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Wood is good but black is a weapon of war.


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  1. The resemblance is so vague, someone is sure to argue. But the black one reminds me of my ’68 Chevy Impala. I didn’t shave at the time, but I could pop zits in the reflection on that car. That assault wagon doubled readily as a hunting wagon. It wasn’t a chick magnet like a muscle car, but the chicks that it didn’t scare away were mostly keepers!

      • It reminds me of the Ford Taurus station wagon used in my driver’s education class in high school (circa 1989). That one was light blue however ☺️

      • Yeah, it says “TAURUS” right there on the back of the car. And the Impala was much larger than a Taurus. The vague resemblance remains.

    • Reminds me of the 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate Wagon I had in the early 1970 with a 427.
      Went a lot of places and had lots of fun in that wagon.

    • My favourite station wagon was a Nissan R31 Skyline with a 3L straight six and a 5sp.

      BMW had similar spec and sold them as M-class “Sport Wagons”.

      • Yeah, you Aussies got all the good stuff –
        Skylines, Holdens, Subies with dual range,
        FPVs, Mad Max falcons, etc. If only you’d stop rating outputs in Kw, others would know what they’ve been missing out on.

        • i saw a v8 munaro wagon in wheeling once.
          we did get the poncho g8, but they never brought the shooting brake over.

        • Pb_fan59:
          1hp = 0.7457 kw. So… divide kilowatts by 0.7457 to get hp.
          Put another way: 1kw = 1.341hp

        • Shadow / Maddmaxx, you quoted SAE conversion; the rest of the world recognizes 1kw = 1.3596 hp (metric std.) .The point was – Horsepower is king, and nobody cares how many erg/seconds a Shelby GT350’s 526 hp converts to.

  2. Alright this one made me chuckle a little.

    TBH though, that 8th gen “Country Squire” is an absolute unit.

    • When I was in High School, my Dad’s Country Squire had a carburetor fire. He bought a new car and gave the wagon to me. It was in beat-up shape, but it was a car and it was mine. Painted it black. Covered the faux wood sideboards with paisley contact paper that so closely matched the original colors, at first glance folk thought I had installed new sideboards.

      Blue shag carpet on the interior. A few new gauges, upholstery cleaner, and a whole lotta tools under the rear compartment. Needed those to make sure that wherever I went, I could get back to where I started.

      Loved that car!
      Drove it for 2 years before it became too expensive to maintain.

  3. Ha, we had a station wagon like the top image, just older. It was a 1968 Lincoln Colony Park. It had the 390 4bbl. Got it in Salinas, CA. What huge ass car. It was car I took my drivers test in. The only thing I flunked was parallel parking. Go figure! The examiner said try it again and I just said screw it and took off. So I got a 96% That was in 1973.

  4. Closest thing I’ve had to a wagon was a Jeep Waggoneer. Had the fake wood side etc. Had another one that someone had rattle can painted flat black. Bought it as a hunting vehicle because it had the wiring and hitch already on it.
    So was the white SUV with the fake wood the one I should have used for hunting, or was the black SUV some sort of murder mobile?

      • did a couple used “toerest” wagons for the ol’ lady. all good until the trans craps. be kind to your tranny… check your gender neutral shift juice.

  5. “Wood is good but, black is a weapon of war.”

    In the age of wokeness and equity isn’t this considered “racist”?

  6. Well, the Taurus sure does make the argument perfectly, doesn’t it?

    Black, and the accessories make it more dangerous. One of the last things I want to see is a car on my road with NY tags.

    • The rear end aft of the c pillar makes that Taurus look long enough to be a hearse.

      • It’s where they put the fuel pump cutoff switch on the driver’s side.

        Lotsa wiring required lol.

      • Hardly enough room in the back for a couple of gun cases and a days supply of range ammo. I’ll keep my old (black) 04 Navigator, goes just about anywhere and can haul four adults AND an arsenal of weapons and ammo. My sister had a Taurus SHO station wagon back in the day a real kick in the ass to drive but fairly worthless for anything else.

  7. Earlier today, I saw this pop up on a weather radar page :

    “Donald Trump has reportedly made up his mind about running for president in 2024”

    Then, a little while ago, this popped up on a youtube video I was watching :

    “Landlocked Aviation TRUMP N757AF Refinishing”

    There’s now a huge American flag on the V-stab of Trump’s personal 757.

    I bet he’s running in 2 years…

    • I strongly suspect that both he and DeSantis will both be in the primary.

      I’d rate that as a good thing. If we make it that far without falling apart then the GOP needs the toughest primary in history to produce the best candidate they’ve ever put up in the general. [Insert marbles reference here.]

