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The math checks out! Like his pencil, he’s got a point.


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  1. Apparently knives kill people in Thailand, England and Las Vegas. But they don’t count. No guns were used.

      • Yes, 37 fatalities, mostly toddlers. It was a day care center, and the shooter was an ex-cop.
        I suppose the magnitude of the atrocity is so great that even CNN isn’t trying to memory-hole it since it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • I see now he used a knife but of course it became a shooting through the magic of mass media. Silly me.

      • He had a gun so the gun was responsible, and he may have shot a couple of adults before going after the poor kids with a knife. He also murdered his wife and child.

        • I see that although I find it hard to believe that a humble and upstanding member of a police agency would be capable of such a thing. Guess I’m wrong…

    • I was a jury ages ago and you should have seen the fuss when they found a screwdriver in my bag.

      I pulled out a pen and asked “Have you considered the lethal possibilities of this?” Two of the sheriffs look surprised. One looked horrified. Someone had seen the Godfather movies.

      • The county jails around here give you an itty bitty pencil but no way to sharpen it.
        I always thought they got the idea from Hanoi, the dirty bass turds.

        • The only way in which da pen is mightier than da sword is because it can be used to call up more swords.

  2. Mass Stabbing On Las Vegas Strip Leaves 2 Dead, 6 Injured >

    Just to note, as I have before, daily across the United States there are ~1,300 victims of criminal knife attacks. That’s ~ 474,500 knife attack victims annually. Ya never hear about it in the media unless its something ‘sensational’ for some reason (e.g. this Las Vegas Strip incident, some sort of racial thing, etc…). The term ‘attack’ does not mean a person was always injured or killed, it means the criminal person used a knife to physically threaten (intending to do harm) or injure or kill.

    The majority of these criminal knife attacks are charged as aggravated assault and lumped into stats with the other ~800,000 criminal aggravated assault victims annually. Aggravated assault has become the fasted growing area of violent crime. Annually, about 90% of criminal violent aggravated assaults are conducted with a ‘weapon’ other than a firearm.
    In other words, when taking into account aggravated assault, most criminal assaults are conducted without a firearm, making the firearm the lest likely weapon used by the criminal person in criminal assaults but ya really don’t hear about this from the anti-gun or MSM now do ya.

  3. And ffs, please Dan, lodge complaints to Cloudflare. 20 minutes of changing exit nodes repeatedly to get past their cock blocking “Checking the security of your connection” bs to get this comment to post.

    …And straight to moderation jail it goes. Wonderful.

    • changing exit nodes (i actually have no idea what that means) is considered aggravated assault.

  4. I am slightly overweight, so I got rid of all the forks and spoons in the house. I don’t get it, still not losing weight?
    In breaking news, to save the Navy money, Biden administration has dictated that all US submarines will be refitted with screen doors and hatches which are cost effective compared to metal doors. .

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