Tulsa Massacre march
Armed protestors walk in historic Greenwood district at a Second Amendment march during centennial commemorations of the Tulsa Race Massacre, Saturday, May 29, 2021, in Tulsa, Okla. (AP Photo/John Locher)
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“Everybody’s entitled to self-preservation. I don’t care who it is,” [Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club founder Nick] Bezzel told CBS News. “I don’t advocate violence, but I do advocate self-defense.” 

In May, Bezzel and several other groups organized hundreds of Black gun owners from around the country to march in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, when a White mob destroyed the prosperous neighborhood of Greenwood, also known as Black Wall Street. Although some members of the Black Greenwood community back then were armed, between 75 and 300 residents were brutally killed by the mob. 

“We can’t talk about Black self-defense without Tulsa, Oklahoma, being mentioned,” said Bezzel. 

After the murder of George Floyd, people around the world responded by taking to the streets in protest. Bezzel argues that being armed “evens the playing field.” 

“‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ What you’re telling the police is, ‘I’m unarmed, the people around me are unarmed. You can brutalize us.’ When we go out, we’re armed. The police say, ‘It’s not worth it to engage those guys,'” he said.  

[UCLA law professor Adam] Winkler noted the Tulsa armed march was a powerful display of support for the idea that Black Americans need to defend themselves —”that they can’t rely on the White government to really protect them, or the police force.” 

But he’s concerned that too many groups are taking up arms and openly carrying them to air grievances. “[It’s] probably destructive of political debate and the kind of community that we need to move forward on the major issues that confront America,” said Winkler.

— Grace Baek in For Black and Latino gun owners, being armed “evens the playing field”

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    • The irony of an armed society being the most polite will never fail to be lost on those only looking for monologue.

      • Down below darcy dodo’s goal is to keep mountains of democRat Party race based atrocities out of mind with his usual fast talking finger pointing slander and libel tactics. After all you have to do a lot of really fast talking to even attempt to hang race around the neck of the Party of Lincoln.

        What you won’t hear from a squirt like darcy dodo is the long, long history confirmed fact that the democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.

        And what you will never, ever hear from a squirt like darcy dodo is a call for his very own democRat Party to be held Monetarily Liable for the aforementioned race based atrocities.

        Where is the least bit of concern from darcy dodo for the people who suffered and endured centuries of horrific race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party? Atrocities that happened not only in the South but in the North, East and West. Anywhere such democRat Party bigotry would stick like democRat Party dodo has stuck between darcy dodo’s useful idiot ears.

        BTW darcy…The Alfred E. Newman moniker does not fit you well at all. Try using the Domino’s Pizza Noid.

      • cmac890,

        As with pretty much everything, there are subtleties which can drastically alter the meaning of something or a direction that someone recommends.

        Yes, an armed society is a polite society when when there are relatively minor disagreements. For obvious reasons, an armed society becomes a violent society when one side insists on dehumanizing the other side with a de-facto monologue.

        • but yuo fail to realise this: when one side insists on dehumanising the other side…. is NOT being “polite society”. When “one side” insists on getting its own way, and the other side does not WANT that way, things dissolve into anrachy and violence as a result of the FAILURE to remain polite. The “I’m a nice chill guy until I do not get MY way” meme is a lie What he realy means to say is I WILL get my way, even if I have to kill you”. NOT polite by any stretch.

    • The paradox is resolved when it is understood that American’s are armed not to kill others for what others believe but to protect themselves from others who believe rights and liberty are mandated by the government, groups or an individual.

      It’s not perfect but I trust my neighbor who shares common values providing for their family more than I trust the current Prez, the MSM or an opinionated billionaire.. The neighbor may not share my political views but they are not a threat to me. Be aware of influencers turning us on each other. They would rather that than for us to focus on them.

  1. ‘…they can’t rely on the… government to really protect them…’

    Sounds like seditious white supremacy speech.

  2. Historically minorities have been the targets of those with racists views who wanted to keep them defenseless. These began as the Dixiecrats and continues today with the Democrats and their urban plantations. I do take exception however with the statement that George Floyd was murdered. The autopsy did not indicate that and the jury that heard the case had been tampered with by no less than US Representative Maxine Waters (along with a mob of cop-haters) and were in fear of the ramifications of returning a not guilty verdict. I’ll wait for the appeal process to play out.

    • You forgot hands up don’t shoot is a lie as per the Obama DOJ and multiple state investigations.

    • Do some research into the Tulsa race riots. It didn’t go down the way they have told it. A mob of blacks killed 10 whites before white gathered their forces to put a stop to black on white violence.