      • Or..President Trump runs again and Ron Desantis as running mate. Elected in a landslide, President Trump steps down after a period of time and Desantis is then POTUS. Finishes the existing term and runs again. Progressive/Leftist/Dems would literally melt as if water was thrown on them.
        `just a thought…

        • If Trump wins, he won’t step down.

          I’m glad he’s running, and I hope DeSantis beats him in the primary. DeSantis won’t take VP, and I don’t blame him one bit.

          And I doubt Nikki Haley will hitch her wagon to Trump, either.

          I *really* hope Hailey runs, she would *destroy* anyone the Dems run against her…

        • And I doubt Nikki Haley will hitch her wagon to Trump,

          WHY would anyone want Nikki Hailey in the White House in any position? That’s ALMOST worse than Sarah Palin.

      • DeSantis won’t risk a primary with Trump, he’s smart enough to know how ugly that could get. Optimal would be Trump/DeSantis ticket but they would need to stay away from one another, two Alpha males in the same house is problematic, then DeSantis takes over in 28 for 8 more years. I hate to give him up but by 24 I’ll probably be spending more time in Virginia than Florida and Youngkin has got a good grip on that one.

        • Much as the Trump fans don’t want to hear it, the optimal is that Trump doesn’t run and remains as Kingmaker for another cycle or two.

          Trump’s recent interview, IMHO, basically proves that he learned nothing from his past experience. Given the current situation, that’s something I can’t abide.

        • Contrary to popular belief I DO NOT want Trump to run but the unfortunate facts of the matter are that I do not get to make that decision. So, if he runs (and every indication says he will) I don’t believe DeSantis will get into the mud with him in a Primary, a fight with Trump in 24 could do irreparable harm to his chances later on AND could do serious damage to the party as a whole. Now if Trump runs and gets the nomination what do conservatives do? I don’t think they’ll vote for Biden, Harris, Bootyjug or the California Super Star, do you? Can you ABIDE four more years of Obama 2.0? We’ll be lucky if we survive as a Republic to see an election in 24.

        • I don’t really see DeSantis getting into the mud with anyone.

          I see him saying “Well, let’s talk about my record in Florida…” for just about everything because that’s a winning and non-divisive message.

        • And Trump will counter with yeah but look what I did for the COUNTRY, like the man or don’t, you cannot argue that he did not elevate EVERY level of society and build an ass-kicking economy which is why we got the WooFlu and why we will see some kind of emergency just in time to justify all of that vote by mail bullshit again just before the November mid-terms, after all it worked in 20. DeSantis has time he’ll be ready in 28, meanwhile Trump can chew on loser RINOs like the Govs of Maryland and Pennsylvania and stomp on Pelosi’s useless Nephew in the General. DeSantis said he’s not finished in FL and is not looking at 24, hopefully he means just that.

    • Meme reminded me of the like new 95 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon I wanted. What a great car to travel in and it had a Chevrolet drive train. Got a just as nice 95 4 door Roadmaster instead.

  8. Considering the wood panel truckster deal probably has a V8 and the Taurus is rocking 4 or 6 squirrels… I’d say the comparison is prefect when you consider the evil black rifle has an economy powerplant 5.56 and most hunting mills being torquemonster 308, 30-06, 270, or whatever. Golf clap πŸ‘

    • The Taurus SHO in 89 was pushing 220 horsepower (Corvette was only 240) and over 200 ft lbs of torque from a Mitsubishi developed V-6. Quite a sleeper at the time and probably 40 or 50 more HP than that “woody”.

  9. Old Volvo station wagons
    Most went over 200,000 miles easily. My grandfather had the same one from when I was born until he passed almost 30 years later.
    Smelled like bait, fish, BO, tools, but damn that station wagon kept running.

    • worked with guy that swapped the 164 motor (that used to mean 6cyl, 4dr) into his 145 (4cyl, 5dr wagon). three webers, zoom.

      • ” three webers, zoom.”

        Oh, yeah.

        A six-pack on an inline 6 is a torque *monster*, and can rev oh-so-high, when balanced… πŸ™‚

  10. Cars the number one killer of innocents.
    Yah know if there were as many accidental deaths by gunms as there were with cars, why, why, thatd be just terrible.
    Moms Demand Action,,,,, by the dashboard lights.

  11. Yep, this photo shows what would happen if the mainstream news media and Democrat politicians labeled cars the same way they label gunms.
    (Politicians and the MSM think “black” equals “scary and bad,” so they call the black ones “assault” based purely on appearance, just so they can ban them. That’s kind of racist, isn’t it?)

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