Tennessee House Moves to Expel 3 Members Who Led Anti-Gun Protest in the Chamber

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Justin Jones bullhorn
Tennessee State Representative Justin Jones used a bullhorn to incite the anti-gun crowd in the gallery from the well of the House Chamber during the legislative session at the State Capitol in Nashville, Tenn. (George Walker IV /The Tennessean via AP)

If the standard for getting rid of an elected representative is “knowingly and intentionally bring(ing) disorder and dishonor to the” body to which they’ve been elected, America should soon be losing about 93.8% of those who currently hold office. But seriously, folks, that’s the charge being leveled against three Tennessee Democrats who used a bullhorn to lead anti-gun protesters in the House gallery in chants of “FASCISTS” and other bons mots last week after the New Covenant School shooting.

As a result, Republicans who control the House have started the process to expel the three gun control cheerleaders from office.

As the AP reports . . .

The extraordinarily rare move resulted in a chaotic and fiery confrontation between lawmakers and supporters opposing the move and has further fractured an already deep political division inside the Tennessee Legislature.

Resolutions have been filed against Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson after they led chants from the House floor with supporters in the gallery last Thursday. The resolution declared that the three had participated in “disorderly behavior” and “did knowingly and intentionally bring disorder and dishonor to the House of Representatives.”

There’s that phrase again. Rep. Jones captured his handiwork for posterity.

Jones brought the bullhorn to the lectern that the three Dems shared to get the gun-haters in the gallery going. Now, Republicans are moving to put them out of their jobs.

Republican Reps. Bud Hulsey, Gino Bulso, and Andrew Farmer filed the resolutions [to expel the three]. They successfully requested Monday that the House expedite the process and vote on the resolutions Thursday.

The GOP doesn’t appear to be backing down.

By Monday, Sexton confirmed that the three lawmakers had been stripped of their committee assignments and said more punishments could be on the way. A few hours later, House Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison referred to Jones as the “former representative” during the evening session.

Rep. Justin Pearson, Rep. Justin Jones, Rep. Gloria Johnson People hold their hands up as they exit the House Chamber doors at Tennessee State Capitol Building in Nashville, Tenn., Monday, April 3, 2023.  (Nicole Hester /The Tennessean via AP)

Jones, in his relatively short time as a state representative, is no stranger to less-than-collegial legislative behavior.

Pearson and Jones are both freshman lawmakers. Johnson has served in the House since 2019. All three have been highly critical of the Republican supermajority. Jones was temporarily banned from the Tennessee Capitol in 2019 after throwing a cup of liquid at former House Speaker Glen Casada and other lawmakers while protesting the bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest inside the Capitol.

Stay tuned. This should at least be entertaining to watch.


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    • Gun Control zealots do not realize the perp in TN acted no different than the torch carrying Gun Control enforcement kkk that lynched and shot Defenseless Black Americans. And the perp acted no different than Gun Control enforcement nazis that gunned down Defenseless Jews.

      It is the face of Gun Control starring them in the face and they are so History illiterate they are blind to reality…Pathetic useful idiots are an insult to the fallen.

    • Here are some additional video and commentary from a person who lives in Nashville. I didn’t trust Robby Starbuck before. But since his appearance on the Tim Pool program, I have come to think he is one of the good guys.

      And he makes some predictions which people are not going to like. But because of the people we are dealing with, I suspect it’s going to happen. Every Christian needs to sell their cloak and buy a sidearm. Learn how to use it and prepare yourself, for what most likely is coming.

      “Live: Democrat Insurrection Attempt In Tennessee” 28 min long

  1. when the national divorce happens
    tennessee will be among the first 10 states
    that will vote to secede

    • “tennessee will be among the first 10 states
      that will vote to secede”

      That would certainly be a gain for the rest of the loyal United States.

      “Study: Tennessee among the most federally dependent states
      Chuck CampbellUSA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee
      A new study suggests Tennessee isn’t paying its way in America as the state’s residents and government are taking more from the federal government than they’re putting in.”

      “Kentucky earned the study’s dubious distinction as the most-dependent state on federal funding, followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama and West Virginia, By contrast, Delaware is the study’s least-dependent state on federal funds, followed by Minnesota, New Jersey, Illinois and California.“

      Wow, it’s like those red states just want free stuff from the government, how ironic.

