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  1. These leftist morons (I am being kind) want us to believe our gas stoves are a threat to human existence. Well, I am, then, triplely dangerous because I have a gas water heater and a gas furnace. But I am going to take even more drastic action:

    I am going to eat beans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a bedtime snack. I am going to generate so much methane that no one will dare light a match. They want to bring on the dark ages? I am here to help.

    • Or LifeSavor, You could turn backwards in your hallway light yer Zippo a roast the basterds to a crisp! Never have to fire a shot and risk that indoor hearing loss…..but, wait for it……….

      You will have to repaint yer hallway πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ jus’ sayin’

        • Slingshot stainless bearings. Less mass = not so good for your butt blaster.

          Better still, plated lead. Butt, that would really weigh your ass down.

          I recommend some serious sphincter exercises if you go this route, lest you need to awkwardly explain your constant dribbling Coco Puffs all over the floor. Power is nothing without control.

    • Lifesavor,

      Tongue-in-cheek humor aside, make no mistake: Progressive True Believers ARE coming for all of our fossil-fuel appliances/devices.

      And the most impossible appliance to give up? Propane and natural gas furnaces. It will be effectively impossible to heat our homes and businesses with electricity because that would require a national electric grid with something like 10 to 20 times the capacity that it has now, to say nothing about how our electric utilities would be unable to generate 10 to 20 times more electricity without fossil-fuels. The fact that it is effectively impossible to increase our national electric grid and generation capacity to meet that need does not matter to Progressive True Believers.

      • Obama’s underground propane tanks, totaling 2,500 gallons of propane gas, were installed at the property for “residential purposes,” the office of the select board of Edgartown, Massachusetts, reported.

        They’ll be able to heat their homes. That’s all that matters. It’ll still be available for you. It just won’t be affordable for the average person. If they die, they die.

        • You’re chattel to them. They quite literally see you as a form of livestock.

          The reason they claim that there’s a prevalent attitude that is the reason *reparations* are immediately required (in apparently astronomical sums in San Fran, lol) is because they hold that exact attitude.

          They view you the way a slaveowner viewed a slave, a rancher views a cow or a farmer views a chicken. Useful to a point and then to be eliminated, preferably for profit.

          They tell you this quite openly yet most people act like it’s not being said at all.

          Now, back to work, pleb. There’s taxes to be harvested. You’re sure as shit not going to oppress yourself, so we need your money to pay someone to do it for us.

  2. As a kid I did chop wood to heat the house. Because that was all we had. We used an iron stove to heat the living room. And I used a rope and bucket to draw water from a well. All in the good old USA. And that was back in the 1970’s. And I know of some people who still do that to this day.

    I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore. But it does seem the government wants us to go backwards.

    “The Government WANTS Your Garden Registered!” video 4 min long

    If you were to register your vegetable or flower garden with a government. You’re not just telling them you grow flowers and vegetables. You are telling them that you own tools. Probably very sharp tools. And perhaps other things that are very sharp and handy around the house. That possibly can be used as weapons.

    I know that Communist governments use to confiscate all of the gardening tools from the peasants. Because they feared, any sharp object in the hands of the citizenry.

    • Had an old hand pump to get water from the well. No indoor plumbing and the outhouse was 200 feet north of the house. Heated and cooked on wood stoves. Chopped wood by hand. No chainsaw. Had a bucksaw though. The majority of people today would never survive if the grid would go down. Which actually would be a good thing.

      • Living that way as a kid helped to make my army field duty time easier to deal with. Sewing, home economics, and shop classes are not taught in many schools now. We are losing our basic survival skills.

      • btw
        My first wife used an outhouse until she was 16 years old. But when I lived with my father we didn’t have an outhouse. Living with my mother, in the grand parents house, they had indoor plumming. I thought that was an upgrade. It was nice having running hot water.

        I know how to deal without modern conveniences. I wouldn’t like it. But I know how to adjust to living that way if necessary. And I agree with you. Most people would not survive.

