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You know that Wolf, TulAmmo, and Bernaul ammunition you have stashed in the back of your closet? Soon it will become a collectable of sorts, kind of like the old Norinco ChiCom ammo from twenty years ago. Thanks to the great statesman occupying the White House, further importation will stop, probably some time in the next year or so. The same goes for Russian-made firearms.

On Friday, August 20th, Joe Biden signed an executive order blocking the importation of all Russian-made firearms and ammo. The move was ostensibly made to punish the Russians for the imprisonment and attempted murder of dissident Alexey Navalny.

From the hapless State Department . . .

One year on from Mr. Alexey Navalny’s poisoning on 20 August 2020, the United Kingdom and the United States of America reaffirm our condemnation of the assassination attempt on Mr. Navalny through the use of a nerve-agent of the “Novichok” group, a substance developed by Russia.

We call on Russia to comply fully with the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), including its obligations to declare and dismantle its chemical weapons program.

So in the middle of a foreign policy debacle in Afghanistan, Biden has decided to sanction Russia America’s gun owners in response to a Russian opposition party figure coming down with an acute case of nerve agent poisoning. This violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention — which occurred a year ago — apparently wasn’t serious enough, though, for the Biden administration to want to stand in the way of Russian gas exports by a Putin friend and former Stasi agent.

From State’s “Fact Sheet“:

New sanctions imposed today under the CBW Act include:

    1. Restrictions on the permanent imports of certain Russian firearms. New and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial.
    2. Additional Department of Commerce export restrictions on nuclear and missile-related goods and technology pursuant to the Export Control Reform Act of 2018. …

Duration and Conditions for Removal

These latest sanctions on Russia pursuant to the CBW Act will take effect upon the publication of a Federal Register notice expected on September 7, 2021, and they will remain in place for a minimum of 12 months. The sanctions can only be lifted after a 12-month period if the Executive Branch determines and certifies to Congress that Russia has met several conditions described in the CBW Act, 22 U.S.C. 5605(c), including (1) providing reliable assurances that it will not use chemical weapons in violation of international law, (2) it is not making preparations to use chemical weapons in the future, (3) it is willing to allow international inspectors to verify those assurances, and (4) it is making restitution to Mr. Navalny. website screencap by Boch.

In other words, the Biden government will deny any future import license applications for Russian-made ammunition once currently approved permits run their course.

So while the Taliban have been nicely equipped with hundreds of thousands of weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition due to the Biden administrations jaw-dropping incompetence, Americans will have a tougher time of it. The already tight market for ammunition in the U.S. is about to get even tighter.

Thanks to Biden — or who whoever really runs things in the White House these days — it will be harder for America’s gun owners to find the ammunition they need and they’ll pay higher prices to shoot, train and defend themselves. That will no doubt please Biden’s civilian disarmament industry constituency.

So if you like Wolf Ammo and can find it on a shelf somewhere, don’t delay.  Buy it. It won’t be back any time soon.


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  1. Almost like they planned it, eh? And by the way, “Biden” didn’t do it, he’s just passing along the message from the usual suspects!

    • Susan Rice to Biden “Sign here and we will have your ice cream for you and then you can take your nap!”

    • Dear Russia,

      Establish a small factory in Serbia or Turkey that loads bullets into casings only. Ship the bullet components (bullets, primer, powder,casings) to this factory for loading. Load ammunition, then this ammunition is now “made in serbia” or “made in Turkey” etc. instant profit. We keep shooting. You keep making ammo. Win win.

      • Might not even have to go that far. Sell it some to guy in Turkey, change the boxes to a Turkish brand, resell to us.

        • You may not be aware of the little thing on the bottom of the case, called the headstamp.
          Engraved into the base of the case is the caliber and code for the factory that manufactured it.
          It would take 30 seconds for a customs officer to open one box and look at the case and see the Tula headstamp.
          You may not be aware of this, but the importer who applied for the permit is legally required to verify all the information on the permit including the country of manufacture.
          Knowingly filing false information subjects that person to criminal penalties of jail time and fines.
          So you would make a terrible criminal because you would be caught the first time they open one of your shipments

        • It would be a trivial matter to change the head stamp as well.

          If they really wanted to be coy about it, change the “TULAMMO” head stamp to “TURKAMMO” – their other brands could do something similar. Create a company complete with HQ office in Turkey on the Black Sea that does nothing but accept bulk ammo (with the correct, Turkish head stamps) from Russia, package it into Turkish-made and labeled boxes, and put cases of those boxes into Turkish-origin containers bound for the United States.

          It’s not like either Putin or Erdogan feel any need to obey US rules.

      • It’s not that simple, the language leaves room to deny it. It would have to be a complete move and rebranding with headquarters, and importer of that new nation. Like Kalashnikov USA… only for ammo.

    • Yes, it is not PC to call a mentally handicapped person a retard but in Biden’s case, not only is it accurate but mandatory.

      Says a lot for those that voted him in as well. Full retard?

    • At which time some patriots may decide to interdict traffic in or out of those production plants, or perhaps power to those plants might get cut, or perhaps outbound trucks will start to go missing, or maybe all three. Remember there were only 75K Taliban and there are millions of patriots and lots of them are truck drivers.

      • “…there are millions of patriots…”

        Ever wonder why those millions do not deter aggressive government? In order for a deterrent to be effective, the nature (ability or capability) of the deterrent must be known and believed.

        Apparently, “the Left” either does not know of patriotic opposition, the capability of the patriotic opposition, or believe it will be used; maybe all three.

        Given the arc of history, “If you don’t stop this, we’re gonna…” rings hollow, doesn’t it? There will be no legion of door-kickers going from house to house, arresting people, and grabbing guns.

        The “frog in the pot” treatment is effective enough.

        • Frog in the pot?

