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[Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin] said he agreed the video “needed to be released,” but he complained about the Statesman’s edits to the footage and said the victims families should’ve been the first to see the footage when the city intended to release it.

“That was the most chicken way to put this video out,” McLaughlin said. “Two-thirds of the family or part of their families are in Washington, DC, now, and they’re going to have to turn on the TV and see that tonight? Not even with the rest of their family? This was wrong to do it this way.”

After McLaughlin finished his comments, another member of the council, who Insider identified as Ernest King, took over and added “The mayor said it was chicken, it was chickensh*t to release that video the way you did it. That part of the video was not supposed to be in what they’re doing on Sunday.”

“That was not supposed to be there,” he said. “They did that for ratings, and they did that for money. That’s the only reason they put it out there.”

“What about the cops? Are they chickensh*t?” An audience member asked.

“We’re gonna handle that,” King replied.

“You said that they did their job,” the audience member continued, “Do you still think they did a good job?”

McLaughlin got in to say the investigation ought to proceed, but the audience member told him “You’re out here attacking the media. You should be attacking the cops.” Another attendee agreed, saying “Yeah, you should be attacking the cops that did nothing.”

— Ken Meyer in ‘What About the Cops? Are They Chickensh*T?’ Uvalde Residents Slam City Council Whining About Media Releasing Police Vid

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  1. I’m surprised the citizens of Uvalde haven’t shown up at the police station with torches and pitchforks. Every officer that stood there without going in immediately on arrival needs to be terminated and never ever work as a LEO again. Fire everyone, start over. Disgraceful.

    • The START point would be canning the entire silly ass concept of a School District have their own police dept. Has to be one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard of. Damn few School Boards/Superintendents that competently manage education of the young skull o mush. But a police dept? Reported there are many such School District Popo in Tx.

      NIMS says that the on school “chief of police” is the incident commander. But he was apparently incompetent. Not that “school resource” is a landing spot for competent cops in general.

      • Blame the gun. Blame the police. Yada, yada, yada. Who is not being blamed are naive parents who left their kids at an accident waiting to happen.

        When parents make the decision to leave their children alone with adults who allowed a murderous perp to mosey up to and into a school and met no resistence whatsoever then the parents of every child attending that school share the blame for failure to weigh the situation and see to it proper security measures were in place. Do it for the children.

    • Interesting that in the right location a black man beaten by the cops starts a riot.
      Kids Lives Matter ???
      ehh not that much, huh

      • Brother possum, I’m surprised that no parents or citizens of Uvalde have taken action against the police officers in this tragedy. I don’t know how I’d handle it if it happened to me. But I do know, I would never allow my children to be in a public school anymore. I’d work 8 jobs to pay for private school or home school if necessary!

  2. Editing? Exactly what editing are they objecting to? The text narrative?

    All I see here is, cockroaches don’t like bright lights shined at them. That “police chief” is a major kunt, coward, and chickensh1t. Most of the people involved are the same, some to greater and some to lesser degrees.

    It’s far, far, FAR too late for the mayor or any other official in Uvalde to pretend that they give even the smallest fok about their constituency. The time for genuine caring passed about three or four minutes into the video, when a bunch of chickensh1t cowards fled from the immediate scene, and took cover at the end of the hallway.

    The mayor needs to grow accustomed to being looked down upon, like a cockroach.

      • you gotta remember who runs this site….. then and only then will you understand the “censorship”

    • 100% spot on. Why we don’t see more passion from our “reporters” is beyond my comprehension. I’m amazed that at least one parent hasn’t just lost it and there’s been no violence against the chicken shits who were present and did nothing. Think about the children who could have been saved if law enforcement hadn’t even been there at all.

      • Leftist journalism is about covering important stories, usually with a pillow, until they stop moving.

        They are part of it…..

  3. I know they don’t like to release videos “during investigations” but that SOP needs to go out the window.

    Every video anyone has needs to be released to show how horrible a response police actually gave especially with unarmed, unshielded parents were willing to risk life and limb.

    This is America, this is Texas. The government and police do not own us, we are free to make choices and suffer or benefit from the consequences.


