is still with us by the way).

    This has hurt Ron De-Insane-ous’s run for the President.

  13. “Who am I talking to today, the gunm people or the not gunm people?”
    Whatever it is you need to hear, I wanna be elected.

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