      Say, you think you guys could talk some of those other red states into leaving, it would fix the federal budget deficit if we got rid of the leeches.


        • Au contraire!

          I for one, would welcome the entertainment value when the Republican base discovered their Republican leaders had cut off their government assistance.

        • When things get ugly, they are gonna get ugly real quick. Stay frosty, winter is coming They enemy’s base is DOWN.

        • No, we want the wealthy folks who have profited the most from the society our forefathers built to pay their fair share.

          That’s why we have federal programs to help out poor folks in Mississippi, Kentucky, etc. It became clear over many decades that the Republican leadership in those backward states would not support their poor folks, that’s what necessitated FDR’s New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson‘s great society programs to bring relief to poor working folks.

          You know, Social Security, Medicare, SSI and Medicaid were all democratic programs, passed over the vociferous objections of Republicans.

          And you’ve already seen the head of the republican senatorial campaigns, Sen. Scott Perry, as well as Rep. Bill Lee, publicly announce their plans to Sunset Social Security and “pull it out by the roots”.

          So go ahead, secede and cut off all those federal programs to your poor working folks, let’s see how that goes.

        • I imagine all those poor folks would just move to a blue state.
          Maybe the blue states will see the value of walls then?

        • No, we want the wealthy folks who have profited the most from the society our forefathers built to pay their fair share.

          You mean like prominent TN native Al Gore with a net worth in excess of 200 million? I’m SURE he pays his “fair share” every year, wink…wink…nudge…nudge… I probably paid more in taxes last year than he did…

        • President Lyndon Johnson‘s great society programs

          Wrong answer: The “Great Society” aka Welfare program was, in Johnsons words, to have them ni—rs voting Democrat for the next 100 years, working so far…

        • “…we want the wealthy folks who have profited the most from the society our forefathers built to pay their fair share.”

          Precisely define “fair share” with the numbers.

          Is it a percentage of total income?

          Would you consider 30 percent annually to be ‘fair’?

          Think carefully before responding… 🙂

        • Cereal for many in NY state gov that can do basic math and begin to understand logistics that is exactly what we are worried about if things do get ugly. Read up on how quickly NYC stopped preaching about being a sanctuary city when it was actually expected to perform as one and how our hotel industry is faring under the current arrangements. Not sure when we would need another bailout but it would be faster than the last one during the pandemic and we may not rate anywhere near as high on the priorities.

      • can you say blue city bailout? knew you could.
        quite the difference between po’folk w/ no opportunities and the dole.

      • Oh, look! Our OTHER resident village idiot woke up and decided to voice his idiot opinions! Oh frabjous day!

        Like your butt-buddy, dacian the demented, you approach every subject with an open mouth – regardless of your abject ignorance about said subject. But, rest assured, each occurrence gives us another reason to point and laugh. Playing “whack-a-mole” with you two idiots is great free entertainment. Carry on, MinorLiar, carry on. Continue to demonstrate your stupidity.

      • Illannoy least dependent, what a joke. Try living here like so many unfortunate others. It’s in as big a hole as Californicate.

        • I mean to be completely honest I can see why.

          CA alone has a higher population than Canada.

          Not only is the state massive, but it also has a huge population. So that honestly makes some sense.

          However IL takes the cake for corruption. I’m honestly amazed the 2nd Amendment held out as long as it did in IL.

          I’m sure those federal funds are being used for it’s intended purpose 🤣

      • MINOR Miner49er. You have no right but a lot of chutzpah to speak of loyalty to the United States. You don’t even support the Constitution.
        As to “free money” why shouldn’t the Red States take from the Feds? You stupid Leftists put it out there. And then you bitterly complain when a Red State takes advantage of your largess with our tax dollars.

      • it’s not the states that are a problem, but the liberal democrat run cities and policies that have stifled businesses and led to sub par jobs.
        nice try but fail.

      • But Miner, what if your little scheme causes my boss to close the doors and leave town so to speak?

        Now all you demented libtards are out HIS taxes and my little contribution as well.

