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Hot off the TTAG not-exactly-earth-shattering news desk we bring you the following story: Fisher Space Pens are now available in Cerakote finishes! Since I’ve been using a couple of these bad boys as my go-to pens in my backpack, range bag, hunting kit, etc., I figured I’d share the news.

The Cap-O-Matic in Tungsten Cerakote seen in the lead photo is mine. I love how these things will write on all sorts of materials even if it’s wet or greasy or worse. As the press release below explains, it’s a great pen for hunters and it writes wonderfully on those weird plastic hunting licenses even if they have, you know, blood and whatnot on them.

Both the Cap-O-Matic and original Bullet are available on the Fisher site in the new Cerakote finishes plus, of course, in the hundreds of other finishes and special editions that they offer. Also on Amazon.

Press release follows:

Fisher Space Pen® Forms a Dynamic Duo with Cerakote®

Boulder City, NV (October 5, 2022) – It is a well-known fact that Fisher Space Pen® is built to last. However, what if the durability of Fisher Space Pens can be even more enhanced? What if that enhanced durability comes with an aesthetic advantage in addition? What can achieve such an ambitious goal?

Cerakote® by NIC Industries offers the answer to these questions. Fisher Space Pen has teamed up with NIC Industries to present two of Fisher classics in a fresh light. Cerakote is the innovative coating technology using ceramic and polymer to create a thin layer on any hard surfaces including but not limited to plastic, hardwood, polymer, and metal. This coating method provides a superior shield against corrosion, abrasion, and wear to any other coatings available in the industry. Moreover, Cerakote coating is easy to apply and comes in hundreds of unique colors to make any product enduring and visually appealing. As a result, the combination of Cerakote and Fisher delivers enhanced functionality and design all around.

The classic Cap-O-Matic Space Pen has been the most loved by anyone whose work is physically involved. Whether construction workers, first responders, firefighters, military, or outdoorsmen and women, the users will find the Cap-O-Matic with Cerakote coating incredibly long-lasting and versatile. The cap activation makes it easy and suitable to use in a fast-paced, rough environment, and the matte black Cerakote coating makes it slick and pleasing to the eyes.

The Chrome Bullet Space Pen represents a timeless design that has made itself an example for the industry. This elegant and classic pen is an ideal size to easily carry in your briefcase, purse, planner, pocket, or wallet. Since its conception in 1948, the Bullet Space Pen has remained a beloved, iconic American classic. With a Cerakote coating applied to its already artful appearance, the Bullet will continue to be one of the most in-demand pens for another half a century.

Whether a hunter is roaming the woods, up in a treestand, or in a blind, Fisher’s new series of corrosion resistant Cerakote-coated pens make for a perfect aid on the hunt. For preseason scouting of your hunting land, take the ceramic polymer-based formulation coating the Bullet or M4 to take notes. These will write in high heat and frigid cold, so they’re perfect for any season. Don’t worry if you get blood or dirt on your tag either, because the PR4 ink cartridge will write directly over it so that you can fill every tag out completely. Meet your new hunting partner in this series of Cerakoted Fisher pens!

Fisher has partnered with Cerakote to offer these classic, ruggedly reliable pens for people who need them the most. For every hunter that needs assistance in the field, the new Fisher-Cerakote collaboration pens are as tough as you.

Cerakote Bullet Space Pen Features:

• Cap Slides On & Off 
• Cerakote Finish over Brass
• Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
• Armor Black and Tungsten Color Options
• Moonscape Gift Box with an Astronaut Sleeve
• Made in the USA with USA & global materials

Cerakote Bullet Space Pen Specs:

• Length: Open – 5.25 in./Closed – 3.75 in.
• Width: 0.38 in.
• Weight: 0.7 ounces

Cap-O-Matic Space Pen Features:

• Cap Activation      
• Brass Composition
• Matte Finish with Cerakote Coating
• Tungsten Color
• Galaxy Gift Box
• Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
• Made in the USA with USA & global materials

Cap-O-Matic Space Pen Specs:

• Length: Open 5.27 in./Closed 5.13 in.
• Width: .38 in.
• Weight: .7 ounces


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    • I was just gonna say…I grab the free pens from each hotel room I stay at. Some are garbage, but some are remarkably good. And if, on rare occasion, I lose one, it was free. 🙂

      • I don’t stay in hotels as much as I used to. But my bank, as a scandemic precaution, started handing out plastic bagged pens and asking you to keep them. That is what got covid under control.

