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You knew it was coming, despite the true tragedy of what happened. They just keep coming, too:



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    • “In fact the more brutal the better.”

      Preach it.

      (Poor Marvin… 😉 )

  1. The armorer and the assistant director will be the first to get thrown under the proverbial bus.

    That armorer must have made a really low bid because she has a bad reputation from other productions, notably Nic Cage’s recent movie.

    I’m not saying I could do any better but I am a qualified range safety officer, range officer, and instructor.

    • Then you not only could have done better, it’s highly likely you would have done better. My experience with range safety officers is they know their stuff.

    • Hell I think just about any real gun person would have done better. I must have had the safety lecture from my father a million times from the first time we shot .22s at camp as little kids through getting our own first BB guns, to hunting, to finally buying our own rifles and shotguns, up until my brother and I moved out.

      The most memorable time was the end of a hunting trip. Dad was giving the lecture, while unloading the rifles before putting them in the truck. We had all emptied our rifle. As dad talked he would check each one visually, then work the action repeatedly, all the while pointed in a safe direction, then pull the trigger. The 3rd rifle went BOOM instead of click. My brother and I jumped and possibly needed new shorts. To this day I don’t know if that was for real or if he slipped a round in to drive home the point. It did drive home the point. I will never forget it. I have triple and quadruple checked firearms ever since.

      • Yeah, extra check. visually, with a flashlight, and by sticking a finger in there if possible.
        I went to buy an old unused lever rifle from an older man, we both drove to the meet-up. He assured me his rifle was unloaded, because it’s a mighty crime to drive around with a loaded rifle. But he clearly didn’t know the action well enough, and I looked down into the mag tube and saw brass. I popped out a few live rounds, and his eyes got bigger with each one. I just said “yeah, these lever rifles are tricky that way and make you think they’re empty”.
        No point in drilling the point into him at that time. He was trying to get rid of a rifle he didn’t use and didn’t know well, and he was selling it for a steal of a price (I think it was a stevens and he was asking $100)

    • As a fellow NRA certified RSO, yeah, we could have done better.

      I don’t know what qualifications, certifications an Licenses Hollywood requires for a Set Armorer, but being the daughter of an Armorer is not a qualification. If her statement “Daddy showed me the ropes” is true, then either Daddy missed a few ropes or Ms. Reed wouldn’t know a rope if it tied her up. Quite frankly, my 12 year old Grandson is a better Gun Safety extremist than she is.

      Listening to her description of clearing/verifying a Single Action Army revolver told me everything I needed to know about her expertise and the marked level of Ignorance she’s displayed on this andvmany previous occasions.
      “I open the hatch and spin the cylinder to verify it’s unloaded” she stated. Nope, right there is an egregious mistake. With the firearm held in a safe position, One pulls the hammer to it’s half cocked position, disengaging the cylinder pawl, then opens the “Loading Gate.” Then the cylinder is rotated slowly, one chamber at a time, to allow for a visual inspection of each cylinder (Spinning the cylinder is verboten). With a Live Fire Firearm, the industry standard requirement requires TWO individuals are present for this verification. The Safety Protocols for using a functional gun on set, are even stricter than the use of Prop and Non Functional replicas. That weapon never leaves the Armorer’s possession at any time. Only the armorer can hand the weapon to the actor, and the visual inspection is done between the armorer and the actor once again.

      For whatever reason, I suspect budget constraints being the prime factor, the Production Team ignored long established Safety Protocols that are designed specifically to reduce/prevent this very incident. As a result of not following the Protocols, a woman is dead. Failing to follow those Protocols is an act of Criminal Negligence not just by the principals involved, but by the entire Production Team.
      Even if, for whatever warped rationale, we accept that Baldwin the Actor is innocent of Criminal Negligence (I don’t agree with that theory), Baldwin the Executive Producer is guilty of Criminal Negligence.

  2. hollywood is mostly anti gun. Yet they splash movies full of guns and violence all over. They profit big from guns. But they’re anti gun. hollywood claims they’re liberal.

    They’re liberal like antifa is anti fascist. They. Are. Not.

  3. Alec Baldwin is slime. I hope he is charged and does time, but I’m betting anything from dollars to donuts he does not do a day.

      • “$50 says alec baldwin dies by his own hand before 2023.”

        No, that P.O.S. is *far* to impressed with himself to do that.

        I’m just happy that smug smirk is wiped off his fat face for awhile.

        But *years* from now, he’ll be out somewhere, and someone will walk up and ask him : “What’s it feel like, to take someone’s life, Alec?” and then *laugh* at him, and he will flip the fvck out… 😉

  4. “Oh man..I shot Marvin in the face!”

    “I will NEVER forgive yo a$$ for that sh!t!”


    Funniest scene in the whole movie.

  5. Could give a flying rat turd about internet memes. The reality is what matters to me.

    The Armorer is 100% responsible for the negligent death and injury on the movie set of “Rust”.

    The Assistant Director is 100% responsible for the negligent death and injury on the movie set of “Rust”.

    The Actor who pulled the trigger is 100% responsible for the negligent death and injury on the movie set of “Rust”.

    In any criminal act all parties making the crime happen are equally and fully at fault for whatever happens. Even the getaway driver in a robbery who never touches a gun, doesn’t even witness the robber shoot the liquor store clerk, even that driver is as guilty as his partner that did the shooting.

