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It isn’t that guns and ammo cost more, it’s that your money is worth less. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood! #LetsGoBrandon



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  1. Looked around at several places the other day and didn’t see a gun including single shot 22 or 410 for less than $200

  2. While inflation and what not have certainly occurred guns and ammo are both far more expensive then they were in 2019.

  3. And therein lies the rub. Supply might be improving, but devaluation of the dollar has led us to the current point in the road where the pace is picking up and the dollar will buy less on a quicker timeline.

    Back in 2011, I gave a guest lecture at a local college to a room of about 50 adults regarding macro economics. At the time, our national debt was at about $13 Trillion, and the recognized “bingo” point of no return (where economics stated we could not stop the inevitable hyperinflation and/or collapse) was about $22 Trillion. Here we are today only ten short years later about to cross the $30 Trillion threshold into certain fiat oblivion.

    Buy your goods now. Get your dental work done, your cars repaired, your aging home water heater replaced, and your financial house in order. Get your ammo whenever and wherever you can, because you just don’t know what 2022 and beyond will bring. There might be a ton of available ammunition waiting at the manufacturers’ shipping docks, but if we have a further shortage of truckers, a break in the gasoline supply lines, or (God forbid) a major false flag event that leads to highway closures or even temporary martial law, that ammo will not be available on your local shelf for you to purchase.

    • Sure, but adjusted for inflation, $30 trillion today is only $21 trillion in 2011 dollars.

      Of course the only thing that really matters is the percentage of debt as compared to GDP, that number is constantly changing. I don’t believe hyper-inflation is yet a likely problem, but 1970s style stagflation is a real threat. 3 more years.

      • I was being somewhat facetious with my comment above, however some simple math reveals that $21 to $30 trillion only requires about a 3.65% annual inflation rate.

        • So what does 3.65% annual inflation do to one’s 401k? We like to tell ourselves “we’re saving for the future” – we’re not even treading water.

          My dad, a new doctor in 1961, made $18,000/year. It was more money than he could reasonably spend. Half a lifetime later, $18,000/year doesn’t even get you to the poverty line.

    • You just know this dude’s wife is running off to a real man the minute he leaves for his furry prepper meeting, or whatever stupid thing this pasty paranoid weirdo does every night.

  4. I understand this one too, Youngster Boomer that I am.

    Is that a young William Dafoe on the left?

    • Both are Dafoe…btw what is a “young”boomer? You have to be at least 56 or 57. Oh to be that age😳

      • A Young Boomer, such as myself, would be born somewhere in the 1960-63ish range.
        Some the daily memes have me scratching my head sometimes is all. Makes me feel old, hurts my

        • You’ll know your old when a lot more that your feels are hurting… take it from someone who’s already there.

        • children readily explain that most memes are about next to nothing, don’t feel bad.
          growing old is like frying bacon naked. ya know it’ll hurt, you just don’t know where.
          i forget if that movie was “lighthouse” or whatevs, but it was acceptably creepy and disturbing.

  5. Some of us learned the lesson long ago. Be the Ant…Not the Grasshopper. I’m still good for at least 10 years if I’m lucky enough to live that long. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  6. For all our bitching, I have a feeling that a box of .44-40LRN in 1880 probably cost more, adjusted for inflation than a box of premium 9mm self defense ammo. If you can find a box of 9mm, that is.

    • “If you can find a box of 9mm, that is.”

      Ammo shelves are full here in D/FW Texas.
      In fact, BPro/Cabela’s have additional aisles of ammo now, most I’ve ever seen.

        • “…see full shelves…”

          Ugh. The Edit option others here talk about has never appeared on my screen.

    • I lived through Jimmy “put a sweater on” Carter. Formerly the worst president. Now 4th or 5th…try to buy a house at 21% interest.

      • That sweater “gaffe” wasn’t bad advice

        Carter was very mediocre but he was underrated. Thank goodness for Paul Volcker coming in and turning things around though

        • whoever it was that allowed metv radio to the left of the nonprofits on the dial was the real devil. they removed the limit on ownership within given markets. clinton if i were to guess.

        • “At least Carter was sincere and wasn’t a puppet.”

          Sincerity or good intentions mean nothing when you’re an idiot…

          Seriously, sincerely.

  7. Demand vs Supply plus inflation have hit us right in the ammo box. Things are bad and as long as the Democrats are in charge they will get worse! Keep your powder dry and hope we can turn them out for the somewhat less bad Republicans next time around, but eventually, the whole house of cards is likely to fall.

  8. Doing away with expensive phones, cable/sat TV and drive less, dine in, etc. will help fund another gun, ammo, accessories. Besides land, etc. a decent firearm can last a lifetime and appreciate in value. Knowing what firearm is the best bang for the buck and where to find it helps a bit too. So if you are a budgeting poor folk visit Type Sar9 in search. To my state there was No T, only added FedEx and the FFL. You snooze you lose.

