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  1. I would find it difficult to be anywhere around the s o b as arrogant and overbearing the pompos ass is. Behind him might be safer though.

      • I’ve been around people who muzzle their own feet, or even (this actually happened) swing the gun back behind them as they bend over to pick up a dropped cartridge with their support hand. No location is safe around those people.

    • Be careful there, Ed,

      Given his corpulence and likely diet, I’m sure he fires from both ends . . . and I’m sure that toxic gases are just as deadly as .45 Long Colt.

  2. You are being rather hard on Alex. Lets face it he is not a gun person that is obvious but look how many “real gun persons” do dumb things and shoot themselves and or other people.

    I had a buddy who was twirling a smith .38 revolver on his finger and the gun went off and he shot his clock off the wall. I asked him if he was trying to make time fly.

    I had another buddy that brought me a blown up Remington 700. I asked him how this happened. He said “Dang if I know I went according to the loads in the Lyman loading manual”. I said “I have a lyman manual right here, show me what load you used”. He took the manual and pointed to a load and said “There is the load, its right here in the book, I started with this maximum load and worked up from there”. I then immediately downed a bottle of prosaic.

    I had another buddy drop his loaded shotgun onto the kitchen floor. It was an old double barrel of unknown make that had seen better days during the turn of the last century. The shotgun went off and put a charge up through the bottom of the cabinet that held his wife’s dishes. The door blew open sending broken dishes in every direction. The cat jumped two body lengths off the floor, made a 90 degree turn and lit off for parts unknown. I was hot on the heels of the cat.

    • It’s ALEC not Alex, pay attention! And you may want to reevaluate your “buddies”

      • Actually it’s Alex, short for Alexander, his given name. Alec is a cutesy name he gave himself and is not a derivative of Alexander.

    • Because for many people it’s more about the fact Baldwin is anti Trump than about the incident in itself.

    • Your father was the gunsmith, not you. If those stories actually happened they were told by him and you, as usual, lie about it, dacian.

      How empty your life must be to have to live through fantasy.

    • shut up dacian.

      first, you don’t have any ‘buddies’

      second, these ‘buddy’ stories you are relating are invented stories you copy-n-pasted from another gun blog comments.

    • The truth ain’t in him. Frankly, he is so Foxtrot Oscar Sierra that there is no room for anything else which explains why he spews forth like a drain that suddenly has loads of back pressure.

    • I had a buddy who was twirling a smith .38 revolver on his finger and the gun went off and he shot his clock off the wall. I asked him if he was trying to make time fly.

      Word of advice, Do not quit your day job, Seinfeld you are not…

    • dacian the demented dips***.

      So, these are examples of your ‘gun buddies’, that exemplify that even ‘gun people’ can have ‘accidents’??? PURE, CLASSIC dacian idiocy – not one SINGLE on of these people was a ‘gun person’, they were ignorant, unschooled idiots, exactly like you. Their ‘accidents’ resulted from UNSAFE GUN BEHAVIOR, which no TRUE ‘gun person’ would engage in.

      I would thank your for disclosing that your continuing lies about your ‘gun knowledge’ are the purest fabrication, but . . . we all already knew that. You know sweet f*** all about firearms, and most of what you CLAIM to know is errant bulls***. Fornicate thyself vigroously with a telephone pole, wrapped in barb wire and lubricated with battery acid, you lying s***bag.

    • Those are gun morons lil’d.
      You need to look NO further than the company they keep. 🤪

      You certainly paint gun owners with a WIDE brush. In fact, the same one used on morons.

      But, not surprising, coming from scum like you.

    • That’s what I want to see. The look on his smug face when he’s in state prison getting pounded by bubba.

      It’ll never happen of course, because even if the worst should happen to him he’ll somehow magically end up in a federal white collar prison. But I’m reality he will never do any actual time behind bars and only have to pay some fines and maybe house arrest.

      • “somehow magically end up in a federal white collar prison“

        Despite being an arrogant prick, Alec Baldwin is unlikely to be convicted. Under criminal law, he had the right to ‘rely’ on the experts he hired, both of which assured him it was a ‘cold gun’.

        Because it was a close-up, they use ‘dummy’ rounds that are indistinguishable from live rounds, that’s why the production company hired the experts to ensure safety.

        Unfortunately, the ‘experts’ were sad sacks who were negligent in discharging their duties. I understand the only other production Hannah had been involved with, she lost her job because Nicolas Cage walked off the set after she had an inappropriate discharge of a firearm.
        I think she’ll do time in a state prison.

        Regarding your wish for federal prison time for Alec, as a consolation prize you may note these four individuals who will be enjoying it an extended stay as a guests of the Federal correctional system:
        “Four Oath Keepers Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy Related to U.S. Capitol Breach

        Defendants Also Convicted of Related Felony Charges

        Four members of the Oath Keepers were found guilty today by a jury in the District of Columbia of seditious conspiracy and other charges for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Their actions and the actions of others disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress that was in the process of ascertaining and counting the electoral votes related to the presidential election.

