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The math checks out!


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  1. Buy 2 ar15’s. That way they can keep watch on each other and you don’t have to worry about them getting up to anything.

    • Like Skurge’s two named “Des” and “Troy” in Ragnarok?

      If I were holding two, I’d name them “Pew” and “Pew”.

  2. ok if you buy 2 make sure one is male and one female. They may produce little AR’s that way
    the ATF won’t know about them.
    oh wait would they be ghost guns ?

  3. Well, at least an AR-10 shoots a rifle cartridge. However, it is still only an AR. So there’s that.

    • Which .308 (or comparable relevant caliber) rifles do you consider to be more preferable to an AR-10?

      • FAL
        Carried one for 12 years courtesy of Australian Army with a M60 for a year when I was a lot younger.

      • FAL, HK91, and M1A are all competitive options (some ways better and some ways worse). Personally, I chose the AR10 (PSA build) for reasons of lower cost, better ergonomics, and similarly with AR15 platform, I also seriously considered the PTR-91 (HK91 clone).

        • Only reasons I have any AR’s at all, is nothing heavier and more accurate than BLK fits in the backpack.

          And for the other, hard hitter WM isn’t available outside of the platform in battle rifles, which gives some distinct performance advantages. More DMR focused, and easily exceeds rated NIJ specs, which is increasingly of importance.

          To the latter point, roll your own. I’m sure you know what with as the components go.

  4. If somebody wants an AR-anything that’s fine with me but I’m starting to be convinced that not only does everybody under age 40 need a calculator for basic math problems, but they literally do not know that other rifles even exist.

    • Only two of my 50+ rifles are AR pattern rifles. And yes, I’m under 40.

      Now, as for the rest, about those school board meetings older people didn’t attend for 50 years…

        • I’ve had phases and my “preference” is usually dictated by what I’m doing/intend to do. Bullpup and lever both were interesting for a while. My 336W still comes out fairly regularly, it’s a great brush gun.

          The place I tend to return in semiautos often is to an M1/M1A area. M1 for historical reasons, M1A for practical reasons. I also like the G41 and SVT in this general space, both, again, historical. The SKS is also a blast IMHO.

          But really, my preference is long range challenges so I spend the most time with bolt guns, most often a customized Rem700 SPS Compact in .243Win. I also have a fondness for a wide variety of WWII bolt guns that I also own, once again historical.

          That said, due to the ability to customize it to my exact liking and my having done so, if you come a-knockin’ without an invite and then decide to get stupid, inside 300 it is very likely to be 62grn 5.56 from a suppressed 16″ barrel AR that will be headed in your direction.

          Some guns are just fun or super interesting historical objects that you can use. Others are tools. To me the AR is, quite specifically, a tool. It has applications where it shines and others where it is inferior.

  5. I suppose that logic turns the M4 into the modern equivalent of the classic Volvo when it pertains to safety….

  6. With all the amazing and hilarious gun memes on the web why does TTAG insist on scraping the bottom of the barrel every single time?

  7. A 5.7 Variant is even safer!

    CMMG 5.7 Banshee 8″ FTW! By far one of the best investments I’ve made outside of my .300 setup and one of the only completes I’ve ever bought outside of my very first AR.

    • Just go all the way to the M1, no one’s ever been harmed by either one of them, I swear.

  8. One with a binary trigger, for up close and nasty. The other well scoped, to reach out and touch someone.

  9. We should conduct an experiment. Everyone should go out and buy a single shot shotgun.
    Nothing expensive just a cheap one.
    Then we can sit back and see how fast the left want to ban the new most popular scary gun.
    Thoughts 💭 ?

  10. meme logic: an AR-15 firing 5.56 is 9.44 safer and if firing .223 is 14.777 safer.

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