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Heh. Bit of a dad joke there, eh?


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    • It’s ‘fashinable’ these days to call bulked-up biceps ‘guns’ in some circles…

  1. A pair of cables walks up to a bar. The security guard at the door looks them up and down.

    “Okay”, he finally says. “You can go in. But hey – don’t you start anything!”

    Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week!

    • Jumper cables. That was supposed to be jumper cables, dammit.

      I somehow managed to make a terrible joke even worse. Do I get a ribbon for that?

    • A rabbi, a priest, and a mullah all walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “My life is a joke!”

      Two Irishmen walk out of a bar. Oh, come on, it COULD happen!

      A pirate walks into a bar, and when the bartender notices that he has a tiny propeller spinning away on the front of his pants, he asks what it’s for. The pirate replies, “I dunno, but it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

    • A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says “you’re in here every night. Are you some kind of alcoholic?”

      The horses replies “I don’t think I am”, and promptly vanishes in a puff of smoke.

      See, the joke is about Rene Descartes famous philosophy of “I think, therefore I am.”

      I could have explained that at the beginning of the joke, but that would have meant putting Descartes before the horse…

      (I regret nothing!)

  2. Game wardens bust a poacher with a cooler full of grizzly paws.
    The poacher’s defense? “Hey, I have a right to bear arms!”

    • Paws are not arms though, there animal hands.
      No where in the constitution does it say ” The right to bear hands shall not be Infringed “.
      Hey, I got out of having talons and feathers because of my religious beliefs. Would have been a $500 fine otherwise.

  3. And the little guy front snap kicks the big guy in the nutz, wraps the red rope around his neck, chokes him until his doing the blue flopper, then pulls the security guys gunm out ,throws it across the street and kicks in the door .
    I’m just here for the beer and the ladys.

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