          Maybe, but there is also the capitalistic system whereby that which is unavailable becomes supplied by criminal orgs…you think the Cartels make money with drugs…you can bet they will be selling 9mm and 5.56 and you won’t even have to pay that stupid Pittman-Robertson tax

    • That’s all the Biden’s really exist for, hefty payoffs and kick backs. Hunter used his to buy cocaine and whores on a regular basis.

        • I can see the script now:
          Queue the spaghetti western music from Ennio Morricone and action:
          A man rides out of the setting sun, his face in deep shadow. The camera follows him as he enters town and turns right to stop at the hitching post, out from the shadows we can see the face of Hunter, it then zooms in on the big iron on his hip. Is it a Colt, or Smith? No it is a Bong, a great huge iron crack Bong (suitable for either crack or parmesan)….

        • ” No it is a Bong, a great huge iron crack Bong (suitable for either crack or parmesan)….”

          And who is at the ‘Bong’?

          Why, it’s Tuco! 😉

  2. 5.45×39 is now pretty much extinct in the United States. 7.62×39 Will be exceedingly hard to find and quite expensive for at least two if not three years while new sources are found or made. An ammo ban has never been rescinded. This is permanent.

    This is going to do wonders for the AK market. Or maybe not.

    • Hopefully the Serbs, Romanians, or someone else will take up the mantle of producing inexpensive steel cased ammo for us. Even better, maybe some American company might do it. In the mean time, the price of .223 and .308 will go up some, and the supply of 7.62×39, 5.45, and 7.62x54r really dry up/price skyrocket. I’m glad I have a fair bit of .223, 7.62*39 and 7.62*54r.

      Then again, I have serious doubts that the USA as we knew it will survive much longer. It is already quickly fading away. I think there is a real possibility that we are going into the “Great Tribulation”, heading to the return of Christ.

      If it isn’t that, it is at least the decline and fall of the “American Empire” and the modern “Western World”. The magnitude of change that is upon us is massive, and the world will never go back to what it was in 2019.

      • “I think there is a real possibility that we are going into the “Great Tribulation”, heading to the return of Christ.”

        Could be, that’s with Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and Jerry Falwell Junior said, and you can trust them!

        • Liar49er got his head handed to him last time he wrote on this subject. So new lies are apparently in order.

          And BTW, no one should be listening to the people he mentioned. They’re liars too, which is probably why they came to Liar49er’s mind.

        • EW,

          I’m not a liar, I only say false and misleading statements based off whatever I feel like saying to seem snarky.

          In reality I believe the same as the good and faithful people Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and Jerry Falwell Junior in the one true god, and in the second coming of his son Jesus.

      • Art Out West,

        “I think there is a real possibility that we are going into the “Great Tribulation”, heading to the return of Christ.”

        It is incredibly spooky, isn’t it? I know several people (myself included) that are having the same thought.

        The words, “In the last days there will be wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines, pestilences, and plagues,” are sounding loudly in my mind like church bells ringing just inches from my head.

        • My wife and I were discussing vaccine passports this morning. They’re not the mark of the beast, but they seem like a definite precursor.

        • EWTHeckman,

          That very same thought is also on many people’s minds, myself included.

          Although I am seriously wondering whether that vaccination passport actually will be the mark of the beast. There are an ever increasing number of both public and private institutions which require that “passport” before you can interact with them–claiming that it is for safety of course.

          And I can easily see it being a matter of months before other entities require that “passport” even though there is no direct safety consideration with them (e.g. all interaction is remote/removed)–claiming that it is in the “public interest” to “encourage” everyone to get injected.

          If that avalanche starts, I would be surprised if it even takes 10 months before it becomes virtually impossible to interact with anyone unless you have your “passport”.

        • We’ve had “vaccine passports” for schools since at least the 1980s . . . . no vaccines? Not allowed in school.

          This isn’t a new thing. Stop acting like it is.

          There’s a reason we don’t get polio and smallpox anymore.

        • re: busybeef

          A) Those diseases were MASSIVELY more deadly and destructive than COVID. The Flu is many, many times more deadly to children than COVID is, yet the Flu vaccines have never been widely mandated for schools.

          B) It took decades of development and testing before those vaccines were considered safe and effective enough to be mandated. (The average time to reach such approval for vaccines is 12 years.)

          These vaccines are based on a brand new technology that has NEVER been used before for vaccination: using genetically engineered mRNA. If anything, identifying any serious long term issues should take longer than average, not a paltry 8 months. People (probably even YOU) are considered reasonable when they question GMO foods. But hey, requiring every single person to inject an unproven GMO substance is somehow okay?

          And that’s not even to mention that we are already seeing loss of effectiveness in these vaccines.

          C) There are no effective treatment alternatives to vaccines for those diseases. There are treatments for COVID identified and proven to be effective by numerous doctors. Yet those successes are being censored for political reasons.

          D) Current school vaccine mandates allow for natural immunity (antibodies developed by catching and recovering from the disease) and medical contraindications for vaccines. (More risk from taking the vaccine than the possibility of catching the disease.) COVID mandates are not allowing for either.

          E) There are alternatives to sending children to public schools, such as home schooling, etc. Getting an education is still possible even under current mandates.

          F) The current mandate is only for school attendance. The vaccine passports are being applied (or at least discussed for) every area of life. That includes buying groceries. Travelling. Medical treatment for unrelated conditions!!!. and so forth. Australia is literally taking children from parents and building “quarantine” camps.

          Bottom line, the only thing true about your assertions is that some vaccines are mandated and only for school attendance. The current proposals go vastly beyond that current mandate in scope (all the way to “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark,”) and for far, Far, FAR less scientific and medical reasons.

