Giffords Florida gun control bus tour
The Giffords gun control operation tried to sell civilian disarmament to Florida Hispanics. They weren't buying. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Gun control groups aren’t getting the message. Instead, they keep repeating the wrong one. Some say that’s the definition of insanity. They’re lecturing Hispanic voters, trying to sell their civilian disarmament message. It isn’t going well.

Lecturing law-abiding Americans that they need more gun control and telling them they’re wrong if they disagree is a bold strategy, especially in politics. That’s the play in Florida by gun control groups despite recent failures by those who tried the same approach. Adding identity politics only makes matters worse.

The Second Amendment is for every law-abiding American, yet Democrats in Florida are trying to push more gun control on Hispanic voters.

Strategy To Strip Rights

A recent Fox News report described how gun control groups, including Giffords political action committee, are spending big in several state and federal districts across Florida with a message to Hispanic voters. They’re preaching to them that they need more gun control. Giffords has already ponied up over $1 million urging voters to believe their message and forfeit their God-given rights.

“We think we have a real opportunity, specifically in Florida,… to really shift votes,” Giffords executive director Peter Ambler told the media.

Florida Sen. Annette Taddeo speaks at the kick off of the Giffords Florida gun control bus tour. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

The current anti-Second Amendment spending spree is reminiscent of recent gun control pushes spearheaded by billionaire and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. He spent more than $1 billion of his own money pushing the same gun control message, trying to flip seats for gun control in Florida, Texas, Virginia and other states. When the voters went to the polls, they roundly rejected Bloomberg’s ploy.

This time, gun control is using identity politics and focusing attention on Hispanic voters they believe will “come around” for gun control, given many fled from countries with rampant criminal gun use. The problem, though, is those countries have strict gun control, severely limiting firearm ownership. The governments have firearms and so do violent criminal cartels, but not citizens. Hispanic voters recognize the ruse for what it is.

That includes 96-year old Isabel Caballero who spoke of how Cuban dictator Fidel Castro “encouraged” Cubans to register their firearms, then used the list for confiscation.

“‘Guns, What for?’ That’s what he used to say. People turned them over, and then the only people who had guns were them,” Caballero said of Castro. “Lesson? Do not let them go.”

Voting With Their Wallets

The various gun control groups point to polling showing “gun issues” are important to Hispanic voters. An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll conducted in June showed 35 percent of Hispanic voters listed “gun issues” as an issue for the government to address, compared with 18 percent in late 2021 and 10 percent in 2020.

The poll doesn’t describe what “gun issues” means. It could be that Second Amendment rights are important to those polled, not “more gun control.” Judging by firearm industry retail survey data during the years referenced, that’s likely the case.

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., walks next to a bus at the kick off of the Giffords Florida gun control bus tour in Miami. She’s trying to convince Florida hispanics they’re better off without guns. It isn’t going well. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, business lockdowns, escalating calls to “defund the police” and rising neighborhood criminal violence, law-abiding Americans went on a historic firearm buying spree, including Hispanic-Americans.

The overlay of rising crime concerns for Hispanic-Americans and their firearm purchasing is a stark picture. According to NSSF retailer survey data, law-abiding Hispanic-Americans purchased firearms in 2020 at a 49 percent higher rate than they did in 2019. That swing of Hispanic-Americans’ preference even showed in the 2020 presidential election where former President Donald Trump’s message of law and order and support for the Second Amendment resonated, garnering the president 10 percent more Hispanic-American vote share than he received in 2016.

In Florida, several Republican Congressional candidates won seats from gun control Democrats and the Sunshine State broke for former president Trump by three percent.

Lone Star Harbinger

Gun control groups have a track record of forcing their message for gun restrictions on voters, rather than listening to them. That was most recently the case in Florida’s neighbor to the west, Texas.

Rep. Mayra Flores
Rep. Mayra Flores speaks at a Cameron County Conservatives event in Harlingen, Texas.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

In a special congressional election to fill an open U.S. House of Representatives seat, “historically a Democratic stronghold,” Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) won the election, in a district President Joe Biden carried. She did it by running on an unapologetic message of gun rights.

In another sign of how Hispanic voters are responding to candidates who embrace gun rights over restrictions, Rep. Flores is just one of a record 43 Republican Hispanic candidates on the ballot this coming November. If gun control groups think Hispanic voters want more gun control, they aren’t listening to them.

As the November election is now only a month away, NSSF reminds voters to know their candidates’ positions on the Second Amendment and #GUNVOTE so they don’t risk their rights.

Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. And if they don’t willingly “come around” for gun control, a few random reprisal events will change their minds. That’s the D way.

  2. As of this moment the D’s don’t have near the stranglehold on the Hispanic population they think they do. Or rather they believe they are entitled to.

    Between their religious beliefs, appreciation for individual liberty and capitalism and disdain for shady governments and politicians they’ll be lumped in with those evil white people soon enough.

