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I mean, I might go so far as calling it the start of a collection.


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  1. Does it take 9 guns? Does it take 1000 rounds? I swear, if you showed half the progressives 1 rifle, 1 shotgun, and one sidearm, with one box (20 rounds) for each of them, that would be an arsenal. And, God forbid they catch sight of an “extended capacity magazine”!

    • Got into a funny “Who’s the more prepared” contest with a former Marine. He was bragging that, if he had to defend his home, he has plenty of mags loaded and ready, and could fire 400 rounds before running out of loaded mags. I did some math and showed him I have over six hundred rounds of readiness. He hesitated for a second and then said, “Yeah, well you probably need that many because you can’t shoot like a Marine”.

      So, I let him win that argument.

      • Formerly active Marine here. Both of you lightweights times 2 and you are starting to get into good territory. What are we going to do with you silly children.

        • One rifle and a loaded 20-round mag is plenty. After that you use the enemy’s guns and ammo. Inside a year you should be using one of his tanks, if you’re doing it right.

    • Years ago I with an idiot who was freaking out about a news story. According to the story a guy had gone and bought a revolver and then went to his ex wife’s home and killed her. IIRC he then committed suicide. In the story it said they found 44 more rounds in his car. The idiot at work was screeching “Who was he planning to kill next? Why did he need 44 more rounds?! Do you know how many people he could kill with that?!” When I stopped laughing I informed him that a box of generic pistol ammo is 50 rounds, and a revolver is typically 6 shots. The 44 extra rounds were what were left after he loaded the revolver. The guy was never planning a mass shooting.

      • Crimson,

        He was talking multiple calibers. At the time all I had were 9mm handguns ( things have changed).

        Hey, good story! Chuckled at that one.

      • “The guy was never planning a mass shooting“

        Unless folks tried to stop him from murdering his wife, then there might be a few more deaths…

      • Lol no you would barely equip 4 soldiers on a standard combat load for anything from the last 20 odd years assuming 5.56. Divide that by 2 for a full combat load of 600 rounds.

        • Oh almost forgot the SAW gunner, 600 rounds was their light load and could double that if needed so would cover one automatic rifleman on dismounted patrol.

        • Interesting, you’re suggesting individual rifleman carrying 600 rounds of 5.56? Must be nice, I’ve always traveled more by LPC as opposed to APC…

          My basic load-out was always a total of 7x 30 round mags with 28 in each, for a total of 196 rounds.

          Of course, that was before the ‘spray and pray days’…

          And in my experience all teams or squads do not necessarily have an LMG team.

          Of course, doctrine and tactics are constantly evolving.

        • Minor if you are not lying about age you were at the height of the spray and pray days. As to the auto gunner that’s generally 1 per fire team depending on squad organization. We did the 7 mag load out for basic training and that was the least amount of weight I carried in the service.

  2. I convinced a neighbor that 200 rounds of 5.56 was probably an insufficient stockpile for his only rifle. “What happens if supply chains stall for a year? How will you be able to practice? And what happens when society collapses and your ammo has to last for years? And don’t forget the hungry zombies everywhere searching for food”.

    So, now he has 3k rounds of 5.56 and 500 rounds of 45.

    He is learning.

      • The lame “reporter” on the local news just said the NYC subway lunatic had an arsenal. And an AR15 “assault” rifle. Well duh…

        • Ah sorry nuance will get lost in the noise there good luck and hopefully we are not as close to energy/resource contraction as some theories suggest.

        • I tend to lean toward SAFE’s version…regions within a society, as compared to the classic movie-style full, immediate, and widespread collapse over the entire nation or world.

          Metros would implode first, with some suburbia following. Many rural areas – likely conservative suburbia as well – would be able to weather such storms. Supply chain issues notwithstanding, a collapse would be slow and metro-centered. Why? That’s where the Leftist Hives are typically located.

        • Has I think it will matter on metro setup as some were originally designed for walking/horse vs car only. Suburbia could be screwed if vehicle costs outweigh benefits and rural will depend heavily on water/fertilizer availability paired with growing climate. With current oil production we have a shit sandwich and everyone is getting hungry.