    Obviously fear fed itself that day and immobilized those with the most weapons, defensive gear and training. What if? You go in and take responsibility as specially ordained citizens to carry out such tasks on our behalf. Maybe children and teachers get shot. Maybe you get shot. But definitely a lot of them got shot due to police inaction. The history for these mass shooters is they often kill themselves when resisted. This one got no resistance for over an hour. It wasn’t a hostage negotiation scenario. No attempt was made to negotiate with the “hostage taker”. The fact 911 calls kept coming in from classrooms gives evidence to that.

    Ain’t nobody stepping up and saying they messed up and let fear and/or confusion cloud their judgement. Too bad it didn’t go the other way where officers brought it to the end and could be assessed as to how things went in terminating the perp early on.

  4. You want to see cops in action? Wait for the unarmed citizens to show up, then you’ll see some real speed and force at play. You’ll see fast responses and violence of action…

  5. I’m getting to where I can care less about the police disaster in Uvalde, Texas like my feelings eventually turned with Sandy Hook. I’m at the point with Sandy Hook that I can care less about the parents of the victims, including; their “feelings”, losses, and gold-digging cowardly exploits, to include ALL those supported their exploitative efforts. This has been turned from the horrific tragedy Sandy Hook once was to one of the main uses of destroying our constitutional rights beyond those of the 2A. Such cowardly exploitation over the lives of dead innocent children continues and escalates to this day.

    Uvalde is becoming no different. Now you have a talentless pothead actor from Uvalde and pathetic sorry bastard Cave-In Cornyn and other RINO TURD REPUBLICANS along with bi-FREAK Sinema working to give America’s communist party, the OTHER Democrats, a head start towards their communist agenda and shared-victory for the UN Agenda 2030.

    None of these inhuman scum can let these poor children rest in peace. Some will take longer to die in the courts and the disgusting press that they ever lived and walked on Earth. I hope those responsible BURN an eternity in Hell for their horrible practices on Earth. And yes; this includes the flesh-eating type SCUM in both Hollyweird AND the US Congress – every last damn one of them.

      • I have nothing for dictators; no mercy, compassion, or time. I have all the room and deliberation in the world to persecute those responsible.

    • Yep…I didn’t shoot anyone with my rifle. I’m not guilty. No white guilt here. Just as I don’t gangbang in Chiraq. Vote out anyone who agrees with any gat control.

  6. And the Far Right think the solution to mass shootings is arming teachers (who by and large are not gun people) when even heavily armed cops failed to stop a maniac with an assault rifle.

    The cops are only brave when they get to intimidate and shoot unarmed civilians. Uvalde will go down in history as the most shameful episode in law enforcement ever done.

    • I’m a centrist and I also feel it’s a good idea to arm teachers that want to be armed. Several states agree; Texas even has a School Guardian program to encourage such.

      Explain, asshole — how many schools where teachers might be armed, have been attacked by a gunman?

      • “how many schools where teachers might be armed, have been attacked by a gunman?“

        Well, that school in Uvalde, Texas had teachers who might be armed and yet it was still attacked.

        “Texas even has a School Guardian program to encourage such”

        I’d say the gunman wasn’t really worried, he probably planned on shooting the teachers first anyway.

        • I’d say the gunman wasn’t really worried, he probably planned on shooting the teachers first anyway.

          I can say this, I’m soulless.

          And my tribe says leftist messaging before people’s lives.

    • Nobody (except for anti-gunners) is talking about arming teachers. Instead, the proposals are to permit volunteers to carry their personal handguns concealed on campus and then only after training in fighting off a mass murderer.

      Someday, a student, teacher or staff member will have the will and the opportunity to take down a would be mass murderer by badly injuring or killing him with an improvised weapon or with bare hands. Then, we will see if this hero is praised or condemned by the school administration. I suspect it will be the latter.

    • Well there are other options. Depends on how important children’s lives are to you.

      Allow teachers who are qualified to be armed.

      Assign the State Militia to guard schools. ( Not the NG, but the actual Militia most States have and are not using )

      Assign Police Officers to schools. But we see what happened with PD at Uvalde.

      Which option would you approve? Or do you have an actual idea?

      Banning anything won’t work, it is a panacea to make the weak feel safe. You can ban all you want, pass all the laws you want, you still won’t stop this from happening.