      • The Return of Trump is highly unlikely, but at least he’s still alive. The Return of Christ ain’t gonna happen, unless you are talking about a statue or picture you purchased from Amazon, and that is subject to the terms and conditions of the seller. I don’t believe in God(s), but I believe it’s said God helps those who help themselves. So don’t wait for The Almighty(s) to fix things. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

        • Idaho Boy,

          “I don’t believe in God(s) …”

          Then you believe that everything came from nothing–a logical impossibility.

          And before you spout off about quantum realms or anything else, you fail to understand how incredibly profound “nothing” is. Nothing does not allow quantum realms. Nothing does not even allow for the mere possibility of everything coming into existence on its own (with or without quantum anything) since a possibility (of everything coming into existence by itself) quite literally is something.

          Finally, before you try to claim that everything has existed forever without any Almighty Creator, you have to discount the mountains of evidence which unequivocally show that the universe and everything in it most certainly has NOT existed forever.

          Just be honest: admit that you dislike/despise God so much that you do not even want to acknowledge His existence.

        • Quite the contrary. Man has created many Gods out there that are quite likable. By all accounts, Jesus himself was a kind person and righteous Jew who followed the teachings of Hillel. (That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow).
          But you’ve got to admit, the God of the Old Testament was jealous, spiteful, and vindictive. He even endorsed genocide on several occasions. It’s hard to transition from that to some kindly New Testament guy in the sky who loves everyone.

        • Idaho Boy,

          “… the God of the Old Testament was jealous, spiteful, and vindictive. He even endorsed genocide on several occasions. It’s hard to transition from that to some kindly New Testament guy in the sky who loves everyone.”

          Finally some honesty–you do not like your understanding of God’s character. I can understand that. Unwrapping and explaining God’s character is beyond the scope of a simple comment and beyond the scope of this website. Consider a more complete look at creation, God’s original intent for mankind, how mankind’s plunge into sin corrupted that original intent and creation itself, and God’s actions to minimize the damage that mankind’s sin unleashed upon mankind and creation. And while you look deeper, consider how difficult it is to balance free-will (and the destructive choices which often accompany free-will) with love.

        • Weird how now that Biden is president you don’t see people flying flags on their front lawns or wearing Biden hats like creepy cult members.

  3. Yet another ammo ban that is put in place by a Democrat executive decree but never to be undone by a subsequent Republican executive decree.

    Ever get the feeling that we’re being played?

    This better be on the list of First Day executive actions by Desantis.

      • Happens to me all the time. Can never figure out why. Just roll with it, I suppose…

    • Don’t you know that an executive order by a Democratic Party president cannot be undone by a later Republican Party president? Seem to recall that Trump’s attempt to undo some of Obama’s policies (like the Dreamer’s Act) were barred by fedral ocurts. Never could figure out why that was.

  4. Instead of posting cute things here, contact your Senators and US Rep to have this Exec Order overturned.

    OK, so there’s no real majority that can do this at present? Why let them off the hook? Biden is not King, and if we’re really tired of him, obama, or even DJT attempting to take the role of law- and policy-making from the elected Congress, in the very least make your voice heard.

    US Congress Switchboard: (202)224-3121

    White House Switchboard: (202)456-1414

    This, and other Congressional and White House info should automatically, and prominently be posted in such articles IF TTAG really desires to do more than merely inform its participants. More of a suggestion, Dan, than a criticism, but all-to-often we posters and participants fall for the easy, preach-to-the-choir commentary than actually taking the initiative and leading the way,

    • My Senators from Illinois enjoy this.
      Plus really calling Congress or the White House?
      Call now and hang up tomorrow night after being on hold.
      Getting hung up on or sitting on hold is not taking the initiative.
      It’s a waste of time, you should have stocked up.
      That was brought up a few times in the comments.
      People waited for the price to drop and now are SOL.
      Get as much 5.56 and .223 as you can because that’s next.

        • The irony is, future historians, the way our public schools teach these days, will consider this a high point and a success of his presidency.

        • “…contact your Senators and US Rep to have this Exec Order overturned.”

          Conservatives are always playing small ball.


          Harris needs to ride Biden for 2 years to be eligible for two years as pres, plus two election cycles for potentially TEN YEARS as Pres.

          Any RINO’s that don’t vote for impeachment need to be primary challenged and defeated.

      • “Plus really calling Congress or the White House?”
        So, just go ahead and complain here where it’s easy and do nothing? With that kind of attitude the US would never have existed, been settled, and become the greatest nation ever to grace the planet. No wonder we’re in such decline.

        IT’S TOO HARD…

        You probably have never posted comments to ATF on Chipman, braces, or anything else, either. Perhaps don’t even vote, let alone contact your reps or try to have a relationship with them. Just move over, bend over, and don’t even use any Vaseline… I guess some get what they deserve. As long as I’m breathing, I’m still trying.

        • It’s not about being TOO HARD, my senators are Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth. I can guarantee that they love this. My representative is Sean Casten and I guarantee he loves this. The closet republican is Adam Kinzinger who is a serious RINO and he loves this. I didn’t vote for any of them, as a matter of fact I think some shady things went down with Casten beating Ives.

          I vote, there is no point in me calling Sean Casten or the White House. I have made many statements on Chipman but there only so many things you can do. Chipman has been outed and isn’t going to run the ATF.

          The thing that you don’t understand is we don’t all live in Iowa which is a free state. Your reps will listen to you, they need your vote, mine don’t. Sean Casten is from Ireland, is crazy about climate change and hates guns, he wants a national ban on high-capacity magazines and wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban. There is no having a relationship with Casten.
          At least you get the chance to have Vaseline, I don’t.

          You go right ahead and call the White House, I’ll be shooting later on. As I said in a few comments stock up because this administration knows no shame. I have been stocking up for years when the price was low and now that what I feared seems to be coming true my advice is find all of 5.56 and .223 that you can and BUY it. I have ammo from the ’80s that has been properly stored and is still fine and dandy.