    It is no different for the three people in the chain of negligence ending in a unintentional death and a wounding on “Rust” movie set. If there are criminal charges brought, they should be the same for all three of them.

    And I do think that criminal charges are called for!

    • Well, one story I heard was the Armorer was not on the set, having departed because of unsafe practices and no one listening to her protests. That, if confirmed, would let her off in my view. Otherwise I concur.

  6. Poetic Justice, noun: ‘The fact of experiencing a fitting or deserved retribution for One’s Actions’. He’s toast No Matter what happens. He’ll be pariah now. No One will want to get within shouting distance of him. Especially in Hollywood. Even the Anti 2A Gun Grabbers won’t want him anymore. Without admitting some part of the Guilt in the shooting and the Law Suits sure to come. He won’t be able to even talk about it. So just get the corn ready to pop and watch the Sharks go for the Blood. It’ll be the last time He’ll ever be relevant for any reason.

    • Darkman:
      “Poetic Justice” is a phrase (not a noun) and consists of one (1) adjective (Poetic) and one (1) noun (Justice). Some of us learned that in grade school. Anyway, you may or may not be right about the rest of it, but I wouldn’t bet one way or the other on that.

  7. Good stuff how about a NRA safety ad??

    Pic of careless idiot Alec with annotation

    “Don’t be like this guy! join the NRA TODAY and learn firearms safety!

    Thanks to TAG for allowing the truth to be told and allowing useless idiot Neo-Bolsheviks to get a heaping dollop of the truth..

    More power to you!

  8. Its pretty rich in irony that Alec Baldwin, an avowed fanatic gun-control/anti-gun person who claims that firearms safety for people with guns is not a thing for any legal gun owner because there is gun violence by criminals – intentionally ignores all gun safety protocol and shoots two people with one bullet killing one and wounding the other and then claims a “misfire” “accident” that did not take place because the trigger was intentionally pulled and the gun fired – in an effort to escape responsibility that he has claimed in his fanatic gun-control/anti-gun persona is not present among legal gun owners.

    Then Alec Baldwin has the nerve to want to impose gun control on legal gun owners as a means to rid us of crime when its been proven time and time again that regulation, in this case, gun-control does not deter, prevent, or stop crime (and regulation does over time actually increase crime rate), while he commits what is a criminal act himself in what is suppose to be a tightly controlled “gun control” environment that he was responsible (as a producer) for ensuing was in place and strictly adhered to.

    Its sad, its horrible, that Alec Baldwin killed one person and wounded another as a result of his (and others) intentional acts that ignored firearms safety protocol and chose to rush this production as cheaply as possible and leave out a lot of things for firearms safety as a cost cutting measure.

    Lets not forget that a person died and Alec Baldwin killed her in a criminal act of what at a minimum is “man slaughter” (which is a form of homicide). I’m sure Alec “homicide” Baldwin is sorry about what happened, and will remain sorry until he gets away with it.

    … but ya gotta admit the irony here is really rich

  9. In contrast to Alec “Homicide” Baldwin’s criminal act of, what is at a minimum, man slaughter we have actual good guys with guns who thwarted criminal actions yet again this time in Ohio…

    Its too bad a good guy with a gun was not on the set of “Rust”, maybe they could have thwarted the crime of Alec “Homicide” Baldwin by demanding some actual gun safety be put in place. But as usual the only people allowed to have guns on the set was, like everyone on this set basically because there was no security on the firearms with no gun safety procedures actually in place and lots of live ammo was on the set, and these “Rust” set people, including the talent, are demonstrably the most inexperienced people on earth when it comes to firearms.

  10. I would think that a western would be using SA revolvers, whether prop or not. That would mean that AB pulled the hammer back and then pulled the trigger.
    Sure would like to know the condition of the gun in question, as in how many rounds/casings were loaded when police seized it.
    All AB had to do is either swing open the loading gate or open the cylinder and this would not have happened.
    I’m thinking that he will not be punished much, maybe probation and pay some money on the criminal side. Civil who knows.
    …and that’s a sad state of affairs, because I would have been ‘arrested, booked, bond hearing (prob denied)
    Talk about Privilege.

    • If this were a mere mortal person like a crew member they would not be getting this much “discretion” being applied to the case.

  11. I still can not get over the “accident” context excuse being used here, the way they are going about it to deflect blame. I can not say that I have never shot anyone and I accept the responsibility for that, it was a necessary thing to save life but I am still responsible for pulling the trigger, but I can say I have never shot anyone by “accident”.

    If its really an “accident” Alec then accept the responsibility for it and don’t drag this out trying to deflect blame for the woman’s family to endure by trying to give even more excuses. Its cruel.

  12. Anyone here willing to make bet that one day someone will make a movie about this and portray Baldwin as being a victim?

    • It would be a pay TV, Apple thing or something. Something some small production puts together and markets it. I’m an actor playing featured zombies and just finished up a documentary in N. Idaho that will be on TV 11/26 I’d play Baldwin. I am exactly one year older almost to the day. He was born April 3, and I was born April 2nd. That’s pretty much says our parents we’re screwing on July 4th. I know mine were, mom told me.

      If anyone gets Apple TV, watch “The Fight Before Christmas” I play the x-cop and the only one with a gun.

        • Yeah I have no idea what to expect. In the scene, I’ll be sitting around a table with other guys explaining how he doesn’t have to do this Christmas light thing and carrying a revolver. It’s an interesting story. I knew all about it from several years ago from the news and didn’t realize that was the part I was performing for.


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