        According to the evidence at trial, in the months leading up to January 6, these defendants and their co-conspirators plotted to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power, including by amassing an armed “quick reaction force” on the outskirts of the District of Columbia. The defendants – Roberto Minuta, 38, of Prosper, Texas; Joseph Hackett, 52, of Sarasota, Florida; David Moerschel, 45, of Punta Gorda, Florida; and Edward Vallejo, 64, of Phoenix, Arizona – were leaders and associates of the Oath Keepers organization. In addition to the seditious conspiracy count, all four were found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy to prevent Members of Congress from discharging their official duties. Hackett was also found guilty of destruction of evidence.”

        • Now do one about the antifa members charged for domestic terrorism in Atlanta.

          Fascinating the double standards you carry.

        • @Miner49er

          “Under criminal law, he had the right to ‘rely’ on the experts he hired, both of which assured him it was a ‘cold gun’.”


          Under the law the one holding the gun when it goes bang and sends a bullet down the barrel is the one responsible – and it is their responsibility to make sure the gun does not go bang and send a bullet down the barrel in situations that are not legal.

          Its simply amazing, the ignorance you display on most everything with trying to dance around subjects with semantics and ‘sounds right’ wording and your lack of knowledge of context and your confirmation bias and inane comments.

        • @Miner49er

          ““Four Oath Keepers Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy Related to U.S. Capitol Breach”

          Now do the ANTIFA armed insurrection and mass murder attempt that was recently stopped.

          Your ANTIFA buddies – you kinda missed saying a word about them though didn’t you.

        • MinorLiar,

          For a change, rather than subjecting you to the abuse you EARN, I am going to offer you some friendly advice . . . do not venture to offer ‘expert’ legal advice. You are FAR too stupid, uneducated, and brainwashed to make it even marginally viable.

          Stick to “opining” about politics, policy, and economics. Oops, wait. You’re equally incompetent at that, aren’t you? Tell us, MinorLiar, is there ANY subject you actually know something about??? Nah?? Didn’t think so.

          Well, feel free to offer your EXPERT opinion on being a lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist. On that topic, your expertise is unassailable.

        • “Now do the ANTIFA armed insurrection“

          Oh wow, did I miss another failed insurrection? Did some disenchanted Utes attack the Capitol of the United States of America during a joint session of congress certifying our constitutionally mandated presidential election, how did I miss that?

          Oh, you’re talking about the failed violent protest down in Atlanta…
          I understand the ‘woke’ police in the blue city of Atlanta arrested several people and have pressed serious charges.

          Republicans are the kings of false equivalence, entertaining again!

          Speaking of equivalence, here’s some news:

          “A lawyer for former Vice President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified at Pence’s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN.“

        • So now pence, biden and Trump should be in prison? Or just Trump?
          It’s fascinating to watch your hypocrisy in action, miner.

        • “Because it was a close-up, they use{sic} ‘dummy’ rounds that are indistinguishable from live rounds,”
          If the rounds truly were “indistinguishable”, then how would anyone know the true type of the rounds?

        • “So now pence, biden and Trump should be in prison? Or just Trump?“

          Considering Donald Trump is the only one who defied a federal subpoena for the classified records, filed fraudulent affidavits attesting that all the classified documents had been returned to the national archives when he knew that they had not, and publicly claimed ownership of the classified documents that were rightfully the property of the United States government, Trump should be charged under the espionage act.

          Regarding the two VPs, shoddy work by their aides does not create a crime, and both of those individuals volunteered the discovery of the documents and immediately returned them to the government.

          I can understand that you Republicans have difficulty understanding the nuances of the situation, I’m hoping that my words here may help you discern the difference.

        • Read the Espionage Act whiner.
          The crime is in removing the documents, PERIOD. Cooperation after the fact has ZERO to do with whether or not charges should follow.

          Also, funny how the ONLY person who has the ability to declassify those VERY docs is precisely the one you want charged.

          Such a good little Fascist you are whiner.

          Thanks for the laugh though. 🤣

  3. Hollywood and the video game industry should swear off violence and firearms. But the same anti gunners are making buckets of money off the violence and firearms.

    And money trumps convictions.

  4. one bullet, two victims. Hey Alec, movies usually use CGI for that effect.

    i would hope the only premier of Rust you see will be what you see on those bars of a jail cell. But unfortunately you probably will not see a jail cell, and haven’t even been taken into custody like us mere mortals out here would have been. However, I already know that at some point in your future one night right before you drift off to sleep you will play this over in your mind and realize you did pull the trigger and did not check the gun like you should have before accepting it then its going to hit you that you are responsible. You may be able to fool some of the public and escape their scorn, but you will never be able to escape you.

