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President Biden on Monday said those who argue they need assault weapons to fight the government need a much bigger arsenal to stand a chance. 

Speaking at the National Action Network’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast in Washington, Biden appeared to mock his conservative colleagues. 

“I love my right-wing friends who talk about the tree of liberty is water of the blood of patriots,” he said. “If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s. You don’t need an AR-15.”

The quote Biden refers to dates back to Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in a letter, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and America’s third president. 

“I’m serious. Think about it,” he added. “Think about the rationale for this. It’s about money.”

The president also said so-called assault weapons serve no “social redeeming value.”

Biden has previously said gun-rights advocates need a much bigger arsenal of weapons to take on the federal government. In July 2021, he said: “You need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons” during a White House speech to outline his plan to combat gun violence. 

In the same speech, he also falsely claimed there have always been limits on the Second Amendment. 

“The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.”

—  Louis Casiano in Biden Takes Swipe at Second Amendment Supporters: ‘You Need F-15S’ to Take on the Federal Government

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    • Jim Crow Gun Control joe is just throwing fools another curve ball. On MLK Day you can bet the farm ol’ joe and his ilk will talk about anything and everything except the democRat Party owning the legacy of slavery, segregation, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities…And last but not least there will not be any talk about the democRat Party being singled out and held monetarily liable for Reparations. And shucks while I am at it and to be fair…you won’t hear the bigots permeating this forum talk about it either.

  1. What’s about money? I’d like to hear him expound upon his theory a bit. If I tithe to the “big man” 10% will he stop threatening me?

  2. “The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.”

    100% false

    There was no, and sill is not, such limitation in the Second Amendment, not “from the day it was passed” and not now.

    You could buy a canon even back then and actually still can today.

    • Can’t buy a cannon? Just saw a new Shooting USA episode on Outdoor Channel of -you guessed it-a competition shooting CANNONS. Legally owned cannons. Using F-15’s on gun owner’s will get you they Mussolini treatment slow Joe🙄

      • Yeah, I was trying to picture Joe explaining how he would nuke 20 guys with AR-15s coming through the front gate at the White House.

    • Actually the 2nd amendment is all about limits. It limits what the government can do to keep people from owning firearms. And, it is fairly clear about those limits. “Shall not be infringed” is pretty darn clear!

    • Hmmmm……”…..shall not be infringed” followed only by a period, sounds pretty damn absolute to me.

      Yeah Slo Joe, one would need F15s/nukes to take on the US government……..just like the VC so many years ago in Nam, and the Taliban so recently in Afghanistan. US cut and run both times leaving those lands in enemy control. Yeah, Slo Joe, you would know all about the military with your extensive service in uniform to our country.

    • The rich were EXPECTED to own artillery for time of trouble.

      Hiden knows this. The blatant canards are one way to demonstrate his power.

      I heard a Hungarian refugee in a private setting speak in the 60s – he said the communists would go around saying all kinds of blatantly stupid stuff right before the final total takeover. Those who corrected them got on a list.

      Apparently that was what triggered his flight. Hard science guy…

    • back then canons were usually bought by ship owners…or anyone who wanted a bit more firepower…these days they’re usually in the hands of private collectors….they do turn up at mg shoots rather often…sometimes even tanks…

    • Where did the young revolutionary army get their ships, cannons, rifles and hand guns from when the decision to detach from the king of England was made ?
      Did the French just say, sure, we’ll help, or did the revolutionaries use private arms ?
      Was there an army of revolutionaries at the standby furnished with government arms before there was a government ?
      Was the militia a well oiled and trained cohesive fighting machine waiting for the call to arms ?
      Some estimates put the number of Privateer sea vessels at over 2000 and these being armed with all forms of the most modern (1770″s) of firearms and cannons.
      The Brits called them Cruisers, and they captured more than 300 British ships during the war.
      Privateers as well as Corsairs were one of the deciding factors in the Colonials winning the war.
      It was many years before young America was able to stockpile arms for a national defense.

  3. It is hard to fathom that the leader of this country does not understand or respect the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States. I’m pretty sure that the oath of office reiterates allegiance to the principle of upholding constitutional rights.

