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Try to keep that heart guy in check this weekend. At least a little.


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  1. Thinking with my heart, I am giving my wife her first firearm, tomorrow; a Ruger 10/22. No more equivocating, she is going to learn how to shoot. It is her birthday present but I feel like I am the one getting the gift. One more activity for us to share.

    It has taken years to get her to this point.

    • Gave my gf a 10/22 for Christmas a few years ago……in Muddy Girl Camo. She loved it…along with the Muddy Girl jacket, shirts, etc. Girls gotta have their matching outfits.
      Then for her bday in January, bought her a a handgun…yep, in Muddy Girl.
      Then looked for two years until I found a NIB AR-15…..yep, in Muddy Girl.
      Whatever it takes to make her happy.

    • Well, if she really doesn’t have her heart and interest in shooting then getting her a Ruger 10/22 for her birthday is like getting her vacuum cleaner accessories for her birthday. She might saw “Wow! Thanks! lets go shoot!” with her mouth because she loves you but in her brain shes going “Oh great! I actually married an idiot.”


      • .40,

        You bring out an interesting dimension to this story.

        My wife’s interest in learning to shoot has grown as instability in the USA has increased. Threats of monetary collapse, economic collapse, rampant inflation, families having to choose between food and gasoline, the highest percentages ever of people having to work two full- time jobs, leftist control of the Congress and Executive branches, including Federal law enforcement and most of the Federal beauracracy, the engineered collapse of our energy independence, CPS becoming the largest child trafficking network on the planet, the growing hatred of our Constitution, the left viewing everything through the prism of racism, school boards approving child pornography, and the increasing likelihood of a zombie apocalypse (hungry, frightened, desperate people) have all combined to heighten her awareness that it will take more than me to defend the family.

        I am an idiot, and proud of it, but my wife has decided to learn because the USA have moved to condition orange.

    • And what happens if she tell you to shove it where the sun don’t shine

      Gonna beat her into submission and hope the first target ain’t you?

      What a Dick Head and a typical bloody mysogonist bully.

  2. I have to stay away from gun stores. I tend to impulse buy. My last was a Ruger gp100-7. Sweet, sweet gun. Did I need it? No. But its mine now.

    My precious.

    • Virtually my entire collection consists of things that when I saw them at the LGS I thought, “Hey, that’s cool, I don’t have one of those. How much? That seems fair …”

      • Back in the 90’s when milsurp were cheap and plentiful I wound up with so many that it really did become a hassle. No room in the safes. Had to pull the bolts, label them and then lock them up. The rifles looked like firewood stacked in the corners.

        ‘Hi. My name is jwm and I’m a gunaholic.’

        • Hi jwm, you are welcome here, this is a safe space. I cannot confirm or deny that I may have picked up a bargain milsurp at a gun show or two back in the day.

          (Anyone have any 30-40 Krag they wanna unload?)

  3. My wallet unfortunately steers my urges to score a new P365. I guess ammo and practice will have to suffice.

  4. I’m a confessed gunaholic.
    On I-24 nearing Nashville, thinking I was on the road to recovery.
    Alas, realized I was actually on the road to Barrett in Tn for more armorer’s courses
    for the recent additional Barretts that had followed me home.
    I do my best to keep them clean and well fed.

  5. Hard to do when you’ve got a 2A sales tax holiday (started today in MS), which saves you 7% on everything gun & ammo, and your LGS gives you 10% off on top of that if you’re active, retired, NG, or reserve military. 🙂

  6. Cz shadow 2 optics ready from KY Gun co today out the door for $1463 but still no 590a1 retro I’ve wanted to get and thread for chokes since before the China virus. C’mon Mossberg, take my money!

  7. Someone’s been messing with the sign, they’re always facing the same way every time I’ve been down that road.

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