Do The MP5 Slap! 3D Printed Gun In Hilarious Video

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Hahaha this video slaps! View “The HK Slap” from Print Shoot Repeat on YouTube HERE or hit play on it embedded below:



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  1. Funny video… but man, those MP5 parts kits are still damn expensive. As cool as the project is it would be nice to see more 3D printable projects like this that use more commonly available parts kits.

    Of course… there is diminishing returns with that idea… the more popular the build the more expensive the parts kits get. :/

  2. That was funny! I guess I’ve done a few HK slaps, but I’ve found fully retracting the cocking handle and releasing it works just as reliably. Sometimes a little quicker than the HK method. Your mileage may vary.

  3. That was stupid fun to watch!

    Was authorized an MP-5 for duty use on an “as needed” basis. When my assigned MP-5 was finally retired it had over 50k rounds through it and other than a few replaced springs it never faltered or hiccuped.

    H&K builds some fine weapons.

    • One of the men on my team has both an M4 and MP5 issued to him from his Dept, which he showed me. Nice items.

      The only select-fire (full auto mode) I’ve ever fired was an Uzi. Didn’t like it.

      • The Uzi is a brick! We tried a couple back in the early 80’s. They did not feed the JHP’s that were available at the time. They would only feed FMJ’s reliably. The MP-5 fed everything with equal aplomb.

        • The original Uzi’s didn’t have a feed ramp. The bullet nose was close enough to the barrel that it reliably just went in. Since hollow points are shorter, there is a gap where they have to jump into it and they almost always slam on the side instead of going in. Newer Uzi’s (late 80’s and any semi-auto ones) have a really nice feed ramp that guides the bullets in nicely, hollow points included. I’ve seen some of the newer feed ramps for sale but I think they have to be welded in place.

        • Old Guy, that was exactly my experience. MP5 ate everything. Uzi is only reliable with ball ammo. I thought I had something going with the Uzi and Speer Gold Dot 124 grain. Until it got down to the last 1/3 +/- of the magazine. It would double feed. Didn’t matter the weapon. Didn’t matter the magazine. No explanation. Just did it. Still. If you know how to shoot an SMG an Uzi ain’t hard. None of them are.

    • I heard of HK used by NASA security that had fired over half a million rounds. The barrel looked a bit worn but was still accurate enough. Reliability was as good as any other gun on the team.

  4. Entertaining, but….

    How many rounds can it fire before melting? Saw some printed gun challenges on U-Tube, but they all failed with less than a full mag down range.

    • This is what I was thinking.

      Entertaining video but I kept waiting for someone to actual FIRE the damn thin and….


  5. Personally, I didn’t find it funny at all but rather stupid. It would be nice to see the print model in action. I guess I don’t have the same type of sense of humor as others?

  6. PSRs channel is informative and entertaining. And a big, giant (keeping it PC) finger in the eye of anti-gunners!

  7. POTG can meme pretty good but making funny content….not so much.
    But this is the exception.
    The key was a high quality music track done by people who probably spent a bunch of hours on it.
    Pretty sure that wasn’t a quickie production.
    Good job.

  8. I do not find it at all amusing. Early candidates for the City Morgue is what I call it. I msee one comment includes the phrase ‘I’ve got plenty of HK’s’


    Surely one Semi Auto -machine gun is enough?. Why does anybody need more than hand gun for any legitimate purpose? Surely to god ONE decent 9mm or .38 calibre covers any possible requirement? Why does anybody actually need anything more than a five shot BOLT ACTION Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate purpose? Additionally why would anybody need more than say 25 rounds of ready-for-use ammunition to hand for immediate use?. Do they really suppose they are about to fight a flocking WAR? If they are then I have news for them. You do NOT stand a Cat’s Cojones chance against trained pro’s

    No supposedly sane person would use a Semi-Auto for hunting anything because their only design purpose is to KILL PEOPLE. [Though I MIGHT be convinced to make an exception for 22rim fire]

    The mere fact that somebody would even want to own a Semi-Auto should be sufficient to ban them from gun ownership for life on mental incapacity grounds.

    • Albert with America always fighting someone else’s war this country has a lot of trained “pro’s”
      Fck NATO.

    • Was waiting for you to be triggered by this, am not disappointed. Your tears bring me no small amount of amusement.

      “Semi auto machine gun”… lol. Some “pro” you are/were.

    • WTF is a “Semi Auto -machine gun”? And odd description from a self-described “former air-force armouror”. Unless your jobs were sweeping floors and polishing the Wing Commander’s nob because they thought you couldn’t handle anything else.

      • Maybe it’s because it looks like a machine gun (or sub machine gun) but in fact is just a regular semi automatic gun? Making it not a machine gun. But looks are scary to people. It’s like sticking a bunch of “race car” stickers and body kit on a regular car, hey you can’t drive that race car on the road, you are gonna kill someone!

    • Every time you talk Albert all I hear is baaaaaaaa! You’re a sheep and you don’t even know it! We lions don’t care what you think or feel about guns and their use.

      • He’s been quiet today. Has the 40 C heat, warm beer, and cheap gin taken a toll?

        Note 40 C is experienced in Sydney’s western suburbs on about 25% of summer days. Hardly record breaking. Only newsworthy if it gets over 45 C.

  9. @Albert
    With America fighting everyone else’s wars this country has a lot of trained professional’s.

    • Of course it is slightly arousing, mixing sex and death through firearms is the major advertising tool of the United States gun manufacturers.

      And this fetishizing of the gun culture is the primary reason we have 18-year-olds purchasing these weapons and killing their family, friends and neighbors.

      Continue to trivialize death, continue to glorify the instruments of killers with pop-culture images and music, watch the number of mentally unstable people seeking validation through firearms increase as they give their life ‘meaning’ and ‘relevance’.

      The gunman in Uvalde attacked the very classroom where he had attended, as soon as he turned 18 he wasted no time in procuring an AR 15 and seeking revenge against those who had ridiculed him.

      • No he didnt, he attacked a bunch of kids that had nothing to do with his being bullied back in 1934 or whenever the fck it was he decided to drop out.

        • Opossum, here’s my statement:

          “The gunman in Uvalde attacked the very classroom where he had attended“

          This is a fact, and it has been reported by Steve McCraw:

          “He also attended Robb Elementary School for 4th grade in the same classroom where he was killed.”

          There’s a very real possibility that one, or both of these teachers may have had the gunman for a student.

      • Pop culture images and music? So are you proposing censorship, miner?

        You can try to get video games and hollywood to not glorify guns and violence.

        Good luck with that windmill.

    • Not as far as I can tell, and I do my homework. They’re from my guess 3d gunmakers with a bit of the style of Administrative Results and a few other gun-tubers, mixed with a crazy sense of humor.

      • BTW, F#CK BLACK RIFLE COFFEE. Those clowns may be veterans, but they are a bunch of left-tards who support gun control & anti-gun politicians.
        AND… their coffee tastes like a blend of twigs, bark and sh!t.

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