      • Hey man! I was the first in my family to attend college! I used to drive a truck. I had to man! Okay, sure, I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school, and my recollection of this was inaccurate. I got 76th mixed up with 40th in a class 85.

        I got into politics for civil rights, man. I was a public defender for six months. I wasn’t about to let my children grow up in a racial jungle!


        “In his 2007 autobiography ‘Promises to Keep,’ Biden addressed his comments on the 1988 campaign trail. He said he lost his temper because he was getting sick with the flu, and ‘it sounded to me as if one of my own supporters doubted my intelligence.’ ”

        Let me correct part of that … “Biden addressed his LIES on the 1988 campaign trail …”

        “…it sounded to me as if one of my own supporters doubted my intelligence.”

        Well yes, yes they doubted your intelligence. The majority of the American people doubt your intelligence if polls are any indication, and even anyone fact checking your comments (this article) will see its not very intelligent for a president to so blatantly lie like you have now and in the past.

        All through your socialists fascism leaning ‘career’ of wrecking lives politically, and even that of innocent children (, all through your life and ‘career’ you have lied about one thing or another and frequently include many lies like you have as outlined in this article here at TTAG.

        Well yes, yes one of your own supporters doubted your intelligence because they suddenly saw you for what you really are.

    • “It is hard to fathom that the leader of this country does not understand or respect the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States.”

      They understand it just fine, just not the way you, I or other ‘normal’ people do. Their understanding is seen through the corrupt lens of their Leftist-Fascist ideology.

      In their little world, only they should be ‘allowed’ to rule, and we are their mortal enemy that’s stopping their ‘glorious future’ of coming into being.

      Look how they talk about ‘gun violence’. Notice how they they keep saying things like “Vote for us, and ‘gun violence’ will end, and no more little kids will die”.

      But *we* are the ones keeping that from happening, according to them. I’m sure it won’t be long before one them openly floats a suggestion that a “Final Solution” is necessary, and you know what that means… 🙁

        • Julio, I have some very bad news for you. No document breathes. You see a document is a piece of paper with writing on it. It is incapable of life.
          On the other hand a Human fetus is a live organism which is entitled to live and not be snuffed out on the whims of a woman.

      • to them “right-wing extremists” are the real threat…not the black kids who are terrorizing our cities…and pushing up the gun violence stats …..

    • he says things like this because he’s either a doddering old fool or he’s pushing a false narrative…possibly both…

  4. An F15 is incredibly easy to take out when it is on the ground. Killing the pilots or their families when they are out walking their dog, having dinner at a restaurant, or while grocery shopping is also very easy. The left needs to consider that when they talk about going to war against the citizens of their own country. There is not enough manpower in the world to guard all of the potential government targets in a civil war.

    • I do not condone the act of killing US troops or their families.
      However, what Biden fails to comprehend is those very pilots just might refuse an unlawful order to fire on US citizens.

      • The Democrats are actively kicking out everyone from the Armed Forces who might refuse such orders. They want an army full of pasty, gender-confused bluehairs who are eager to turn their weapons on people like us.

        Obviously, there are quite a few faults with that logic, but thinking things through has never been the Left’s strong suit.

        • “The Democrats are actively kicking out everyone from the Armed Forces who might refuse such orders.”

          Pilots are officers, and military officers tend to be Leftist Scum ™ in ideology.

          The enlisted, on the other hand, are conservative in ideology by a ratio of over 80 percent. They are the ones that keep those officers in the air. Modern military aircraft are *highly* complex machines. The tiniest screw-up in maintaining them keeps those aircraft on the ground… 🙂

        • @Geoff…I’d wager there are fewer leftist officers. Maybe past O-6, since it becomes more political at that point. O-5 and below are a mix of society with ‘many’ trending conservative (already desiring to more patriotic). Even after going to college (potential heavy indoctrination), people tend to start making up their own minds about stuff (after seeing the difference in rhetoric and actual policy implementation) between the 25-30 yr old mark. It all varies of course. That’s just based off of anecdotal observations.