      • “But we see what happened with PD at Uvalde“

        Exactly, but do you really believe a teacher with a gun in their desk drawer, busy doing her best to instruct the students, will provide a better response than 19 trained, experienced professional police officers?

        The gunman probably planned on shooting the teacher first, taking out the adult in the room would be the priority because he knew the 10-year-olds couldn’t provide any effective resistance.

        The facts seem to bear that out, children called 911 to report their teacher had been shot meaning she was probably one of the first victims.

        “One of the children in Mireles classroom called 911 during the rampage and pleaded with a dispatcher, “Send help for my teacher, she is shot but still alive.”


        • I Miner49er, am such a ill-bred sycophant, a sickly indecent troglodyte, a feculent depravity of subhuman indecency that I will, (as I have always done) continue to push the leftist false narrative even (especially) when children’s lives are at risk.

          I wrote “..do you really believe a teacher with a gun in their desk drawer,… will provide a better response than 19 trained, experienced professional police officers?..”

          I know that the “experienced professional police officers (sarc)” checked their phones and applied hand sanitizer for 77 minutes while children were being shot and bleed out. Does that matter to me? No, of course not, only the leftist message matters.

          Why? Because I am so committed to my extreme leftist ideology (that says teachers can not be a line of defense to stop these tragedies) that I will attempt to propagandize even this horrific tragedy.

          I, Miner49er, a godless leftist propagandist, am the lowest form of life there is.

  7. “How dare you show the emperor has no clothes!”

    Reality is fake news pushed by Russia didn’tchakno.

  8. “You’re out here attacking the media. You should be attacking the cops.”

    well, that’s hard to argue with.

    If that had happened here, armed citizens would have stormed the school. But let me qualify that a little. First, we have a large population of retired military veterans here who are combat experienced, and a lot of retired special forces types, and a lot of others who are very well trained. We are lucky here as firearms owners here have a lot of free ‘tactical’ type training available to them that trains then to engage a hostile, this training is available via some of these veterans. For example, a range I use is owned by a retired Navy Seal and he will train people when he gets enough of a group together, I got my tactical type training from him that taught me how to engage a hostile and it paid off and saved my wife’s life and my life.

    So we have a lot of well trained people here able to suitably and definitively and quickly deal with the threat of a school shooter. And they would do it because they have kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, family, relatives in these schools – they have a life-invested-self-sacrifice sense of community. They would, if the cops here ever acted like they did in Uvalde, push the cops aside and enter the school and take down the shooter in short order and save lives if the cops were not doing it right quick and in a hurry

    In fact here, people have already formed ‘response groups’ to be prepared to do that very thing, take down school shooter if police presence is inadequate in some way to do so. Its not a ‘malitia’ type of thing, its concerned citizens coming together to protect their communities, people trained to stop this type of thing that school shooters do, and will gladly do it for free because they have a vested interest in all of their community.

    So set up the qualifying factors that satisfy the state to let them do this. History has also shown civilian police forces no matter their training still overall respond poorly in a quickly definitive manner because they do not have that vested-interest-self-sacrifice ‘combat’ mission completing tactical mindset needed to very quickly end this.

    here, these people have been talking to the state to let them patrol the schools free of charge, they will sign waivers of any liability for the schools/state/county/city and be willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary to stop a school shooter and not be thinking about getting home that night like police officers do.

    These well trained retired military and citizens are all over the nation, let them do this for schools. Let them be that already on the scene response instead of having to wait minutes to hours for the police to arrive or do something. They are out there and willing to volunteer to step up and be there in ways a police department or even a school resource officer can’t. They can form that missing ‘hardening’ needed, that on the spot definitive stopping engaging force with the single purpose of stopping the threat cold. History has shown a school or mass shooter is less likely to attack if there is a definitive stopping armed force in place where they plan to carry out their attacks – and one thing a school/mass shooter knows is that police are going to take a bit to respond and set up and this gives a period of time where these school/mass shooters have complete domination.

    So this is a sort of rough outline idea. But states why don’t you set up the qualifications you want and utilize this resource to do for free and better than what you are spending millions on now and not overall getting very good results from.

    I know this sounds, well, brutal. But a school/mass shooting is brutal.