          This administration is definitely trying to disarm the citizens, it’s a much deeper issue then trying to change anyone’s mind. As POTG we have to take the house back, that’s our #1 priority. I also wrote that they would come after ammo because that is the easy way to disarm everyone. A gun with no ammo is a paperweight. That day has come because with everything going on this whole excuse to stop importing Russian ammo is a BS cover story to cut down on ammo to the US citizens and nothing more. Do you honestly think for a second that Joe Biden even knows who Alexey Navalny is?

          Find ammo for the guns that you have and buy it.
          That’s not TOO HARD but if you wait it will become impossible.

    • A unified political party is always a power to be feared, even a minority position. The dems united behind hate trump and that is why they are kicking ass. The Top splintered into like trump, tolerate trump and betray the party. The GOP will not be feared until they unite, probably against KH. Hopefully by that time the democrats will start to splinter from their special interest groups and mostly peaceful protest. Then we can start the healing process and follow leaders with good ideas instead of voting least worst.

    • I ordered more yesterday that I wasn’t originally planning to buy. That stuff is now out of stock and prices already appear to be climbing again.

  5. Belarus is within 300 miles from Tula and reliably tame from the Russian point of view. I wonder if it would be feasible to set up charging, seating, crimping and packaging operations there and ship cases, bullets, powder and primers from Tula. Then you’d have ammo “Made in Belarus” (with Russian components).

      • Since Russia is in an undeclared war with Ukraine, I don’t see them shipping ammo components there. Plus there’d be no kickbacks like they’d get from Belarus. On the other hand, Belarus is on our shit list too.

        • Fun trying to find a country who is palatable to the west but doesn’t have a current disagreement with Russia.

          Finland maybe.

          Czech Republic, not since Russian agents caused some of their surplus ammunition stockpiles to accidentally blow up.

          Poland, probably not.

          Hungary or Romania, maybe.

          Perhaps Transnistria? But not recognized by anyone outside of Russia.

  6. I seriously doubt Biden knows where he’s at or what day it is.
    That being said I wrote a couple weeks back that an end-around of the 2A was ammunition.
    “They” know they cannot legally do much directly to the 2A.
    They can go after ammo, some blue states proposed serial numbers on casings and bullets.
    Retaliation for Alexei Navalny? C’mon man!
    Biden wouldn’t know the difference between Navalny and Britney Spears.
    Political theater at it’s worst except for the Afghanistan exit “strategy”.

  7. There are ways around this, but it will make it expensive.

    The same way banned Chinese ammo was supplied for US contracts to Afghan-Iraq, via eastern Europe. Chi-Com ammo was shipped into an ex-eastern bloc country, ‘sterilized’ by repackaging it, and exporting it again. The Russian ammo companies will cooperate by manufacturing ammo with no or a false head-stamp.

    Like the old saying goes – “You try to make it hard, I’ll make it easy.”

    It will cost more, but it will still be available…

    • Nameless Troll,

      Would you just summon up your courage and make a pass at Geoff?? Your obvious and pathetic obsession with him is getting . . . icky.

      I don’t think he’s that into you, but if you get him drunk enough, and tell him you want to have his babies, who knows? You might get lucky. Or, you could lower your sights a little, and start crushing on MinorIQ or enuf.

    • “That is not a ‘saying’ at all. You just made that up.”

      It’s been around a whole lot longer than I have, so that makes it ancient, little boy.

      A very ‘little boy’ you are, I bet… 😉

      By the way – Do you know what no one in TTAG said over the past few days you’ve been missing?

      “Where is that pathetic troll that soils TTAG?”

      Not one… 😉

      • “Don’t believe me? Why not try it and see?”

        You don’t have have the balls to stop me from posting to TTAG, little boy.

        That’s right, there’s NOTHING between your scrawny legs that a sane woman would want.

        And that makes you SO MAD!!! 😉 😉 😉 HaHaHa!!!

    • @Lamp,

      It’s not nameless. It’s just All Hail walking into the room wearing a new shade of lipstick. But you know the saying about pigs and lipstick….

  8. Gun Owners: “Come and take it!!!”
    Biden: “Thank you for the invitation. I will. What are you gonna do about it?”……..Lol ROFLHAO. Come and take it………is now seen as an invitation to the antigunners, and they’re answering the request.

    Ammo prices in general will reach higher than Pandemic Highs because there’s about to be a new round of hoarding from those whom already have hoarded and new hoarders to be.
    Other calibers and cartridges will see price increases because all those Russian Brands had other Calibers.

    Mosin Nagants and Russian SKS Rifles will be hitting $1,000, and “little” $Price Gougers will love it in the back of their minds.

    My LGS had over 40% of it’s ammo sales from these Russian Brands, and this move will put financial strain on them, as well as other FFL and FFL Related Businesses, even putting many out of business because their $Cash Flow is now either severely limited, or outright gone now given how Supply Chain issues are also hurting the gun industry too.

    Combined with inflation, Biden has put a Poll Tax on the 2nd Amendment to economically persecute Gun Owners.

    The Beijing Bootlicker CCP C***s***ing Islamofascist Idolizing Would-Be Dictator occupying the Whitehouse is only getting started.

    Once the FDA approves the vaccine, you’ll need a “vaccine passport” (Medical Privacy Extortion Certificate) to leave your house. Already going on in Australia and Europe.

    When is the Camel’s back in this Country going to break?

    • Answer that question by looking in the mirror. Until you are ready to personally get your bayonet wet it’s only posturing.

      • “A wet Bayonet, The Greasy Grass, The Washing of Spears”

        The only way to avoid having to do these things is to vote. Become involved in local politics. Attend board meetings and speak up in front of the microphone. And protest in public. That was how the country has designed by the founders. That is the peaceful passionate way to change things.