      • You are correct sir. The mythology about the Tulsa Race Massacre, previously as the Tulsa Race Riot has grown exponentially over the last five years.

  3. The Far Right White have always been hypocrites when it comes to gun rights. They do not want minorities to be armed because of their deep ingrained rabid racism.

    Its interesting to note that in the 1954 when a group of pro-independence Puerto Ricans stormed the Capitol they were given 75 year prison sentences. When the White Far Right Trumpites stormed the Capitol they were given a slap on the wrist and lionized by Jack Booted Republican Nazi’s hell bent on establishing a one party system.

    • If you check your history you’ll find that the NRA sent reps to the Deep South, during the 60s, to train pastors of black churches, and other interested church members, to defend their congregations.

      You may also be interested to note that the “insurrectionists’ of 1/6 included many FBI agents and FBI informants.

      Further, The Proud Boys and other anti-Antifa/anti-BLM organizations were heavily infiltrated by FBI agents and FBI informants.

      • “You may also be interested to note that the “insurrectionists’ of 1/6 included many FBI agents and FBI informants.“

        I for one, would certainly be interested in your source or evidence to support this claim.

        The evidence seems to indicate that everyone of the over 600 arrested are Trump supporters.

        • I Know, I Know…

          It’s comments like that is why people call me…

          A snarky pick,
          A Cantankerous Boil,
          And a disingenuous Ass-Clown,

    • Yeah, dacian, you can prove that hypocritical thinking by looking at gun laws. Every Dem run city in ‘Murica has draconian laws regarding guns – and those laws are strictly enforced for black people. In every Dem city, for a black man to be seen in possession of a gun was grounds for summary execution. Cops mostly just don’t see a white guy with a gun, but a black guy? It’s “Nigga wid a gun! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM . . . reload BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM . . . reload . . . STOP RESISTING . . . STOP RESISTING . . . SUSPECT IN CUSTODY SHOTS FIRED . . . ambulance needed”

      Think about it idiot dacian. Every one of those riots over dead black people in the past 20 years have been in Democrat cities.

      • To Paul

        Precisely my point Cops are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly Far Right Radicals. You just proved my original point.

        • Dacian
          I see that you are overlooking facts. The majority of police officers in the United States are black or Latino and in major metropolitan areas the overwhelming majority of officers are black or Latino. Overall in the United States at every level blacks and Latinos represent slightly more than 60% of the men and women involved in law enforcement.

        • Blue cops in blue cities are overwhelmingly white and right wing? That’s hilarious and demonstrably wrong. Go check who the police unions in those blue cities vote for. Check and see what the majority racial representation is (hint, it’s not white) Go ask the average cop in his democrat stronghold what he thinks of guns and he’ll tell you they should be banned. Blue cities with their blue cops (mostly POC) are the Democrat wet dream and they’re overwhelmingly violent and crime ridden. A true Democrat Urban paradise.

        • Race & Ethnicity
          White (Non-Hispanic)
          Black (Non-Hispanic)
          White (Hispanic)
          67% of Police officers are White (Non-Hispanic), making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Representing 12.4% of Police officers, Black (Non-Hispanic) is the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation. This chart shows the racial and ethnic breakdown of Police officers.

      • and also ONLY after concocting a false story to make the dead creep out to be somesort of saint in dark skin. EVERY ONE of them. Dont forget wo it was shot Martin Luther King…. thogh a certain three letter FedGov agancy would deny any culpability.

        • The majority of police officers in the United States are black and Hispanic?

          You guys must be smoking the good stuff, or not actually be United States citizens residing in America.

          Really, you’re wasting your time spreading this disinformation on TTAG, most of the posters on this forum are already dupes of the conspiracy.

          “67% of Police officers are White (Non-Hispanic), making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Representing 12.4% of Police officers, Black (Non-Hispanic) is the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation. This chart shows the racial and ethnic breakdown of Police officers.“


        • BTW,

          I don’t actually live in the U.S., never have.

          So people used to call me a dupe for the Fascists,

          Haha jokes on them, I’m really a “dope” for the Marxists.

    • I live in one of the deepest blue of deep blue states and I’m hear to tell you son that the most horrific racist comments I have heard in my life did not come from jack booted republicans it came from white progressive liberals. Oh sure in public they toss out the aura of care and compassion, but in private it’s a whole other thing. The left has bamboozled a subset of the minority population with flowery talk and is great at doling out platitudes, but in reality hates the people they claim to want to serve. I’ve heard it with my own ears and seen it with my own eyes. That’s why nothing ever happens and will never happen. People have to take the responsibility in their own hands.