      • Nope, actually the insurance doesn’t change if there are waivers not making the school liable. Already been checked. In terms of insurance its no different for a law abiding armed citizen to be on school property like its no different for an armed law enforcement member to be on the property. They already have armed teachers here, and the insurance has not changed one little bit from before they started having armed teachers – those teachers signed waivers and the insurance said “oki dokee’.

        • The thing about insurance is, if they are not liable by waiver they don’t really care.

        • “actually the insurance doesn’t change if there are waivers not making the school liable“

          I’m not sure parents would be cool with the idea of armed individuals that the school system bore no responsibility for roaming the hallways of their elementary school school.

          If one of these armed individuals negligently or intentionally harmed or killed a student, who could the parents recover damages from? If it was limited to the armed individuals personal assets, that might be inadequate.

          The armed individuals would need to be bonded and/or insured.

        • “If one of these armed individuals negligently or intentionally harmed or killed a student, who could the parents recover damages from?”

          I say this without a hint of irony as I push/pushed for an experimental drug, that WAS IMMUNE TO LAWSUITS, on children as young 6 months. A drug that is now causing people to suffer from serious health problems and even death at rates no “vaccine” has previously witnessed.

          Does that matter to me, Miner49er? Nah…Because it is all about furthering the extreme leftist ideology.

    • Or save all the time, effort, and money and take your children out of the government controlled public leftist indoctrination centers and home school them yourself. I’ve never heard of a homeschool being shot up. Or even a Homeschool Group. Plus all the adult staff can be carrying a gun on scene. And maybe some of the students. It’s the only solution that solves all of the problems.

      • “I’ve never heard of a homeschool being shot up“

        Really? So you don’t believe any home where a domestic violence shooting has occurred was ever a homeschool home?

        “Around 4.5 million women in the United States have been threatened with a gun, and nearly 1 million women have been shot or shot at by an intimate partner. Over half of all intimate partner homicides are committed with guns. Indeed, a woman is five times more likely to be murdered when her abuser has access to a gun“

        It’s possible that children stand a much greater risk of being harmed or killed in their homes, as opposed to public schools, I’d like to see some statistics on that comparison.


  9. “You said that they did their job,”

    If the mayor meant that job was responding to take care of personal hygene (the hand sanitizer), socialize, use their cell phones to browse the internet or make personal phone calls or text message, for around 70’ish minutes while innocents died as they listened to it – then yes, they did their job.

  10. There was no need to hold this video for any reason…This tape should’ve been released DURING THE FIXED CONGRESS GUN CONTROL DEBATE…People needed to see this thing was a wash…Not only the Police Department dropped the ball, but so did all constables, feds and sheriffs involved…Many agencies could’ve contravened the ineffective command…The Deputies on the scene could’ve formed an counter active shooter/swat capable unit, in real time…The County Sheriff could have immediately fired any ineffective leader within one second….Notifying the parents would’ve been nice BUT IT WOUNDN”T CHANGE the facts…The fact is a group of federal boarder patrol officers went in, contravened all resistance and orders and killed a shooter (with little to no ammo left)…Completely disgraceful…The Mayor needs to resign soon after disbanding and decertifying ALL ON SCENE POLICE OFFICERS for this DISGRACE!!…ALL OFFICERS INVOLVED SHOULD LOSE THEIR CERTIFICATION FOREVER…

    • “This tape should’ve been released DURING THE FIXED CONGRESS GUN CONTROL DEBATE… “

      So you think showing live-action video of a deranged 18-year-old with an AR15 massacring 20 some children and adults would have a negative effect on gun control efforts?


      • The gun control debate was fixed on citizens rights being taken away, so yes It was facinating…THIS tape would have proven we were our only protection…IT would have change the sense of urgency to take our rights…This tape would prove the police would not do their job…BUT YOUR PARTY CONTROLLED THE WHOLE DEBATE….TOO MANY WERE BLAMING THE GUN…


          Of course we, the Democrats, controlled the debate.

          That way we control the message.

          Can’t let facts get in the way of our “truth”.

  11. Some are unwilling to let their elected officials know they mean business when it comes to their 2nd Amendment rights. So they will slowly be whittled away until we have nothing. Don’t you dare get angry and push back on those elected to do our will. Don’t remind them with strong words exactly why it is we have the 2nd Amendment for you might frighten them.

