This photo provided by WSB-TV, shows Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting gun range late Friday, April 8, 2022 in rural Coweta County, Ga., about 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) southeast of Atlanta. Authorities say three people are dead after a robbery at the gun range. The Grantville Police Department said via Facebook that the robbery occurred Friday evening. When officers arrived at the scene around 8 p.m., they discovered the owner of Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting had been killed, along with his wife and grandson. (WSB-TV via AP)
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From the Associated Press . . .

Authorities say three people are dead after a robbery at a gun range in Georgia.

The Grantville Police Department said via Facebook that the robbery occurred Friday evening. When officers arrived at the scene around 8 p.m., they discovered the owner of Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting had been killed, along with his wife and grandson.

Some 40 weapons and a video camera were taken. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was also called in due to the amount of weapons taken.

The shooting range is in rural Coweta County, about 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) southeast of Atlanta.

Police are looking for witnesses and have not announced any arrests.

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  1. “When officers arrived at the scene around 8 p.m., they discovered the owner of Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting had been killed, along with his wife and grandson.”

    Nearly as sickening as my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) perverted desire to have sex with me.

    The answer is still no, peegee2, and stop sending me pictures of your hideously deformed ‘junk’, OK? 🙁

    • None of these senseless killing would have occured, if we lived in a gunless, crimeless, happy utopia full of smiles, unicorns, rainbows, and gender pronouns. And all we need to do to make that happen, is simply vote for it. We can vote for them, and they will instantly materialize.
      Let’s do it! Stronger Together & No Malarky.





        • NO, cuz he is a dumb ass. He deserves to die in his Amerika. Stupid people deserve stupid gov’t. and being ruled by sissies & perverts. How much did they steal from you this year? (April 15)

  2. My condolences to the family and friends of those whose lives were lost. 3 lives stolen, along with 40 guns that will likely end up in cities across the country. But, we need more restrictions on those who purchased their guns legally and didn’t commit any crimes. And place blame on manufacturers or those who wish to build their own legal firearms. Sure, that’s it. Blame everyone but those who actually commit these violent crimes.
    I sincerely hope whoever did commit this needless and senseless crime spends the rest of their lives in a prison cell.

    • Execution would be the ticket. I can’t stand the idea of Georgia taxpayers subsidizing a monster’s existence

      • I can’t stand the idea of the government deciding who lives or dies. But if the child/parent of the deceased wants to shoot the perps I am fine with that.

        • It wasn’t the government deciding to execute the criminal but rather the criminal. He chose his path.

          With the advent of forensics, DNA, and video the odds of wrongful conviction is essentially zero.






    • Might have been Xiden-Laughing Hyena’s version of OBlunder-Holder & CO. Fast and Furious gun running gone bad. Attempting to shoot the dog, sadly, staff got in the crossfire. Black…, Afro-American, my PC bad……humor.

  3. Hopefully their security cameras also recorded to the cloud and that video is available for the officers investigating the murders.

    50 miles from Atlanta…Hmmm!

    • Old Guy, 50 miles from Atlanta is still what I would call the “greater urban area.” I remember when Atlanta was a Grand Old Southern City. Not Savannah or Charleston, but it was fun. Last time I was there I couldn’t wait to get home and shower. Stories like what happened to this family make me wish I we’re working again.

      • @Gadsden Flag

        My Atlanta comment was intimating the famous line…”Round up the usual suspects”

        Back in 2008 – 2009 I was TDY to Charleston for 15 months and loved the area (yes, I was armed everywhere I went). I still miss the awesome fresh seafood.
        Drove down to Savannah for the 2009 St. Paddy’s Day parade…what a hoot! Young(er) women in the crowd would overapply the brightest lipstick they could find and rush out to the uniformed officers marching and lay the biggest, sloppiest, set of red lips on their cheeks (yup, they left giant red lip-prints)…it was a contest initiated by the local women…fun to watch…glad I was in plainclothes for the event as a Department photographer (our Piper Band was participating in the march).

  4. Yeah, we know who did it and where the guns will end up! When you find em, find a tree and some rope along the way to the jail, that’s the ONLY way you’ll stop this sh!t!

    • Hmmm… Hopefully “We” is limited to you two. Perhaps bigotry is doing your thinking so speak for yourselves. If “we” cannot say any better perhaps “we” would do better becoming pen pals with the mcmichaels and their “yeah george, whatever you say george” neighbor.

      You have knee jerk jackasses who use the acts of criminals to go after gun rights and you have knee jerk jackasses who use a tragedy to spew their bigotry.,,Disgusting.

      • The bigotry here is against the actual killers in this crime. If they be black, yellow, white or purple, they need to accept responsibility for this and whatever punishment is handed out.

        You act like it is racisssss to do this, so we call murderous criminals a seperate race?
        I guess everyone is racist, then.

      • Deb
        You call people bigots but we all know the main trouble causing demographic in the Atlanta area.
        Also your very next post says they should roast in hell sooo…. what’s the problem?