      • They literally think blacks are too stupid to get a free state issued ID or even use the internet to find the local DOT license station (and subsequently think they need their ‘help’ to vote). They’re the most racist people in the country if not the entire world.

        • In the decades since we brought this issue up, why hasn’t my party made it easier for those helpless souls to get ID’s? Where the hell am I? I like ice cream…

      • I lived in and around San Francisco for thirty years. Your observations are very accurate. Get a room if exclusively white liberals, supply some beers and you will learn the truth.

        • I can agree that worthless white liberals have made SOME of the worst racist comments. I will also add the same amount, if not more, of such comments has been heard by me being made by blacks and Hispanics about ALL WHITES.


          I have no problem with living segregated as long as it would help keep the nation united in everything else but I refuse to allow reparations to ANYONE regardless. I prefer to segregate the left (no reference to colors, etc.,) from everyone else and then isolate and contain them. Sooner or later they cannibalize themselves.

    • Typical liberal argument; you’re not even close to comparing the same thing. In 1954 those people starting shooting at members of Congress which was in session at the time. People actually got SHOT.

      Try again pal, this time maybe spend a minute doing a little bit of research?

      • No difference . Herr Drumpf’s Nazi’s assaulted and injured 100 cops. How is this different from the Puerto Ricans injuring a person with a gun shot. Both parties were sent to the hospital in many cases.

        • Dacian,
          You’re floundering here. The difference between shooting someone or beating someone with your hands is significant. In the two states where I’ve worked in law enforcement shooting at someone is considered attempted murder while using your hands or a non conventional weapon such as a stick is a misdemeanor.

        • if you are referring to the peaceful incursion of the US Cpitol by a gaggle of FBI promted and oragnised actors who were let in, even motioined on, by Cap Police, there was only one erson shot……. an innocent individual who perhaps was doing something she should not have been, but in no wise thus earned her lethal bullet. And it was Cop Cops shot her. Other LE nearby were shocked and have indicated she did notihg to earn that bullet.
          NO OHTER DEATHS arose from the actions of that day, and NO COPS were shot then either. There has, finally, been one individual proven to have been armed that day at that plsace.. as he returned to his vehicle about six PM after the whole debacle, he was stopped and searched wiht no jutifabule cause, and found to have two handguns on is person. He was walking away from the Capitol area returningt o his car late in the day and was randomly stopped and questioned. No probable cause, giving him a good defense against prosecution for merely being armed. Those guns were never fired or even brandished that day, as far as any evidence suggests.
          Yet FedGov are referring to the event as “armed insurrection” “treason” “takeover” etc. The entire vent was carefully planned in advance and carefully staged.. except that they got their “let’s go” signal out of time, as Trump’s rally and speech had not yet ended when the “barricades” were opened and the public present invited to coe on in. AndTrunps speech and crowd were well over a mile away from the Capitl buildings that were “invaded”. NO ONE could have heard Trum’s speech then gotten to the “riot” site in negiative fifteen minutes.

          Once more yu been lied to. Once more yu boght it. Sucker!!!!

        • Keep trolling son, you’re getting better. Unless you’re truly trying to make a point, then you’re failing horrible. Also, the Nazi stuff? That went out like 20 years ago.

    • You kind of neglected to mention that those Puerto Ricans shot and wounded a bunch of people as opposed to the 1/6 rioters who while not good didn’t shoot anyone. Some of them are still held without bail. Trespass, insurrection and shooting people are a bit different.

      Not only that but there are still people held without bail as well. If you consider that the Antifa Goons aren’t being held in Washington State at all hardly and that they organize “bail funds” for each other and have a communist front group giving them legal services it’s kind of amazing.

    • The correct comparison would be to the Summer of Floyd Race Rioters of Burn, Loot, and Murder, who got off very much freer while doing far more damage than the January 6th selfie takers.

    • “The Far Right White have always been hypocrites…”

      I disagree. i’m pretty “far right”, politically (which is much better than being “far wrong”) and like most people with whom I associate, I’d like to see all racist, hyphenated-Americans drop their ridiculous mantras/titles/categories and work for the rights, responsibilities, and livelihood of all Americans, regardless of anything that some likely see as making them somehow, special, or more worthy than me.

      And seriously- having to go back to 1954 for an example…? I was 2 years old at the time.

      Can’t do any better than that?


      Of course, back in 1954 (or even 1964), I would not have been considered “far right” for the political principles I espouse today; I may even have been considered somewhat liberal for believing that all men (which includes all humankind for the real nitpickers out here) are created equal and should be treated the same under the laws and regulations of the United States and its various jurisdictions.

