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We all do it and our wives all love it, eh? Maybe I’ll fill up my “pointing out firearms inaccuracies in movies” jar a bit more this weekend. Here are some good ones.


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  1. Can’t help myself, but my wife who works in the medical field also does the same. I make a point of asking her if things are correct, so she can get some “look at this stupid sh!/ time as well.

    • I have been banned from talking during medical scenes on TV or in movies since 1995. It doesn’t matter what ventilator they have on screen, the sound effect is the old MA-1 Bellows from the 1970s. KA-WHOOSH!

      And also guns.

  2. Back in acquisition mode…prebuilt lower from PSA cause AFT, and 500 more 6.5 Grendel Wolf based on rumor State Department is banning ammo from Russia (might or might not be true).

    • Not a rumor, but indeed a fact. Rob Ski and Guns and Gadgets YouTube Channels have the official State Department summaru document confirming it.

      Beijing Bootlicker CCP C***S***** Dictator Biden does it just 48 hours after the ATG Rules Proposal Comment Period ended and on a Friday night when no one is paying attention.

    • Well, that explains why AIM Surplus (and probably a lot of other online vendors) are suddenly all out of 7.62×39.

      Glad I bought a bunch when the prices started to drop. Wish I’d bought twice as much, though.

  3. What bugs my wife the most is my telling her what is going to happen next or who the real bad guy is before the show tells you. (TV shows are SOOO predictable.)

    • One thing that has turned me off a lot of modern TV.

      You see the same tropes over and over again.

      • That is just you getting older. There are only so many stories that can be told before you have to start recycling and repackaging previously told ideas.

  4. Oh man, I hate seeing stuff like that on TV or movies. But my kids and wife hate my comments even more. I’m not allowed to say anything, but it really bothers me. During the outtakes of one show, the actors were goofing around pointing their MP5s at each other’s heads. I’m like WTF, this can’t stand, and out comes the rant.

  5. Took me a sec but yep – thats one tarded ass muzzle device. Military uniforms are another issue for me… and the people around me.

  6. Even my son pics faults with guns in movies. Watching Mythbusters taught him a lot of Hollywood gun tropes.

    I pic faults with the historical accuracy. Note if you see a M1 Carbine with the sheet metal bayonet mount on the barrel, it is a post WW2 model or modification. I shouldn’t be in a WW2 movie.

  7. Hollywood hates firearms. Unless it can sell movie tickets (or streaming rentals).

    They exploit the idea, entrap it within story until it becomes a slave and they speak out against it within public ownership. Not abiding by the hypocrisy of their stances, may they rot in the hell in which they create of the good folk deprived of the means to protect their homes and hearths.

    They owe not but laundered hopes for those whose wealth they grow, amongst their own. Be it at the losing of liberty for the common, which they are ambivalent. Only the coin of the layperson, nay, their soul corrupted to the narrative do they hold homage.

    The sway beyond which notwithstanding. These are the times that try the souls of men, and thus our innocence is tested. Life is short, and worth not living under clasp and chain, nor while kneeling.

    Question them not, for it be too burdensome for you to accept the continuing, enlivening strife of liberty. You poor, poor souls.

  8. I don’t have a lot of black rifles, but I do have several with riflescopes. Looking at the Meme I didn’t see much at first, but then noticed it looks like they have the scope rotated 90 degrees such that the large knob that probably is elevation is set up to be windage, and vice versa. But maybe he does a lot of shooting from moving vehicles and has figured out how much drop you need to account for moving at 60 mph…

  9. And I thought I was the only one. It’s hard not to call them out. It’s like watching old 6 million dollar man shows and they show him running in slow motion. 6 million bucks they should have shoved a rocket up his arms and him doing 2 second 1/4 miles.

  10. The Sopranos was legendary for its firearm nonsense. People getting shot with prop guns that didn’t have a moving slide or ejected case when fired, the above mentioned hammer cocking on a striker gun, an ex-mob rat arming himself with (I think) a Browning Buckmark. etc. etc.

      • Not to be confused.
        Wow was to Son of Liberty.
        It’s all just bullsht anyway. until 7/8’s of the population of America think the same way, within reason, no yellow, brown , black white, eyeball sees,it’s just shutes and ladders. Amerikanizee wise, freedom and all that crap.
        Its my concern, my concern is, Dacian, my concern is Dacian may try to, try to comp, comp make sense of what I think I said

  11. The one that always got me was “Supernatural”.
    The one guy has a Colt 1911, the hammer is never cocked.
    That show was on for 15 years and never was the hammer cocked.
    Most of the time the guy would never cock it.
    After the second marathon I started to say “Just take the gun away from him”.
    Being forced to watch it by my girlfriend I would get shushed.
    I cant believe I never noticed it the first time around.
    No swear jar, just swearing.

  12. I know very little about Hollywood, beyond my observation that they are batting something like .001. I would expect the production companies have insurance, and the policies would require them to have some kind of armorer on hand. There may be OSHA and/or union regulations too. There would have to be someone on scene who is responsible for the firearms. That guy, whoever he is/they are, has got to be the most frustrated fella on the planet, if he has any passion at all about his craft. I almost feel sorry for him.

    • Often the prop guns on set aren’t even functional. One actor points it, another actor pretends to be shot, and the bang and muzzle flash are added in post. So the guy putting them together doesn’t really have to get them right, therefore you get questionably mounted optics and mistimed muzzle devices, among other errors.

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