  3. There has been for a long time a real definition of an arsenal: multiple guns of the same type.

    • For the purpose of regular issue to military, security, and/or law enforcement personnel. Typically staffed by at least one armorer, who’s duties include procurement, issuance, maintenance, and keeping records of the same.

  4. I have more than 9 guns that are pre civil war vintage. Wonder what the gun hating fools would think of my collection. As for ammo, I have what I believe I need and am always looking for a reasonable/cheap price on more. Depending on just what you use, a thousand rounds is a couple afternoons at the range.

    • Pre-Civil War vintage?

      Have some fun with a Lib explaining that they’re not legally “firearms” at all, being pre-1899. Watch their eyes water as the little cogwheels in their minds start to lock up in protest.

      So, in legal-speak, your collection begins with anything mfd circa 1900 and afterward.

      • AH! So, you mean “ghost guns”! That’s OK, dude, Joltin’ Joe Biden is a’sliden your way, you’re goin to jail!

  5. With the AFT changing what they define as a firearm I probably have 60 things that could be considered a gun. I mean if your a t4rd anything is anything obviously.

  6. Local news referred to 200 rounds in a guy’s car as an ammo cache. Bitch, I probably have that many in my couch cusions.

  7. Im such a legit prepper I went to southern states and got 2.2 million turnip seeds for $26.50. I was informed by LITERALLY everyone I know with exception of my mom that they would rather starve to death than eat turnips. So now I guess I won’t even need my arsenal to defend things. What a disappointment.

    • And everyone thought I was being silly with my turnip currency. It’s the real deal , you can eat all the coins you want and in the end you’ll just be going through your change. Eat a bunch of turnips and you can deliver the splatter package.

  8. “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning… of a collection…

    -Churchill, probably

  9. I once remember a picture in the 60’s of ” A terrorist arsenal. ” it consisted of two pipe blombs, a sawn off shotgunm, an M1 carbide, and two revolvings.

  10. Formerly active Marine here. Both of you lightweights times 2 and you are starting to get into good territory. What are we going to do with you silly children.

  11. I used to have a three-legged dog. She had lost her left front leg by running up to a flail mower. The previous owner was going to put her down, when we rescued her. Paid her medical bills and she healed up fine. Turned out to be the best dog we ever had. She would run and come up to the car or house and lean against it to catch her breath and take off running again, wagging her tail. Wherever we went, people asked “What happened to your dog’s leg?” I would reply “Well now, a dog that good you don’t eat all at once”. Got some weird looks.

    As for hoarding ammo, I have started to sell off some of my odd caliber rifles and pistols and sticking to more conventional and popular calibers, 22lr, 9mm, 40, 308, 556. 7.62×39, 338 win mag. Bought a reloader about 20 years ago. Nice way to spend a afternoon reloading and very cost effective for large caliber ammo. It is a good skill to have. A rifle without ammo is just a expensive club. Just my opinion.

    • Wally, I don’t remember when I enjoyed a comment more. When I stopped laughing at the dog story long enough to wipe my eyes. I read the rest. I’m all about logistics. Throw in .45 ACP and drop .338 and that’s a battery I could live the rest of my life with. Just curious. Where do you live that you would include a .338, but no shotgun at all? I’m no fan of a shotgun for defense, but I would still.want a reliable 12 ga. repeater.

    • Wally, bless you for taking care of your canine lady. Human civilization may not have happened without the help of canines, we owe them a great debt and you’ve done your part, thanks!

  12. 1000 rounds of ammo.

    1000 rounds of ammo is 19.2 rounds per range trip if a person goes to the range once a week for 52 weeks (a year). Or its 1000 rounds for a single range trip, or its anywhere between 1-1000 per range trip or its until the 1000 rounds is exhausted.

    My range trip once a week (each weekend) for 52 weeks uses minimum 500 rounds but most times more.

  13. Those crazy liberals better stop hoarding all the rolls of toilet paper.
    Each roll is a thousand sheets. Why do they need a thousand sheets?

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