      • From a different perspective I think that is a big part of the reason most of our weapons and tech development focused on espionage, predictive analysis, drone tech, and small unit house raids. Less people needed to oppress greater numbers than previous eras.

      • Epstinedidnotkillhimself

        I got news for you man; you kill anyone that is trying to kill you and you do everything you can to keep people from trying to kill you no matter how horrible those things might be.

        • How do you know that pilot is trying to kill you? Your family?
          Are you just going to murder anyone and everyone without any evidence of their intentions? Just shoot people at random as they might kill you?

        • Epstein for a good overview of possibilities the current situation in Brazil and the various struggles against communism and corrupt governments in South America is a realistic starting point. If it gets to government killing political dissidents then targets of opportunity are all over and not necessarily wisely chosen.

        • @Bill

          Precisely. And when it kicks off, preemptively where possible is highly advised. ROE changes that very moment.


          So much that.

        • “How do you know that pilot is trying to kill you? Your family?”

          I think that answer will become very obvious by the time they’re shooting missiles at us on the request of Democrat president.

      • To SAFEupstateFML January 19, 2023 At 10:48,
        I will take my lessons learned from my one year deployment in Afghanistan and apply them accordingly.

        Would you be okay if I set up a position, say 400 yards from your front door and take a shot when you came out if I thought you might be a threat to me?

        We are neighbors. Based off your posts, you are somewhere 30 to 50 minutes of me.

        • If I become a target of opportunity then I have failed on other fronts and will accept my fate as there is little that can be done.

      • To Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR January 19, 2023 At 09:35,
        My wife is a Lt. COL in the Air NG.
        Between her and my own service in the military, we have known a total of 2 officers whom leaned left.
        There has been a drive to get conservatives out of the military. That is the downside.
        The upside is those new woke both officers and enlisted, are not of the cream of the crop. They lack discipline, leadership, and commitment. As some former high ranking officers have noted, they are compromising unit readiness and combat effectiveness.
        Does not bode well if Biden gets us into WWIII of the direct shooting kind, and not this proxy war.

      • I agree. If there is a problem with U.S. military obeying orders to kill their neighbors (which I seriously doubt would ever happen!), the answer is to kill those people who are giving those orders.

    • The Lefturds have considered war with We The Little Peeps. Hence, their fetish with gun control for the Peeps. Their gun control fetish is all about self preservation from Patriots.

    • A plane parked on the ramp is still a static target. And it needs to the fueled, armed, and repaired. Lots of opportunities to intentional or accidental sabotage. And those runways are just asking to some small foreign objects to be ducked into engine intakes.

      Creepy Joe needs some history lessons in asymmetric warfare. Namely Vietnam and Afghanistan.

      • I’ve given the same walk through several times, and more. But no one can be bothered to listen. Lotta big dumb going on in here, but good on you for trying.

        FOD’s fun times.

        • Would your WWIII name choice be related to the historical William Wallace of Braveheart fame ?
          I have been able to trace my roots to the Maxwell Clan, which fought alongside the Wallace Clan in many of the epic battles with the Brits.

        • Correct. My Scot side of the family also fought with him since nearly the beginning. The Irish side joined in a little later, it’s how we melded our lineages, with the relations becoming fast friends evermore.

          As for which, I take many steps to preserve heavy separation from this identity and the real, and indeed hold everything at arms length at the barest of minimum online.

          Name co-opted & representative of my primary focus, freedom & (real) equality. The mantra most associated with the real man, and the legend as well.

    • talk like this is mostly a bluff…there are way more of us than them…and whatsmore they know it….laws only work when people choose to obey them…..

      • ….this from the same “leader”
        sending hundreds of millions, if not billions, of small arms ammunition overseas to another gun hating tyrant…
        one whom didn’t want HIS populace armed either. Well, not until the shelling started

    • “If AR 15s are useless against the government, why do they care if we have them?”

      Something something something ‘for the children’ something something. Although stats don’t support their claim.

      Now, if the .gov cares about children, they may want to look into what Planned Parenthood is up to. 🤔

      • Hold on getting my tinfoil, re planned parenthood harvesting stem cells and valuable enbryotic tissues for sale.

