Kyle Rittenhouse Gaige Grosskreutz Kenosha Shooting
Gaige Grosskreutz (Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP)
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The man who survived being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse filed a secret petition to change his legal name after his past as a violent career criminal was exposed. …

Grosskreutz, of West Allis, said he has received death threats in the two years since he was shot in the arm during the protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The August 2020 protests famously left Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum dead at the hands of Rittenhouse. But last year, Rittenhouse was cleared of murdering the men after jurors decided he’d acted in self-defense.

Grosskreutz added he was seeking the name change to protect him and his family, although his proposed new moniker was not revealed. 

He is a violent convicted felon who admitted lying during the Rittenhouse trial, and who has now moaned about ‘right wing media’ outlets who exposed his planned subterfuge. 

‘But the real story here isn’t that I am seeking to change my name, but that a process that is supposed to protect and shield those in danger was undermined and sealed information was released to the right wing media within hours of my filing,’ he said in a statement.

Grosskreutz garnered controversy across the nation when his key testimony against Rittenhouse was scrutinized as it was revealed he lied to police about being armed during his standoff in Kenosha. 

— Associated Press and Ronny Reyes in Something To Hide? Woke Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Witness Applies To Change His Name After He Admitted Lying to Cops and His Violent Past as Domestic Abuser Was Revealed by

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  1. The AP’s wording, and subsequently every MSM outlet running the copy, makes it seem like poor Unicep here is a victim and Kyle was out rampaging for murder.

    Kyle survived Uniceps attack. As well as the attacks of two others.

    • “As well as the attacks of two others”

      Rittenhouse was attacked by four people: Gaige Grosskreutz, Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, and Maurice Freeland (AKA ‘Jump Kick Guy’)

      • We knew he was fake. The tell is that he makes sense. The real dacian is mentally ill and uneducated. His stuff is easy to spot.

      • dacian the demented dips***,

        We can tell – decent grammar and sentence structure, spelled correctly . . . why, it’s ALMOST as if the major difference between your idiot self and fake dacian is that HE’S actually educated.

        Go expire in an excavation, onanist.

        • Any comment on how defending one’s self at an Antifa/BLM ‘mostly peaceful’ protest resulted in a Certified crazy person, a wife beater, and a pedophile getting shot? 🤔

          Can you work out those odds for us Jerry?
          Or did Kyle just happen to shoot the ONLY bad people in that huge ‘mostly peaceful’ group? 🤪

        • James, check the video link I put in the CDC article. antifa members and child sex offenders have a high correlation. The joke of antifa recruiting from NAMBLA looks more real as time goes on.

        • “James, check the video link I put in the CDC article”

          Yes, I watched it shortly after you posted the link.
          Good vid.

          lil’d went dark in that CDC comment section, just like here. 🤔

  2. “This week, Grosskreutz filed a secret petition to change his legal name — that was quickly reported by a conservative news outlet, prompting his call for a leak investigation by the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court.”

    Laughing here. Did the not-right-leaning Milwaukee Journal decline to report the very same thing? Nope. They gobbled it up. Not sure why this is not news. Oh that’s right, the Journal was embarrassed because they didn’t do their job but not embarrassed enough to give cover to this jerk and pretend it didn’t happen. Blame it on the conservative outlet that utilized a leak. OMG the fainting couch please, I’ve never heard of such a thing happening in the mainstream media before. Never!

    I used to be a journalist (forgive me), these people cannot go to hell fast enough.

    • Also: “who admitted lying during the Rittenhouse trial”

      The FBI has shown up with guns and/or confiscated personal items for less than that (when someone’s politics are wrong).

    • And should have also been charged and convicted of perjury for lying in court.

      But some protected classes don’t have to obey the law in any form.

  3. A rose by any other name…

    Changing his name will never change who he is. He is part of the problem. It really doesn’t surprise me that he gets death threats. The poetic part to that is that he has threatened lives himself and to that:

    What comes around goes around. Welcome to Karma.

  4. It doesn’t matter if Grosskreutz changes his name or not. It doesn’t matter that his filing for a name change was ‘leaked’ or not. He is going to be recognized every where he goes, if not by a lot of people then at least a few, for the rest of his life. It would have been better if he had just told the truth about everything, that he was armed and that he did attack Rittenhouse with intent, then he would have been forgotten eventually and no one would have cared. Its his lies that made him more notable, pretending to be a victim when he wasn’t.

      • well, he couldn’t just shut up. He got shot, and the video, and pics, …. its hard to just shut up about that when the DA has all that. His lies made him more notable.

