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Given the ever-increasing ways in which to use a SIG P320 FCU and the variety of gun configurations you can create with them, it’s hard to argue with this meme! In fact, stay tuned to TTAG over the next few days for a really cool P320 FCU build article.


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  1. Funny. I like SIG and have several. No GLOCKS. Oh wait…possum reminded me of something. I only have one gunm.

    • “No GLOCKS”

      But…but… but.. they are perfection.

      (And before you glock boi’s start liking this comment it’s sarcasm)

  2. Meh, i put two 320’s together using sig fcu’s and a m17 an m18 conversion kit. Also have one in a wilson combat grip module. They’re cool but personally i still prefer my glocks. G34 and 19x ftw.

  3. $350 for an FCU so you can build a gun the government knows you have? I will stick with a the OG polymer80 not-glocks. $350 gets you a custom upper assembly. Add another $100 and you have a ready to go pistol.

  4. You know it’s not great when you have to dis another brand in order to justify it.
    If it was all that it would stand alone without the bandwagon jumping

  5. A. The FCU is a “customizer” part that costs as much as some complete pistols because you’re stuck paying for the trigger group (the first parts most customizers replace / throw away).

    B. Despite SIG hype (and the dizzying array of minor cosmetic variations available) this isn’t one pistol that can be anything you want. The P320 can be a full-size or a (not very compact) compact. The P365 can be a micro-compact or a subcompact, but ne’er the twain shall meet. Contrary to the “ever-increasing” BS in the article, SIG cut way back on the “subcompact” (still quite bulky, but shorter) P320 options when they introduced the P365.

    Anyone who actually offers what SIG claims to offer could make a fortune.

    • Maybe you missed it but they released a revision for the compact (X-compact), and then flooded the market with options for it. Although cal exchange kits are so far lacking, which isn’t to surprising in light of the smaller specs of the X-compact grip module.

      It is a given the XL is slightly smaller overall in the compact realm, but shoot them both side by side if you want a real comparison. X-compact is far easier to shoot better, more comfortably, and quicker with followup shots. I gave a hard look at all options & tried out every option, and it’s why I chose the P320 over the XL for general EDC. P365 back up for lighter wardrobe choice days.

      Comparing compact vs. compact is fine. Throwing one under the bus for dimensional differences where compact vs. micro is concerned… Not peak levels of disingenuous, but surely not the most honest of contrasts.

      • The only reason I am comparing micro vs. “compact” is because I’m comparing SIG’s hype with reality. They sell the notion that one of their “modular” pistols can replace your whole arsenal (race STI down to J-frame) with some simple part swaps, which is far from the truth.

        I’m familiar with the X-compact. It’s more ergonomic than the regular compact (although I prefer the feel of the Wilson), but it is still not “compact” in any meaningful way. It is G19 / Colt Commander size, and therefore nowhere close to concealable for my body type, climate, and typical clothing choice for most of the year.

        In 1911 terms, the P320 offers the opportunity to swap between Government and Commander slides – a meaningless distinction for all practical purposes, and all the more meaningless because:
        -A 111-year-old 1911 that nobody claims is modular and revolutionary can do the same thing.
        -The 1911 is actually much slimmer and more rounded-over, and therefore more concealable for a larger range of body builds, clothing types, etc. than the bulky P320.

        The worst part is that they’ve already done the hard work and could readily deliver on their promise if they actually cared more about the customer than wanting everybody to have to buy both the P365 and P320 (the problem for which their system is advertised as the cure).

        • Don’t believe I’ve ever seen Sig drawing the compact as a competitor to J-frames. You have a link for that?

          As to the qualities as a race gun, it’s perfectly capable, and has aftermarket support in spades over the STI/Staccato. Doubly so in competition parts, I can name off more than a 1/2 dozen custom slide manufactures for the P320 without breaking a sweat. I also can’t think of a single one supporting an XC offhand. Granted my Grey Guns Comp trigger doesn’t hold a candle to a custom 1911 trigger, I’ll give you that, still superior to any off the shelf standard 1911 I’ve ever handled.

          You like the Wilson module? You should try the Icarus flavor, hands down my favorite so far.

          Carry position? I AIWB mine, been my experience that slab sided guns conceal better with less printing overall in that position. Enhanced by WML’s to fill up that gap. Not the best option for other positions true, but I hardly care, being a diehard AIWB guy.

          AIWB it conceals just fine on my avg height, barrel chested frame. And that’s with an extended barrel, comp, WML, optic, and 3 extra magazines typically.

          2011’s don’t conceal as well with that wider grip & mag well generally, and I carried a P-12 for about a decade. It seems implied you’re talking single stacks. Also not a righteous comparison.

          And get back to me when you can keep a (couple) of single stack 21rd mags in your pocket as tertiary/quaternary backup.

          ^That’s funny, spell check doesn’t know how to spell quaternary.

