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Stay safe out there, kings!


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  1. After eating 28 blocks of cheese, I’d be bound up worse than… Oh, use your twisted imagination like the dunce does… 😉

  2. In the olden days before widespread refrigeration there were cheese makers in most small Wisconsin towns. Being a natural born CheeseHead I’m obligated to eat the stuff. And root for the Packers. Not always easy being cheezy. If this story is true there would be a lot of 100+ year old cheezers.

  3. I eat A LOT of cheese. On average, about 2.5 lbs per week. Lots of eggs, also. Eighteen per week.

    Arteries and heart are fine.

    I think the bacon helps with that.

    • Mmmm…Bacon. Bacon is the answer to world peace. If more vegetarians, Muslims and Jews ate bacon. They’d have less to be pissed about all the time.

  4. I knew a person who only ate cheese. And beer is all he drank.
    He died.
    Not from his eating habits but from his inability to stay on a motorcycle.
    Kenny was his name.
    But he was never on Southpark.

  5. “If more vegetarians, Muslims and Jews ate bacon. They’d have less to be pissed about all the time.”

    I dunno, the current price of sowbelly is enough to piss anybody off.

  6. “Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss-a-brie, I cheddar the world and the feta cheese, everybody’s looking for Stilton”

    • Yeah not quite alone in the building today but damn near…..may be able to get some actual work done without distractions.

      • Are the NYCers actually crazy enough to do something stupid?

        Supposedly there are organized “events” in most major US cities. We’ll see if that pans out.

        Personally, I find this all entirely hilarious.

        • A few colleagues in other departments sent messages from their commissioners and it’s a weird gamut of counseling resources are available, don’t let them change your life, hate has no place here etc. My supervisor basically sent “LOL you actually went in? Don’t get got and watch the mail.”

        • Well, if that’s his attitude then here’s to this being a highly entertaining day (but not in your immediate vicinity).

          I’d be lying if I said that, at this point, there isn’t a bit of me hoping for basically the entire Summer of 2020 packed into a single weekend. Such a thing might actually shock people enough to wake the fuck up in a serious way about the clown show this country has become.

        • a day of global yee haa.
          the synagogue that natalie raanan is (was?) a member (three blocks west of me) still has the nicest , most robust block lies madder flag secured prominently in front of their (guarded) entrance.
          i gotta go talk to the rabbi.

        • Reminds me I should check and see if they still have the BLM flag on the capital as the NPC update is going to be spicy on that one.

      • the other day some U.S. university student group ‘something something for socialism’ in a ‘demonstration’ were chanting ‘death to America’

    • Remember New York, these are the same types that came right out and cheered, on NY city streets, the terrorists that attacked us on 911.

      • Please tell me you’re not a full-scale tin foil hat wearer. Trump, Putin’s court jester, crowed about the same thing. Just like most things, he lied. Think about this: if anybody, and I mean anybody, was cheering anywhere in NYC about 9/11 don’t you think they would have been lynched? There’s something like 50,000 NYPD & FDNY that would have been tapdancing on their heads. I was a Paramedic in Upstate New York on 9/11 so I take ignorant comments as an insult to all First Responders who laid down their lives on 9/11. As the Pararescue Jumper’s motto goes: “SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE”

        • You do realize footage of exactly that event was on a few major broadcast stations as well as the internet right? What was more interesting was the variety of cultures involved. If we are going to go tinfoil let’s talk about the immediate push for curtailed civil liberties and dusting off the legislation renamed to the patriot act. Good job responding on the last part and be sure to get your lungs checked the asbestos was nasty with that event.

        • Check your sources. In ALL cases the street celebrations were NOT in the U.S.. The scenes came from the Middle East. Observe the background and clothing that the ” celebrants” were wearing. Definitely NOT U.S.. Several of my fellow First Responders were trained at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC. If anybody, from outside NYC, had contacts with First Responders in the city, with up close and personal info, it would be them. I’ll repeat what I stated above: Do you really think that anybody could get away with celebrating in the streets of NYC on 9/11. Come on, use a little bit of critical thinking here. Also, again, as a first responder I would have had the greatest pleasure in properly “caring” for those beasts with a tourniquet…around there necks.

        • Some of that crap, er footage was reported as being from a highly visable “citizen” in New Jersey. From a rooftop with N,Y,C. in the background…. Old news.

  7. Somebody is using “science” to try to sell more of their government subsidized product. Their control group is probably people that drink a pint of bacon grease.

    Besides that, the meme gave me a nice chuckle. 8/10

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