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“Fudd” being an old fashioned, Elmer Fudd-like gun owner who only cares about hunting with wooden, manual action kinda long guns and doesn’t think anyone needs an “assault weapon” or “high-capacity” magazine.


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  1. I resemble that remark.

    Except, I don’t actually care what you own/want. It’s your gun safe, fill it up with tupperware if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

    Just don’t screw around with those things, people screw around too much and that’s how bad things start to happen.

  2. The deer aren’t shooting back OR wearing body armor, “c’mon MAN”

    “45 IS God’s Caliber”

    • Yeah, but how many are black and full semi auto with shoulder things that go up? That’s the real indicator…

  3. I see two distinct varieties of “Fudd”. Yes, there’s the “I support the 2nd Amendment BUT” types and they are indeed annoying. Then there’s the “Fudd” who just prefers classic firearms and is not impressed by all that “newfangled” stuff, and it is to this latter group that I proudly belong.

    I’m not a hunter; I just punch holes in paper and blow up the occasional soda pop can or cantaloupe. Not going to list what I own but I definitely don’t have any optics on my handguns; in fact, I don’t own a single polymer framed weapon of any type. And as far as I’m concerned, the M1911 and the Browning Hi-Power were the best military sidearms ever made (love ‘em both but between the two I’ll take the M1911, and I really do think .45 ACP is superior to 9mm as a defensive round). And while it’s not what I carry most of the time, I do love me some good old fashioned .38 snubbie in a pocket holster now and again, definitely. If these tastes make me a “Fudd”…fine by me!

    But I don’t care what anyone else owns. You want the latest plastic fantastic wundergun, knock yourself out. It’s just not my shot of vodka.

    On the defensive carbine side of things, not only am I not opposed to people owning AR-15s and such, but I even go so far as to say that the 2nd Amendment protects the right of law abiding adult citizens to own fully automatic select fire weapons. By my lights you should be able to own an M4, just as easily as an AR-15, if that’s what you want. But I wouldn’t buy a full auto even if I could, cuz ammo is expensive (Fudd, y’know…).

    • That’s the beauty of the gun world…there is such a wide variety that people can pick and choose then customize according to their own tastes and desires. There is nothing wrong with making the firearms you own or carry something of a reflection of you.

      I’m not a huge fan of striker fired pistols but that wont stop me from owning one. I might not ever have a shotgun that isn’t 12guage but that doesn’t mean others can’t be used just as effectively. Most people just are not going to have the resources to have everything so you get what you can with what’s available. Your needs are not going to be the same as mine. There are those that never touch guns outside of duck hunting. Some people just want to collect anything that’s 22lr. Some like to tinker, modify, and build while others will only own one firearm in their lifetime.

      It’s all the same with everything else in life like cars, computers, homes, and choosing a spouse.

      The question to be asked is are you comfortable enough with what you own to enjoy and use them effectively while still allowing other people the same level of latitude and respect?

    • The definition of Fudd is thinking other people should only own traditional hunting guns. If you donthink that then you are not a Fudd.

      Bro Vets are the same. Theybthink only the cops and military, and sometimes maybe ex cops or ex military, should own anything tactical or take training. Anyone vet who doesn’t think that is not a Bro Vet.

      • So what do you call vets that think the 2nd covers crew served, field artillery and warships fit for privateering?

        • Hmm not bad but leaning towards “a good start” so far. How is the latest round of bans and Covid drama for you guys up there lately?

        • Safe, I don’t pay much attention to the covidian omicron monkey pox nonsense but as you likely know the 19th was the idiot manchilds (“temporary”🙄) cut off date for handgun imports in his latest midnight decree. Earlier when these worthys announced the royal proclomation it was (literally) a giggling blond bimbo, our newish “Minister of Global Affairs” 🙄 flanked by Marco ‘Maffioso’ Mendocino, our newish “Minister of Public Safety” 🙄 and some other geek/goon/nodding head yes man at an outdoor podium set in front of an obviously staged kids soccer practice (they can’t even put together something that simple in a convincing manner, it was pathetic). So said bimbo said: “I’m the [newish] blah blah and working with Marco 🙄 we managed to hammer out a plan 🙄 where we created a licensing and permitting system for handgun imports and then we just won’t issue any permits” 🙄 and giggles 🙄 and then glances to either side for support from the familia 🙄 as an imperiled eight year old 🙄 in the background listlessly kicks a half deflated soccer ball between his feet and the coach takes another drag off his smoke. It was something to see. This is what we are up against. I mean, how do you fight that kind of crap? How was your day?

        • Just waiting to see if I need to pay attention to the next crop of bullshit laws our standin dictator passed (injunction decision expected today). Otherwise noticed that the less extreme branch covidians realized ivermectin exists/works the vax doesn’t and masking hurt kids with no benefits. So quiet upheaval in a few areas.

        • Rider pending moderation fun stuff re law injunctions and medical “discoveries” with a side of petty tyrants even less competent than yours.