          I am wholly unsure how you figure that a P320 FCU could fit in a the same physical dimensions as the P365. There has to be some give when the minimum standards for engineering for durability are taken into account where width is concerned. Shorter barrel & overall height, sure & perhaps respectively. By losing capacity only on the latter.

          Height of the bore and slide is determined by the interchangeable FCU, that isn’t a cake you can have and eat as well. Seemingly you are under the impression that mechanical engineers don’t have to make concessions & compromises given dimensional requirements of all the components, but they in fact do.

          Point being, you are largely arguing for the physically impossible, and incorrectly perceiving & stating that as a provable detraction point. That for the most part isn’t a valid argument, outside of the sole scope of barrel length & absolute height.

        • I wouldn’t say SIG ever explicitly used the term “J-frame” in an ad, but they (and their fanbois, especially those masquerading as objective journalists and reviewers) certainly put a lot of effort into claiming modularity would allow one P320 to replace a whole array of pistols. SIG themselves seem to have backed off a bit since the introduction of the P365 (i.e. they specifically want to avoid you buying one pistol for all roles, and seem to have withdrawn “subcompact” modules for that reason), though the fanbois continue unabated.

          Congratulations on being able to conceal a bulky pistol; in my slimmer days I could as well (G20) – though I’m not sure if I ever tried to do so in the typical attire for my current climate (shorts and T-shirt). Regardless of my or your or anyone’s personal views, circumstances, or preferences, SIG’s production of the P365 is their implicit acceptance of the fact that many people need something smaller. Its massive sales confirm broad agreement by customers. A few other counterpoints:

          -2011: The 2011 is massive because even 9mm 2011s use bloated .45ACP-size mags. P320s have the same problem (to a lesser degree) because it’s a .40-size frame. There are plenty of double-stack 9mms that use slender double-stack mags built originally for 9mm-size frames. A P-11 is an example of one that manages to fit in a P365-size frame without the wonky “2 into 1” magazine configuration.

          -“A couple of single-stack 21rd magazines”: Why? Who needs a couple of double-stack 21rd P320 magazines?

          -“I am wholly unsure how you figure that a P320 FCU could fit in a the same physical dimensions as the P365.” Where did I say that, and why would I want that? I absolutely do not. A P320 FCU is oversize for 9mm, to fit around those oversize .40-width magazines. It also dictates a high bore axis.

          -“There has to be some give when the minimum standards for engineering for durability are taken into account where width is concerned.” Are you claiming P365s don’t meet “minimum standards for engineering for durability”? Millions of customers would disagree, though none so vehemently as SIG themselves!

          In conclusion, SIG invented and advertised an amazing capability that is perfectly valid and feasible, but failed to actually implement it. It would be as simple as SIG recognizing:
          -The P365 is their newer and better design, and
          -You can make something that feels too small for some people thicker (using their own advertised features!) but can’t make something that’s too thick slimmer.

          The logical conclusion of which would be development of a grip-frame that fits P365 15rd magazines, in a variety of hand-fitting grip sizes; development of a threaded 4.5-5″ “duty” barrel and matching slide; and preferably extended slide stop and thumb safety levers as well. That would truly enable one module and one 4473 to meet a broad spectrum of requirements for us and for gov’t department and agencies as well. What about that (besides convincing SIG to give up on the idea that they’re going to sell each of us two pistols) would be “physically impossible”?!

  6. As that guy gets a little older and more experienced he will learn not to turn around to stare like that.
    Well that’s if his girlfiend sticks her foot out and trips him then kicks him in the ear a couple times.
    Those novelty XRay glasses were a big disappointment.

    • “As that guy gets a little older and more experienced he will learn not to turn around to stare like that.”

      Yeah, I learned after I got a vicious elbow in the ribs when I did that, once…

  7. I posted the P320 FCU concept would be a gamechanger (yeah I know) before the M17 contract was let – posted it repeatedly – posted it in “dont drop your SIG!” threads – and Im still posting it.

    Point of the meme is that Glock is missing the boat, losing contracts and basically has become the new 1911 of our time. It’s got a huge fan base of over 40 owners, it’s popular, it requires buying a new serial lower to make it lower or higher cap, it’s got all sorts of high speed tuners who made their name with them, it’s basically 1990 all over again with Glock playing the role of 1911 and SIG as the latest plastic fantastic.

    It’s funnier than heck is what it is, the same whiney complaints and intractable look of older guys in hats who “damn well know better” yet don’t know to lead follow or get out of the way.

    Im 69 and this time of life for me is hilarious with all the parallels to previous points in firearms history. The P320 rules, deal with it. PS I bought a P365 added a safety done. You don’t NEED to play supercalifragilistic upgrader to punch your man card with it, especially concealed. You just need to carry it.

    • If the “gamechanger” P320 “rules”, why did you need to buy a P365?

      Maybe the critics aren’t old fossils skeptical of modularity, but people who recognize modularity’s potential (because we read it in SIG’s own ads!) and are waiting for someone to actually deliver.

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