      There are no gay rights, trans rights, women’s rights, black rights, minority rights, wtf-ever rights.

      There are only “American’s” rights and they are in serious jeopardy from the leftist, America-hating freaks seeking to take control of this country.

    • It is difficult to assign people to plantations, err collectives and canal building projects if they resist.

    • Lying does your leftist cause no good, once the light of truth shines upon them. The four Puerto Rican terrorists in 1954 were armed and opened fire on members of Congress, wounding 5. Big difference between that and the Jan 6th demonstration.

  4. George Floyd was a criminal caught in the commission of a felony that resulted in his death. This is not a black/white thing. This is a criminal thing.

      • Dacian said,
        “Of course no documentation only a wild claim”

        “Again cite documentations. They do not , I wonder why?”

        Why? Well stop wondering. It is because your reading comprehension is at a second (maybe first) degree level.

        Really sorry you failed basic reading and don’t understand how to read the full report that includes ….. 134 footnotes!

        But why would you? As a mentally unbalanced leftist (ask me Miner49er all about it) you can simply scream and attempt to project your racism upon others. Again, point of fact, you are the racist.

        Here is the page on their website you either ignored, or because of your current reading comprehension level could not locate.


        It has 134 endnotes you can click at (but will be unlikely to understand), like this one; Joel Gherke, “Report: U.S. Spent $1.87 Billion to Incarcerate Illegal-Immigrant Criminals in 2014,”
        National Review, July 28, 2015

        Happy reading….. your “tear it apart” skills is nonexistent… and seek some professional help ASAP!

      • Dip shit, Floyd overdosed on several drugs and this is what caused his death. basically suicide.

    • St. Floyd said he couldn’t breathe before anyone’s knee was on his neck. He also said he ate too many drugs (getting rid of the evidence). Why did the propagandists wait for months before releasing that portion of the video? They knew what they were doing. Most people to this day don’t even know about that part of the story.

      • Dud Brain you racist pig not one but several doctors debunked your right wing racist excuses for cold blooded murder but hey Floyd was black and his life does not count according to Herr Hauptman Dud Brain our top posting racist storm trooper who supported the Jan 6th beer hall putsch to establish a one party state.

        Don’t forget to dust off your two portraits of Adolf and Herr Drumpf posted over your bed.

        • Hey dummie go and find the Offical Autopsy Report of the death of George Floyd, and READ IT. That autopsy was performed before the death was “signficant”, and the report includes the toxicoll=ogy panel run on Floyd’s blood and what it ocntained. Until you go and read that document, you know nothing. The technician who perofrmed that autopsy is a professional, and had no reason to fidge” his findings. Thqt report is available to the public online, Find it and download the ful repprt. Then come back and tell us your delusional hysterical “findings”. YOU are the one out of steo with realtiy. Much of that report was read into the record at Chauvin’s mockery of a trial, and the technician who performed the autopsy also testified as a primary witness in Chauvin’s trial. Find and read that, too. all part of the public record and availble.

          Stop throwing spitwads at the rest of us until you READ that stuff.
          If you refuse it will only support the holding tht yuo are a paid shil or troll. No interest in truth. only stirring the pot. Grow up, or maybe go find something useful to do to earn yur keep.

        • “you racist pig not one but several doctors debunked your right wing racist excuses”

          Are you still listening to those TV doctors? You can’t refute anything I said so you resort to name calling because that’s all you know. Why are you even bringing up race? It’s completely irrelevant to everything I said. You wouldn’t know that because you never take the time to think about what I said. The TV doctors tell you to jump, and you ask how high.

          St. Floyd said he ate too many drugs. -Fact

          St. Floyd began complaining about not being able to breathe long before that cop put his knee on his neck. -Fact

          The propagandists hid those parts of the video from the public. -Fact

          St. Floyd ate the drugs because he was getting rid of the evidence. -My opinion.

          Why else would an experienced, long-time drug addict like St. Floyd, “eat too many drugs?” My guess is, he saw the cops coming, and tried to ditch the evidence, down his throat.

        • to Tionico

          Look Moron when you cut off a persons breathing for 10 minutes they die its not rocket science and the Jury agreed.

          And your are lying about the autopsy report. That was conducted by the defense not the independent testimony of the doctors I mentioned. The defense found a doctor who was willing to lie it was that simple and it did not work as proven in court.

  5. Good for them for exercising their civil rights. They are 100% correct for protecting themselves and their communities. That’s exactly what the second amendment is for, to keep a tyrannical government at bay and evil criminals lying in the cold cold ground. Evil governments whether left or right need the people to keep them in check although these days it appears to be about a 95% left wing authoritarianism problem.