    • what’s the old bumper sticker?…”If your government won’t trust you with guns…maybe you shouldn’t trust the government”…..

  5. I love how the “President of unity for ALL Americans” just can’t bring himself to try to allay fears of a tyrannical government. Instead, he laughs at them, and basically says we’ll kill you if we want to.

    • “Unity under threat of extreme violence.” Guess that was not part of the Promises Kept campaign. Maybe in the Joe 2.0 Campaign* after we get the standard State of the Union BS.

      * Still dragging Harris into this as impeachment insurance.

  6. What an idiot, he just set the price for just compensation when the govt comes for my AR; their “buy back” has to be an F-15 in exchange for my AR. Even though the F-15 is out of date I will accept that offer.

  7. “If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s. You don’t need an AR-15.”

    Well, that we might need to take on the “federal government” is one of the very reasons the Second Amendment exists Joe.

    Its interesting, in a way, you call it “the federal government” in an ‘use vs them’ context. Its not “the federal government”, its suppose to be the ‘peoples government’ but you seem to not know that. And once again, we come back to one of the very reasons the Second Amendment exists because when a ‘country leader’ starts using a ‘possessive’ in referring to the government and trying to portray American citizens as the enemy its one of those concept things the founders warned about (in a prelude to or establishment of tyranny fashion) and one of the very reasons the Second Amendment was included.

    • heavy-handed approaches by the government have backfired big-time in the past…you’d think they would have learned that by now….

    • the second empowers us in a way they simply can’t abide…it remains…still…a threat to their goal of absolute control…..

  8. That senile SOB has NO “right-wing friends”. Obiden has chicom overlords, prog allies of connivence, Swiss bankers, a callgirl VP, an idiotic affirmative action Cabinet, a moronic ugly kinky haired lesbo lying PR “chick”. Friends of any stripe? NO.

    The “tree of liberty” is to be watered with the blood of tyrants. The Patriots are to do the irrigation. That’s how it works out for the country.

  9. Want to take on the federal government?
    Ditch the petrodollar.
    The Saudis just announced they would be open to accepting payments in currencies other than the USD.

  10. The senile old coot strikes again. They’re not going to use F15s to bomb or strafe houses of gun owners who don’t turn their stuff in if they do a “buy back.” There will be people on the ground, they may have APCs and the likes but they’ll certainly have……..AR-15s. As the saying goes, if they’re stupid enough to think it’s a good idea send single men. With the amount of gun owners in the country if even a small percent are willing to party it’s going to be wild.

    Asymmetric warfare is a thing. Think about how fragile people have discovered substations are. If a group of people were to go attack infrastructure in the country sure the political elites would be living okay but the average person (such as police officers) would have a heck of a lot of other things to worry about. Like heat, electricity and water. It would also wail on the economy, imagine something like Covid or BLM Riots except 100X worse. Quite frankly not my idea of a good time.

    I also think this needs to be quoted in any attack on the NFA. Make the argument that possession of arms is to be a check against the government’s tyranny and that in turn if the government feels this confident in their stake we need the means of checking and balancing that power.

      • This whole thing would do the job, wouldn’t it?

        Reducing the population would probably make control easier.

        In their arrogance they neglect the dangers of the game they play as told out via history.

      • Simple. Throw down a Reverse Card and turn it against them, personally. Demoralize the leadership.

        Not to discard the readily available armz as irrelevant, but the boom-boom room is completely unexpected by the numb nut, and many others at the top. Improv just isn’t very difficult to make, or source ingredients, in the modern context.

        This also isn’t the highly localized version, like the sand box was comparatively, and they will be spread ever so thin like the atmo on a degenerate matter star. Just some bug to put in your ears.

        • Jan 6 scared the hell out of them…they still haven’t gotten over it…especially when they checked the ranks of the people who were there….it’s really just the tip of the iceberg….

        • @frank

          It did, and that was with no focus or intent to actually lop the head off the snake, despite all the to do they make about it.