    • possum,

      And yet gun-grabbers want us to believe that government can ban firearm ownership and law enforcement will bravely, competently, and promptly eliminate all firearm owners who resist.

      This also reminds me of a well-armed Pennsylvania man a few years back. Police were very slow and ineffective at tracking him down in the woods. And I understand that–the last thing I want to do is try to track down some man in the woods who has a serious head start, hidden supply caches, and a scoped rifle.

      The point is simple: it is fairly easy to render police ineffective; thus it is a crime if government forbids everyday good people from being armed for their own righteous self-defense.

    • “One skinny punk with a gunm made a whole police force surrender“

      And yet you want us to believe that a teacher, full-time involved with educating her students, would be capable of neutralizing shooter that the “whole police force” could not effectively oppose.

      • Of course I will ignore the fact that “whole police force” choose NOT TO ENGAGE.

        That was not an option for the teacher, the last line of defense.

        Did I mention I am a a feculent depravity of subhuman indecency that pushes the leftist narrative above all else, including children?

  12. Yes, it would be wonderful if government could take a long time to review everything and share a nice report with the public some day.

    In this case there is a ginormously important reason why the public needs to see that video yesterday, not in several months. Whatever the root cause, police failed to promptly engage that spree killer in that school and that has profoundly terrible consequences. Immediately releasing that video and informing the public of those terrible consequences could enable corrective measures sooner-rather-than-later and quite literally save dozens if not hundreds of lives.

    If the mayor of Uvalde despises the immediate release of that video, he should direct is displeasure at the law enforcement personnel who failed to promptly engage the spree killer and who used force to prevent parents from rescuing their children.

    • With no editing! Let the video play out in its entirety with full audio. I think you really need to practice at being a coward if you can stand there for that length of time listening to the crying and screams of pain of dying children.

  13. JUst a couple of obsewrvations/ First of all there wer too many Officer in the first place If they had opend fire they would have shot each other for a start, The lack of training was obvious as well . THe situation was no more or less than n a standard INFANTRY retrieval situation needing at mostb three trained men . It was also obvipoous that nobody knew who waqs in charge anyway.
    I’m not saying that the UK Armed Police methods are perfect but when the highlt trained and super specialised ARMED RESPONSE UNITS get to the scene their Commander is in charge and the command structure has been sorted out until he or she has been relieved by higher authority and a resolution. This mad bugger would have been shot within seconds under the principole of PROPORTIONATE FORCE. We may not usually arm our police in the UK but when we do there are only two results give up or die. Under present ‘Rules of Engagement’ [ROE] if the ARU Officer truly thinks that members of the public OR the ARU are at risk of injury or loss of life they will open fire. Those Rules of Engagement also apply to the Armed Forces and I carried a ROE Card for years

    • “…when the highlt [sic] trained and super specialised ARMED RESPONSE UNITS get to the scene … This mad bugger would have been shot within seconds…”

      That’s what happened once the BORTAC professionals arrived.

      • Only because the BORTAC contravened the command…The command and local units tried to impede the BORTAC unit and they pushed through them forcefully…The command never intended to kill the shooter….If they did the would have done it in 5 minutes…

  14. The problem we have in America is there are far too many people, who are more loyal to the state, than they are to their own family. They’re more loyal to a labor union. Than they are to their own children.
    That goes for the elected or those that are not elected.

  15. The latest news said there were 476 (four hundred and seventy-six!) law enforcement officers at Uvalde, but only five of them were Uvalde Police, so we shouldn’t just be blaming Uvalde Police. The other 471 law enforcement officers were state (Texas) and Federal cops, so much of the blame falls on them. Not too long ago, the Texas Rangers (Texas state police) had a good reputation — what happened to them that day at Uvalde?

    The entire operation was what we in the Army call a “Charlie Foxtrot” (CF), which means clusterfuck. Inside the school, the cowardly chicken cops had a clusterfuck formation, and outside the school, the other 400+ cops also had a clusterfuck formation. Nobody in charge. If this happened in the military, you would see all 476 people court-martialed, some of them for Dereliction of Duty, others for filing a false report, and some of them for one of the worst crimes in the UCMJ other than treason — Cowardice under Fire.


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