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MP7 would be cool. But, like, can I have mine in 9mm? LOL.



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  1. I’ve owned a lot of H&K firearms. Still own a few. Most of them have been delayed roller locked action. Issued/owned a lot more ARs. Tell you what every AR did that no HK did. Malfunction/break. I don’t care what that costs.

    • Over the years I have had 3 and while they were never ideal they always ran flawlessly.

  2. They hate civilians, the g36 is the worst modern 556 rifle adopted by a country, and the balls they had to slap a aftermarket grip on an AR and sell it for x5 the cost as the “hk 416”. HK is for retards.

    That being said, this retard loves his usp compact.

    • Big, what you want are HK rifles from the ’70-80s. 91&93s. The SL-7 is a pretty cool rifle also. The SL-6 is a bit heavy for its caliber and intended purpose. Still this weapons system is really good. It works and doesn’t break. That’s the first two things you ask of a defensive weapon. The rest is gravy.

  3. A surprisingly high percentage of TTAGs meme-o-the-day entries come across as bitter and borderline shitstirring.

    It would take 10 minutes on Twitter to gank a few weeks worth that are straight up funny.

  4. Dude, I admit to abusing firearms. Some of them pretty hard. Don’t know a lot about the modern HK. (Read AR variants) All I know is that the HKs in my safes work and don’t break. Same with the Galils I’ve own(ed). I know they’re expensive. You get what you pay for. Besides, it’s only my life.

  5. Never had an issue with HK. I have two USPT .45’s for carry. Bomber built and laser accurate. Not a fanboy, just know good shit.

    • The USP 45Ts may be the finest handguns ever made in the “most bestest” caliber. I have a few in DA/SA an the rest in light LEM. I don’t see a reason to not buy a few more LEM kits…

  6. It’s the HK rifles that are interesting to me not really most of the handguns. A well made DA/SA is about the same as another to me. Except for the caliber, the P7M8 is interesting. I like that pistol.

  7. I own just one HK rifle. Each time I pull it out of the safe I silently consider the astounding amount of detailed consideration that went into ergonomics and manufacturing.
    They have earned their price point.

  8. Don’t own one. Don’t even remember the nomenclature. BUT my buddy’s HK 9mm in my hand would. not. stop. getting. good. hits. Made me look really good. It malfunctioned for him cause he was limp-wristing. My dumbass was able to diagnose and he was able to fix it with a better grip. That gun made me look amazing – but, some of it had to do with stuff I learned here.

    • Also, qualified using a G36 as part of a Schutzenschnur qualification while overseas. (Bronze… yeah, I know… SMDH)

  9. Richard. First, what model is it? Next, would you part with it? Always looking to poach something nice. Lol

  10. The problem HK has is primarily the German government. German law prohibits even the export of plans etc so they can’t just set up shop of all the cool stuff in HK USA.

    I do like the VP series, and the USP compact holds a soft spot in my heart as the pistol I learned to shoot with. Maybe that specific usp will someday be mine.

    I really don’t care that much about their rifles honestly.

    • Wife has a VP9. Had to send it in after 30rds when new. I’ve shot it multiple times and have mentioned on here that it’s TOO ergonomical for me. It’s a very nice pistol, well made, but I need the grip of a 2× ..and that’s why I EDC a Glock. Would like to get a USP45 but the prices ..yikes!

      • Manse, I recently picked up a G41 and have owned a USP for well over a decade. Get one, the price increase isn’t that much and worth every penny. The USP puts a glock to shame, in every way.

  11. One last thing on the HK. The 33/93 25 rd 5.56 was the perfect capacity magazine for the caliber. You guys know I love a Galil. I hate that 35 rd mag. Broke down and bought a couple of AR rifles. Again. Bought 10, 30 P-MAGS after the first one. After the second AR I bought 20, 20 rd P-MAGS. The 20s are more, convenient.

  12. H&K MP5 .22 LR > around $400.00 (+/- some $) depending on where you shop. Looks and feels like the iconic MP5 in its ergonomics and functionality. Had a chance to fire one, .22LR has always been a fun caliber to shoot for me and firing this was really fun. I have some .22 LR rifles and pistols, and some H&K firearms in other calibers, but as soon as I can find an H&K MP5 .22 LR in stock I’m going to get one.

  13. SAFE, you can just pull that charging handle back and let it go. Works just fine/like most of the others. Never really understood that lock it back/change the mag/slap the bolt handle myself, but I learned the manual of arms. It works, but the bolt The Europeans just do things differently. Not bad. Just different. Especially the really good German and Belgian stuff. Anyone have a FN-FAL PARA for sale? Or any FN-FAL?

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