  2. You r@cist!! You mis0gynist!! You h0m0ph0be!! You f@scist!! Etc. etc. etc. Now grow a thicker skin and get used to being called and names, when you fight back to keep your civil rights. It’s just another day in the battle to keep your Birthright in this country. There are people who want to kill you. And get their hands on your children. But the founding father’s Second Amendment is standing in their way.

  3. interesting coincidence?
    African Americans now commit nearly 2/3s of all homicides in America and nearly 3/4 of gun homicides, and they are they ones who are violently demonstrating for gun control? This is just like the Transsexual Queer folk invading the Tennessee state house to riot after one of their transexual proteges commits mass murder in a Christian school. this isn’t about crime prevention. this is victim disarmament in the context of the impending genocide of heterosexual, white people.

    • DemsSuck,

      I believe the relevant line from the OLD SNL (back when they were actually funny) was, “Small, peanut-like mbwebwe”. It’s the whole uniparty thing – they want everyone to THINK there are two parties, while they both cooperate to rob us, and provide few if any services.

      Rope. Tree. Politicians. Some assembly required.

  4. We must apologize to the left. It’s all our fault they’re homicidal bullies working overtime to strip us of our rights. Can’t you see they are the real victims in all this?

    Is apparently how they think.

  5. “…three Tennessee Democrats who used a bullhorn to lead anti-gun protesters in the House gallery in chants of “FASCISTS” and other bons mots…”

    Sounds kind of insurrection-y to me.

  6. “If the standard for getting rid of an elected representative is “knowingly and intentionally bring(ing) disorder and dishonor to the” body to which they’ve been elected, America should soon be losing about 93.8% of those who currently hold office.”

    93.8%???? AYFKMRN???? Try 99.9%.

    How can you tell if a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

    Unfortunately, while I think the stupid demonstration was disruptive, inane Kabuki theater, expelling them is contrary to the will of the people who elected them. BOTH parties stepped in s**t on this one.

    • ultimately I agree. But this is like the captain of a nuclear submarine and the second in command trying to replace eachother. It creates a mutiny and a huge problem. This is a decision for the people of that state. It is however being proven to all of us that the left is filled with lunatics with a well established precedent.

      • Prndll,

        Yep, you are correct, ultimately elections are the proper remedy for all politician f***tardery. Now go look at the statistics for what percentage of incumbents are re-elected.

    • I’m not sure that expulsion is the best answer. But they should be suspended from their duties. They prevented other people from speaking by using a bull horn. And the Physically attacked another lawmaker.

      These black lawmakers are as anti civil rights as any klansman. And that is not as exaggeration. If you want civility. Then you need to have order.

      if you don’t allow people to speak peacefully. Then there is another alternative, And I’m sure most people do not want it.

      And that alternative involves using guns.
      There is a book on this very subject.

      “The field of blood, violence in Congress and the road to the Civil War”
      by Joanne B Freeman. 2018.

      They can be required to use a Skype computer setup. If they want to attend any legislative duties. Instead of physically being present. Until they can learn to behave themselves.

  7. In this case they called them bad names, and while most laughed it did break decorum which is a bedrock foundation of any legislature. They besmirched the names of other legislators.
    They also disrupted a session on government business.
    In this case they didn’t post about it, like come out and protest, they were actively involved in the disruption.
    It doesn’t matter the cause.
    They could have stood on the steps of the capital and had their blow horn and stated their grievances. Instead they went beyond the guard rails in place for active representatives in the legislature. For that their removal is warranted.

  8. Aiding and abetting a violent insurrection by the same people who a day earlier slaughtered children in a school. Sounds like treason and grounds for expulsion to me. About time Republicans grew a backbone and started playing hardball with these lunatics.

  9. Jesus Harold Christ.
    I’ve watched some of them Congress Senate going onms and lord a mercy, you wanna talk about a bunch of entitled wanna be’s .
    We R Fcked ,, ,and we dont even know it.
    Freedom to own a dog as long as you get a city permit.
    Liberty to do the things that .giv allows you.
    Justice for those that have the $$$.

  10. The SGT. at ARMS, and the cops on scene, should’ve whipped their asses in self defense [by all available means] and locked them down…The punks should realize that deadly force can be used when security is overun in Government operations…That is one of the reasons why Jan 6th was BS..


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