  6. Update on challenge to New York carry laws. Conservative Judges stab gun owners in the back

    An even more conservative court is poised to scrutinize on Wednesday the follow-up question left unanswered since 2008: To what extent do Americans have a constitutional right to carry loaded, concealed firearms outside the home and in public places?

    Although some observers say it seems likely that the court took the National Rifle Association-backed lawsuit to overturn a century-old New York state law, which is similar to restrictions in seven other states, there is a surprising split among conservative judges and legal analysts that could influence how broadly the justices rule.

    Justice Antonin Scalia’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller drew fire from some conservatives who said the court was creating an individual right to gun ownership that it was not clear the Constitution granted. Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson, a Reagan appointee on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, fueled the controversy with a law review article calling the Heller majority “guilty of the same sins” as the Supreme Court that found a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade.

    Similarly, a conservative judge on the 9th Circuit recently wrote for the court an opinion that upheld Hawaii’s gun restrictions, pointing to “overwhelming” historical evidence that there has never been an “unfettered right” to carry firearms in public. In the New York case, a retired conservative judge joined former officials who served in Republican administrations to write an amicus brief supporting the state, saying the right to carry guns outside the home “has historically been restricted in many public places.”

    • Holy hyperbole batman! The New York State case is about licensing. It’s about a state that says “yes we will grant you a gun permit but no we will not grant you a second permit to carry that gun to a gun range a second home or anywhere else because reasons we just made up”. Many blacks and minorities are victimized by police over policies and laws like this. New York state shot themselves in the foot by allowing police to have arbitrary discretion power over who can be granted the right to keep and bear arms. The Sullivan laws turned itself into “guns for the rich and none for the poor or minorities”. If anything the New York state case is about witnessing the end of ‘may issue’ in blue states. That’s what scares the Bloombergians.

      • Pretty much, even getting an effectively shall issue statewide like what Delaware has (had? don’t know what they are like anymore) would be a huge change just for here. Maryland could be an even bigger change if the ruling goes past NY.

        • ” what Delaware has (had? don’t know what they are like anymore) ”

          Delaware is a “may issue” state for concealed carry, but I don’t know anyone personally who was turned down as long as yjumped through all the hoops — and they are considerable:

          1) Start with the training course. The one I went to was spread out over several weeks (one nite a week for about 3 hours), covered safety briefly, spent a lot of time on the legals, and included an hour of range time.

          2) Go get photgraphed — two passport fotos — and fingerprinted with the State Police.

          3) Get five people, not related to you, who live in the same county as you do to fill out a form vouching for your moral character.

          4) Take out an ad in an approved newspaper publicly declaring your intent to get a concealed carry permit.

          5) File all the paperwork (a certificate from the course, the fotos, the affidavits, and a copy of the newspaper ad) and pay the fee.

          Or, you can skip all that nonsense and just do open carry, no permit necessary.

        • Without #4 it’s the bad side of Average for most NY (not NYC). The need to be in the paper isn’t even a thing here. But if the Delaware News Journal is doing as bad as the Times Union I guess you don’t have as much of a dox risk as when someone I knew went through that back around the Iraq invasion. I will say I wish I got into pistols back when I was in PA would have been a lot easier than waiting half a decade+ for references up here.

    • Your realize that the ninth circuit is referred to in legal circles as the ninth circus court due to the many times it has been overruled for its looney tunes decisions, don’t you? And that’s in California. I don’t think I dare spell out how it is referred to in other states that have the misfortune to be included in its jurisdiction.

  7. Looking around the world seems they can’t rely on black, Asian or Hispanic governments and police forces either. Usually far less so than those ebil hwite ones. But that acknowledgment might be rayciss.

    The only workable solution? Be sovereign. Arm yourself, avoid debt and take care of your own shit.regatdless of race, religion or your daily pronoun.

  8. Update on New York’s carry law continued

    New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) says 700 years of history, “from the Middle Ages onward,” including “laws on both sides of the Atlantic broadly restricted the public carrying of firearms and other deadly weapons, particularly in populous places,” and that New York’s law is “less restrictive” than the measures in place before the founding era.

    Striking down New York’s law, James said, would jeopardize firearm restrictions that other states and the federal government have in place at courthouses and airports, and in subways, houses of worship, bars and other settings.

    New York’s position is backed by more than a dozen professors of English and American history who say limitations on carrying firearms in public are “of ancient vintage.” Saul Cornell, a Fordham University professor, said those challenging the law are wrong on the history. They fail to acknowledge, he said, the “staggering array” of gun laws enacted in the post-Civil War era, including permitting laws and bans on concealed carry.