      • When a clown has to ask such a question it shows they are firearm illiterate and must rely on others for guidance. Unless you can produce a better deal and a better firearm you need not bother making yourself look more ignorant than you already have.

        • i have 75’s and balls.
          can you say rhetorical?
          ol’ lady is turkish, enough for one household.
          go back to pantomiming nazi racism.

        • Don’t flatter yourself you bigoted bozo… I see no balls just hot air totally dependent on nick and jeremy…sounds suspiciously gay to me.

          Produce a better deal and a better firearm or stfu. I’m still waiting.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr is to those on a firearm budget what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining. Hopefully one day SR. will take jr. behind the woodshed.

  9. That’s not inflation, that’s capitalism the theory of supply and demand. When the demand is high Jack up the prices…..

    • I could buy into that if we still had free markets, but the “capitalism” we have now, well, that horse left the barn a while ago.

  10. “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms” should be a convenience store, not a government agency. (quoting some anonymous source from somewhere)

  11. Planning on building an AR in 9mm or 5.56 or 7.62 and need an upper and lower?

    Rule number one – ignore the so called review articles on “best” to buy. If the stuff on the review list has each item at over $400.00 then stop looking.


    Because in the AR world for every upper or lower over $400.00 you can find the same quality for less in more budget categories from name brands like Anderson, Palmetto State Armory, Daytona Tactical, Gorilla Machining, and other manufacturers etc…

    A little known thing: Some of the larger more expensive places that will sell you their high dollar complete upper with their name on it, that people rave about with this or that or quality, actually got that upper made and rebranded for them from manufacturers that you can buy from for a lot less for the same thing without the expensive rebranded name. They manufactured them and rebranded them under contract to the expensive brand. For example, one well known very expensive brand complete upper with a carbon fiber hand guard option, sells from them for around $1000.00. But their complete uppers are actually made by Anderson Manufacturing and you can by the same thing from Anderson with the ‘poverty pony’ Anderson brand on it for ~ $250.00 (without the carbon fiber hand guard). Its going to function just the same and be the same thing in all but the expensive brand name.

    this is a time when money does not go as far as it used too, and people that used to have enough disposable income don’t have as much now to buy gun stuff. So shop wisely.

      • the warsports isn’t a thing any more is it? I though ZRODelta got them.

        larue ,…… LoL 🙂

        • Yep, warsports brand has been dead for a while. They were absorbed by ZRODelta who also contract manufacturers for other name brands. Glad you bought that up tho cause ZRODelta also runs where they sell the same thing they provide the more expensive name brands for less than what the name brand would charge you for it.

        • yeah, ZRODelta is a good example. They make the handguards that a popular brand name brand sold for more than $200.00, same thing without the other brand name on it from ZRODelta, through their web site is less than $85.00 (although they only sell it in black which is what most people want anyway). Same thing, same material, same actual manufacturer, same quality, and is what the branded company sold, only difference is its unbranded.

          this other brand name company also sells their stripped upper receiver for around $350.00, with barrel for almost $800.00 ’cause according to them its “superior” to all others. People rave about it, its the best thing since popcorn to them and not only worth the money but for some reason they would have paid more. The upper receiver is actually supplied by by ZRODelta sometimes and sometimes by Anderson Manufacturing and the barrel used is supplied by Gorilla Manufacturing – the upper and barrel. each cost less than $100.00 each from its respective actual manufacturer unbranded or not branded with the brand name.

          Want a popular name brand AR “complete kit” (as in everything including lower and all parts) that’s assembled into the AR sold by a popular name brand company for around $1,200.00 with their name on it? Get it for less than $300.00 from Gorilla Manufacturing without the popular brand name on it and put it together yourself.

  12. I get it:

    the demand for ammo is high due to concern that Harris/Biden want to further restrict access. On the other hand, attendance at the last several gun shows I’ve worked has been miserable. Where we used to see 5-6000 people during the weekend, we’ve been down under 2K. Could it be that most everyone, or at least the more-avid gun peeps among us already have about as many guns and ammo stored under their beds, leaving those newbies to try to contend with the prices? Seriously- how many times in the past 12 years have the experts told us the sky is falling and we must stock up now or forever be without?

    At the large shows I do, there is an ample supply of ammo and at least enough ARs to provide one for every person in IA if people want to pay the price. Which brings up my primary concern:

    Would we rather “the government” was fixing the price of firearms or ammo?

    Plan ahead, people. It’s pretty painless if you try. At some point the dealers and makers will want to eat and unless they use their supply of guns and ammo to secure their food, the prices will come down.

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