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If that’s a submachine gun, I wonder what a dommachine gun would look like.


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  1. Look up on YouTube “HK slap” where the person makes a 3D printed MP5 clone.

    Nice song to go with the video.

      • Well had to explain to my supervisor why I was laughing like an idiot…… he is. Now to bitch about how we legally cant make them here.

  2. I get it. I’ve shot a couple of M-2s. A lot. I’ve shot a couple of MP-5s. A lot. I’ll chase the HK through the door. The M-2? You just sit outside and eat the building.

  3. So I said, “Jill, I think I’ll just have some nice white vanilla ice cream tonight, would he get me some? Crashing off the bicycle and falling up the stairs, well, I’m a little stiff.”
    Why sure honey, and would you like it in your favorite bowl?
    “Why yes,yes I would.”
    Here you go sweetie, enjoy.
    “OHhhh Jill, you’ve ruined it, you put chocolate fudge on it and just ruined it. I wanted plain.”
    Oh sorry honey, you did say your favorite bowl. So I got your favorite bowl , I just didnt get all the poop wiped out. And, oh yes that reminds me ,sweetieheart honey pie, do you think you could talk Congress into getting our sheets cleaned?

  4. Just a headsup… there are news reports about a mass shooting at a Jehovas Witnesses building in Hamburg, Germany.
    dacian will be along shortly to refute this as fake news, as these things ONLY happen here in Capitalvania due to the inability of walking down a sidewalk without tripping over an assault rifle, and being ONLY committed by OWG hilljacks. Stay tuned.

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