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Me, too.


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  1. Life is a balance: Range time and personal time should balance…even better is when you go elk hunting with your lady and score a fat cow elk and that night celebrate in the travel trailer with your human partner!

    • Somehow, as I sped-read through your comment, the words “lady” and “fat cow” blended in my mind. I had to go back and re-read it at normal speed to set things straight. 🙂

      • @Haz


        I see how my comment could have been misread. Communication is the art of you understanding what I said or wrote…I failed (humorously).

        Thank you for the mid-week chortle!

        PS: I’ll never tell her that you thought she is a fat cow.

  2. Okay. I get it. Of course I think about firearms. I even own a couple of two or three Glocks. But, anyone that thinks about nothing except sex and Glocks might have a problem. I mean, really, there so many more interesting firearms out there.

    • Stone, don’t even get me started on a 1911. I chased one, or another, through doors for twenty five years. Own a couple of two or three of those, too.

      • I a Glock guy, own others but Glock is my ‘go to’. Been thinking about a G20 to add to the collection.

        • A G20 with spicy Buffalo Bore ammo is perfect for bear country (or, for that matter, Leftist Scum ™ country)… 🙂

  3. Don’t know about y’all, but the human mind is capable of holding two thoughts at once. No reason not to do both:

    and the old “Stacked and Packed” calendars.

    Every week, Power Line blog finishes it’s “The Week in Pictures” post with at least one photo of a fetching young lady, usually scantily clad, with a gat. (Have to admit, the fact that they often have crappy gun safety skills and REALLY crappy trigger discipline does detract from the experience.)

    No reason not to enjoy two things at once.

    • The human mInd is capable of holding two thoughts at once.
      Like I been saying,-a pyramid will not make you immortal and humans are not top of the food chain. :
      We’re going out in the woods
      It ain’t no fancy shoe thing
      You bringing all your goods
      Im’a gonna bring a string

      • TTAG,

        You should consider publishing a collection: ‘The Wisdom of Possum’. It would likely rocket to the top of the best seller list.

        • The Possum is whole lot smarter than he appears…

  4. I think about sex from time to time. I think about handguns from time to time. Glad to say that at my age I can still handle either one.

  5. I only think about sex when I get within sniffing distance of a female.
    Now dad gum it I ain’t no Joe Biden but sometimes its ” hard” to mind your manners when the scent is right.
    She showed up every morning
    Daisy dukes n hair in curls

  6. As a Catholic priest, I thought a lot about sex (celibacy has the opposite of it’s intended affect).Then, I married a hot woman and thought about sex even more. She is somewhat relieved that I have taken an interest in firearms.

  7. Pro-gun think about guns and gun defense and hunting and sporting.

    Anti-gun think about abortion, and killing pro-gun with red-flag law swat teams, and putting up no-gun-zones signs and duping defenseless people into thinking the signs will keep them safe then figuratively in the media dancing in the blood of innocents when the next mentally ill mass shooter happens then lie about why it happened.

    yeah, I think I’d rather be pro-gun.

    • “lie about why it happened”

      How unsettling is it that they told us they knew of no motive from Stephen Paddock? Then they suddenly release an absurd motive six years after the fact. This is coming from an agency with zero credibility after everything they’ve done in the past few years.

  8. Glocks are very dependable, whereas a lot of women tend to exhibit failure to feed issues… Stovepiping can also be a problem, although they usually extract pretty well.

    And, since the new Bud Light ad campaign, it’s become more important to field strip them first before attempting to chamber a round.

    • “Glocks are very dependable, whereas a lot of women tend to exhibit failure to feed issues…”

      Salesmanship and lubrication is the key…

      *Snicker* 😉

      • “Salesmanship and lubrication is the key”

        Not always. Loading also can contribute. Many tend to prefer the premium stuff, others are happy with the commie, green, steel cases. Not to mention the actual projectile.

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