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I mean, yeah, but it’s still exciting.


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  1. I have been a 1911 guy since I started carrying one over 40 years ago. A few years ago, I decided to build that plastic piece of crap just as something to do. I actually like the Glock 19 clone and the Glock 17 clone I built. Not ready to trust my life with them yet but have to admit, over 1,000 rounds through each of them with no failures and the accuracy is acceptable. Still prefer my 1911s; maybe the old dog v new trick thing but have to admit they aren’t actually the plastic piece of crap I originally thought they were. [I would still rather carry any of my 1911s.]

    • {Crap, I should have used a different name, I don’t want someone to take my Man Card.}

      • I like ’em both for different reasons. When you’re used to a steel gun and a real trigger, it’s tough to get used to a Glock. But it’s possible.

      • No worries, your not alone on this. First learned to shoot on a 1911. (1943 model Dad got from CMP in the 60s) Wife also learned to shoot with the same gun. Her first pistol was a Kimber 1911 officer. I now carry a g19, and she a G43x

        • Yup, same here. Of all my various handguns, my two favorites (if I had to make the classic decision of which two to save from a house fire) are a 1911 and G17.

          It’s like saying you need to choose between a pickup truck and a motorcycle. They both have their uses. So why not both?!

    • I used to love the 19 size, but mine is a 23 with a bunch of conversion barrels. But man, the 43x/48 are way better. Add in a Shield Arms mag catch and S15 mag and you have the same capacity as the 19 with about half the width. For me it just about is perfection.

      Nothing wrong with 19 BY God 11’s. I have owned a couple over the years and never had any complaints. In a way you could replace Glock with 1911 in the meme and it would work just as well 😉

      • Shadow Systems CR920 is a Glock 43X MOS on steroids. All the right upgrades, right out of the box. I am very satisfied with mine.

    • I’ve considered the idea of building a Glock 19 and AR15 just to bury them (packed in cosmoline and sealed in plastic) in my back yard along with a few thousand rounds of ammunition in the hopes that I will never have to dig them up.

      • This is always a strange take.
        You’ve been marginalized and your liberties eroded to such an extent that you feel it necessary to hide away tools protected by the Bill of Rights and you hope to never fight to get those liberties back and they remained buried.

        Like saying you hope to surrender and never resist. Or maybe just pass the hard part on to your kids or grandkids? Assuming they don’t sell you out to the government the moment you reveal the stash to them because after a few decades of being educated by the government, employed by the government and not experiencing living with the liberties you buried your kids and grandkids will have been properly brought to heel and you represent the dark ages full of intolerance and dangerous recklessness. Their promised utopia hinges on your eradication.

        • Assuming they don’t sell you out to the government the moment you reveal the stash to them

          Happened in Cuba…

        • To maddmax
          I had a friend when I was young that did just that. Thought he was doing the right thing and turned his uncle in for having a gunm. He said the federalies drug him into the street and gunned him down.

        • Goes along with the “I Lost Them In A Boating Accident” comment.
          If it’s ever time that you have to say that, it’s Time You Start Using Them.

      • Gov.,

        Just curious – why would you pack a PLASTIC pistol and a PLASTIC and/or aluminum rifle in Cosmoline? And why Cosmoline (which is a really shitty long-term preservative – try to remove it after about 50 years)?

        • try to remove it after about 50 years)?

          Been there done that with my NEW old stock Mosin Nagant that had been packed in the crap since 1937… Lot of work but a pretty gun (well worth the $75.00 I paid for it)… Used a heat gun and various cleaners…

        • MAXX,

          Wasn’t saying it isn’t POSSIBLE – it’s just a bitch and a half. Had a buddy who worked on ‘de-mothballing’ an old WW 2 ship, and he told horror stories about having to grind, scrape, and chip off the 50+ year old cosmoline.

          Not that I’m a big fan of the garbage rod, but I bet it was pretty when you finished with it.