      • Haz,

        You must be staying at some swanky digs!! The Hilton (Tapestry Collection) I stayed at last week had no pen in the room. Neither did the last two Marriotts. I guess I could have asked for a pen. After all, I am a Marriott Super-Duper-Platinum, Triple- Elite, Hunky-Dorry, Posh-by-Gosh Member.

        They might have given me a pen.

        • True, most haven’t had any over the past two years, but their lobbies always do. 🙂

    • Gunny,

      Maybe not. Fisher does not seem to have a true tactical pen….you know the kind with ends designed for striking and grooves for hardened gripping. Pen as a weapon.

    • Wick doesn’t carry anything. He just slaps the nearest bad guy around takes what he needs from him.

  1. DLC would get me all twitterpated. Cerakote? Not so much. Awful expensive for a finish that will chip at the first impact.

  2. This story caused me to think about how often I actually use a pen. Not often. To address an envelop. When I am drawing the rough-in for a home project. When I am writing a task for my Kanban board (for these I use thin point Sharpies). So, although I always have a pen with me, it rarely gets used. Field notes go into my Galaxy Note. Very little paper.

  3. I have a pen, one end of which has a laser that can cut through one inch of solid steel. The only problem is the backpack power source weighs 600 lbs.

  4. What I want is a color case hardened keyboard with blued keys and embossed characters in titanium. Equips with a matching track ball mouse.

  5. I have one of the bullet pens with the clip…tiny which is good when carrying and bad when I go to find the thing. Now I gotta go look and see if I can find it, thanks a lot!

  6. You didn’t elected to mention the most important thing…the price
    They are $20 plain or $25 with a clip

    • eh, I paid $20 for a sorting hat pen at the Harry Potter exhibitions at the Franklin Institute. remarkably good writer but no clip so it stays at home.

      Fisher uses a Parker style refill so I do love to get their refills for some of my favorite pens. I have not owned an entire Fisher Space Pen. As a connosuier of pens who writes more than most I probably should add one to the collection.

  7. Coyote is the new black/OD, both are difficult to see if you drop it. Since it’s a pocket pen not displayed for visible consumption, that Estwing sky Blue would be the best field color.

    But, tacticool sells. Where’s the coyote, Fisher?

    BTW, I have found some paper wont accept a Space Pen, that stupid heat printed register tape used at some retail stores. Makes it hard putting the mileage on the back of a gas station pump receipt, etc. I found it was nearly impossible to sign a pizza receipt in Idaho Springs Sunday. Had to use the waiters gel pen.

    So, where’s those Pilot Mini Gels, those were nearly as good if you let it dry.

    • Fisher internals are Parker style. you can reach the refill with any Parker style refill, regular, gel, bold point, etc.

  8. Oh boo, look they killed a baby deer to lay the pen and skinning knife on.
    Hey them fawns are good eating, but WOW man posting pictures on the net like that is bound to get you busted.

  9. Bought one a cpl yrs ago on a whim when I was recouping from surgery. Stuck it in my BOB in a Maxpedition organizer pouch. Fits perfectly and thats a good thing but damn they are short, small, stubby and the original is plated and too slick for wet or bloody hands. Cero might be the ticket.

  10. They write on demand without having to scribble to get the ink flowing because the cartridge is pressurized. That alone to me is worth the price. Hey they even write on blood so I can save paper when I write ransom notes upon which my captive has leaked!

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