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  1. I just bought some happiness today!

    …and it won’t have a serial number on it… 🙂

    • Geoff, #metoo! A Canadian made AR180 by Kodiack Defense. Much like an AR sans buffer/spring assembly, but I’m sure you know that. Looks to be a nice rig. Bolting 5lbs of crap on it as we speak. Comment. Whatever.

      • 5lbs of crap, good deal ain’t nothing like making a light rifle heavy I always say. That’s why I like long barrels , never mind the velocity gain, it’s the added weight that I like.
        I had a .410 single shot break open, and a friend had an AR with every fancy that would fit on it. I said when I finish this beer I’ll throw the can and we will see who can hit it first.
        Okay not fair, let’s see who can hit that old refrigerator out there first, put a .44mag in it and still beat him. FUDD gunms RULE
        Besides all that stuff just adds wind resistance, and if your your like me and your top speed is around 3.5khp you need all the help you can get.
        Fact is I was thinking of removing my testicles like that bicycle riding guy to gain a little more speed.
        7+5= ?(I couldn’t figure it up because one of my fingers got pulled off when I was hung up in that leg hold trap), but its heavier then a .303 anyway.

        • “Fact is I was thinking of removing my testicles like that bicycle riding guy to gain a little more speed.”

          Whoa, I like mine too much… 🙁

        • It tames the beastly recoil of the “high caliber” .556 round. All the leftist media know this to be true.

  2. I still have about $4k worth of construction supplies to purchase for home projects that just have to get done. Paying cash, no borrowing. So gun-happiness will have to wait a while. But home-repair/upgrades = wife happiness. I am sure there is a page in that book for it.

      • And on another take: Proverbs 27: 15-16. Can take that one to the bank… That old Sol had something there…

    • The good news is, thanks to Trump winning and Hillary not, political pressure on gun rights is at a lull.

      Had she won and put 3 Leftist Scum ™ on the high court, we would be in deep doggie doo-doo right now…

    • Cash-n-carry is always best. The Haz household operates debt-free as well. Provides for a better night’s sleep knowing there are no creditors and no bills coming.

  3. I’m going to buck the conventional wisdom here. I went down the ‘buy more’ path for many years. It was cool. But then I discovered milsurps and being a history buff I kinda went off the deep end.

    When you spend more time cleaning them than shooting them they are taking up a lot of your time. I finally realized I needed to simplify. I only have 3 safes now. I gave a lot of the guns away. A lot. I’m hoping to be down to 2 safes soon.

    I did not sell any. They all went to good homes.

    • Let me be the 1st to say that I will help you in your desire to find a good home for the rest of the guns you’re giving away! 😉

    • Good for you! There is joy in giving someone a tool they can use to protect themselves, if it encourages them to think about who they vote for and maybe influence their viewpoint on the wider array of things we see in modern life, so much the better.

    • “When I hold you in my arms (ooh, oh, yeah)
      And I feel my finger on your trigger (ooh, oh, yeah)
      I know nobody can do me no harm (ooh, oh, yeah)
      Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is (bang, bang, shoot, shoot)
      Happiness is a warm, yes it is, gun (happiness, bang, bang, shoot, shoot)
      Well, don’t you know that happiness is a warm gun momma?
      (Happiness is a warm gun, yeah)“

      Traditional English folk song from 50 years ago.

  4. Even in the gun world happiness is conflated with consumerism.

    How about finding a niche you enjoy and then spending time developing that skillset purely for the feeling of satisfaction that completing the increasing challenges will provide?

    Want to drive manual really well? Buy a junker with a shit transmission and learn to drive it really well. Then maybe consider that 3 puck racing clutch.

    • I agree. Learn to drive a manual road car to the point you can barely feel the gear change.

      Then learn to drive a race car with a button clutch.

      • When I turned 60, I found a 82 Kawasaki KZ100R with 13m miles in mint condition.
        When I turned 61 I put a Pingle shifter on it. I kinda liken it to a full-auto blunderbuss… not hardly leading edge tech, but it’s all I need to get an ear to ear grin going !!

        • yep, a Lawson replica…it doesn’t have the ” superbike” sticker on the tank, has non-original Fox shocks and K&N filters but is otherwise the way it rolled off of the show floor. I got it from the wife of someone whom I worked with at Ellsworth AFB that died in a car wreck, and left it sit in his dad’s hangar for a number of years till she had to let it go.
          And no, I didn’t steal it from her – she knew what it was worth.