    • Because pre-revolutionary British law has exactly what bearing on the US Constitutional law? Have we forgotten that we rebelled and broke free from those laws and enshrined a prohibition of those laws into our Bill of Rights?

      • Wrong. Recently a special on cable proved that there were anti-gun laws against carry before and after the Bill of Rights and the anti-gun laws became more and more numerous only a few years after that.

        • There’s your problem, watching bs news articles on cable. Why not try reading a book instead? This country went a long long time with literally no gun laws on the books. Gun control is more a vestige of 19th century racism than it is about anything else.

        • Yes, they were quite popular in the south after the slaves were freed. Can’t have negroes running around with guns now, can we?

          Still unconstitutional.

          BTW, the Sullivan Act was enacted 120 years after the Constitution was ratified.

        • “Why not try reading a book instead?”

          Are there any books by TV doctors telling you what to think? You have to believe them because they’re really smart you know. They’re doctors! And they’re on TV!

        • So?
          Those representations are just a smoke screen for the public, they are going to lose and they know it and they want an excuse. They trot out this tactic every time one of their gun laws gets challenged.

          The SCOTUS case is not about laws that existed in the past. That crap isn’t even going to be argued at SCOTUS. The SCOTUS case deals with the constitutionality of the limitations and restrictions now for the NY law, not what a law was in the past.

        • P*** off, dacian the dim. We neither know, nor care, that you THINK you remember some uncited and unlinked “cable TV” program that YOU allege supports your position.

          Link it, or it ain’t real.

          The plural of anecdote is NOT ‘evidence’, and the definition of ‘evidence’ does not include “the unsupported opinion of some other idiot who shares my ignorant delusions”.

          Thanks for playing; you failed (as usual).

      • lil’d is mentally ill. Do not engage. He knows he’s wrong and we’re right. It does not matter. He’s sick and it shows in every comment.

      • Governor,

        You just opened Pandora’s box with your question. And no, I am not kidding.

        At the risk of oversimplifying:

        At our nation’s founding “We the People” were supposed to be “sovereign” and our state and federal governments were supposed to be extremely limited in their legitimate/righteous authority/powers. And we were under “Common Law” which was based entirely upon English Common Law with an implied understanding that any provision of English Common Law was null-and-void if it directly contradicted the new idea of a “sovereign” populace, inalienable rights (some of which were listed in the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions), and government constitutions.

        Then a Ruling Class began to percolate up to the surface and gradually take over our governmental institutions. And that has heralded the continuous movement (over the last 200 years or so) away from strict Common Law and extremely limited government to government claiming every-increasing scope/authority, including fiat “statutes” with ever increasing scope/authority.

        Over time, fiat statutes have become increasingly ingrained/legitimized in the minds of both the populace and judges. Thus, our courts have placed ever-increasing emphasis on merging fiat statutes with/above Common Law. Nevertheless, our courts are quick to elevate Common Law (even 500+ year-old points of English Common Law) above fiat statutes when it advances the goals of the Ruling Class.

        That is why the legal arguments of court cases have become increasingly incoherent.

        • u_s, there will always be a ruling class. It’s up to the country class to push back. As Ben Franklin famously said when asked if we were getting a monarchy or a republic, ‘a republic, if you can keep it’.

        • It’s a smart tactic for the Democrats to pretend like they’re against the ruling class, when the reality is that they make up most of it, along with some establishment Neocons. The dems have faith that their constituents will never figure it out.

          Remember the occupy Wall Street folks? Who did Obama and Eric Holder ever hold accountable for putting our country through that mess? Hey I know let’s talk about race and men in women’s restrooms instead! That should keep them “occupied” for awhile! *maniacal laugh*

  9. “Our biggest supporters have actually been leftists, have been socialists, progressives. You sort of have to have a distrust of authority. The police and the government aren’t taking care of me, so I have to do things on my own,” Gomez explained.

    The same people that support an ever-expanding, controlling, coddling, and powerful government? What a confused bunch.

    “Gomez sees gun regulations specifically impacting communities of color by increasing the potential for unfavorable interactions with police.”

    But the leftists, socialist, and progressives are the ones for endless gun regulations. Has he taken the time to reconcile that?

    “My wife notices the stares more than I do”

    Stares because they’re carrying or stares because they’re Latino? Have people in Texas never seen a Latino before? Am I missing something here? Serious question.

