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Worst? Hmmm, we’ll have to agree to disagree there!


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  1. *sigh*

    If only I was much younger and not married…this lady has an impressive outlook on Life.

  2. Sounds like marriage material right there!

    (…unless you piss her off and she actually reaches for that thing while glaring at you…)

  3. How does that joke go? Marry a short woman and keep your gun on a high shelf. She can still get to it, but at least you will hear her dragging the stool across the floor.

  4. Nope, I think it actually goes “why marry the cow when your neighbor has a dairy farm right next door. ”
    … or something like that

  5. Problem is bootycall Mia does not have the intellect to compete with people who she used to know who know how to use upper case, commas, periods, quotations, etc.

    • Person with the firearm on the wall is using correct Grammer which I acknowledged. That person is not to be confused with the helping hands Mia sitting on a bed in the circle pic…Some people need to work on comprehension.

  6. Me skipping across the living room to show a pic and tell her we are changing the last line of her wall things to start a play fight

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