        • 82 Kawasaki KZ100R with 13m miles“

          Mint condition with 13,000,000 miles, that is quite a find.

        • i have a small pile of original oem sales brochures for that model, but they have an ink stamp of “illinois kawasaki” on the top left.

        • MajorStupidity,

          Your snark-fu is getting weaker, grasshopper. Any EDUCATED person knows that “small ‘m'” is an abbreviation for EITHER “miles” or “thousand” (or “thousandth)”. “small ‘k'” is more common, but not universal. “M” is sometimes used, by idjits such as yourself, as an abbreviation for “million”. But then, ineffective and insipid are your brand, so there’s that. Go consume feces and expire, Leftist/fascist t***.

        • You put a Pingle shifter on a 100cc bike with 13 million miles on it? I’m impressed. Even astounded…

        • Rider:

          It’s a 1000. He had a couple typos in the comment. It happens.

          There might be an old dirtbike/pitbike with a similar designation though…

    • Learn to drive a standard without using the clutch, it’ll come in handy when you wear out the throw out bearing.

      • Learn common prefixes and suffixes, such as for unit measure:
        M=mega (million)
        m=mille (thousand)
        in monetary abbreviation, m
        represents million dollars, as in $13m… which would NOT be a good deal on an ELR
        But you might have already known that

        • geez, looks like the miner criticizer missed that you left a zero off of “KZ1000R”.
          What a maroon

        • He also wants us to believe that he has the first clue how to point-shift a manual transmission.

  5. I used to think this way, and I bought a lot of guns. Lots of overlap, lots of calibers to be different, etc.

    Fast forward 15 years from when I got my real start, and I realize quantity doesn’t buy joy. There are things I’d rather have invested in, such as better optics rather than having so many “rifle with a vortex dot” type firearms. And even then, buying the stuff I want now doesn’t change the joy aspect beyond the temporary high.

    I’d rather derive joy from using them and from becoming proficient. It just doesn’t do it for me to say “oh man I have one of those in my safe that i never get to look at”

    If I was able to talk to past me, I’d suggest the joy in developing skill and limiting to a handful and get even better skill wise:
    still a pretty good number of them, but not the ridiculousness of my misspent youth. At least it wasn’t drugs right?

      • Did the chemicals when much younger, learned to drive a stick in the 70s, learned to shift well in the late 80s when i bought my first new car, the ’89 Si. Mastered synchro-shifting with that, drove it nearly 300,000 miles with just 1 replacement clutch.

        I did *not* baby that clutch, I chirped tires nearly daily when driving it…

    • It’s relative. There are many aspects to the gun world. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits in one area, there is something else. You can fill your life and your safe with an assortment of various firearms and then start trading for higher quality. Something that could move someone into a curio collectors license if not careful. Then there is reloading. Which in itself comes with unlimited combinations of powders, bullets, brass, and tools. One could always take there weekend hobby to the next level and start a business. Many FFL’s and smiths got going from a simple interest with a grand or two in guns that interested them. Many vets get into law enforcement while quite a few hunters become firearms instructors. There are those that just have three or four guns and spend all there time at the range improving their groups while others are completely satisfied allowing their only firearm to collect dust. Some derive their happiness from putting down anyone that owns them.

      It’s been said that happiness is a warm gun. Perhaps. That’s always made me wonder if it’s warm from wearing or from firing.

      From consumerism to collecting, from philosophy to self defense, books have been written about what seems to be an endless stream of fascination across the planet and throughout recorded history of weapons of all kinds. These things have been and will always be with us. Just as the invention of the wheel and discovery of fire.

      So what makes people happy? It just might be freedom. Because guns usually either bring freedom or take it. For me it’s personal accomplishment in building and in honing skills. It’s also enjoying to have a few nice things in this life. Having the ability to take care of myself and those around me is quite satisfying aswell. I see it as a meld of personal interests, love of those closest to me, and acknowledgement that there are things bigger than me.

  6. sometimes
    on rainy days
    or mondays
    when im down
    i like to stare out my front picture window
    and wonder
    if my rifles are thinking about me too

  7. I need to move into a new place where I can make a walk in man-cave/safe and get my guns out of multiple safes and on to full display.

  8. I have guns, ammo, reloaders and tons of components. For me, real happiness is finding time to shoot what I have…

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