    • Im a fan of the classics too. Thompson, SKS, AK47, M16(the original fixed stock smooth side), M1. Plus any modern hi-cap handgun that would make Nancy’s head explode (figuratively). I just find the 45acp a little weak although I do carry one, i figure any gun is better than no gun

      • Weak?! Weak?! May Saint John Moses Browning reach down from his armory in the sky and smite thee twice upon thine noggin with alacrity and a finely hand crafted walnut grip panel and then pray forgive thee for thine blasphemy and faltering faith. Weak indeed. For shame! Worship not at the alter of false calibers for there is but one true caliber and that caliber goeth by the name of .45acp! Repent! There is still time but make haste! Repent!

      • I just find the 45acp a little weak

        A lot of Americas enemies throughout the history of the 45acp would like to disagree with you…

  4. Most of this is just plain silly.

    Glocks are only toys until someones kid kills themselves with one, God doesn’t work by caliber, and semi-autos have their place just like bolt actions do. So you can be sexist with your guns if you want to but women choose their own firearms just like everyone else. Personally, I don’t buy the idea of shooting your lung out with 9mm and shooting off any other body part with apendix carry is just as stupid.

    Some of mine have red dots and some don’t but to paint with such a broad brush defeats the purpose and the enjoyment factor.

    All I can do is laugh.

    • It would be more funny if I didn’t know people who seriously believe substantial chunks of that board ……some of whom write policy for NY state. Still hilarious at times but explains a bit on some of the weird stuff up here.

  5. Is this FUDD bingo, or just a copy-paste of TTAG comments?!

    Here’s a few more: “Keep your booger hook off the bang switch,” “operator operating operationally,” “you NYers should get off your lazy butts and try voting sometime,” “I carry three guns and 1000 rounds of ammo in my EDC,” “comment awaiting moderation,” “I earn 25k a week working from home”

    Not sure about that last one…

  6. The one about “self defense rounds are pointless” is correct. At least for pistol ammo. They are hollow points. Lol

  7. I like this meme.

    It is creative, summarized some typical silly thinking, and brings back a memory that always makes me chuckle.

    I was a young priest in my first parish. The head of the Holy Rosary Society had suggested I call Bingo. I had never been in a Bingo hall while Bingo was in operation. I had no idea about Bingo etiquette or culture. And I had no idea that being a priest would not protect me from the wrath of unhappy Bingo players.

    One of the experienced Bingo callers was trying to advise me from the sidelines: “Father, you are going calling too slowly”….”Father you are calling too fast”….”Father, they cannot hear you”…”Father, you missed that woman who yelled ‘Bingo” “.

    Finally, my coach grabbed to mic and said “Let’s give a round of applause to Father Joe for joining us”.

    It was clear I was being yanked off the stage to avoid a riot.

    To this day I cannot get over the feeling that the applause was more about them being glad to see me leave that appreciation that I tried. If there had been a trap door, I would have been down the shut.

    Fond memories!!

  8. A true “Fudd” believes if all the “modern sporting weapons” were eliminated they’d be left in peace with their blue steel and walnut works of mid century beauty.

    Sure; just consider the state of things in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and Great Britain (where they have knife control too. You can never concede enough to make controllers content.

    • There are many millions of guns in the northern queens colonies. Don’t mistake the idiot manchild and his virtue signalling, pandering, petty tyranny for being Canada. Not even close, outside of Toronto and Montreal that is. And maybe half of Vancouver and Victoria.

  9. Gun enthusiast makes enthusiastic comments about his plastic as well as his steel handgun collection with a sidebar on home defense armament, caliber, etc… here:

    “Never had any issues”
    “My _______ is my daily carry – it’s just as good”
    “You should have a ______ with that”
    “Self-selected for the Darwin Award..” (Gene pool… or whatever)
    “Stopping power”

  10. I’m an old fart. I have a thermal sight on 1 AR, and a red dot on another. I also have a very nice M1898 Mauser and a nearly as nice 1903-A3 Springfield.
    My EDC varies with where I am going to be and what I will be wearing. No optics on any of them though. Not that I have a problem with them, just never wanted the extra part sticking out at the odd angle.
    Never really cared what someone else owns or prefers. I know what works for my, and honestly, I disagree with any restrictions on what type of firearm they can own. You want to pony up for the ammo get a Ma Deuce for all I care. You own it, you shoot it, you tote the ammo.

  11. Fudds are anti open carry.

    And anti concealed carry too.

    Maybe it’s just me but it seems the definition must have changed. I remember when there used to be some true anti 2A fudds out there who thought guns were literally ONLY for hunting and thought all handguns and semi autos were stupid and pointless. They sounded a lot like our resident trolls here, and Joe Biden’s shot gun advice.

    I think they are all pretty much dead now.

    • Shotgunms r good. That’s why everyone should buy 3 for each other gunm they buy. Really fck with the aft and elf bee eyes.
      3 double barreled shotgunms and one AR please.