        • “…but we all know the main trouble causing demographic in the Atlanta area.”

          Yeah, Leftist Scum.

          And they are white, black, yellow, brown, and every shade in between.

          And from my perspective, the white ones are the worst, thinking they know better than everyone else, and dead-set on making us subservient… 🙁

        • “Have you ever been in Atlanta?”

          3 times.

          Not a place I would want to live, if I had a choice…

        • The founder of this blog, ‘The Truth About Guns’, Robert Farago, is 100-percent native African, and is as white as Joe Biden…. 🙂

  5. Already heard about this tragedy. Hopefully the perps will soon be roasting in hell…Such dirtbags can show up anywhere so BOLO.

    • Now why do I think the gun grabbers will do their best to blame this on the shop? You know, for not storing the guns inside a safe, inside a vault, inside a volcano. etc., etc. Can’t wait for Biden to make another speech about background checks, magazines, and so on.

  6. This is very sad. Criminals always steal guns. They never buy them from any gun store. They use a “gun mol” to get a gun. Hopefully the criminals will be caught. Tried and when convicted they should be given the death penalty, and they executed as soon as possible.

  7. This is really too bad no one else was in the store and they got the jump on owner and his family. I know I personally don’t feel nearly as “safe” in public most places as I do when I walk inside a crowded gun store. It’s hard to imagine a successful robbery (for the perpetrator) with 5 or so concealed carriers spread around a store.

    • Cooter E Lee,

      All it would take (in a brutal surprise attack) is about four armed robbers with decent skills to quickly shoot/incapacitate a few patrons and the family owners.

      Even if there were six patrons and the two owners (a total of eight people), those four armed robbers would only have to take out two people each. And with the first victim being a guaranteed instant incapacitation/kill (due to the element of surprise), it would be quite easy for those four armed robbers to then follow-up in less than two seconds to eliminate one additional patron/owner.

      I believe we are in for some VERY dark times ahead. All it takes is for ruthless violent criminals to realize that, with the element of surprise, all they have to do is work in teams of four to six to overcome pretty much any situation.

      If/when that starts to happen, all we can do is do our very best to take out at least one or two of such scumbags in every attack. In such a “war of attrition” scenario, those scumbags will become as common as hen’s teeth in fairly short order–sadly at great cost to good people.

  8. That is just terrible.
    Sounds like that gunmshop had been cased pretty good.
    These gangs are getting very brazen, used to be most heist were committed in the late hours of the night or early morning.

    • There are a lot of mom and pop gunshops out in the woods out here is flyover country. Most simply can’t afford the high level security the big guys have in the metro areas, so they are becoming easy targets for gun runners looking to score some guns for street sale in big cities. There’s a half dozen such shops within a 20 mile radius of me.

  9. The gun shop and indoor range must have been completely empty for this to happen except for the proprietors….too bad a few carrying armed “real customers” didn’t walk in the door while the dirtbags were in there!

    • I went to Google Earth to see this location for the gun shop and range, it’s out in a very heavy forested area all by it self, literally with nothing around, a very easy place for this terrible situation to happen.

      • Yup. Easy for scouting and wandering Gangbangers from Da’ Hood in Atlanta to hit.

        Guarantee you that’s what transpired.
        Gonna be happening more frequently too. More of them will fan out to start sacking and pillaging the Suburbs and Rural Communities.

  10. Dennis, be careful. As a gut reaction, I get it. We really don’t want to go back to that. The agency I retired from had a few deputies killed over the decades. All were traffic accidents. On and off duty. Except one. That deputy was murdered by a prisoner he was transporting from a city jail to the county courthouse about 20 miles away for trial. Some minor theft offense, I think. 30 days CJ. Probably on the wrong end of a shovel. At least in those days. This was circa 1910 +/-. They were on a train. The prisoner disarmed the deputy, shot him and threw his body from the train and escaped. That deputy was my great-uncle. The prisoner was recaptured, taken to the Courthouse Square and promptly lynched. His sister, my great-grandmother, kept a short length of the rope used as a souvenir. Saw it many times when I was a child. My mom has an original picture of my uncle “on” his patrol vehicle. It’s an ox cart. He had a two week patrol route. Mostly serving civil papers and the occasional arrest warrant. A couple of years ago my uncle’s name was added to the Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. That said, lynching is something that touched my family in the not too distant past. (My mother was always ashamed of it.) Besides, I think both the Nazis and Socialists lynched my more people than the Deep South ever did. So no. There’s an answer, but lynching ain’t it.

  11. The Gangbangers from the cities will fan out into the Suburbs and Rural Communities and pull these things off.

    The Big City Gangbanger Crime Wave is getting to a tipping point.

    The Leftist Scum are blaring this story out full force, and copycat events will pick up more frequently.