        • Maybe you can’t get yourself out, but you most certainly can dig yourself deeper into the doodoo by talking. Either by lying (which is easier to do unintentionally than people think), by undercutting potential arguments that could have been used in your defense, or by further incriminating yourself. Best to shut up & wait for discovery to reveal what they’ve actually got against you. Then if you want to talk you can maybe try to use it to leverage a better plea deal or something.

          The idea is not (in most cases) to get off scot free, the idea is to minimize the damage.

  5. So Kyle getting death threats didn’t matter………yeah fresh out of fucks to give for his privacy after all the doxxing attempts we saw at work and expect his next name to be on the chans within a month.

    • Be surprised as hell if the peak autists @ /pol/ didn’t already have it within 15 min of filing.

      Remember the Shia flag incidents?

      • Reinforced why I do not put much of anything online, you would really need larger assets to match how quickly that was pulled off.

        • Ironically, people think you’re paranoid for shielding identity & privacy so aggressively. Fools, all of them. They, the alluded to above exist, are very effective, and that is sufficient reason in and of itself.

          Frankly, I’m not sure there are many, if indeed any 1st world countries with the necessary resources assets for an off the cuff transcontinental operation like they pulled off there.

          If nothing else, it was impressive.

  6. in other news, from pjmedia,
    “. . . Former FBI special agent John Guandolo told Turning Point USA in a recorded interview (below) that there’s a 90% certainty that the Las Vegas attack was a jihadi operation and Stephen Paddock was the conduit through which the terrorist organization attacked America.”

    • Sure but that will NEVER be reported by the lamesteam. They’re still calling the Pulse Nightclub gun violence as well as the Nidal “soldier of allah” army shooting workplace BS…

  7. If, in fact, sealed info leaked was the problem, maybe he should be allowed to fade away into “disabled society”, or at least try to.
    I don’t believed that that info was sealed, like he was an underage felon and then turned choirboy.
    I believe he was a career criminal, under the pay or Soros funded sources, and should be put to those questions.
    He is lucky to be alive, I am sure that he will live on the dole the rest of his life.

    • He should file a workman’s comp claim through Soros. See how well the ss/antifa takes care of their own.

  8. A court of law has ruled that deadly force was the rightful consequence of this guy’s choices; unfortunately, due to the circumstances, it didn’t quite work the first time. If they finish the job, he won’t have to deal with embarrassment or harassment any more.

  9. Punkass can’t take the heat of his foolish and illegal acts. Cry me a river, foo… Future leftist antifa thugs take note. The the right-thinking people of this country- aint takin your crap lying down anymore. We’re comin for ya, baybee!

  10. These leftist criminal punks who complain about justice after the things they have done should get no sympathy whatsoever. Typical Lefties who live by one rule for themselves and then expect everyone to be concerned when they are on the short end of the stick. What a waste of humanity.

  11. It would be expected that the Radical and violent Far Right would threaten him with death. There is no race the Far Right hates more than black people which was what the protests were all about, police murder and brutality towards blacks all minorities.

    Rittenhouse went there that night looking for a fight and found it. As in many fights there was fault on both sides. Rittenhouse went into a highly emotionally charged event where people were protesting police brutality and murder and protesters seeing a punk kid waving around an AR 15 and playing cop resulted in the expected, a fight.

    Rittenhouse has been the star poster boy for the Far Right as Rittenhouse’s racim made him a hero to the Racial Far Right.

    • You don’t have any mirrors in your house, do you? You would be unable to look yourself in the eye.

      • Well I’m standing in a room full of mirrors
        And all I can see is me
        So I took my spirit and smashed it
        Now the whole world is there for me to see
        Yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah.

    • I’m now convinced that “Dacian” is some form of performative art. No real person could possibly write this.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Cool story, bro!!!! Now do Kyle Rittenhouse, Justice Kavanaugh, Justice Thomas, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Kristen Synema, and thousands more – ALL threatened with death by your punk @$$ Antifa/BurnLootMurder buddies.

      dacian the demented, here’s an introductory lesson in “new math” for you (since you probably never took, and CERTAINLY never passed, a math class before):

      Stupid + Ignorant and uneducated + demented + fascist = dacian.

      Go forcefully compact crystalline sodium chloride into your anal cavity.

      • Correct. Both counts.

        Sad part is Dacian’s so slow that he believes he has credibility such that he can spout of lies as if incontrovertible fact, even though it’s dead ass simple for anyone to easily disprove with a cursory search. With official government court documentation, no less.