          Imagine it were otherwise, with only a double hand full of prepped & skilled individuals covering all the egress points, mixed in the ranks at the time with a concerted effort.

          Couple perhaps 4 more stationed with sight lines to the back lawn at el casa blanco overlooking a certain landing area. Threatening diversion out front to prompt rabbiting, and…

          Tip of the iceberg indeed, maybe only the first inkling thereof 100′ below the surface…

    • Tee…..”The more I learn about our government, the more I value my firearms.”

      Another Tee….”This is the government our Founders warned about…..and why they penned the Second Amendment.”

  11. If F15’s were required then no one would have ever been worried about the Jan 6 riots. No one would be so worried about AR15’s to the point of banning them either.

    People flipped out when they thought Trump suggested to drink bleach to cure Covid (something he didn’t say) but then disregard this foolishness from Biden.

    • they’re actually closer to that ban than you think…remember it passed the house…and now they control the senate…

  12. What a word salad of a speech. To add to the discussion:

    Biden: you need more than an AR-15 to overthrow the government

    Also Biden: 1/6 was a serious attempt to overthrow the government


  13. ‘It’s all about the money.’. This is something I’ve asked miner a number of times.

    How did joe biden become wealthy on a civil servants pay check?

  14. What the Government needs is American Military who are willing to kill their own people as they may be very hard to find considering they have families who would be in jeopardy as well.
    Democrats make too many assumptions as to who is actually going to defend them in a civil war and do not assume that the military may actually turn on them as well as the police and all the other people they have abused over the last 2 years. Good luck with trying to defeat We the People.

    • That kind of government will decide their current military lacks political reliability and will either create a corps of commissars or a completely separate force, such as Iran’s “morality police” or the Saudi’s religious police, to enforce the government’s will.

  15. Apparently you don’t need either to overthrow the government. All it takes is something just north of a crowd of unarmed people vandalizing the congress building and a few more pepper spraying cops.

  16. I’m very good at estimating leed on a high flying duck & after a few tries I’m sure I could figure it out on a plane with my AR.

    • there’s an interesting scene in “Flight of the Intruder”…Vietnamese peasant walking behind his water buffalo stops to take a pot shot at a passing jet with his old rifle…then goes back to what he was doing…we’ll let you figure out the rest….

  17. quote————The quote Biden refers to dates back to Thomas Jefferson——–quote

    Jefferson was one of the most deraigned liars and charlatans in the new Government. He ranted about slavery but became fabulously rich on the backs of his own slaves. Jefferson raped a 14 year old black girl and made her is personal sex slave.

    Jefferson, scholars believe, was the major architect of the Second Amendment and he wrote it in the vaguest of terms possible so the Federal Government could ban or restrict guns. And contrary to popular belief he used 2A as a carrot to get the indiependent States to join the Federal Government by granting them their own Militias so they could murder slaves, it had zero to do with the individuals right to own weapons.

    Jefferson and Madison had another good reason to grant the States the right to their own private armies because of the slave revolt that was going on in Haiti and it was feared it would soon spread to the Colonies. Surviving letters of Jefferson, Madison and other officials prove this beyond all doubt.

    Some States even locked up militia arms in armories and even took them from members who did not tow the party line.

    There were also numerous gun control laws on the books before the Revolution and after 2A was signed and their were zero of these laws rescinded. In fact gun control increased from the day 2A was signed up to the present day and it was all blessed by the courts just as Jefferson intended it to be.

    Revolutions to succeed in both prior times and in modern times need the outside funding of a hostile state. The French-Indo China War and the later American-Vietnamese war required Vietnam to get billions in aid from Russia, China and the Russian controlled East Block Countries.

    The bullshit of the Minute Man in the American revolution was a laughable myth from the day it was pandered.

    Without millions in aid from the French as well as the use of their powerful Navy and professional Army the Revolution would have been doomed before it even got off the ground.

