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I mean…might I suggest at least putting loaded mags in the Velveeta box? Great place for linked ammo, though, for the ol’ belt-fed!


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  1. Gotta admit that I find ammo in place of true velveeta part of me will be disappointed.

    Now, if it was full of primers…

    • Downunder primers are selling for 20+c each when bought in 1000 unit bricks.

      Actually more expensive than my projectiles.

      • Ouch!

        $110 – $119 per thousand is the average going price here in northwest Montana…Magnum and Benchrest primers generally are $120 – $150 thousand.

        Has anyone seen any of those primers that new company in Texas was supposed to be making and selling by now?

    • Eating ammo is probably healthier (and tastier) than Velveeta. And it has just as much actual cheese as a box of Velveeta.

    • It even says it’s not really cheese right on the box. It’s Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product.

      I have to admit, though, that a lump of Velveeta melted with a can of spicy Rotel makes an addictive corn chip dip.

  2. Comment in jail.
    Ahh hah, mezkin car tell spelled correctly. Word press is way fun. Thanx government you make freedom of speech the real deal.

  3. It’s just too dumb to be funny given the joke. Someone’s breaking in so you’re going to go to your kitchen, unbox your strangely hidden ammo, load it into a mag, then load your gun.

    • You shoot them first, then finish them off with what’s in the box.

      Bonus points if it’s *real* Valveeta that you heat to boiling and then pour down their throat while cackling like a Arsacid or Persian about “liquid gold”.

      Triple bonus points if you can do it in ancient Parthian or Persian.


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