        Minor is nearly as bad.

    • Rittenhouse during the riots and before being attacked made statements that suggests he supported the position of the protesters, not the rioters.

      Right or wrong he was protecting property in a place he had ties to.

      Those who attacked him where people who were criminals, people who were not there to protest or to do anything positive. They reaped what they received.

      People like you who find racism in everything except where real racism exists are the problem. Society could do better without the intellectual dishonest people like yourself who contribute nothing but ignorance.

      How many felonies do you have Facist?

  12. I’m thinking he should get it legally changed to ” X ” … since that’s how he probably signs now with the arm he has left.

  13. Why not change his gender too? If he became a “she” who would guess “her” real identity?

    • John B,

      And think of all the money “he’d” save on not requiring “bottom surgery”!!! He’s already d***less, like ALL his Leftist/fascist Antifa/BurnLootMurder fellow travelers.

  14. If Kyle was proven in self defense, that makes this guy an attacker. Why is he not in jail for attempted homicide?

    • He made a deal with the devil, AKA the district attorney who is trying to save face and pretend the Rittenhouse prosecution never happened. The one thing the DA is trying to do is avoid reminding people as to just how incompetent they are, so there is less than zero chance he will ever stand trial for those crimes…surprised he hasn’t gotten a Soros book deal just to shut him up and make him go away for a few years.

  15. F’ing Antifa SOB is a victimizer, not a victim. He deserves everything that comes his way.


  16. Maybe don’t try to attack people in the street like a thug.

    Why is it so hard for libturds to learn to not put their hands on people. It really is that simple. Keep your hands off me or get shot. Simple.

  17. He will suffer the rest of his life in pain and the loss of the use of his arm. That seems Justice to me for trying to murder an innocent child.
    They you see, you don’t have to lock up every Criminal. You can make them pay in other ways.

  18. Name change?
    No matter where you go there you are.
    Death threats? Really
    Dumb ass, you dont go to the courts to get your name changed. For $1,250 some mezkins I know can get you a DL and a Social what more do you need?

    • posum,

      Since he’s probably never had an honest job in his life, why would he even need a SS number?

  19. This mans background of VIOLENT crime had no bearing on him being shot, none at all, because the idiot who shot him had no idea who he was.

    • The victim, Rittenhouse, knew that the bad guy was trying to murder him. And the court agreed with Rittenhouse. Are you saying that we are required to know their background before we shoot them?

    • “This man’s” violent criminal past had everything to do with him getting shot- if Gaige Armstrong hadnt been violently and criminally assaulting Mr Rittenhouse, he wouldnt have gotten shot. If he hadn’t been acting out violently at the Kenosha riots, he wouldnt have lost most of the use of his arm. Period.
      He messed with the wrong person and will suffer the consequences for the rest of his life…

    • Guess you missed the part where he attacked someone while beig armed and was shot by his intended victim.

      Self defense is a natural human right. Even if your supposed Country denies it to you.

    • Not to mention stumpy was also a convicted felon in possession of a firearm during the event.

      Prince among kings Albert, I wonder if your were born ignorant and stupid or did that cheap gin (and household cleaner) rot your brain?

  20. he needs to change it to BOP##### because he was a felon with a weapon and he attempted murder on camera. If there was a non-partisan justice system that would have been the trial following Rittenhouse’s. Hope his life is hard and miserable for the rest of his days.

  21. As long as he crawls back under the rock he crawled out from and stays there, I couldn’t give two schitts what he calls himself.

  22. You are truly a piece of crap. I wish Rittenhouse had shot both biceps and your weiner off.

  23. I got kicked off YouTube for making disparaging remarks about this douche. Goes to show you what a bunch of fools run YouTube.

    • According to MSM he was an angel only trying to help innocents and bunnies.
      But when we watch the video evidence we see he wanted to murder Kyle and saw the bolt not fully closed and didn’t expect the forward assist to actually work.
      I’m a bit sorry Kyle aimed at the gun.

      • As I remarked the first time I saw the video footage of Kyle facing off these Soros perverts snd felons, Kyle Rittenhouse owned these little women. He commanded that street like a Navy Seal or Green Beret would and he didn’t start blindly shooting in the crowd. So say what you want punk, but you got you ass handed to you by Rittenhouse. When you change your name you might want to look into plastic surgery too. Ots of people would like to run into you.
        Remember that dumb antifa sympathizer bitch that interviewed you for her youtube channel? If you see her tell her David said she can kiss my ass.

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