    Georgie Porgie proved to be one of the worst American Generals in American history. Most of Thomas Paine’s criticisms of Washington (after Paine was stabbed in the back by Washington) have proven to be historically accurate. Washington was an incompetent, megalomaniac. He lost more battles than he won and was almost captured twice

    The Second Amendment has been down through history largely ignored by the Supreme Court and despite a political grand standing bone being thrown at gun owners with the Bruen decision and its vague ruling only made things worse for the Supreme Court and they can be counted on in the future to quietly ignore any pleases for less gun control in the U.S. The Courts incompetence with the Bruen decision will be a major problem and embarrassment for them in the near future.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, As to Thomas Jefferson, you can hold a position against slavery as he did and still have to own slaves due to economic conditions. That doesn’t make him a liar, a hypocrite maybe but not a liar. I am sure you know the difference but your hatred for the Founding Fathers seems to have no bounds.
      It seems your evaluation of the American Revolution shows your total lack of knowledge. Yes, the French did help the Revolution immensely but Cornwallis sealed his own fate when he retreated to Yorktown. Even if the British fleet had been able to evacuate his troops, it was a sound defeat either way.
      Whether or not the 2nd has been “ignored” is not germain right now. It seems that Heller, McDonald and Bruen has made up for that “ignoring”.

    • Just one of all the malarkey being spewed forth in your comments.
      Jefferson was not filthy rich, he couldn’t even afford to free his slaves.
      Historical information is available outside the realm of progressive agendas.
      Wow, how the progressive left have managed to dirty the waters of history and re-write to narratives.
      Too many progressives controlling the narratives create ‘dacian’s’.

    • And you’re an equal opportunity oppressor who won’t care what ethnicity, or gender, or species, your sex slaves are.

      • And if you like your sex slave, you can keep your sex slave. Or at least clone he-shee-it.

        It will be nice to have lots of potential organ donors in a searchable database, too.

        Elites will expect 120 or better.

    • believe the French weren’t much help at Saratoga….but their involvement after that fight did speed things up a little….

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      WRONG, moosebreath!!!! James Madison wrote the 2A, you blithering, ignorant, uneducated, ahistorical, babbling nitwit. Now, I do not think it matters who wrote it – the intent, history, logic, and ‘rightness’ of the 2A speaks for itself, but T. Jefferson, as brilliant as he was, was NOT the author of the 2A, the BoR, OR the Constitution.

      Which you would know if you had an education.

      Sod off, Swampy.

  18. Don’t need a nuke or an F-15, a B-2 or anything complicated to take out his personal portion of the (dot)guv.

    Only thing required is a position outside of the protective cordon, something in .338 – .50 flavor, & a well trained hand. Pink mist clouds doth follow. Difficulty would be catching shit heel and Kamel-toe in the same place at the same time.

  19. Thermonuclear hand grenades are even better than F-15s. More importantly, we don’t need to defeat the US military to overthrow an oppressive government. All we need to do is hunt down and exterminate enough of the useless idiots who voted for Biden to motivate the survivors to grow up, grow a brain, and maybe grow a pair of testicles or ovaries, whichever is gender appropriate.

  20. It gets worse the more you think about it: The F-15 is a fighter, not ground attack aircraft. Fighters are primarily intended to counter enemy airplanes. Either he’s threatening to shoot down unarmed civilian transport aircraft, or he’s intending to bomb civilian targets.

  21. Yes yes yes, Joe. You are sooooo right in your assessment of the citizens dilemma. The Feds have all OUR big guns locked away or out of the country even, so we can’t fight Fighter jets and missiles with AR-15’s and our 30’06 hunting rifles.
    We need our rifles to take OUR Fighter jets and missiles back.
    So NO, you are only part right.
    Every missile, tank, war ship, Aircraft carrier and fighter jet belong to ME and YOU, this malarkey that old Joe and his friends like to burp up is foolhardy and has no merit in the actual conversation.
    Believe me, Mr. Brandon. When we need our fighter jets, we’ll get them and use them, after all, they belong to us, and apparently old Joe and his pals forget this.
    We know where they are, how to recover them and how to utilize them to restore or protect our laws, our land and our endowed freedoms.

      • Pretty effective, those that had enough lead time to scramble. If the orders hadn’t been withheld.