        Or we can go the other direction. Like the atheist Timothy McVeigh did. He was the first. And the atheist Weather Underground, who as civilian terrorists, were really terrible at building bombs. Because they blew themselves up. Military trained or military influenced people will not make that same mistake.

        • ^^^^^^
          Absolutely correct! But to do this, one must first become educated in all sides of the issues at hand to be prepared for the obvious lies and misdirection already in place with the progressives and their willing accomplices from the MSM to elected officials to people bussed in to attend the hearings.

          Next, one must find some courage not needed here, because one will lose the protection of anonymity and will become forever publicly-associated with the statements and viewpoints expressed, popular or not.

          One will also need to quickly develop a “thick skin” to deflect all of the barbs, many false but perhaps some true, that will come from having the education and courage to make relavent, useful and true comments in front of others, many of whom will not initially hold the same points of view, if ever.

          The Founders of our nation provided for us, in writing, the means to address and redress our government and its policies. We didn’t end up at this woke insanity overnight- it’s been going on in earnest since the mid-1960s and it gained almost overwhelming traction over that time, until around, say, 2009, when a few of us really broke from the pack. The road back will take patience, stamina, education, compromising for a short time to make necessary gains and/or alliances, and, of course, the real ingredient- intelligent, yet decisive action.

          We’re far from the kind of tyrrany that the people of the Colonies, particularly Boston area lived beneath in the 1750s and before I give up, or go join some whack job with a custom SKS or Moisin to take the Capital, I’m going to continue to vote, speak up in forums where the words will make a difference, and reach out to others with differing points of view AT THIS TIME and continue to try to press the truth and reason in an effort to win them over.

          Who- in 2019 would’ve predicted that millions of Americans who had never handled a firearm would be swarming LGSs to purchase their first one? The sad commentary on this phenomena is that it was not the urgings and commentary from gun owners who caused this. It was the unchecked rioting in the streets by the woke imbeciles who convinced average people, who would previously put up with their antics and even sympathize with them, to seek to protect themselves, their families and their livelihood.

        • Without ammunition those people who purchased their first firearms are defenseless. Most paid a lot of money for those firearms which are mostly handguns and were able to buy a hundred rounds of range ammo.

          They shot most of that off and have a small stash to protect themselves. That’s better then nothing but now is the time to buy some decent SD rounds regardless of the price. If I’m wrong some people are out some money but they will have a decent chance to defend themselves against ANYONE who means them harm. That includes our own government.

          We don’t all live in Kentucky or Iowa, in NE Illinois talking to your “elected officials” is like talking to a cat. It may look and listen to you and act like it understands you but it’s going to do what it wants.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of russian ammo but then we need all we can get right now.

    We’ve seen this administration so far worse just in the first 7 months than we saw from Trump in all his 4 years. We expected it and it’s not very surprising. Trumps tweets just doesn’t stack up. But then none of that meant anything to me in the first place.

    • I’m old enough to remember when the biggest worry in this country was getting to the bottom of Russian collusion, believing all women, and fretting over their boy Biden being called out on extorting a foreign government. Those were the carefree good old days.

  10. For all the gun boomers going out and maxing pit their credit cards, please just make sure to overspend on only Russian ammo. There is other cheap makers out there and you are senseless raising the price on that ammo too, even though it isn’t going anywhere because it’s made outside of Russian.


    • Never bought Russian or steel ammo. A YouTube dude posted a video saying if you wreck yer barrel the Dims may make it hard to replace. He was right. The party of satan may ban online sales too. They’re gonna lose the House next year & perhaps the Senate. Do what you can…oh & mebbe the Taliban will sell you some ammo😟

      • The early (1990s) imported Russian ammo was made with corrosive powder materials. That is no longer the case. The Russians discovered capitalism. And they started to make quality products that people wanted. My Ruger p89 has done very well with russian ammo for years now.

        I spend less $$$ on ammo and get more training time.

      • Never had any problems with Bernaul, TULA, Red Army but WOLF sucks biggly… Split cases, extraction issues, junk ammo….

        • Wolf is Tula ammo. Forget about the Wikipedia nonsense, I have been buying cases of Wolf ammo since it was real Russian military surplus. It did indeed have a green lacquer coating and it did melt off, gumming up things. Those days are gone but I have cleaned guns that were coated inside with green lacquer (it wasn’t the red sealant) with carb cleaner so yes it did melt off if you shot a lot, which I did.

          I had cases of it and they changed to the polymer coating. I called Wolf and said that I had cases of the old green lacquer stuff and they said Email them receipts. I did and they exchanged it. The reason why? I told them the truth, the old Wolf green lacquer stuff did melt off and instead of getting cases stuck in the chamber, my firing pin actually got “glued” and the gun went full auto. That was a strange day at an outdoor range to put it nicely.

          Anyway they changed the stuff out round for round and the new stuff came in sealed Wolf cardboard coxes and was the polymer stuff inside. The head stamp was TULA. It worked well, no melting and gumming so I have 2000 rounds of that stashed. I think that Wolf imports ammo from a few different places but the stuff I have is Tula sent to me directly from Wolf.
          It wont hurt your gun unless you get the old green stuff but it’s been a while since I have seen that, like a decade. The poly stuff is dirty and smells funny but it goes boom. Anyway move to Texas:

  11. This is a joke. This is made to squeeze their political enemies at home. What’s more important to Russia’s economy, natural gas or exporting some cheap ammo to us? The Biden administration didn’t want to squeeze Russia too hard…

    “The Biden administration has decided to waive sanctions against the company overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, despite bipartisan opposition in Congress and appeals from Eastern European governments.”

