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Yeah. Works for me.


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  1. I’m a male. I did not think I could get knocked up. But thanks to the medical genius of the fascist left there now exists a doubt.

    So I will tell my wife to wear a condom henceforth. Better safe than sorry.

    • I believe the intent of this meme is to suggest that support of gun control interferes with prospects regardless of sex.

      That would be a suggestion that open support for gun control prevents the male/female who engages in such open support of gun control from having success with women/men who believe the man/woman to be a loser.

      In that regard it’s sort of similar to that older meme that basically said “I told my girlfriend I support gun control, she said we should both date other men”.

      This one’s… clunky, as memes go.

      • It’s fairly obvious that dacian is an incel. So yeah, supporting gun control is a no win in regards romance.

        I know it’s not as simple as this but I’ve had more than one women tell me they like being with me because they feel safe.

      • Thank you, maybe I needed more coffee this morning but I didn’t “get” the meme.

    • “So I will tell my wife to wear a condom henceforth. Better safe than sorry.”

      ribbed for your pleasure?

    • “So I will tell my wife to wear a condom henceforth“

      Really, if she just unstraps it after use and gives it a good cleaning with soap and water, you two would probably be good to go for the next time.

      That’s probably a good thing, Justice Thomas has already stated that he believes the Greenwald decision making condom use available to married adults is unconstitutional so it may be difficult to get condoms in the near future.

      “Among those, Thomas wrote, was the right for married couples to buy and use contraception without government restriction, from the landmark 1965 ruling in Griswold v. Connecticut.
      “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell,” Thomas wrote on Page 119 of the opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, also referring to the rulings that legalized same-sex relationships and marriage equality, respectively. “Because any substantive due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous’ … we have a duty to ‘correct the error’ established in those precedents.”

      • Dreaming about homo erotic sex, there miner? And here we go again. Your side opened this whole can of worms. You’ve insisted that it is OK to limit rights. It’s OK to require permission and paper work to exercise our rights. thomas is just using the ground work you laid to pencil whip you.

        If you would just get on board with protecting all our rights we may see a better country. As it stands you guys set the bar. Voting only with a permit? Check. Same sex couples? Uncheck. See how it works?

        The world will be better off with guys like you and dacian on reservations in Nevada.

        • Nah–NV is too good. Send them to Papua New Guinea. There are still cannibals out in the boondocks. They might even enjoy it.

      • First, one must believe what is printed in the Washington Post. That alone takes and enormous stretch.

  2. One thing you guys forgot, well have ya seen the faces on the women that support gun control? One look at any of that bunch and there is no blue pill or even brain bleach that is gonna fix that issue! Hell, I won’t even list the kind of diseases ya could pick up from something as nasty as that!

  3. Sems that you lot on thepother side of the POND have never heard of the DUTCH CAP which is I suppose the nearest thing you can get to a FEMALE CONDOM. They were actually quite popular back in my mispent youth and a jolly good thing that they were.

    Though they did seem to be the choice of the more upperclass girl AS I remember they were meant to cover the CERVICAL OPENING and indeed did look a bit like a short heavy duty condom but where the DUTCH bit came from I haven’t a clue. Haven’t seem one for years though. Old ones could well,become collectors items I suppose so get digging in ‘Grandmas Drawers’ .

    • In your case, lil ‘al, I’m pretty sure you just got it mixed up with the rest of the Freaky Deeky Dutch shit polluting your cranial cavity, among others

      • Special delivery from an Amsterdam “coffee shop”?

        To Brits, anything kinky must be Dutch. Damned foreigners and their weird ways.

        • Well you know, the official city flag of Amsterdam is a bit weird, it features white triple Xs on a red and black background.

          That’s why porn videos, originally produced in Amsterdam for the UK market, were marked with the triple X.

  4. I’m surprised “appendix carry”, or just shoving a handgun into the front of one’s pants, isn’t listed as a simple “birth control” method. Maybe not up there in the 90% effectiveness, but still a worthy potential.

    Shame, Jeremy…

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