AB Suppressor Phantom 9mm Silencer
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AB Suppressor just launched one of the smallest, lightest 9mm silencers anywhere, the Phantom. Made entirely of titanium, the Phantom weighs just 4.4 ounces. But is it enough suppressor to, you know, suppress the sound of a gunshot? Let’s find out!

Turns out…yes, yes it is enough suppressor (view the Rumble-hosted video embedded above, or click HERE). In fact, it’s surprisingly quiet given its extremely compact size and insanely light weight.

AB Suppressor Phantom 9mm Silencer

It’s so dang light, in fact, that although it features a 1/2×28″ fixed mount and is designed for PCC (pistol caliber carbine…AKA guns with fixed barrels) use it ran reliably for me on multiple handguns with tilt-barrel recoil operated systems. With, mind you, fairly gently-loaded subsonic ammunition. Very impressive.

For what it’s worth, the Phantom would also work fine on 300 Blackout, especially when shooting subsonic ammo. However, due to the 1/2×28″ mount you’d have to use a thread adapter since there aren’t any 300 BLK firearms with that muzzle thread size.

AB Suppressor Phantom 9mm Silencer

As AB Suppressor isn’t currently available at Silencer Shop, which is where I’d normally direct y’all since they make the suppressor buying process so dang easy, we’ve chosen to carry these AB Suppressor Phantoms (and Raptors) at Black Collar Arms and will simply transfer the suppressor up to your local NFA dealer. Cerakote available.

Yes, that’s how much I like this Phantom. Even though Black Collar doesn’t make a firearm that works with this suppressor, we’ve chosen to carry it because we really like it. It’s a very cool can.


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  1. Mom said suppressors make her HiPoint look clunky.
    Jeremy, I’ve watched your vids for some time now. Either your getting over stage fright or shooting has helped you become more relaxed attitude. You dont seem to be as nervous as you used to be.

    • Haha, thanks. I think mostly it’s because I used to be very clinical and dry with my videos — just the facts kinda stuff — and I’ve since let my hair down a little.

      • Finally went to the AB site. You are correct, they are welded…the cans are not user serviceable. That takes them out of my consideration. 9 mm reloads (Unique, Sport Pistol, etc can be pretty dirty burning). Too bad, It looks like fun to shoot.

        • Clean it every 500-1,000 rounds in “the dip” or just put it on a .223 rifle and fire a few rapid shots through it and it’ll be bone dry and clean inside again. With commercial ammo you could go far more rounds before cleaning but, sure, if you’re running reloads and they’re dirtier then what I’d probably do is weigh the can every few hundred rounds and when I had an extra couple ounces of buildup in there I’d throw it on an AR and fire a few shots through it to clean it out.

  2. From Guns & Gadgets YouTube Channel:………Beijing Bootlicker Stasi Pig Biden just banned all imports of Russian Ammo.

    I knew that once the ATF Rule Proposal Comment Period was over, Beijing Bootlicker Stasi Pig Biden would hit us on something else.

    Combine it with inflation, and he’s now put a Poll Tax on us.

    • theBiden needs to be impeached, and by theBiden I mean the whole of it.
      Yes indeed, they’ve discovered the secret. No bullets make expensive paper weights out of gunms.

    • Cuz it’s a sweet gun and everybody uses 9mm pistol cans to suppress .32s. There ain’t no .32 ACP can. Most caliber markings on suppressors basically mean “this caliber and smaller.”

  3. Mmm…Vz 61 Skorpion…*mmmmmm*

    Makes me wish I’d been old enough to buy one before the Hughes Amendment…

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