        • It’s quite gratifying when the steel plate sings at 150 yards with open sights… Not bad for an 86 year old piece with 75 year old ammo and a 73 year old shooter… Probably do way better if I could see that far…

    • I favor both .45 ACP and 1911-based platform as well. However, I tried to carry a Detonics concealed for about 3 months, after trying to conceal carry a steel Colt Officer’s prior to that. I’m 5’ 10” and 170, was an exercise in futility to keep from showing. Went to a G43 IWB and have settled now on a P365 since they came out. No trouble with concealment regardless of a coat and tie or swim trunks and t shirt.

      So far, all have been little more than an accessory as the only time I’ve needed to produce any was to run a coyote off my dog while running on a bike path years back.

      As to my primary reason for the .45, 9mm in defensive loading has made tremendous strides over the past decade.

      • Yes, 9mm has made a lot of progress but it is still hard to argue the physics of the bullets. Most common 9mm is 115 grain vs most common .45 is 230 grain, exactly double the mass of a 9mm.

    • Stone – you do realize that the basic 1911 platform has gone thru essentially the same type of growth or evolution as Glocks have. Changes in the trigger and backstrap immediately come to mind. Then of course all of the custom takes in materials and every manufacturers personal ‘take’ on the original. I won’t even go into the various calibers 😉
      Suffice it to say there is likely some sort of 1911 (or plastic fantastic!) to suit any individual’s need.

  2. I like the G17 and G43. But when there is so much out there, why would I purchase another Glock? I have a couple of Rugers and an M&P 9C. Each purchase of something new is a learning opportunity.

    Heard this one today:

    Cat says to an Octopus holding a gun in each tentacle: “You’re one short, buddy”.

      • “Guess the cat can’t count unless they were all single shot .22s…”

        The cat had 9 lives, the octopus had only 8 tentacles with one gun each.

        One short…

        • First let me express my appreciation for your grasp of the obvious and then we can discuss the probability that each ONE those eight guns probably has at least ten rounds giving said Octopus POSSIBLY eighty chances to hit that cat nine times, I like his odds… The JOKE was stupid, and I regret the 8 seconds it took me to read AND comprehend it… Even MORE regrettable is those who feel the need to EXPLAIN it to us lesser lifeforms…

  3. Stupid question of the day, I have a gen 4 parts kit where are the gen 4 3D print frames? I’m really confused on what they did there tbh.

    • The files to pring a gen 4 are probably on one of the weapon wikis out there…

  4. I own a 1911 in .45 and a glock 17 in 9mm.

    I also own an AK and an AR.

    Some call me confused, others call me a renegade.

    I just have yet to meet a gun I don’t like, I suppose…

    • Sounds pretty normal to me unless you only have ONE AK and ONE AR, I would consider THAT to be a bit unusual…

    • “I just have yet to meet a gun I don’t like, I suppose…”

      Lorcin, Jiminez, Bryco, Phoenix, a few others…

  5. This is my Gock and this is my gunm.
    This ones for shuting myself in the leg with and this ones for funm.

    • First handgun was a Browning Hi-power second was a Beretta 92. First time I picked up a Glock it felt off. Even after shooting several models they still feel ‘wrong’.I would rather use something that I don’t have to get used to shooting.

      • I will say this: After learning to feel the reset from shooting striker-fired over the past 8 years or so, the feel of my Gold Cup and other 1911s seems strange. The trigger break comes so much easier and I keep waiting to feel the click for the next press.

      • That’s why they make so many different types and sizes… I have no problem going from a Ruger P90 to S&W 357 to a compact 9mm to a 1911 to a G29… You never know when you might be forced out of your “comfort” zone…

        • MAXX,

          While there is an obvious advantage to practicing with the platform you carry or own, I see an advantage to becoming familiar with as many platforms as possible – you never know when you might have to use some dead guy’s gun. But at least for me, “muscle memory” does take a little time to develop.

  6. The Glock is the small block Chevy of the gun world. The 1911 (which I carried in the military, yes that old) is the Ford flat head. Both good, but the 1911’s I had in the ARMY were from WWI, and reliability was questionable. Every range day was a failure. Not so with the Glock. Every Glock I have (3) have never had a failure. You decide.

    • You were in the Army in the early 1920s?!? How old are you?

      Or did you mean WWII?

