Joe Biden Wishes America’s Gun Owners a Happy Easter

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Gee thanks, but no thanks.

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    • We’ll Happy Easter to you too. What a fine example of a Christian you are for the world to see. Keep it up and I’m sure your Church membership will continue to swell with many converts!

      • Pretty sure the atheists are wishing Brandon well in addition to the monotheists but happy Easter to you as well.

      • Today’s sermon was about how tyrants are always using threats of death and brute force to get their way, and I couldn’t help but think that Joe “We got F15s and nukes, man” Biden is among their ranks. However, Christ conquered death so we don’t need to fear any tyrants.

  1. Actually, longing for the time when he was a professor at Oxford researching a cure for the heartbreak of psoriasis, Joe just congratulated the country on its bicentennial.

    • Thought he was a truck driver or was it a miner ? No, I got it he was and is a habitual crook and liar. Was and is. Joe, you can’t take it with you and it won’t even buy a drop of water where you are head.

    • Jesus Christ is risen!

      Those who humble themselves before Him will receive mercy, forgiveness, and grace.

      Those who continue to defy Him will soon fall under the fierce wrath of God Almighty.

      Salvation is real, and so is the final judgement.

      Mr. Biden by all accounts currently falls in that second category. I hope and pray he comes to his senses, humbles himself before the true King, turns from his evil ways, and receives mercy.

      The hour is late, but mercy is still available. Let us all look to Jesus while we still have the opportunity.

  2. I think there are two things to be noted in particular. The Supreme Court has reiterated recently that law enforcement cannot enter your home without a warrant. So technically that should invalidate red flag laws even though that has not been tested in court at that level. Additionally, if you have bought a firearm legally and they change the rules, you should be grandfathered and not simply be made to turn it in or destroy what you bought. This is a dangerous precedent since where does it end? I would suggest that you defend yourself in any instance where your Constitutional Rights are being violated and if you live in a Castle Domain or Make MY Day state that you go by your state’s rules of engagement for law enforcement entering your home without a warrant. If you let them get away with unlawful behavior it will only encourage them. Our Founding Fathers, militias, and armed forces have made many sacrifices over the years to protect our freedoms and now it is up to us to deal with enemies foreign and domestic who would act to destroy our rights. That’s my opinion.

      • But people of impeccable character like ‘I’m Not Crazy’ Sidney Powell, Mr. Pillow Guy and that former Trump advisor who married his cousin told me there’s ample evidence, and that’s good enough for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

      • Al Capone was only ever convicted of tax charges. Doesn’t mean he was clean, otherwise.

        In a lifetime of being a civil servant, as joe burden is, how did he become rich? On a .gov salary?

      • I spent 22 years as an enlisted man in the Navy. Retired with 100% service-related disability. I still work. The inflation is killing me. I’m watching everyone’s standard of living free fall. That’s directly due to the current administration’s habitual idiocy and the dirty tricks they played to get into office. 81 million votes, yeah right.

        I hold people like you responsible. I’m mad as hell.

      • Guess you haven’t been keeping up with the court cases. Wisconsin judge has decided there were sufficient illegal ballets cast in the 2020 election to cover joe bidets margin of victory. Pennsylvania judge concluded that all the mail in ballot shenanigans instituted by democrats in the state violated the state constitution. Here again there were sufficient unconstitutional votes to overturn the results of the election. If one more state say Arizona concludes that the results of the election aren’t valid then good ole do didn’t win the election legally.

        • I wouldn’t say that Biden willing the election illegally hinges on Court conclusions. Sometimes the Courts get things wrong, and there’s plenty of evidence that the elections were stolen.

          The problem we have is that some of the evidence — things like bellweather Counties going for President Trump, the odd disruption of the counting of ballots where Trump was ahead before the disruption, and Biden afterward, among other things — are absolutely demonstrable that something funny had happened, but don’t necessarily rise to the standards needed to convict people.

          But just because a good portion of that evidence doesn’t quite fit what Courts might consider actionable, that doesn’t mean the election wasn’t stolen.

  3. A mind of his own, a world of wonder and mystery. Pres 46 is about as useful as a wooden frying pan.

    Vote. Get him and his kind out of office. Do what is right for this country


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