    • Your joking right.
      He is a movie star. Movie stars have to be a bit narcissistic.
      I’m guessing he puts the full blame on whomever handed him a loaded gunm, and in away I do too.
      For instance if I were to hand you a gunm knowing that you were going to point it at someone and possibly pull the trigger I’d damn sure make sure that it was loaded,,,,,,errr I mean unloaded.
      No, now dont go looking to see if it is or not I’ve checked it already.
      Trust me :>)

      • Legally, he puts the blame on who handed him the gun.

        Publicly, he puts the blame on who handed him the gun.

        Privately, to others he may also put the blame on who handed him the gun.

        In private to himself, he knows he is responsible even if he denies it to himself.

        Its a matter of semantics to him, that’s the game left-wing liberals play with their self and others – semantics. It’s not “he had rearward pressure on the trigger like he actually did and thus literally pulled the trigger in terms of the gun firing mechanics” – Its a matter of semantics of “I did not pull the trigger” because he didn’t squeeze/jerk the trigger back in a dedicated pull – see the difference, its semantics games.

        Notice how no one in MSM is questioning the fact visible in many of the pictures, and by his own demonstrations in interviews, that his finger was inside the trigger guard. Sure, he could say anything about that – but when you look at the actual gun and how it operates and is designed to operate, when you look at what the experts say, when you look at the FBI testing (the experts and FBI conclusions being the trigger had to have been pulled) the only conclusion is there is no way this gun could have fired by simply pulling the hammer back and releasing it like he claims as this gun can only fire if there is pull pressure on the trigger. He literally pulled the trigger, maybe not in his semantics view, not possibly, but in reality he literally pulled the trigger.

        • Booger Brain you are one of the star hypocrites of this forum. If Alec was a pro-gun person you would right now be defending him to the death and everyone here knows it.

        • dacian. If baldwin had been an anonymous gun owner who accidently shot another party you would be screaming for his blood.


    Another mass shooting event in California. 7 dead at a farm and another business. Perp turned themselves in.

    Suspect is a 67 year old of Asian descent.

    • the gun control is working extra hard this week and being super duper effective.

      fact: you can not legislate away human behavior mental illnees. its not the guns stupid, its not millions of law abiding gun owners having a right to have guns. its mental illness you idiots.

      • “fact: you can not legislate away human behavior mental illnees“

        By that rationale, society should abolish all laws as ineffective.

        “its mental illness you idiots“

        Yes, that’s the problem, the mentally ill have easy access to firearms, I’m glad you are beginning to comprehend the issue.

        • @Miner49er

          “Yes, that’s the problem, the mentally ill have easy access to firearms, I’m glad you are beginning to comprehend the issue.”

          I’m glad you are finally beginning to realize that gun control applied to the law abiding is tryanny and wrong.

          There is no “beginning to comprehend the issue”. You have not been paying attention. Overall, the pro-2A/Gun communities and all of the associated ‘organizations’ have been seeing and saying this for the last 40 years. You and your fellow anti-gun have not been listening, all you wanted to do was ‘attack’ the rights of law abiding gun owners and ban guns.

          If you and your fellow anti-gun had been listening and actually addressing the problem of mental illness instead of wasting your resources and time on attacking people who have done nothing wrong and most likely will not and trying to remove their rights – maybe you could have prevented some of these isolated cases of tragedy and horror. This is the fault of the anti-gun, ‘we’ tried to tell you and you would not listen.

          Its not any access to firearms that caused this, its the mental illness – they probably would have figured out a way to harm people even without firearms so intent was the mental illness driving them. Knife attacks, bombs, mass poisoning, even physical attacks with other weapons, they would have figured out something even if they did not have a firearm.

        • Gee, MinorLiar, here’s a wild-ass, crazy thought. How about we stop all this bulls*** ‘Minority Report’ nonsense of trying (continually ineffectively) to ‘identify and prevent’ POTENTIAL mental illness, deal with ACTUAL mental illness as the laws of ALL 50 states ALREADY permit, by commitment proceedings requiring full due process, and PROSECUTE CRIMINALS, whether ‘insane’ or not, for ACTUAL, CRIMINAL behavior? Sounds radical, just relying on the justice system that . . . actually worked for hundreds of years (with, yes, some abuses . . . so tell me there are no abuses in ‘woke’ Cook County).

          Oh, and go be a lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist somewhere else; that schtick got boring ages ago.

        • Firearms have nothing to do with it.

          The mentally ill are allowed to roam freely among the general population with no oversight, restraint, or medical care.

        • True mental illness and human behavior cannot be legislated away.
          But, many mentally ill people can be helped and controlled via medication and therapy, Ignoring and doing nothing to help the mentally ill is not working.

  6. Considering Baldwins left-wing liberal privilege arrogance, this was a hate-crime. Baldwin hates anyone who isn’t him.

  7. 600 plus episodes of Gunsmoke and no one was shot.

    Baldwin should have based his movie on something that worked, safely.

  8. Baldwin must have been one of those kids at a high school party that you could hand something to with a “dude, drink/take/smoke this” and he, longing to belong, would.

  9. There isn’t a single actor/actress I would want anything to do with. I would be happier not being around them at all.

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