      • The armorer told us the newest 1911’s we had were from the Korean War. Regardless of where and when they were made they rattled and shot patterns, not groups.

        • Legend had it that they could field strip themselves if you shook them hard enough.

        • Now that is funny, even if I did need a quicker picker upper…

    • I am also curious. We got Beretta’s. I was route clearance though, so they mainly kept them in the turrets because for whatever reason, they were more afraid of the hanguns than the turrets. They always said “because people are executed with the pistol more often” but I think it was just manueverablity. Many times I had to stick almost my entire body exposed to point my rifle (I never chose the pistol) at someone. It worked about 90% of the time.

      • Ever turn it sideways? I blame gangster movies for their reactions to pistol over rifle/anything belt fed but also found pistols to be the most effective method of discouraging various local tailgaters.

  7. I’ve been carrying the SAME Glock G29 for over 20 years and my bedside piece is a .45 Ruger P90 that I’ve owned for 25 years, both go bang EVERY TIME I tell them to (unless the ammo fails) and I trust them implicitly with my life on a daily basis (and I’ve never shot myself in the leg)… So, what’s a NEW and IMPROVED model going to do that they don’t?… More than a few individuals have lusted after my P90 at the range (must be that polished stainless slide)… Newest piece (not my last purchase) in my “little” collection was picked up about 5 years ago, a new Taurus Millenium PT111 9mm for the wife, she prefers her over 25 year old S&W .38 Special so, that 9mm joined a few others in the handgun case…

  8. If a gun from every manufacturer were on a firing line all set up and ready to shoot for fun, Glock would be the last one I’d pick up. But if I had to pick one of them to carry for my protection it would find itself much higher in the pecking order.

    • Pretty much my opinion, as well.

      Glocks are nearly ideal for carry in the sweat of summer heat in Florida…

  9. I have a Gen.1 Glock 17. And a couple variations of the 1911. Each have their uses.
    My everyday carry out on the homestead is usually an old M25 S&W. My cc weapon when I go into town is an ancient Officers Model 1911.

    • My first 1911 was a stainless Para-ordnance P14 .45 with the bull barrel. It shoots very sweetly but now that I have had a chance to shoot a 2011 Staccato longslide, I want to throw rocks at my Para-ordnance. Staccato 2011 is softer recoiling than the 1911. It can be shot very quickly and accurately.

  10. Getting excited because every year there is the release of a new model with just the slightest modification from the previous one…
    Are we talking Glocks or iPhones?

  11. It’s to my eternal shame that I shoot Glocks better than my 1911’s. Must be the lower bore axis or something. Not giving up on either one though.

  12. my handgun collection
    is pretty “diverse”
    its comprised of:
    walther ruger colt taurus springfield smith and wesson
    sig sauer and glock
    in the last 10 years the glock is the only one
    that has had zero malfunctions ever
    thats why its on my nightstand every night
    its a gen 3 g22 with truglo tfo night sights
    a stupid bright 1500 lumen olight
    a tango down slide stop
    a self applied 10 minute trigger polish job
    and a 15 round factory mag in it
    with a strike industries 5 extension
    loaded 1 short with gold dot 165s
    with this setup
    in an almost worst case home defense scenario
    i figure i can effectively engage at least five different 2 legged threats with a “fire for effect” capability if the need arises

  13. Glock is to gun what Honda Civic is to car. Both are extremely reliable and solid choices, but only an idiot takes that to mean that nothing else can compare or even exceed them.

  14. I’ve carried a Glock 22 EDC for many years. Have other Glocks too. None of them has ever failed to fire when I squeezed the trigger, none of them have ever malfunctioned. All of them literally have had over 5,000 rounds fired. There has been several times I’ve had to use my EDC Glock, no other choice … and my EDC Glock has saved the life of my wife and myself.

    I’m sure a 1911 can be reliable, I have a few of those too, have lots of hand guns. I could EDC my Sig’s, in fact I do sometimes as occasionally I switch off for a day or two for one reason or another but mostly if I feel like taking one of the Sig’s to a short range trip later so i’ll EDC a Sig that day and same with all the others. I could EDC one of the 1911’s or any of the others I have. The main EDC’s you see people carry around here are a mixture of Sig’s, Glocks, and 1911’s.