    • To be precise, Biden didn’t want to squeeze Germany too hard. Germany is the benefactor of Nord Stream 2. Germany needs that Russian gas and if they didn’t get it, they would cease being the US’ poodle.

      The US has screwed up big time in Europe and Central Asia. All of the Central Asian countries are getting into bed with Russia and China controlling the shots. Remember Orwell’s “Eurasia”? It’s happening as we speak. Iran will joining the Shanghai Cooperation Council shortly. When that happens, Iran gets Russian and Chinese support. Afghanistan will eventually be integrated into the Central Asian “stans”, even under the Taliban. The Taliban aren’t stupid. They know the benefits of being part of the Central Asian economy bloc and the Chinese Belt-and-Road Initiative. So much for the US getting Afghan oil and the CIA getting Afghan heroin.

      If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in foreign policy, you’re going to end up dead in a nuclear war. Biden is pushing the Chinese over Taiwan, violating US policy for 50 years – and the Chinese aren’t going to allow that. Recent Pentagon war games over a Chinese take-over of Taiwan show the US losing – if it doesn’t go nuclear. Which is why China is building hundreds more ICBM silos.

      Your government is going to get you all killed.

      • Mostly correct but I doubt Biden is calling the shots.
        Oil is a commodity and goes to the highest bidder so we will pay more.
        The heroin is also a commodity that will go to the highest bidder.
        It’s cheaper to make Fentanyl in Mexico so heroin isn’t that much of an issue.

        Whoever is calling the shots IS going to get us involved in a war.
        That war could be nuclear so the whole planet gets destroyed.
        There are no small nuclear wars.
        Mutual assured destruction no longer applies.
        Happy New Year

      • Yes, I understand the Germany wants. I also understand that Germany supposedly needs NATO to protect them from Russia. How has Germany survived this long without the pipeline? Oh, I see, it’s good for their economy, and Biden is sympathetic to that. Now explain why he cancelled our pipeline as soon as he rolled into office? Our carbon neutral pipeline was friendlier to the environment than rail and tractor trailer transport. So Biden is a hypocrite that is more concerned with Germany’s economy than our own, and he doesn’t really want to squeeze Russia too hard. Got it! America last.

  12. It’s all because they are distracting everyone, this and a few other erosion of freedom laws like vaccine passports, interstate travel bans, miles driven monitoring, gun shot location monitors, and of course voting rights without citizenship, etc. Afghanistan and COVID are just distractions so you barely notice what they are really doing.

  13. Just like last time this happened for the 94 awb, other countries will tool up to produce their own to fill the gap and reboxed russian ammo will soon come in.

    All this is going to do is make the ammo resellers who pulled all their stock (don’t believe they sold out of it – watched a site with 99+ cases of 1k 7.62 go from that to out of stock instantaneously)bookoo bucks a few months down the line.

    Don’t wast your money. Patience is a virtue.

  14. Biden just *gave* a fucking armored battalion & a close air support attack wing to the GD taliban. But don’t you dare sell Russkie steel cased ammo.

    Plus, no more mean tweets from orange-man-bad, so there’s that.

  15. Are you people serious?

    You are whining because the United States of America discourages the support and profit of the Russian arms industry?

    Lord knows, no honest American conservative patriot would want KGB Colonel Putin’s profits to dip ever so slightly…

    I am continually surprised by what passes for ‘patriotism’ these days…

      • Isn’t it nice as I Miner49er, a far leftist Marxist and Fascist who hates the U.S.A., can lecture others about being “(a) honest American conservative patriot”?


    • Then you should be especially impressed by your boy, the Pudding Eating basement dweller, terminating the pipeline in the US, and removing the sanctions that had held up the Nordstream RUSSIAN pipeline, amirite?

      MinorIQ, not sure whether anyone ever explained this to you, but being a hypocritical, partisan, two-faced s***weasel? NOT a successful strategy. Stop knocking other people’s patriotism, when you yourself seem utterly bereft of any.

      • “..impressed by your boy”

        He is not our boy. He is the world’s greatest puppet and fool….ever.

        One that got enough of you American morons to vote (we added the extra votes necessary in swing states) for your own destruction.

        Who wants a free Obama phone? HAHA!

  16. Anyone who thinks Biden and Trump are the same is a disconnected fool. They have no credibility at all.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward video 1 hr long

  17. I’ve got 2500 rounds of Silver Bear and 5000 Chech brass in 7.62×39 and another 5000 TULA go ahead…. I’m good…

    • “I’ve got 2500 rounds of Silver Bear and 5000 Chech brass in 7.62×39 and another 5000 TULA”

      That’s my current status too, except I stocked up on 7.62 NATO/308 Win. Literally pallets of Austrian ammo in GI cans.
      All my AR piston guns are Patriot Ord Factory, equipped with machine gun grade barrels that can shoot over 70k rounds and still hold around 1 moa accuracy. None of that chrome lined stuff that eventually shoots out. Spares include replacement buffer ass’ys, pistons, op rods, gas plugs, BCGs, BC rebuild kits………..
      Almost as important as ammo. Find a quality rifle you shoot well, buy a 2nd one as a backup, then buy spare parts to rebuild it.

  18. So this decision is supposed to sanction Russia; and, for a rational pretext.

    Suppose Biden forbade imports of ALL Russian products. Would that be an infringement on the 2nd (or 1st) Amendments? Probably not. Suppose it forbade imports of all Russian products excepting just a few. (Perhaps strategic rare minerals or pharmaceuticals). Would that be an infringement? Probably not.

    When the import ban is directed at a product explicitly enumerated in the Constitution, that clearly constitutes an infringement, whether it be arms or publications. As such, it seems a good issue to litigate.