        Although that’s an entirely different and irrelevant scenario. The efficacy vs. goat herders above is much more on point.

  22. The US spent a decade fighting against a bunch of dudes in the desert armed with rifles, light vehicles, and anything they could steal from the US and yet this senile old fart thinks you HAVE to have F-15s to prevent him from being a tyrant.

    • He believes the Federal government is ruler over the American citizens , as so many of those rascals in the beltway .
      They just don’t get it.

  23. Push comes to shove the Federal Government doesn’t stand a chance. The US Military is about 1.4 million. Knock off 350K for Navy; ships aren’t really going to do much against us. Better than 50% of the military is support and logistics; so about 600K would be actual warfighters. Odds are 50% of those will refuse to fire on fellow citizens. So that leaves about 300K. 1%. 1% of our population, armed with our “useless” AR-15s (or in my case SKS), is about 3.5 million. And that’s just the numbers.
    First indication of a revolution won’t be Chewbacca sitting at Nancy’s desk. No, we will all notice the darkness. Say goodbye to the grid. And that stops the Governments’ ability to communicate (indoctrinate) with the populace. The Government MUST always seem to be legitimate. They have to play the good guy in the eyes of the People to win. Kill comms and they can no longer lie to us en masse. No, when (hopefully if) it comes push to shove, the Government doesn’t stand a chance. And yes, the AR-15 will be far superior to the F-15.

    • A military of leftist foreign nationals will fire on Ma and Paw Applepie. Disruption of production in the Midwest will leave us dependent on SA ag.

      Famine is always the depopulator of choice.

      • military of leftist foreign nationals will fire on Ma and Paw Applepie

        A lot easier to shoot back at “foreign nationals”, a lot of local police/deputy sheriffs and state police will not stand by and allow those foreign nationals to fire on American citizens.

        • He does raise a valid point in the potential targeting of farmers in the less populated (read fewer neighbors to respond in defense) areas of the Midwest to create famine/chaos which unfortunately is very effective in depopulation. See soviet history re Ukraine. Wouldn’t need to take the farms over just disrupt them enough that production falls below minimum demand for domestic consumption then slap tariffs on all imported food to price taxpayers out of eating.

  24. Biden’s comments typify the mindset of the lifelong career politicians and Establishment types who think of themselves as apart from and above the people they are supposed to represent. Because of the complacency of the American public, we’ve allowed this ruling class to develop over time. They view vast swathes of US citizens as enemies of the State.

    Biden’s example is especially galling. The man has always been a cunning (but not smart) mean, pompous hack – a sort of Governor Lepetomane of the Senate. That he occupies the Oval Office is a true example of how dysfunctional this Country has become.

    Sad to say it, but we’ve turned into an oligarchy. We’re ruled over by a relatively small clique of multi-billionaires and their politician toadies.

  25. The time he told that factory worker (a firearm enthusiast) I DON’T WORK FOR YOU really did it for me. What a piece of human trash. Come on Alzheimers get to work on the one organism that deserves your horrible fate.

  26. I know personally two people who own .50 BMG rifles…

    I’ve found .50 brass in several areas when scouring for brass at shooting spots in the boonies near me, have to be semi since they are usually off in the brush when I find them!!

    And the two people I know deny its them, they recover their brass!!!

    There are also several Class III weapons owners in my area!!!

  27. planes can’t stay up there forever…as Truman found out when the UFO’s showed up in ’52…in that case it was kind of funny….

  28. Free tip for President Pudding Cup: Good generals study tactics. Great generals study logistics.

    Bottom line: Without secure logistical pipelines and necessary maintenance personnel, armored vehicles and pretty aircraft are no more than multi-ton paperweights.

  29. Asymmetric (Guerilla) warfare is the name of the 2nd Amendment game. Semi-auto and hunting (sniper) rifles are the tools…behind every blade of grass. The power of the military is rendered useless because ya can’t “poop where ya eat/sleep”, meaning ya can’t bomb your oun home towns. People in power would immediately be assassinated and or thrown out of office by their own military, family members, etc…it they even attempted such a thing. THAT is the 2nd Amendment.


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