  3. “Hspanics” covers a lot of territory. Literally. Cubans, Venezuelans, and Mexicans, for example, have nothing more in common than their shared language and maybe a few regional dishes. Politically, they are poles apart.

  4. Has anyone asked Demmings what happened to her stolen duty pistol when she was with OPD.

    Just asking for a friend.

    • I don’t *want* to wish bad things on most people, but I’m really hoping to watch her fail *spectacularly* in this coming election.

    • The *beautiful* thing is, it was entirely self-inflicted..

      They actually thought all they had to do was jump up-and-down while screaming “Racist” and they would have the vote locked up tight.

      Another serious mistake they make in general is, they believe all they have to do is modify the message a little bit and they will instantly get their votes.

      Suckers… 🙂

  5. Muy bueno indeed! Got several Mexican neighbors. They are overall very good folk’s. I doubt I’ll ever talk about guns with them though…

  6. Well, “hispanics” are the most significant volume of lawbreakers in the US. Millions of felons illegally crossing our Southern border. Many either of, or supporting/employed by, the worst kind of gangs and narco terrorists.

    The dems/progs LOVE them some hispanic. As long they stay under control and on the plantation.

  7. They might have more success if they practiced what they preached. If I’m the president and I believe whole sale in “Gun control” I inform the secret service that they dont get to carry on the job. Same with the senators and congressmen.

    Of course, they wouldn’t do that on their best day. They’d sit back and say, “hey, I am not in control of the capital police, secret service, etc.” and throw up their arms and say we need them to protect themselves against the wacko’s that the NRA has thrown guns at for the last 100 years.

    But that would be a lie. They’re hypocrites. So I, and apparently the growing hispanic population, are ignoring them.

  8. The reason the message is not getting through is the demographic is being misnamed. They’re called “Latinx” or the newer more acceptable term, “Latinae”.

    • Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
      Did they confuse Latinos with the Ancient Romans who spoke Latin???
      Latinae was the road between Rome and Beneventum.
      There’s also the Feriae Latinae that was a religious festival held in April on the Alban Mount.

      • “Did they confuse Latinos with the Ancient Romans who spoke Latin???”

        They view people as ‘groups’, and then treat the groups as a monolith…

  9. It’s not just guns. A few years ago, a late night customer to a Buffalo, NY convenience store walked in on an armed robbery. Fortunately, the robber had zero situational awareness so the customer was able to sneak up and beat him over the head with a heavy flashlight. I’m sure the anti-gunners wouldn’t like that either. Neither would they agree with hiring more police, prosecutors and judges and building more prisons even though that would accomplish their avowed goal of reducing criminal violence.

  10. They must think if they follow the shampoo algorithm we will blindly fall into lockstep
    Lather, rinse repeat.
    Come fellow proles, do not think, just do as we instruct you to without thinking.

    Problem is we have historical reference to look at previous examples of successful gun control. My grandfather for one constantly warned us about never letting the government know what you own or let them take it from you.

    Of course he did have his reasons for his fears you know being a Jew in pre WW2 Austria would tend to do that to you.

  11. At this point it should be clear that the real 2A divide is rural/urban, not anyone’s skin color. Reconstructing pro-2A urban culture, and BoR culture more generally, is critical.

    The citizen-disarmists, however despicable, are not to be underestimated; they own the entire D party and can turn RINOs.

  12. Hispanic here. The story checks out. Almost all of my family is very pro-gun.
    But I must point out that we are legals, and of mixed native/spanish/border-crossed-us folk. In that aspect, our politics are probably closer to to the actual cuban refugees than we are the current illegal border crossers.
    And yes, there is a HUGE difference among groups. We know it, it’s about time the dems start recognizing it and stop lumping us all into one basket of brown votes.
    In other news… record number of hispanics on the ballot? about time. we’ve gone from 5% to nearly 20% of the population in the last 40 years. Ours have also endured slavery and racism and everything every other group has. I’ve been wondering when the big “AHEM” moment would come.

  13. I’ve lived in a predominantly Hispanic community for years. I’ve neighbors, friends, coworkers and Range Buddies who are Hispanic and they are all good folk. Many of them, come from families that have been in this country longer than my own family has (we arrived her in the 1840’s), and some of these families have been here since the 1500s, coming over from Spain. I would estimate around 80 to 85% of those I personally know are gun owners, and have been for a very long time. A higher than average number are also either Vets or currently serving.

  14. The Ds are counting on the south Florida vote, made up of ex New Yorkers, N.J., Ct, Ma, And Pa refugees. There are some in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville too folk. The bulk of the state is more conservative but the cities hold great sway. When I see the ads for Demmings (which are almost non-stop) I say to my wife “I’ll vote for Demmings (and Crist) when I vote for Hillary”.

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