  12. I was just out playing around.
    No city lights, no moon , just starz.
    I think a red glowing dot on the front sight would be pretty handy for a human at night.
    Itd have to be real little tho, well for me anyway. To much red and I just start blasting cause that’s all I can see. Like that time I was out wandering around the lake looking for dead fish and found an f150. Then along comes some human and trys to steal it, I said “Hey buddy, that’s my truck your trying to start.” And just like every time else the humans miss understand what I’m saying and kick me over in the ditch. By the time I’d crawled back up he had er push started(it was a pretty steep down hill grade) and fired up. He got the gas about the same time he hit the running lights soes about all I could see through the smoke and dust was two glowing big red lights, so I just started blasting.
    It must have been a good shot because I found the ford pickem up doa down the road about two miles, amazing what the jmb.45acp will do, you dont even have to hit nothing and you can still kill it. The human got away somewhere, probably to some house. The problem was two much red, if I could have seen a little red I’d a aimed a little higher and to the left, more then likely I’d have killed the human and saved a good ford pickem up,?, well it’d be worth something, maybe.
    A little glow in the dark red front sight and two itty bitty bareley seeums green in the back.
    It’s a whole lot easier just to point shoot and have a 21rnd magazine then to worry about them damned sights tho.

    • I gotta ask, why exactly would you be wanting to save a Ford truck? I have it on good authority that possums n Ford trucks don’t play well together…

  13. I like how this is a mix of the stuff people made fun of Fudds saying back when I got into guns in 08′ and has since added tons of what was mainstream sentiment in the years I’ve been in the gun community between 08′ to the present. Mainstream of today is the Fudd of tomorrow, the wheel keeps turning lol.

    • So how do we convert the people who would score bingo on this?

      Why do they need to be CONVERTED? Their opinion is just as right and valuable to them as yours is to you… What happened to tolerance and the free expression of ideas?

      • As others have said here, there’s a big difference between an archaic-weapons enthusiast vis-a-vis someone actively seeking to destroy our access to effective technological implementation of our 2A rights.

        • there’s a big difference between an archaic-weapons enthusiast vis-a-vis someone actively seeking to destroy our access to effective technological implementation of our 2A rights.

          Those are far left “Progressive” zealots disguised (much like RINOs) as gun enthusiasts, you will never change their minds… I own wooden guns (1916 Gewehr 98, 1932 Mosin, 30-06, M1A, 2 Henry’s) and a bunch of MSRs in various calibers. I really enjoy shooting my old wooden guns and won’t trade/sell them for any reason AND they ALL manage to coexist in the same safe/cabinet without once EVER starting a fight amongst themselves. Know your enemy.

  14. I’ve just been reading the assessment by PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS of the top ten HUNTING RIFLES for sale in the USA.
    Every single one is a FIVE shot bolt action rife and one or two have a choice of a three shot magazine. Not a semi-auto of any description among them. If you cannot stalk well enough to use a bolt action then you really should not classify youself as a ‘hunter.’. THe HUNTER goes for a clean as possible kill with the least possible damage to the carcase. The Scope is there to enable this,.
    The professional BIG GAME and I mean Big Game as in ELEPANT, LION, RHINO and CAPE BUFFALO, hunters of yesteryear used a double barrel LARGE caibre RIFLE often in excess of 0.5 ” at close quarters and narry a scope in sight

    • Guess you missed the part where the .223/5.56 is prohibited in most states for hunting deer/elk/etc… I would love to take you on a wild hog hunt, I’ll take my AR in 300 blackout you bring YOUR favorite 5 shot bolt action rifle and we’ll see how well you fare when a dozen pissed off pigs start charging you, I’m guessing you’ll be pig shit by the of the day…

      • From bullshit to pig shit in one easy step. Cool. I’ll chip in if you promise to post a video.

    • Hey All Hail, what do you call this…….

      Looks like hunting to me.

      How would your bolt gun/low capacity mag fitted ‘perfesinal hunterz’ do in that situ? 🤔

      Keep reading the Fudd content subject🤪, just don’t bother giving others your leftarded views.

    • Al’s been quoting the same article for over a month now.

      “Not a semi-auto of any description among them.”

      I found one that had the Ruger 10/22 listed among the top ten.
      “The Ruger 10/22 is a series of semi-automatic rifles produced by American firearm manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co., chambered for the.22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge. It uses a patented 10-round rotary magazine, though higher capacity box magazines are also available.” — Wikipedia

  15. I collect, carry, and shoot what I can afford.
    If I collect it, it has to be reliable for it’s intended use, its use is not for decoration or display,
    I consider all my weapons as tools,
    My experience with tools are farm work, ship yards, Alaska fishing industry, janitorial.
    That means to me they are functional, reliable, not generally seen by many folks but very identifiable.
    I also know when to use a .22 LR and when to use a 9mm HST, or 160gr 30-06, or 12 guage Brenneke Black Magic.

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