    It’s not this particular ban, at this particular time, which makes litigation worthwhile. Rather, it’s the principle that government has such power as to infringe on arms; at least in the case of arms “in common use”. Here, we aren’t talking about the import of a nuclear missile from Russia. The issue in this case is very ordinary ammunition and rifles.

  19. During the Bush and early Obama years we had really improving relations with the Russians. You had Hardies and Burger King opening in Russia. Now the Democrats are taking us backwards to a cold war.

    The new “rainbow american soldiers” are not going to impress the Spetsnaz. Except to having a good laugh.

    INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill video 5 min long

  20. Fortunately, I have planned for this for years knowing it was coming and have tons of steel cased ammo. I mostly have Monarch which is Serbian and Academy’s brand. About three months ago, a local dealer had PMC 7.62/39 brass for sale by the case. The price was around $15/box and I bought every case he had not even balking at the price. Now, I need to plan to reload 7.62/39. So happens I know where to buy the dies. They’ll go after the reloading supplies next, then something else, and something else.

      • “You need .310-.312″ diameter projectiles. .308 is a little undersized.”

        What 7.62zx51/308W lacks in diameter, it more then makes up for in velocity. I don’t shoot it from any barrel under 18.5″ length.
        Ft/lbs on target matters. 😄

        • What Southern Cross said is correct. The U S ‘s 7.62 is .308 , Europe’s 7.62 is .312.
          Ruger bored their Mini .30 .308 to improve accuracy with .308 bullets here in America.
          A 308 diameter bullet in a barrel bored .312 will not attain the velocity or accuracy of a .312 bullet no matter the barrel length.
          I would have thought you would have known that?

        • Thought SC was referring to the larger dia 7.62×39 Russian ammo.
          Was aware of the slight difference between 7.62×51 & 308W. All my rifles are bored tight, will run 7.62 and 308W.

  21. I am SHOCKED, Another failed executive decision by our President. Just shocking, but hey he has been making failed decisions for 48 years, why would we expect any rational thoughts now?

  22. I welcome a cold war revival. Maybe we’ll go back to the moon and start making cool movies about special forces sneaking into Afghanistan to rescue Americans left behind without the help of China instead of faggycapeshit. Bring on morning in America 2.0.

  23. And in the Red corner weighing in at 152lbs with a record of 22 wins, no defeats, by way of knockout
    Vlllladimirrrrr Putin, Putin
    And in the blue corner weighing in at 158 lbs with a record of 42wins , no defeats ,by way of lies and cheating
    joe biden.
    This should be interesting fight Howard, whats your thoughts?
    ” Well Bob, I believe it will be a quick 3 rounds depending on just how fast Joe can get up.”
    If only.

    • Amazing.

      ‘Patriotic’ Americans cheering on the KGB colonel, despotic leader of the Russian Empire, wishing for the defeat of the American President.

      Tell me, is it because Putin says he hates the queers and women?

      Or do you just dig that picture of Vlad riding bare-chested in the snow?

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

      • I have no problem with Putin snapping Bidens neck.

        I have no problem with Putin snapping Harris’s neck.

        I have no problem with Putin snapping YOUR neck 49er.

        I think that actually makes me a true “Patriot”.

        You are more of a Commie then Putin and he’s ex KGB.

  24. Odd all my Wolf ammunition says made in Ukraine. They switched some years back from manufacturing in Russia. If memory serves I went by the Lugansk ammunition factory some years back when in Ukraine. They still have bullet holes on the outside of the building from the second world war.

    Regardless your typical John Boch article; Full of misinformation and lies.

    • I don’t doubt you but I have cases directly from Wolf that are stamped Tula.
      They do stick to their 100% Performance Guarantee.
      They will exchange 10,000 rounds freight payed both ways.
      The boxes say Wolf but they are a distributor so they get ammo from many places.
      Right on the Wolf website it says: “Made in Russia”.

      • Some I’m sure is made in Russia as Wolf is source from there too. Pretty sure we will suddenly see all the boxes stamped “Made In Ukraine”. Now if Kalashnikov USA would manufacture something other than shotguns and 9mm AKs we would be in business.

  25. Why all the outrage over a sparkling truth: American gun owners are the real enemy of the Dims and Leftists, the only serious threat to the future of the nation.

    • What a laugh, it was the Far Right Trumpites that stormed the Capital and tried to kill Congress people and establish a jackbooted Trumpite Dictatorship. Of course the Far Right deny it to the sky even after several billion people saw it happening live. Talk about the Far Right being delusional, brainwashed and just plain damn liars.

  26. @Rusty – Always Carry – Chains

    “…you can bet they will be selling 9mm and 5.56…”

    Don’t expect the pricing to be any better.

  27. Why not ban Russia Vodka and caviar?
    Oh, what am I thinking. That would inconvenience his handlers, beltway Buffon pals, crones, and traitors. Can’t have that, now can we Beijing Joe. 🤔
    Onward with the tyranny, and EVER bigger buracracy.

      • Pelosi would have convulsions just thinking about it.
        Complain? She could die, which isn’t a bad thing.
        The ice cream just hides the vodka behind it in the freezer.
        She’s a walking Class 3 hazmat. She’s flammable.
        She’s a bigger danger to the Capitol then 1/6.

  28. still think the 2022 midterm elections are going to save us
    do you really think the democrats will actually allow them to happen
    think again:
    they just partnered with china to launch a bioweapon on america disguised as an accidental lab leak on the world and a cover up
    all that just to get trump out
    and it worked
    theyre capable of anything now
    including an october 2022 surprise false flag event that allows them to “temporarily postpone the elections until this crisis is over”

    • No one needs to worry about Covid, just follow Dr. Laura’s advice and take the horse wormer ivermectin.

      I find the idea of Fox news hosts encouraging Trump MAGA supporters to consume a veterinary quality worm medicine amazingly appropriate.