    But my EDC of choice is still my tried and true Glock 22 that I’ve carried for many years. It doesn’t look new any more of course, its got its years of carry and use and holster wear marks, its got a few small light scratches, its had so many different sight types and brands tried on it I lost count, its been taken care of though and it has taken care of us very well.

    I know there are some that have that one gun that’s proven its self worthy and reliable for them, it may not be the top of the line in ‘popularity’ or the latest ‘flavor of the month’, it may not be pretty any more, it may be something others don’t like for some reason or another, it may even be beat up some …. but there is that quality of ‘worthy and reliable’ about it that gives you a certain confidence in its ability to be there for you when you need it the most, that one gun which you may one day need to depend upon to save the life of your family or self. In this physical mortal realm of existence there are four physical entities to which I would trust my life without question or hesitation in my daily exposure to the world at large, these are my wife, my sister, my brother, and my Glock 22.

  15. I don’t pay heed to the Glock vs. Real Pistol argument.

    I’m a monster, and my easily concealed sidearm is an AR with a 4.5″ barrel and a DFA short buffer tube.

    Those whom I miss, I light up with the fireball.

  16. I wish all you Glock heads could see me shoot one. I can’t hit jack shit with those, sold my Model 20 because of it. 9mm, 10mm, iron sights, red dot, doesn’t matter. Something about them do not agree with me. It frankly confounds all logic, and makes NO sense. The only Plastic Fantastic I can actually hit anything with (not great) is my Walther PPQ.

    • If you can’t hit anything with a Glock the problem is not the Glock. I’ve seen 10 year olds on the range try our dads Glock (dad there of course coaching) and do first timer 4 inch groups at 15 yards.

      • You two are cute. Stupid, but cute. I’m fascinated you both just pulled the “of you can’t shoot this ONE FUCKING THING, you can’t shoot” argument. 😂😂😂

        Oh and .40, good luck pointing out where I so much as marginally insinuated it was the gun’s fault or that they were bad weapons.

        I guess the meme is right, Glock freaks are stupid.

        • You said: “The only Plastic Fantastic I can ACTUALLY hit anything with (not great) is my Walther PPQ.”
          (You didn’t specify how accurately you could ACTUALLY hit anything, although you did say “not great” or what ANYTHING might entail)

          You SAID you can’t shoot ANYTHING plastic, that’s a fuck lot of handguns (that’s more than just that ONE thing) so don’t blame ME for your stupid post… I’m not a Glock “freak”, I own ONE Glock in 10mm and it IS my EDC but I have Ruger, S&W, Colt, Taurus an AMT 22 Automag and others, I shoot them all, I enjoy them all, and I am proficient with them all… I give zero fuks about your ability to shoot ANYTHING but if you can’t take a little shot then don’t make yourself a target… “Anger” issues? I don’t recall calling YOU stupid…

        • No need, MAXX, he already did that.

          OTOH, as the Romans used to say, “gustibus non disputandum”. I never try to argue with anyone else’s preference as to handguns – it’s as personal as your toothbrush. While I love my 1911, I have to admit my old Beretta M9 just “fit” my hand better than any gun I’ve ever used. Not exactly easily concealable, however.

  17. On another Forum, the question of “Best Glock Upgrades” came up.

    My submission? Buy another gun other than a Glock. 5 Generations and the Trigger is still CRAP, though I’ll admit Gen 5 is improved, but not enough.
    Buy a Walther PPQ M2 or the new PDP, and you’ll get the best Out-of the Box triggerbon the market. Besides, the PPQ comes in .40 and .45 as well as 9mm, to cover the 3 top EDC Cartridge Choices.

  18. Glock people remember the glory days of being the first “plastic” gun on the market. They still get excited by their innovation from way back when. They eventually supplanted the all metal wondernines, some of which had very large grips.

    But most double stack glocks are blocks. I could cut out a piece of wood and get the same feel.

    Most other brands have far better ergonomics nowadays.

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