    “We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of groups that support gun rights for LGBTQ people, for people of color, and other left-leaning groups in recent years”

    Or, you know, those crazy right-wingers that already support it. These people are out of touch with reality.

    “If they’re killing people now and we have guns, imagine what would happen if we didn’t have them”

    Who’s they?

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      Leftists are by nature confused and I think mentally incapable of introspection or reflecting on their own positions. They don’t live in reality. I WAS that asshole in my early 20’s, I know those people and that mindset. It’s not a good thing and they can’t be trusted.

    • Yes but sunlight is the best disinfectant. I have to say honestly that as every day on this planet passes I have a hard time determining who are the biggest racists, white progressive liberals or actual nazis. It’s becoming harder and harder to tell. Let the establishment leftoids like this go out and explain to blacks and minorities “Sorry that the police turned down your permit carry because you’re black or hispanic. Sucks to be you. Oh your people are getting shot every day? Well simple just move somewhere else? Oh you don’t have the money or you like where you live? Suck it up buttercup.”. Let them have to say it.

      • “white progressive liberals or actual nazis”

        Trick question. They’re the same thing in all but name.

  10. You know, I’d just be thrilled to the core about this, being a 2nd Amendment extremist and all, but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that people who use White and Black instead of white and black ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. I feel like a lot of you clamor to just ignore the fact that black gun owners are Mr. Stevens who lives two houses down, but Black gun owners are Kunta Kintea who thinks you’re a fucking Klansman. There’s a parable about a frog and a cobra you all should read.

    • Per the Associated Press standards, it’s supposed to be Black and white because equality, I mean equity, or something.

        • My case was stated within the sarcasm. They aren’t for equality. As a matter of fact, they despise equality. “They” are the Left, by the way. Everyone of every race should be for equal treatment.

        • Troll? That’s exactly my point FWW. Clearly you don’t pay attention, I post here all the time. I know your wife happens to be a black woman, and I’m assuming you just freaked out reflexively because of that. That’s exactly my point. You called me a troll and dismissed me out of hand.

          Get over your reflex. To spell it out, HERE’S MY CASE. It would behoove you to pay attention to people like those who wrote this article, and to those this article was written about. Here’s a for instance. Would you, former water walker, argue for a man who is covered in Nazi SS tattoos and actively calls for extirpation from the Jewish Government for White People, constantly screams about The Jews oppressing the Whites, etc., advocate for this man to have completely unrestricted 2A Rights? YES, yes you would. Would you invite that fucker to supper? I doubt it. My point is you should be careful who you invite inside your home.

          That clear enough? Or would you like to dismiss me and call me a Troll again for holding everyone to the same standard?

    • 100% right. Clowns like Bezzel talk a good game but when the chips are down they’ll show their true colors. These left wing “pro-2A” groups are not our friends

    • “You can’t rape a .38”

      A woman somewhere…

      • There’s a woman in WV that proved that saying to a cousin of mine. 6 rounds from a .38 put ‘The End’ on his medical records. He and his dad both did time for just that sort of thing.

        Good riddance to both.

  11. Let them march as it’s their right also as long as it’s peaceful. I would appreciate them marching with the American flag instead of one that only represents their race. Same for all other groups.

    • “I would appreciate them marching with the American flag instead of one that only represents their race.”

      They’re on the Left. They’re taught that they need their own [fill in the blank] because America is a racist country that hates them. Democrats have been trying to make segregation great again. If we’re united, then that takes power away from the Left. They need us to be divided and categorized.

      • Exactly. Leftist doctrine has now, and always since it’s inception, divided people into categories. We can’t be Americans who happen to be white people, we have to be Black Americans, like the groups are separate from one another. I want us all under one banner as well, the good old Stars and Stripes.
        “Loyalty to the Country, always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” Mark Twain

      • to Dud Brain the hypocrite

        quote—————–“I would appreciate them marching with the American flag ————-quote

        You are the last person on the forum that should mention the flag you hypocrite. You supported the Jan 6th insurrection to establish a one party state and every one of your comments on blacks, minorities, refugees, and immigrants reeks with disgusting racism. If there was anyone who needs deported its a storm trooper like you who has no respect for our country or our elected officials or like your living god Herr Drumpf zero respect for the Constitution and you have the audacity to mention the flag. Both that is really rich.

        The FBI stated the greatest danger to the U.S. and democracy are people like Herr Hauptman Dud Brain, devoted follower of Herr Drumpf and his storm troopers.

        • “You supported the Jan 6th insurrection to establish a one party state and every one of your comments on blacks, minorities, refugees, and immigrants reeks with disgusting racism.”