      • Um:

        That has more science in it then the FDA and CDC have had in 18 months.

        Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.

        I’m eating my dogs HeartGard right now. Real-beef chew, like jerky.
        I’m going to Farm and Fleet in the morning to get more.
        You don’t like it because it kills Parasites like you.

        • “I’m going to Farm and Fleet in the morning to get more.”

          Wish there was an F&F near me. They have the best 5 bullseye rifle sighting targets bar none. These make great handgun targets too.
          Just shot the last few I had left last weekend.

          Next trip to Iowa I’ll be stocking up.

      • I have given the horse wormer ivermectin to my chickens.

        As we say, well I say in WV, there is no loving like the lov’in from a chicken.

  29. “Amid a Historic Shortage, Joe Biden Hypocritically Blocks the Importation of All Russian Ammunition”

    Gotta wonder what took so long?

  30. @Geoff “I’m just a gigalo, and everwhere I go…” PR
    “You don’t have have the balls to stop me from posting to TTAG, little boy.”


    This is really kinda low brow for you. Ignore children.

  31. It’s always amusing to me to see people commenting about things they know zero about.

    It’s also amusing to see people talking about foreign policy issues like Nord Stream 2 that they know nothing about except what they saw on Fox News.

    It’s even more amusing to me how so many people think they can have any influence whatsoever on the PTB by 1) bitching and moaning, or 2) voting (as we anarchists say, “If voting could change the system, it would be illegal”, or 3) waving your guns around in some stupid militia.

    Things change under only 3 conditions: 1) the impact of new technology; or 2) big bags of cash; or 3) someone gets shot. Which means if you’ve not prepared to be a hacker or an assassin (or both) or you happen to be a billionaire, there isn’t squat you can do about anything. Your focus should be on surviving what happens because you’re not going to change what is happening.

    • “Your focus should be on surviving what happens because you’re not going to change what is happening.”

      Try telling that to the climate apocalypse folks.

    • The Wolf Gold .223 in my stash says made in Taiwan. The 22LR says it’s made in Germany. It’s pretty clear to me that they source stuff from all over.

  32. “Isn’t Wolf gold made in Taiwan ? and isn’t Wolf headquartered in the US?”

    “WOLF Performance Ammunition is a trademark associated with Sporting Supplies International (SSI), a corporation in the United States. It was founded in 2005. The ammunition was mostly manufactured by Tula Cartridge Plant in Tula, Tula District, “

  33. John, thanks for the clarification and great reporting. I always appreciate your stuff my friend. This is going to hurt me. I shoot a good amount of Russian made ammo out at my club. I know the purists pooh pooh that, but it’s served me well for plinking, marksmanship drills, and even longer range rifle shooting. Over the years, Russian ammo has saved me a lot of money too. I’ll miss it and it will mean way less range time for me. It’s a shame for law abiding citizens who enjoy a safe and enjoyable day out On the range.

  34. Me think theBiden is helping the domestic market in ammunition. He see everyone one buying ammunition from other countries. theBiden is putting America first.

    excuse me know while I go smash my nuts with a brick

  35. I shoot American calibers, because I’m a patriot, and these days I buy IMI. I have relatives over there, and I like supporting their economy.

    • Lol, you love you some “american calibers” and you buy IMI cause, Lord knows, nothing says you are an American patriot like supporting a f-cking israeli weapons manufacturer. Do you have a blue star tattooed on your ass, too?

      • I dont know about that blue star but I do know a guy who had been in the penateraty, years went buy after he got freed ,and for some reason he decided to get a green swatskia tattooed on his ass cheek. He just had to show me, it was green for sure and about the size of duct tape. I looked it over and said ,” Man you better hope you dont get locked up again. ” He turned whiter then he was, like ” Ohhhh fccckkkk, didnt think about that.”

  36. @ uncommon sense
    “Then you believe that everything came from nothing–a logical impossibility.”

    Not to take a side here, but….

    Always find it curious that people who deny God exists (not people who are unconvinced), have put on the mantle of God; in order to know God does not exist, a person must be able to see everything, (past, present and future) everywhere, instantly. Else, God might exist in some place and/or time not searched/observed. If a person cannot search everywhere, instantly, then rejection of God is simply petulant.

  37. @uncommon sense
    “Although I am seriously wondering whether that vaccination passport actually will be the mark of the beast. ”

    It is all too easy to think of the US as the most important nation in the world, and that certain predictions must be centered solely on what happens in the country. However….according to ancient scripts, the US is not even mentioned directly (implied under certain readings, but not named). The ancient writings indicate “the great tribulation” is a worldwide event, not something that would be noticed only by people in a relatively minor (inconsequential) entity.

  38. @ busy beef
    “There’s a reason we don’t get polio and smallpox anymore.”

    Shot records have been around since at least the early ’50s. However, those documents were not required anywhere but school; they were not presented to eat at a restaurant. And…to carry the comparison further, while polio has been essentially eradicated, cold/flu virus (covid) is still with us, and the vaccinations do not eradicate the common cold, or seasonal flu. Before “The Great Lockdown, 60,000 to 80,000 people died from flu in the US. Why is that acceptable without mandates for flu shots, and calls for passports?

    The covid vaccines of today do not, do not immunize anyone. That is, they are not a force field. The vaccines are designed to mitigate, not eradicate. They are designed to prevent hospital visits. That is why “breakthroughs” after vaccination are publicized; to scare people (and inadvertently reveal that the vaccines do not confer immunity). There is virtually no follow up with “breakthrough” infections; number of hospitalizations/deaths, number of people who test postitive, yet show little or no symptoms.

    What the publicity does not report is that mitigation is not immunization. Politicians are claiming vaccines will stop covid-19, but admit they are not 100% effective at prevention. And somehow “breakthroughs” are the singular and direct result of unvaccinated people.


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