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  1. What about fastening one of those soft rubber “feet” meant for the end of a walking cane for elderly people? The kind that widens out a bit to provide more contact area?

    A friend asked me to ask this, so I’m asking. You know…a question.

  2. these trolls could put their thumbs through the trigger guard and use the ball to take heel scuff marks off the linoleum.

  3. I was thinking the cane tip too, but, what stops you from having a giant thick (dense) foam pad on your shoulder? They have them for shotguns. Rather moot for me as I don’t have an AR pistol. But I always enjoy thinking of workarounds.

  4. Construct a “device” with a socket of appropriate size and attach it to your shooting jacket ……’s NOT part of the firearm……it’s part of your clothing.

  5. I think I would rather use my rp 45, maybe 1 in each hand. I don’t remember hearing about .45acp going straight through and taking the energy with it.

      • Depends if F-Troop are willing to take prisoners. Probably not for the first few “Shock-and-Awe” raids, with full media coverage.

  6. In the AFTs infinite wisdom even this is considered an sbr according to their new ruling. Even the buffer tube without anything on it constitutes an sbr.

    • It could be either Mr. Pacman or Ms. Pacman on the end of that ‘buffer tube’. It depends on pronouns and how ‘liberal’ they are.

  7. The Fascist Female Prime Minister of New Zealand, just announced she has resigned. Hopefully the people of that country have learn a lesson about Freedom. One that continually needs to be learned in this country. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • ya, I just heard it, too. Perhaps they will not need to spend several years wondering in the desert of tyranny. Hopefully the voters there have learned a lesson.

      • why did the poles bring sandpaper to the desert?
        might need a map.
        what do you call group of poles wandering in the desert?
        pack of stanleys.

    • It surely beats our one term loser who refused to concede, blamed fraud without an ounce of evidence, while some of his supporters were acting like savages inside the capitol building. Can you believe that, even the NZ “fascist” has more decency and common sense than Trump the one term loser and compulsive liar.

      • Another fucking uninformed moron crawls out from under its rock to proudly put its ignorance on display to the world…

        • “12 Minutes of Democrats Denying Election Results“

          And yet none of them smeared shit on the walls of the United States Capitol like the crybaby Republicans.

        • Give it up, over 900 traitorous scum have been arrested, many already convicted.

          You bet the FBI had undercover informants in the crowd, that is their job. You also noticed under that sworn testimony, Donald Trump‘s hand picked FBI Director categorically denied that FBI personnel or informants had any part in the violence.

          And now we are focusing on the fake electors, who attempted to perpetrate a fraud upon the People of the United States in order to steal the election for Donald Trump.

          Stay tuned!

        • “And yet none of them smeared shit on the walls of the United States Capitol like the crybaby Republicans.”

          And yet all democrats in congress and Biden want to smear their political shit on the faces of law abiding Americans and cry about us having constitutional rights.

        • “Give it up, over 900 traitorous scum have been arrested, many already convicted.”

          And even a lot more than that if they ever get around to arresting Biden and the democrats in congress and in political offices across the country and the people behind these anti-gun groups, and BLM leaders, and Antifa, and you and dacian.

        • “arresting Biden and the democrats in congress and in political offices across the country“

          No doubt I imagine you are craving an enemies round up of your political opponents, it’s the authoritarian way.

          Unfortunately, first you need an allegation of an actual crime under the laws of the United States, followed by an unbiased investigation, then a trial if evidence is found before anyone gets arrested.

          You should know how the system works after watching Donald Trump’s campaign chair, deputy campaign chair, national security advisor, personal attorney and trump organization vice president, CFO of the trump organization, chief executive officer of Trump’s 2016 campaign and White House strategist all be investigated, brought to trial and found guilty of various crimes.

          Never fear, if you need more examples of how the American justice system works, just keep watching as the DC federal grand jury investigation, New York State investigation and Georgia state investigations proceed, I suspect you will have ample opportunity to learn more about trial, conviction and sentencing of corrupt government officials.

        • I don’t have political opponents. I care nothing for politics, and recognize, unlike you, that all politicians have their flaws and improprieties.

          What I object to is absolute enemy’s of the constitution which Biden and the democrats in congress and in political offices across the country are. And yes I want them held accountable for the tyranny, the very definition of tyranny by their unjust or oppressive abuse and exercise of governmental power, they try to impose and have even said so in their words and deeds and writings and are traitors to the constitution.

          You evidently prefer to concentrate on people who in an act of irresponsibility and/or being misled and/or making a choice to do bad stuff that gets a lot of media coverage, while the evil of tyranny is creeping in and those people are your hero’s. You are like the rest of the liberals, cry about what the media shows them but ignore the rest of the obvious because you are like dim witted mentally ill people attracted to the ‘shinny things’ the media shows you.

          But ya know, that’s the person you are – a mentally ill person who sees only what they want and is abnormally obsessed with a single man.

        • “And yes I want them held accountable for the tyranny, the very definition of tyranny by their unjust or oppressive abuse”

          Would you be kind enough to cite the specific law President Biden has violated?

          “people who in an act of irresponsibility and/or being misled and/or making a choice to do bad stuff”

          Well yes, people who commit ‘bad stuff’, or crimes as we like to call them, should indeed be the focus of the judicial system.

          Why would you let these citizens who do “bad stuff” off the hook for their actions, I thought you folks were all about ‘personal responsibility’.