          100% of that is news to me. You seem to be confusing me with the make-believe stereotype in your head. I keep asking, and you never do, but maybe the 50th time is a charm. Quote me, and I’ll respond to your crazy accusations.

          The sad thing is, you responded to me advocating for a united country, which naturally includes all races. You are truly demented.

        • Dud you really can lie with a straight face. Go back and read your own diatribes and your praising of the Jan 6th insurrection and your crybaby sympathy for the Nazi’s that led it.

          If that is not kissing their ass what would be you liar.

        • In other words, you can’t quote me because I have never said anything that was racist, and I never supported an insurrection. I said the petite, unarmed, and non-threatening woman, Ashli Babbit was murdered by a cowardly, panicking cop that had previously proven that he was too irresponsible to be trusted with a firearm.

          I’ll make it really simple, if you have a problem with something I say, then quote me instead of making things up. I’ll respond to a quote. But you aren’t speaking to me. You’re speaking to some make-believe, crazy, right-winger that the propagandists and TV doctors have put into your demented mind.

          I also said it was wrong when you said they should have used automatic gunfire to mow down the unarmed protesters. You don’t understand the difference between right and wrong. Murder is wrong. End of discussion.

  12. It isn’t about the firearms; it’s what someone does, with or without a firearm.

    Our country is being destroyed by foreign and domestic enemies, and firearms are not being used.

    • Don’t look now, but they’re trying to pass 3.5 trillion in needles spending while we’re already in a Bidenflation crisis. They’re using Manchin to make it seem sane that they came down a trillion or two. We can’t afford to spend an extra dime right now. They’re determined to pay back the environmental lobby somehow.

      Is there any question about the politics of the Federal Reserve? Why aren’t they raising rates like they did in 2018? Remember that? They’re working for the Left.

  13. The Communists have a new found love for guns. While many have purchased defensive weapons such as handguns, the hard core communist revolutionaries are buying AR’s and other magazine fed semi-automatic rifles to be used in my opinion against the anti communists, and all who oppose the tyranny of a woke communist regime. Should the country collapse into civil war these communist paramilitary groups such as BLM and Antifa will act as proxy fighters for the communist regime that includes Bidens or any other who rule by dictat and tyranny. Freedom fighter Patriots must prepare for this day.

  14. Blacks have every right to own a gun, my son will inherit my collection. When you start talking about shooting cops and whitey that is a whole other ballgame. Watch the video of their speeches and gathering and learn how dangerous separating by race is.

    • Absolutely. 100% agree. I’m afraid too many of us have forgotten that these people are Leftists. And by nature, hateful segregationists. They are not our friends.

  15. Nick Bezzel advocates gun ownership to protect himself from government? Fair enough — except that it’s his neighbor who is more likely to kill him.

    It’s good to be color blind, but not if it also makes you blind.

  16. One only needs to consider the mythology that the Clinton Democrats fabricated and exploited to support the Clinton ban on so called “Assault Weapons” to understand who is rayyycissst!


    The spectre of black people armed with semiautomatic firearms was utilized to frighten white people into supporting gun control. While the FBI Homicide data does document the reality that Black people commit over half of all homicides and nearly two-thirds of all gun homicides, the Supplementary Homicide Reports also document that Blacks seldom use rifles of any type much less “assault rifles.”. Unfortunately; the mythology epitomized by this image encouraged police paranoia that has resulted in unjustified killings by police. The case of Mr Renfrow who was shot 28 times including 22 times in the back by a police tactical team that panicked when they mistook a Butane lighter for a pistol is a classic example.

    It is in the best interest of White gun owners to encourage Black people to arm themselves. We should then train with Blacks and compete with them at events to become aquatinted with each other, understand each other, and respect each other. Only then will we hope to establish a society where police where everyone respects the concepts of justice and the rule of law.

  17. It’s a narrative built from lies. Hands up, don’t shoot is a lie. George Floyd murder is a lie. Breonna Taylor story is a lie – listen to the audio from police body cameras. The boyfriend gives himself up, saying it was Breonna shooting at the cops, not him.

  18. Good to see everyone arming themselves. It’s in our nature. It’s historic and a God given right. Not sure who Winkler is, but even he recognizes the empty promises associated with Big Government

  19. Like President Bush said. They have the soft bigotry of Low expectations.

    We will see just how many white people support black gun ownership? When they start shooting white people, who are waving rainbow flags, as the burn loot and destroy black owned businesses. As the whites with rainbow flags burned the cities last year.

    I expect there will be many on the conservative side who will support the law abiding black gun owners.

    The white Liberal is the most dangerous and racist of creatures.

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