    • Of course. I wouldn’t expect them (leftist scum) to ignore this. But it also will have some collateral impact on those of us who have moderate to large collections. If you are one of those, you should review your security and upgrade as needed. And if you have one, stop posting about your magnificent collection of firearms. Don’t make yourself a target.

      • I know. Likely 3 or more Suspects in this crime. It’llbe like the Sacramento Shooting once the suspects are I’D (Not White Supremacists). This was a coordinated attack, and I’m sure that after some more national media push, you’ll have the Jackbboot Thug ATF writing up more storage and securities rules to Bankrupt smaller FFLs. Do it by making regulations standards that only Big Box Stores can reach and afford.

        I’m honestly tired of Rural and Suburban People, especially Conservative Leaning people being dismissive of the Leftist Scum, because it is the Leftist Scum who are getting the last laugh right now.

        Once this Economy collapses into a Double Dip Recession and then Depression, it will be getting worse. More events like this will occur.

        • Agreed BUT…several of the “big box stores” in my area (NC)have very few long guns in stock and no AR15s are even sold “in store”. Dunhams seems to be the exception though. But at Academy, shotguns and a couple bolt actions are all they stock in store. One has to order the semi auto rifles. Handguns still available though. So the ATF will end up just making the big box stores call it quits on guns. Just look at Walmart….

  12. Remember folks…

    Serial numbers keep this from happening. I’d venture to say every one of the guns stolen had serial numbers.

    Registration keeps this from happening. I know its a pretty good bet every one of those guns was registered to the ffl owner, like what happens during a transfer from manufacturer to ffl and person to ffl.

    Yes, serial numbers and registration keeps this from happening…. oh wait…

  13. Old Guy, if you were TDY in Charleston in ’08-09, you ain’t no old guy. Unless you were a senior NCO or Field Grade Officer (you note who I mentioned first) when you were there. I would outdate you by a bit when I hit Hunter in Savannah. Took my girlfriend to Savannah for a week after I retired. Except for the Squares I hardly knew the place. Even Spanky’s on River Street had changed. William’s Seafood in Thunderbolt was closed! Jesus wept!

  14. We need to bring back public executions. And no more years of “Appeals” while sitting in a cell while their crimes are forgotten. Arrest them, try them, and, if they’re convicted, Livestream them dancing the Danny deaver in the morning.

  15. Hopefully the owners stored media off site or in the cloud as earlier poster said. Someone cased this robbery very well, several times probably and the fact that they murdered three people should show to other gun store owners to get back-up media off site daily.

    • Manse Jolly,

      Storing video feeds from multiple high-definition cameras offsite is not practical in the overwhelming majority of cases.

      For starters, that store would need Internet access with an upload speed that is higher than many/most Internet services support. Second, the store would be uploading a LOT of data–probably on the order of 12 Terabytes per month which will exceed the normal monthly allocation that many/most Internet service providers will allow. Finally, that store would have to find some Cloud service that would save some significant fraction of that 12 Terabytes every month.

      I am thinking that a store would be much better off fabricating a secure storage solution for their network video recorder and having an alarm that automatically calls law enforcement if someone attempts to access their network video recorder.

  16. Does anyone know where obese, black, and gap-toothed pretend governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, was at the time this heinous crime was committed? She and her voter-frauding minions may be planning an insurrection.

  17. Calling the BATFE to investigate it is equal to letting Mickey Mouse investigate it.
    Well…ATF might find some FFL violations and charge the owner posthumously and then Joedolph Biden will make a big deal about it.
    I’d say the Sheriffs Dept will likely find the perps

    • The FEEBS will use their vans to escort the perps and those they supply with the stolen firearms to to the polling places on Election Day, it’ll be Philly Crack Panthers “voter intimidation” all over again.

  18. Could be cartel people, it’s not necessarily T.U.S. Thousands of them are coming into the Nation every week and need some tools.
    Once someone is caught with one of the weapons, the Police may get a break.

  19. A random robbery that killed the witnesses, and got the security video,
    is a bit dubious. Fortunately basic investigation begins with employees,
    current and former. Look for someone who could have been identified
    by those who were murdered.

    • “basic investigation begins with employees,
      current and former. Look for someone who could have been identified
      by those who were murdered.“

      Wow, the first words of wisdom on this incident.

      Gangbangers from Atlanta would not give a shit about being seen.

    • “Investigators said that as many as 40 guns and the range’s surveillance camera and recorder were taken from the scene“

      Gangbangers from Atlanta would be unlikely to know the location of the recorder.

  20. This gave me pause, as the proprietors and staff of EVERY Mom and Pop gun shop here in the Peoples Republic of Kommiefornia are strapped at ALL TIMES, and, when folks of a certain demographic (of which I am one) enter the premises, everyone’s radar (including mine) goes onto high alert, until proven otherwise. Either these folks were too trusting, or they were caught unawares. May they rest in peace, and the perpetrators meet the ends they deserve.

    Ps: dacian is a troll… Don’t feed them, and they will starve to death. Just sayin’.

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