          And when that “bad stuff” includes a violent attack upon the United States Capitol during the joint session of the Congress, certifying our national presidential election it rises to a much more serious level that every patriotic citizen should be concerned about.

          “and/or being misled“

          Well hallelujah! It seems you may actually be acknowledging that it was Donald Trump who intentionally misled the insurrectionists. I think we’re making progress here!

      • She’s probably resigning because she knows she won’t get re-elected. Trump got millions of more votes the second time because he won more people over. Do you think your hero, the senile Puppet, will get more votes next time? How many more people did he win over?

    • The idiot Kiwis have a history of installing left wing progs broads as PM.

      WHY, when choosing a system of gov’t, any group of morons would copy the Parliamentary system of Oncegreatbritain! Idiotic.

  8. Okay. Instead of a gun that don’t work, you have a gun that don’t work with a tennis ball on it. I don’t get it.

  9. Never quite understood the purpose of rifles shortened down to pistol length. IE the AR type pistols, or what are currently sold as truck guns. Not many of us outside the military are climbing in and out of armored vehicles etc.
    If I need a concealed weapon, a standard pistol caliber handgun will do the job. And 10 months a year it is just too warm here for long coats or dusters.
    Now, I can see a purpose of a brace for someone with weak wrists, or an injury or disability that caused the loss of a hand or limits the use of an arm or hand.
    That said, I still disagree with the government placing a limit, or restriction on who owns what in the way of arms. As always it should be a matter of personal preference and ability to purchase. And yes that means those who have served out their full sentence imposed by a court for some crime. You paid the price for said crime, you should be able to enjoy the same rights as anyone else.

    • so because they are not for you, yet you know why they exist because you said so in your second and third sentence, you don’t understand them?

      uh… wut?

      • Interesting that the idea of an actual attached pistol stock has never been really addressed either. There was one design long ago I saw that incorporated the old wrist rocket slingshot idea on a IIRC hunting revolver. It seemed to mitigate recoil quite a bit by basically moving the weakest point from the wrist to the elbow and shoulder.

    • My AK pistol, with a brace, looses very little in velocity from the short barrel. It is also lighter and more balanced with a suppressor attached. It’s easier to conceal in a tennis racket case, as well.

      I have an AR SBR. Though I don’t really want to Form1 another gun, I may do it. Obviously, I disagree with ATF’s whimsical interpretations of their own rules. Though, I am more surprised that they were approved in the first place. I guess they played the long game, just to get a few million guns on the registry. Why isn’t anyone using the obvious violation of the FOPA? This is, after all, a registration scheme.

      Slings can be a handy alternative to a brace. Lots of these guns have QD swivel bases or Picatinny rails onboard already. Adjust the sling to the point that, when you have the proper eye relief, you are pulling tightly against it. The strap stabilizes the gun, and gives your cheek some company. Obviously, this is easier to do, if you don’t have the issues for which the braces were approved.

      This will drag out in court for a long time. The problem isn’t with ATF, so much as it is a problem with NFA 1934. Just like democrats had their chance to codify Roe, republicans have had chances to reform NFA. They didn’t, because Regan republicans in congress have been fully onboard with gun control. Reagan said the same things about 2A as Biden. King Bush the First loved using EOs to ban guns with certain features. Trump had his day with the Bumpstocks. Hell, Trump’s buddy Giuliani is as anti-gun as they come.

      • “The strap stabilizes the gun…”

        I’ve been shooting a Contender this way for decades. A 4x LER scope, and I can comfortably take groundhogs and deer out to ~125 yards. I have a swivel stud mounted on the bottom of the grip, and another on the forearm piece.

        When I built the AR pistol, I used a short buffer tube with a foam sleeve, and mounted a sling swivel stud on the back end of it with another on the handguard, and one of those WPS elastic magnetic buckle slings. Very shootable from the cheek when the strap is properly adjusted, although the jury is still out on the foam sleeve–tends to grab whiskers now and then.

        I’m all for doing away with the NFA and GCA nonsense, but in the meantime, this works well for me.

        • “because the 2A tells the government hands off thats why.
          why is that so hard for you to understand?“

          I find it interesting that y’all seem oblivious to the fact that under the constitution, the government routinely either suspends or permanently removes constitutional rights from citizens.

          The judicial system may remove any and all of your constitutional rights upon conviction, happens thousands of times every day.

      • “Why is it so hard for you to understand that a ban on firearm ownership is part of the sentence”

        Why is it so hard for you to understand how to read and what context means?

    • Check my posts from yesterday. The originally proposed 1934 NFA was to highly restrict handguns and the rules on SBR and SBS were to stop people making pistols by shortening longarms. The proposed pistol ban was removed from the NFA but the rules on SBR and SBS were not.

  10. When I assemble an AR-15 putting a rifle stock over the buffer tube is like putting pants on it. Besides looking embarrassingly awkward it’s like indecent exposure without the stock.

  11. Whom ever made the AR pattern rifle must have been a real stoner.
    ” Hey dude, you seen my new riffle?”
    Uhhh, No man, why, did you lose it?
    “Uhhh, yeah dude, it’s like I left it right over here, but,,,, uhhh, mmmm, uhhh, oh dont worry about it man I can make us AnotherRifle, But Dude wheres my car?”

  12. the new rule can be read, such that even having a buffer tube by itself is enough “surface area” to shoulder the pistol.

  13. if I’m arbitrarily declared a felon then I guess I might as well ignore all laws.
    this could be fun for as long as it lasts


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