        • hot water is nice.
          Me and my boys moved to a farm house that had no modern conveniences. A five gallon bucket gets pretty heavy roping it up.
          Eventually we got electricity to the house. We called it “lightning in a box”.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Government wants to know about your garden because they want to know about food production capacity, not sharp tools. My spouse talked to someone who fled Communist Romania. That person had something like 10 chickens and described how Communist agents visited their home almost daily to retrieve eggs and count the chickens. That person also described how those Communist agents were ready to severely punish that person if they withheld any eggs or if they “lost” a chicken. Why? Because those Communist agents did NOT want that person holding back eggs or a chicken to either sell/trade on the black market or worse–to hatch additional chickens and lay more eggs which were not on the Central Government books.

      DO NOT EVER FORGET THIS SIMPLE FACT: the three most important ways for a government to control people is to control the people’s firearms, food supply, and banking access. Controlling the people’s food and banking access ensures their compliance. Controlling the people’s firearms ensures that they are unable to resist.

    • Nah, Chris. They don’t want you chopping wood. That’s conspiracy theory talk.

      The actual truth is that they want you dead and, at least equally importantly, your property in their hands.

      Someone’s getting their carbon footprint reduced to 0. Will it be you or will it be them?

  3. I was thinking today how farting cows cause global whining, so they say, then I got to thinking I’ve never heard a cow fart that I can remember.
    600 head but never heard a fart. Maybe we had eco friendly cows, Needed more sweet feed I guess.
    The horses on the other hand, uh yep.
    But humans in America dont eat horses.
    So I figure the cow farts is just some panty waiste way of getting rid of the cows because someone bought a house to close to a stockyard and they dont like the smell.

    • Remember when the great buffalo herds roamed and all the farts almost destroyed democracy!?! Lol yeah no. Fixin to head out and feed and enjoy some clean air while some jackwagon who lives in smog tells me about how I’m doing it wrong

      • I remember seeing the photos of the Zuckerbergs, Soros’ and Gates’ of the day standing by mountains of buffalo skulls having done their part to save the environment from the evils of unregulated bovine flatulence.

        Today instead of riding a train and blasting herds they fly private jets, sail private yachts, take fake trips to space and poison all of us poors.

        • Yes sir. Went from $35 to 100 and it’s scarce. I’m butchering 1st March and starting the new crew

  4. It wasn’t very long ago these same people were pushing propane and natural gas as the clean alternatives to that evil oil.

    They keep shifting that window and carving that slope until they finally arrive at suicide for the unwashed masses is the greatest sacrifice a true Patriot of the planet can make so Zuckerberg can have more room, oops I mean so mother earth can heal.

  5. Attorney and 2A Historian Stephen Halbrook has defeated the ATF/DOJ before the U.S. Supreme Court and now he turns his attention to explaining the ATF PISTOL BRACE RULES and what they mean for you. A super detailed discussion of the new pistol brace rules.

  6. I have a part time Job that I have to drive to downtown Zeattle twice a week. Yea, I call it Zeattle because all the zombies walking around in that city that is now a cesspool. The dim bulb liberals who live there complain about pollution from the use of Diesel. I shake my head, these morons don’t get it that if the Diesel trucks quit running for a week, they would have no food in their corner grocery store. Truely mind boggling how stupid these city dwellers are.
    And the issue with cows farting in Montana destroying the enviroment? Have you ever driven across Montana? I have, it is a huge state. Cows farting does not affect anything. So stupid.

    • Unless/until they get Brazil, Russia, India, and China to agree to reduced pollutants (and actually follow through with those agreements)–I don’t see any true purpose to destroying our economy nor making our country less efficient (by being more energy dependent upon foreign imports). I mean, aside from punishing those that still believe in capitalism or being self-sufficient. And good luck getting all of the mind-less zombies in Hollywierd to commit to smaller homes, less energy consumption (much less water consumption), and eating all of the vegan bugs that they want the rest of us to eat. They’ll always believe *they* are the exception. Just like those that are voted into what’s supposed to be a temporary position of leadership rather than the political career where the corrupt get richer off of their oblivious constituents.

    • Wally, I unfortunately I also have to work in downtown Zeattle. The stupid city dwellers vote for democommie politicians that rail against fossil fuels and pollution. These same voters and politicians allow street campers and RV dwellers to dump raw human waste into storm drains.


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